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Chapter 13: "You Think The World Revolves Around Your Bony Ass"

Natalia’s POV:-

" I don’t understand.... You did not even score one guy! What’s happening to you?” Julian stares at me.

I just shrug. He was still talking about the party. I could not tell him, I was busy grinding Luke.

Which I don’t mind doing again.

Bad bad Lia.

“Is it because of the whole modelling stuff?” Julian looks at me worriedly.

“Umm... yeah kinda. My mind is preoccupied with a lot of things lately” I lie.

My mind is occupied with only one thing.

The modelling stuff was going quite smoothly. I even enjoyed it a bit. Plus, it’s good money. I’ll be needing a lot for college because I can’t see anyone who would bother to support me. I would have to rent a place and all that. I did not want to put pressure on Max.

“Oh Lenny.... Why don’t you take a break?”

“It’s ok Julian. I am just fine. I just need a bit time to get used to it” I smile at him.

We are going to the ice-cream parlour since we both decided we need to eat free stuff.

I’ll have to do some extra gym for this ice-cream tour.

Uh, the things I do for love...

We enter and find the place deserted. Only the boys were hanging around. Usually we had to wait in line for ice-cream.

My eyes automatically find Luke. He was talking to Ian. I avert my eyes and try to calm my racing heart. Ever since that night at the party, we have been avoiding each other. I even caught him with a guilty look when he was with Max. I guess we both know, it can’t happen. And it was weakness in the moment.

Yeah that’s what it was..... my mind sarcastically adds.

“Come here guys... Alex is making his famous oreo shake” Dylan beckons us.

Julian and I immediately join them, me sitting in the corner most seat.


“Can I have another glass pweaase...” Ian pleads.

“Shut up or I’ll smash the mixing bowl on you” Alex says finishing his drink.

I laugh as I see Ian pouting. I accidently make eye-contact with Luke. We both stiffen a bit. Then so as to release the tension he nods at me and gets back to his drink.

I hate this. I don’t like this weirdness. Earlier was so much better when he secretly gave me a smile.

My phone vibrates in my pocket. I check the caller id to see Mrs. Penelope calling. She is Nana’s neighbor. I wonder why she’s calling me.

“Hey Mrs. Penelope. How are you?” I greet her turning away from the boys to tune out their voices.

“Lia honey, I am so so sorry” her voice breaks.

I feel my hands getting cold. I don’t like the sound of this.

“Why? What happened? Is Nana alright?” I ask a little too sharply.

Max comes and stands near me from across the counter. He raises an eyebrow at me. I shake my head at him.

“Lia, I don’t know how to tell you child... This m-morning I-I went to see your Nana since Millie was on vacation”she stutters. Millie is a home-nurse whom I found before leaving Nana’s house. “But she was passed out on the floor. I immediately called the ambulance but it was of no use. Sh-she was already....” She started crying into the phone.

I feel like I was paralyzed. I hardly register someone plucking the phone out of my hands and speaking into it. I just sit there. I can’t feel anything. I can’t think of anything. I just sit there staring at the floor trying to believe what she was implying.

“Lia I am so sorry, I heard” Max stands in front of me wrapping me in a hug, rubbing my back. I still feel numbingly cold. I could not even feel my heart.

I get out of his embrace and stand up.

“I need to go. Excuse me” I say hurriedly making my way out of the parlour.

“Wait! Where are you going? I’ll come” Max says panicking and removing his hat and over shirt they wore during work.

“No it’s fine. I need to go. I have to organize a funeral” my voice comes out colder than ice.

I rush out and hire a cab to get home fast. During the ride, I quickly book a ticket which luckily leaved in two hours.

I rush inside and pack some stuff quickly. All the time I think of what all I need to do during funeral. I don’t know how I am doing anything. My mind is not even registering what I am doing. It’s just blank.

Max’s POV:-

I don’t know what to do. I really am confused.

I stand there watching Lia leave. Lia has always been stubborn and aloof so there was no point of arguing with her. She is the type who needs her space.

“What happened? What funeral?” Julian shakes me from my trance, looking panicked.

I tell him about Nana’s death, I swear I saw his eyes fill up. I guess he was also close with her. I had only visited my grandmother once and I barely remember her. When I used to ask mom why we didn’t visit her she used to get sad and say that Nana doesn’t want to see her. I stopped asking after some time, though it felt weird as why my mom doesn’t try harder to get in touch.

“They were really close weren’t they?” I quietly ask Julian.

“Yes.... Oh dear Lord...” Julian says looking up at ceiling pulling his hair.

The guys have gone quiet, exchanging worried glances. Even though they haven’t known her for long, they love and accept her as well as Julian without questions. That’s why these boys are my best friends. Not that I would ever let them know, they were so awesome.

“...I am terrified Max” Julian looks worriedly at me.


