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Life without drama - does anything like this exist at all? Let me tell you,it does or will it be better to say that it did considering that I am on my way of learning it! I hated drama all my life always ran in other direction while feeling it's presence.I thought that I could last like this all my life, but those tv shows just did not let me do that. How will the lessons in drama help me?Will I hate it less or will my teacher make me hate it even more?(They have a way of doing that so...) Stay with me on this road,laugh a little or a lot(I did the second) and help me get through this hell of understanding DRAMA!

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Can life really be drama free though?

I wanted to have a start with a heartwarming speech but knowing me I will turn it into something dramatic and that won’t be in connection with the title at all, so I will just try to control myself.

The chapter title (or should we call it the chapter question) really has some meaning behind it, does not it? We all know that the most logic answer to that question will be “no” (even though drama and logic don’t have anything in common). We always get past that question but it always seems to be dragging us back or am I the only one who thinks so? Well, it is right that we said no, but what if we are wrong and some people have it so easy in their lives without any drama (I would envy them for sure!).

To say the least about me…I always tried to keep away from drama. Sometimes it got tough, sometimes I had to run, but I still tried. Though there is another “but” in the question “But who said that trying will always help you succeed?”. Yes, every single person says that. Does it mean that it is truth then? Again, no. People are obsessed with lying and this could be one of those moments when they have to do it, right? Speeches need positivity and nothing contains more positivity than lies.

Yeah, I am getting pretty dramatic over here, but what is life without drama? The title of this so-called book is “Drama Free” but all of you can see that book or whatever this is that I am

writing can’t be without drama, dramatic speeches at


Let’s talk about my ways of avoiding drama that lasted for a long time, but still disappointed me in my “teenage years”.

When I was little there were so many dramatic moments in my life that I am trying to forget till this day, but can’t with the memory I have. I always hear or different stories about my childhood when I am around my relatives which were always able to shook me up. As it seems there were many moments in my life in which I could have easily “left the earth”, but “luck ended up on my side”. I got tired of listening to those stories after a while. It contained drama and for me at that age word “drama” was as vomit-worthy as the words I am not comfortable with saying out loud (more like writing out loud) are now.

There must be so many questions in your head right now like “If she hated drama so much in the past, then what changed?” or “When is she going to stop with these dramatic shoes?”. And I am here to answer all of them. Well, as much as I can.

First of all, let’s answer the second most common question. I don’t think I will be able to stop these dramatic shoes because they seem to be walking at their own will and I don’t want to be caught for “messing with shoe’s rights”.

And second of all, let’s answer the first most common question. I hated drama while being a child more than I hate many kinds of food (dairy, anything with way too much ingredients, ice cream, pizza and end of thinking capacity!), but something really changed in me when I hit my “teenage years”. At that time, I learned what are tv shows, real movies and soaps. And oh god, I loved it. At first, I thought how stupid is it to watch other person living their life when I can live my own? After asking myself that question…I thought a lot…and a little more…and a more more. In the end I understood and went with the thought that “I don’t want drama in my life, right? So, let’s just fill up the “drama-wanting cup” with watching other people’s lives. It really dragged me in. I liked some, but I also hated some. After a while, I understood that this was not enough. Every movie, every tv show, every soap was like the other and actors could not act faker even if they tried to. Like where are the emotions?! Sometimes I got so mad over these little facts that started writing reviews about movies and other “watchable” things (which got boring real soon). I thought “What should I do now?” and you know what I decided…

You may not believe it but I decided to let some drama inside my peaceful life. I knew from the start that it will be a tough ride because it is not you who finds drama, it is drama that finds you (of course, we people can cause drama but it won’t be the “real” one, it will be just “artificial”) and I did not want to start my “drama-letting-in” life with something artificial. I needed real!

When I started this new ride of my life, it did not turn out to be as hard as I expected it to be. To say the least, it was interesting. But if we look at this in a “logic” way, then we will come to a conclusion that “Drama is not interesting, if only you know about it!” and that is what made me come here and write this all.

This might not be like my other books. Not at all. And this can’t be called a book either. Let’s just call it an “open diary” (because open book is already taken). I never thought I would come here, writing everything that I am thinking of at the moment but my fingers write faster than my brain thinks of something to write. I hope that you will like my new idea about creating an open diary and if you ever decide to have one then tell me, I will be really happy to check it out. And I really want to say sorry, if my writing is making problems for you. It is just English is nor my first, nor second, nor third, nor fourth, but fifth language. At first, I did not even know what a word “apple” meant, but that was over 2 years ago and I really am proud of myself. I never thought that I would start writing, like at all. Not even in my first language. But this year teachers started giving us more and more things to write like essays, short stories, assignments and other which made me realize that I love doing this. I love writing, I love sharing my work and I love hearing people’s thoughts about it. It just means a lot that I could accomplish this and not feel embarrassed while publishing my works. Thank you all for being here and supporting. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment (I answer every single one), dm me on here or on ig. I will always be happy to talk and get to know new people.


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