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Chapter 10: Don't Get Mad, Get Even

Natalia’s POV:-

“The way you talk about me, makes me feel so old”

“That’s because you are old, Nana. Look I got to go. Talk to you later” I say into the phone. “Bye. Love you. Take your medicines on time.”

“Sure. Bye honey” Nana replied.

I hang up and enter the house feeling a bit uneasy since my mother had specially asked for me to get home.

I enter and hear voices coming from the drawing room. I guess somebody turned up so I’ll just sneak past them.

I bring out my pro-ninja skills and glide on the floor, straight towards the stairs.....

“Oh Natalia, there you are! Come here” my mom comes to me with a big smile and takes my hand leading me to the drawing room.

So much for my pro-ninja skills....

“Here meet Mr. Foincii and his camera man Seb” she says gesturing towards two men sitting on couch.

Mr. Foincii is a man in late 50s, all dressed up in suit. Seb is a thin guy with a blond ponytail with lots of rings arounds his fingers. Both of them are staring at me.

“You were right Mel. She’s gorgeous. A stunner. A natural beauty. She does not even need any surgeries. She has a perfect nose and full lips” Mr. Foincii says standing up and holding my shoulders like we were old pals.

I am clueless. What the fuck? First of all, my mom smiled at me. Then this 50 year old man is shamelessly checking me out and did he say, my mum told him I am gorgeous. She said that?

This guy is now turning me around appreciating my figure, “A very well-shaped body. Firm skin, long legs, just the right breasts...”

Okaaaayy, I had it.

I snatch my hand from him and turn around facing him, “Excuse me!”

“Natalia! Don’t be rude” Mom chides me.

I look at her in disbelief. Rude! I am not some racehorse! If he keeps says things like that, I will be more than just fucking rude!

“Mr. Foincii is a modeling agent. He came here on my request. He is willing to set you up with some ad agencies.”

“Oh no, she’s gonna be my special pet project. I won’t let a beauty like her star in just bizarre ads. Kid, you are coming into fashion clothing with me” Mr. What’s-his-name says excitedly.

“That’s just great! She would love to work with you” My mom claps her hand in glee. I can literally see dollar signs forming in her eyes.

“Perfect. We are in a rush. Here’s my card. Give me a call and we’ll set a meeting and explain everything to you” Mr. Foincii thrusts a card in my hand, gives me a kind smile and leaves with the pony tail guy.

My mom goes to see them off. I am still standing there trying to understand what’s happening.

Modeling! I never thought about modeling in my entire life. And my mom got me into it without even asking me. Not even a tiny heads up.

My mom walks back in with a smile.

“Make sure to give him a call later. I already discussed the contract with him. You just need to go and sign” she says while clearing a few things in living room.

“This is why you called me here” I say, realization hitting me like a kick in the stomach.

“What” she turns towards me.

“THIS IS WHY YOU ASKED ME TO COME DOWN HERE” I shout my hands balling in fists beside me.

“You called me here so you can have name, fame and money using me. Using my body!” I am boiling in anger and sadness.

She just stares blankly at me.

“Think whatever you want. But I am not letting you screw this up” she says going into the kitchen.

I feel tears prickling my eyes. I force them to go down. I will not cry. I won’t cry. This is my stupidity that I believed in her. That I believed in thinking, she might actually want me as her daughter.

I quickly go to my room not trusting myself to speak. I put on my gym clothes, throw a loose hoodie on top and rush outside. I desperately need to release steam. I quickly walk to the gym I had seen earlier, it was a quiet place. While walking I try to keep my mind away from everything and just focus on what I want to do in gym.

The place was deserted except for a lady lazing around at the entrance. Perfect.

I quickly get in and go to the boxing area and start punching and kicking the life out of the punching bag.


I am walking back to the house with the hood covering my face. I felt much better but I was still in a sour mood.

Max and the boys are standing in front of the gate joking and laughing around. Julian’s with them.

Damn it, I didn’t want to see anyone.

“Heyyy, where have you been” Julian spots me first.

“Outside” I shrug casually.

“Hey guys” I wave at them. “I am gonna go take a nap. Later” I give them the most genuine smile I can manage. I really wanted to be alone right now so I had to put on a façade or they’ll start asking questions.

I quickly walk inside. I am at the door when Julian catches up on me and turns me around, “What happened?”

“Nothing” I smile.

“You are all sweaty, you gave a fake smile, you are running away from me. Don’t just fucking say ‘nothing’” Julian points out.