“Umm... well I’m worried but... terrified?” I say unsurely.

“You don’t know Max. This is Lia. It’s very difficult for her to open up and she does not cry. She won’t cry nor talk and keep it all bottled up. And the worst part is, she is a pro at hiding her emotions. She will make you think she moved on but inside she’ll be....” Julian’s voice cracks.

I feel a new found respect and affection for this guy. He loves and cares for my sister just like me.

“Max you go home and be with her. I’ll manage here. These guys will help” Alex says coming up to me.

I nod. “I’ll come too” Julian says absent-mindedly.


Lia’s room is empty. I tried calling her but it was switched off. I find a note on the dining table

’I’ll return in a few days.


“I guess we will have to give her time” Julian sighs reading the note.

The front door bangs open and I hear grumbling, “To think she would leave a dime to my name. Charity. My ass.....”

My mom enters the dining room with a sour expression. She freezes on seeing us.

“I didn’t expect you boys here at this time” she says faintly surprised.

“Mom, Nana died. I am sorry” I say sadly. It must be tough for her.

“Oh yeah.... I just got the call” she says her face suddenly turning down in misery.

I see Julian’s jaw ticking, his face is like thunder. He turns to me, “I’ll get going then since Lia already left”. And he storms out.

What happened to him?

I felt a little rude since he didn’t even talk or acknowledge mum, but I’ll let it go since the guy is also hurting now.

“Where did Lia go?” mom asks me.

“She left for the funeral” I reply.

“Already! I hope she informed Mr. Foincii” she says in a low voice.

Mr. Who?

“Mom, should I book tickets for you?” I ask carefully.

“Oh honey let it be. I have an important work, I can’t go” she sighs and goes to her room.

Poor mom....


I take my tray and slump in my seat. It’s been four days and still there is no sign of Lia. I called her once, she picked up and said she was busy and she’ll call when she’s ready.

I was getting more and more worried. The boys try joking and laughing to lighten my mood but I can’t help myself. Julian’s been no better.

“What makes you think you can just push past me?” an obnoxious voice rings through the cafeteria.

I turn around in my chair, only to find Ava giving Julian a death glare.

“I didn’t do it on purpose” Julian says trying to move on. She blocks him.

“Oh really? You expect me to believe that” she says flipping her hair. “You are just a pathetic loser. Fucking faggot” she spits out.

My eyes widen. I can’t believe she said that.

“And you would think it’s 21st century” a bored voice drawls out. I twist a bit and see Lia walking slowly towards the pair.

Julian’s eyes widen as well as he, tries to believe she was standing there.

Same here buddy....

“You think the world revolves around your bony ass” she says stepping closer to Ava giving her a cold glare. “Do whatever you want, but don’t you dare say that word again” Lia says in a low threatening voice making the blonde bitch flinch.

“If I see you anywhere near my friends, I’ll break your nose” Lia fixes her a look that would make anyone piss pants. Ava looked scared and she scurries off quickly.

Lia turns around to face Julian, “How could you let her talk.....” she begins indignantly but gets cut off as Julian crushes her into a big hug.

He lets go and hits her arm, “A call would have been nice”.

Lia smiles cheekily at him.

I get up and make my way to them. “Lia” and I also take her into a bear hug because finally I can breathe easily.

“How are you? Are you doing okay?” I ask holding her shoulders.

“Yes, I am better now” she smiles at me. She looks terrible. She has lost a little weight. She looked tired with bags under her eyes which must be really bad since I can see she tried covering up with make-up. She’s wearing jeans and a baggy hoodie. I have only seen her in such clothes when she feels very lazy.

“I had an early flight, and I knew I’ll get bored at home” she says walking to the table.

“Hey guys” she greets everyone.

The guys greet back and ask if she’s ok.

“Where’s Luke?” she asks sitting down.

“He had to attend a cousin’s wedding. He’ll be back tomorrow” Dylan replies.

“Oh yeah, he posted his photo on social media. Look” Ian says laying his phone on table.

“Damn, the lad knows how to look sexy” Julian says zooming the picture.

It was a picture of Luke standing casually with his hands in pants pocket. He was wearing a well-fitted black suit with a green tie and white shirt. His normally messy hair was gelled back as he looked away from the camera.

Lia hums in agreement. She has a weird look on her face.

For last few days Luke had been quieter than usual. I mean, yes he doesn’t talk much but still he would make fun of us occasionally. But this time he was just way too quiet. At first I thought, he was also worried about Lia like everyone, but now I think it must be because of the wedding.

Anyways, what matters is that Lia is here and she is doing well. I have a feeling she has taken her time and moved on.


Sorry people for not updating from time to time.. I am more active on wattpad so you will find faster updates there.. Either way I'll keep posting over here too :)

Hope you liked this chapter! <3

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