The Patient

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A short hospital scene between a doctor, his patient and her sister. Critiques are welcome and needed.

Nadia Cushing
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Dr Kline wheeled his patient into the ward; amused by her giggles, “You’re a nice guy, Doc.”

“Thank you.” It had been a relatively easy surgery, a rather rare occurrence in this ward. The woman waiting by Lake’s bed stood as they entered. “How was she?”

“She was fine,” Dr Kline reassured her, “—currently, the funniest lady in recovery.”

“Hey, Doc! Hey, Doctor!” the patient called.

“Yes, Lake?”

“You know my sister?” Lake’s sister shared a playful look with Dr Kline and took out her phone. Dr Kline knew the sisters well; he was not concerned.

“Yes, I do,” Dr Kline replied. The patient giggled again, “Ain’t she perdy?”

“Yes, she is.”

“She’s the perdiest lady in the world, you know that?”

Lake’s sister tried to muffle her laughter behind her hand as she recorded her grand entrance. Dr Kline felt he could bet his clipboard that Lake would demand that the video be deleted as soon as the anaesthesia wore off.

“I’ll take your word for it.”

His patient giggled excitedly, “Hey, Doc, would you marry my sister? She needs a nice guy in her life.”

Dr Kline had to grin, “Really? Well, Lake, here’s the good news. I AM married to your sister.”

Lake’s eyes widened comically as her sister lost the battle to restrain her laughter.


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