The Bad Girl's Nerd

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Chapter 11: I Bet The Sounds He Makes In Bed Are Even Better

Natalia’s POV:-

I was returning from studio. Mr. Foincii wanted me to get busy immediately. Today was the first day so they taught me some poses and expressions and took some photos. It was not for any work, it was just for my portfolio, not that I needed one. Mr. Foincii said it might come useful in future and also I’ll get a little bit warm-up.

My mum didn’t say anything to Max which is good. I can’t handle his big brother protectiveness now. If he ever sees me sneaking out I’ll just tell him I am going to Julian’s.

I am near the front gate and I see Max pulling his car out from the garage. I rush to him.

“Hey dumbass, where are you going?”

“Why do you ask?”

I shrug. Actually I just don’t want to be alone in the house with mom. So, if he’s going for shopping or anything I’ll just tag along.

“I am going to a party” Max says.

“It’s 10pm and a weekday. Also as a matter of fact, I know you would never wear tee and sweats to a party” I point out.

Max narrows his eyes at me. “Fine, I am going to a friend’s house to return something” he spat.


I jog to the passenger side and slide inside.

“What do you think you are doing? Go inside Lia” Max scowls at me.

“I promise I’ll be good. I just don’t want to go inside yet” I plead giving him puppy eyes.

“Alright” he grunts.

I smile widely and settle down in my seat.

“Whose house are we going to?”

“Luke” Max absent-mindedly answers, focusing on the road.

Double jackpot....


“Shit, there’s some construction going on. I’ll have to take the main road” Max says turning the car.

“What do you have to return?” I question.

“Umm..” Max squirms in his seat uncomfortably.

“What is it? Don’t tell me there are guy tampons.”

“What! No!” Max squeaks.

“Then why are you being weird about it.”

Max sighs. “I am going to return a notebook”

I sit up in my seat and look at him wide-eyed, “Please say, you accidently misplaced the notebook”

Max cheeks redden a bit, “I borrowed it, to finish homework.”

“What” my voice is a mixture of disbelief and humour.

“Look I have to apply for colleges and all, since I can’t keep fooling around forever. So I decided to sober up a bit. I’ll get a scholarship by sports, but I still need passing marks” Max explains.

“Wow! When did you grow a brain and this much sensibility” I ask in amazement.

He reaches across and smacks my head.

“Shut up” he rolls his eyes.

I laugh at his flushed face.

“Max, is that you?” somebody raps on his side of the window. We were waiting for traffic light to switch colours.

Max lets down his window revealing a police guy. “Good evening, Officer Jenkson” he greets.

“How have you been? I haven’t seen you in the station since long. So I’m assuming you are behaving” he briskly says.

“Yes sir, but if I were you I’ll still keep alert” Max replies cheekily.

“Sure sure” he says in amusement.

“Bye Officer. Gotta go” Max signals towards the green light and rolls his windows up.

“Do I need to ask or will you explain why the fuck, you are so buddy-buddy with that officer” I raise a brow at him.

“It’s stuff from past Lia. Like I said I am sorting my shit out” Max answers.

“Does that mean you are giving up your ‘bad boy’ personality?”

Max scoffs, “Like that could happen. Once I get in a college, I’ll put Chris Brown to shame.”

I laugh at him.

“I just want to get a good job so I can take care of you and mum, since that asshole left us” he says after a while. He’s gripping the steering wheel hard. Even talking about dad makes him angry, which is justified.

“It’s fine Max. Don’t stress yourself out. I mean mom has her savings and I looked after myself all these years without any help. So it’ll be fine. You should focus on yourself” I try to make him understand.

“Yeah, I guess it will be..... Wait a sec. What do you mean without any help?” Max asks sharply.

Fuck! He doesn’t know mom had literally abandoned me back then.

“I never said that... Look! It’s Luke’s house” I desperately try to change subject. It worked. Max pulls over and I get out to see, the nameplate ‘Wright’s House’ more closely.

We both head inside and Max rings the doorbell.

A lady opens the door. Her eyes light up in recognition, “Maximus! How are you!”

“Hey Jane! I’m good” Max grins. “Oh, this is my little sister Natalia and Lia this is Luke’s younger sister Jane”

The lady throws back her head and laughs, “Oh darling, this is why I like you the best among Luke’s friends.”

She turns to me and says, “Despite what your brother says, I am Jane Luke’s mother.”

I grin at her, “Pleased to meet you.”

She smiles at me. “I am guessing you are here to meet Luke” she turns to Max.

“Yep, is he busy?”

“I don’t think so. Do you want to come inside?” Jane asks us.

“Oh no, I just need him for a second” Max says hurriedly.

She nods and turns around. “LUKEE...” she yells into the house.

I look at Max wide-eyed while he chuckle beside me.

“Luke’s mom is awesome” he says looking at me.

“Hey” a groggy voice croaks.

I am definitely not prepared for the sight that greets me. In front of me is a, Luke without specs. He’s wearing basketball shorts and a tank, which generously shows his toned biceps. I am finding it hard to swallow my own saliva.


He’s rubbing his eyes looking like an adorable 5-year old. He must have been sleeping since his hair all messed.

“Hey man” Max says.

His eyes find me and they waken up a bit. I smile at him. I don’t know why, but it felt like, he was relieved on seeing me smile.

“Why are you sleeping so early?” Max quizzes.

“I could not sleep last night” his eyes briefly flash to me. His voice is all husky and even more heavier due to sleep. My insides clench deliciously.

“Anyways, here is your notebook” Max says holding out a notebook.

Luke looks at him confused, “You could have returned it tomorrow. Why did you drive all the way here in night?”

“Hey! You were the one who said ‘I don’t care what time it is. Bring my notebook back to my house’” Max quotes.

Luke looks up to the ceiling trying to stop smiling. “I was saying that to Charlie. He was standing right next to you” he says with a blank face but his eyes are shinning in amusement.

“Oh” Max says in trance. “Oh! Well I just thought.... I didn’t want to keep you from studying or anything, so I just came to....”

Corners of Luke’s lip lift, “Max, were you worried about me.”

“What! No!” Max denies way too quickly.

Luke’s eyes meet mine. We both start laughing together at Max’s blushed face.

Luke has a throaty laugh and I can’t help but stop laughing just to listen.

Best sound in the world.... I mentally note.

Nope, I bet the sounds he makes in bed are even better... my twisted brain adds.

And now, I am flushing too. I quickly shake myself out of the filthy images running in my brain.

“If any of you mention anything about this you are dead” Max growls at us.

We both bite back another set of laughter and vigorously nod at his flustered state.

Max scowls at us and starts walking to his car.

I turn to Luke, “Good Night.” I smile.

He smiles warmly at me.

Please let me mess your hair and lick your arms....

I quickly turn and run towards the car before I spill any of my brain contents.

The drive back home is quiet.

In my bedroom, I toss and turn trying to sleep. But I couldn’t get a certain boy out of my mind. I kept thinking about the smile he gave me and his laugh.

God, let me hear it once more....

I’ll die a happy woman.....

Considering the guy has a poker face that would put mannequins to shame, I don’t think it is going to happen anytime soon.

I shut my eyes and shut my brain and try going to sleep.

If the biceps are so toned think about the rest of his body.....

I turn again in my bed. Guess it’s going to be a long night.


This chapter is not much but I had it in mind since long.

I promise to make the next chapter better, and there will be definitely more Luke and Lia!

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