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I always liked to write. Even when I was a small kid or a mere teenager! I always had a knack for reading and writing. Gradually I kinda lost that nerdy part of me. Life and adulthood I guess. I kinda lost me. I'm again in the journey to find myself so I started writing again.

I have never been a wild kind of girl. I'm very analytical. Think everything very thoroughly. So thoroughly that you can count that as overthinking I guess. So taking any impulsive decision isn't really a characteristic of mine.

But I did something. Or I should say someone. That doesn't sound like a big deal I know. But I've planned to write a lot so if you read them you'll know how out of character that was for me.

Well I was vacationing to a very famous tourist city. But I choose a particularly secluded part of the city because I'm an introvert and not very big on crowd or people. I hate dealing with people, being fake polite is painful for me. It was a solo trip.

I got few dating apps downloaded beforehand so that I can check out the local potential dates by chance if I get bored with my solitary situation. Well I was not very surprise when there was no matches to my nearby places. Each and everyone was far far away. I mean more than 50 kms (30 miles!) far away. And I am a really lazy potato when I am vacationing because my logic is I came to vacation so that I can rest rather running around to places.

And moreover most reflected matches were way way out of my league. I'll give my description in any later writings for reference.

But I still made the first move and send a text to a match who have checked and liked my profile (as per the notification I received from the app, don't really know how the app works). Assume his name is Amit. (Of course I changed the name here, do you think I am an idiot!)

I didn't expected him to reply (As I said way way out of my league)

But he did. He was 75 kms away from the place I was staying. So I figured nothing is ever gonna happen.

We still kept connected. He asked for my number so we moved from dating app to WhatsApp.

It was not like we spoke alot or anything. Just casual chats. He asked if I'm planning to visit his side of the city. He actually mentioned it I think twice. Once in the dating app once in WhatsApp. Every time I would say things like "I'll see" or "I'm thinking" which are my standard replies for "I'm not going" 🤣

Coz I figured I'll never travel that far and he is out of my league so when he is asking maybe he is just being polite. He never actually asked for a date date. So I took it lightly.

So one day before my return we were chatting up in WhatsApp. I had a long walk that day. Then I had a shower, got ready in a very sexy dress and went to a cafe to have a few drinks. I just had my tote bag with me. Which had my wallet and some essentials like my room keys and sunglasses. And for some reason completely unknown to me I decided to wear a pair of fairly cute panties instead of my regular flowery not so sexy ones. Still don't know what came over me that day.

We were chatting up the whole time but he was hinting me for a meet up and I was taking it as a joke (self underestimation). Then topic diverted to Netflix. He asked me if I wanna come over and binge Netflix together (which we never did but I'll come to that later). I was intrigued. Not to mention I was already drunk and he was hot. Not normal hot. He was hot like if Deepika Padukone and Hrithik Roshan had a baby. He was that level of hotness that I would have never have the courage to talk to him if we had met in a bar or something. He was that hot that he wouldn't notice me even if I'm the only person in the room. I'm that plain.

So yeah Netflix. It was already 8.30 in the night. So I thought he is just flirting with me so I flirted back. The conversation took a turn and I find myself looking for a cab at that time at the night where the journey would take me roughly 2 hours so it'll be 10 when I reach. And I have no idea how would I come back.

He offered me to stay the night but I wasn't gonna do that. I don't know why but I have this no sleep over rule (which is feeling ridiculous now but that'll come in the next part of the story)

So yeah fortunately (or maybe unfortunately don't know yet) I got a cab. He agreed to wait for me for few hours. I told him I was going to a casino cum pub. In my country going to meet a guy I barely knew is not a thing you can tell people. We started our journey towards the unknown. I wouldn't say I wasn't worried. What if he was a murderer or a human trafficker or a kidnapper! What if he bail on me last minute. What if I have an accident now (the cab driver was driving like a maniac). If I die in the accident what would my family think of me going to a completely different part of city at that time of the night. And if I don't die in the accident how would I explain them. I was in my flipflops. I had started my journey from the cafe itself so didn't bother to go back to my room. Sitting in the cab I'm thinking shit I didn't even have a compact and my face would turn to don't know what by the time I get down from this cab. Thousands of thoughts going through my head at that moment.