“Julian I’ll come over later and tell you everything. Just leave me alone right now” I say pleadingly.

Julian’s expression softens and he nods kissing my forehead and goes back to the guys.


I am pacing around in bedroom holding the damn card. I just don’t know what to do. Her words keep repeating in my head ‘Don’t screw this up’. I know she would make me go down there. She knows the fact that I love Max and she’ll use it against me. Call it instinct or whatever the fuck you want, but I know she would do it.

Of all the mother-loving shit, why did I come down here.....

Stupid stupid Natalia....

Dumb fuckin.......

And suddenly I get a bulb glowing in my head.

What’s that saying..... Don’t get mad, get even. This is exactly what’s gonna happen. That woman is going to learn, she’s messing with the Mother of Messers.

That was so lame.....


“Brilliant. Just fucking brilliant. I bow down to your evil mastermind O’ Evil One” Julian bows down smiling like a buffoon.

I smirk and make a royal gesture for him to rise. Actually, it just looked like I was swatting flies around me.

Oh well.......

I was sitting in Julian’s apartment. I had just returned from meeting Mr. Foincii, who’s actually quite a good person. I had just finished telling Julian the entire thing.

“I soooo want to see her face when you tell her” Julian says wistfully.

“No way, she’s not hearing anything about it. Let her keep counting the dollars and live in Utopia. That will make the blow even deadlier” I bark out.

Julian agrees his face mirroring my expression of resentment.

When I had first told Julian about the whole modeling thing he had steam coming out of his ears. I literally had to sit over him to stop him from going to my house and do God knows what. Then when I told him about my revenge idea he calmed down.

I had called the guy and we met up at his office. As a matter of fact, I knew from today’s encounter that he genuinely wants me to work for him. So I went to him and told him I don’t want to do modeling. He started listing off the perks of being a model and all. I patiently listened and again refused.

Then just like I wanted he said, “Kid, just give it a shot. I’ll do anything to make you agree”.

See, bad mistake...

So I clearly told him about my issues with mom. I had a prediction that he might flip out and dial my mother to say whole deal is off. But turns out he was, quite understanding and said he’s ready to help me.

So we designed a new contract, according to my will. Earlier one said that all the money from my modeling would go into mom’s account since I was too young. We changed it. Now, all the money would be going to an account in my name, to which I will have access when I am older. For present she would only get the notifications about how much money I am earning, which will give her the idea that it’s going to her account. Also I made a deal that whatever magazine or catalogue I’ll be starring in, will be sold outside America, say London or something like that. I don’t want people to already pin-point me out as model or ‘that-girl-in-that-magazine’.

Mr. Foincii was so helpful. He said he knew all about having bad mother, since he himself faced one. Like they say, there’s much more to a people than they show.

“So you won’t have to wear thongs right?” Julian asks skeptically.

“Jesus no! It’s fashion clothing and stuff. I’ll be wearing dresses, skirts and pants” I laugh.

“Thank God. At first I thought you had signed up for playboy magazines. But yeah, it makes sense, they won’t hire you” Julian muses.

“Hey! I can star in playboys. I can be sexy” I say annoyed.

“Nope, you don’t have double D’s for it” Julian points out.

I pick up a book and lunge at him.


Luke’s POV:-

I am tossing and turning in my bed. I can’t sleep. I keep thinking about what happened to her.

Today we were standing in front of Max’s house joking around when she came up and talked a bit and left. But I could see it was a façade, her smile didn’t reach her eyes.

I know, because her smile is something that’s embedded in my memory. That day, back in the ice-cream parlor, the way she smiled at me. So real, so beautiful.

I felt like a protective alpha-dog when I saw her upset. I wanted to punch the shit out of whatever made her feel bad. I tossed again.

I don’t concern myself over some girl....

I don’t lose my sleep over someone....

I am that type of guy who falls asleep as soon as they hit the sack. No thinking about the day or sorting out shit while lying in bed. None of that.

But still, here I am....


Maybe it’s because she’s Max’s sister that I feel a brotherly protectiveness for her.

Keep telling yourself that.....

The word ‘brotherly’ makes me cringe hard. I sit up and rub my face, trying to gather my thoughts.

She is your best friend’s sister.....

You should not even think anything like that....

You can never screw your friendship for a girl....

With that in mind I fall back into the bed and close my eyes.

Who tried to do anything to her.....

I turn again in my bed. Guess, it’s going to be a long night.


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