So finally I reached the area. He told me a landmark from where he would pick me up. But my cab driver crossed that place a little bit and I end up standing alone in an empty road. I was getting a little scared. I tried calling him but for some technical issues it was coming as number does not exist.

I got more scared. I texted him saying I'm not feeling safe standing there alone. He reached after 10 minutes.

The first site! Oh the first site. He was clearly in his home clothes. But he was looking more like a demigod than human. I sat on the passenger side. We exchanged greetings. He had asked me beforehand when we were texting, what I would like to drink. I had said Vodka and sprite. So that time he told me he had got everything except the sprite so he have to buy that. We drove to a store. He went out to get sprite while I wait in the car. I hurriedly texted my bff that he was ever cuter in person. There was no sprite available at that store. We drove to another store. And got the sprite.

He asked me if I wanna go for dinner or eat at home. I choose home coz all I wanted is a alone time which restaurants will only prolong.

We reached his home. It was almost 11. Restaurants were almost close. We decided to order pizza. Placed order from Domino's through a food delivery app. They declined the order. At the same time having a laugh about how smooth the date was going.

We called Domino's in an attempt to place order offline. They told us to come collect it after 15 minutes. We chatted for a bit and went to collect the order. The outlet was not very far away. After reaching there he realized he forgot his wallet. And I didn't carried mine. We tried to pay with UPI but obviously that didn't work. Because apparently that smooth the date was going. We came back home again. He took his wallet. We went again. The card machine took a little bit time but ultimately payment was made. We had a great laugh about the hardships of the starting of our date.

Finally we reached his apartment with all the errands completed from our bucket. We sat on his bed and shared a cigarette. Shared a food item too. All the while talking our hearts out. We actually spoke for a long time. I was having a great time. I can rarely say that about my life that I had a great time with someone. But that day I did. By that time my I had already removed my necklace and bracelet because they were annoying me. And tied my hair in a clutcher. Because it was damn hot. We were lying facing at eachother and talking. Our feet was touching. We were looking at eachother. Gradually we held hands all the while looking at eachother. I joked that he was being very subtle. He smiled his million dollar smile. He stared at me, I stared at him. His beautiful eyes! He came closer and kissed me. Oh wow! I had always had an assumption that if the guy is hot there is something or the other wrong with him. But oh wow he was such a great kisser. And his soft lips!

We kissed for a long time. Slowly and gradually got rid of our clothes. He kept looking at me with such smoldering intensity! He got rid of my clutcher and let my short hair lose on my back. I was running my hands through his BEAUTIFUL hair. I don't really remember the middle part coz I was completely mesmerized (not to mention drunk!). He went to get protection. And he was inside me. (Now that I think should I ask him before writing this stuff up? Anyways I changed his name!) After the session we laid down beside eachother. I couldn't keep my hands of him so I kept running my fingers through his hair, stroking his chest, his cheeks. There was nothing sexual about that touch. I just liked touching him. Made me assure that this Demigod is real and I am not imagining it. And I can hardly imagine that great of a thing.

When I was running my fingers through his hairs he kept his eyes closed in comfort. We spoke. Shared a cigarette. Then I attacked him again. He thanked me for waking up the beast and we did it again. I had always assumed there must be something wrong with a guy. If he is good looking he must be an awful person, or bad in bed or have a small thing. But he didn't (If you know what I mean!) After the second time we both were tired. Especially him coz I was vacationing in that city but he was working. Our date was after a whole day of work. So I just kept running my fingers through his hair. My time was almost up too! I didn't realized when it became 5 in the morning!! We were together for almost 7 hours but felt like a minute. So we sat in bed and ate our Pizza. He sat with his legs folded on the bed with a cushion on his lap eating Pizza. Oh my the site! Naked and hot sitting in bed! I just couldn't keep my eyes off him! I complimented him alot which is rare for me. I complimented his eyes, his ass too lol. And he blushed. Even now whenever I am anxious or down I think about the image of him sitting folded legged on bed with a cushion. Calms me right away! My time was up. I came back to my hotel room. It was morning 7 by then. Texted him about my well being and slept thinking about his face. Texted my bestie to call me asap coz I was dying to tell her.

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