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Chapter 14: Sends My Mind Into Comma

Lia’s POV:-

Deep breaths.

Deep breaths.

Don’t think about it.

I enter the school hallways and immediately spot Julian and Dylan standing near lockers. I make my way over to them and join them fixing a smile on my face. They start telling me about a prank they pulled on Alex.

I insert laughs at the right places. But I can’t even understand what they are saying. My mind kept going back to the funeral and everything.

I haven’t even said it out loud. I feel like if I say it, it would become real. It’s stupid considering I was there the whole funeral.

I have not cried. I didn’t shed a single tear. I fear, if I start I might not stop. I bring my focus back to the guys who are animatedly talking.

Soon both of them say, they feel hungry. I politely refuse their offer to bring me food.

This must be a first..

I start sorting my locker to pass time.

Again, a first..

I usually let my locker be the crow’s nest, it meant to be.


I look up and see Luke.

“Hey, how was the wedding?” I smile at him, turning back to the lockers. I remember the photo from yesterday and feel my face heating up a bit. Apparently, no amount of grief could stop me from lusting over this boy.

“It was fun”he says, leaning against the lockers.

“I just wanted to check on you” he says lowly.

I take my books out and close the locker. I meet his warm eyes looking at me with such a tender expression. I feel my throat swell.

“I am doing good. I took my time and I have moved on” I force the lump to go down.

He frowns but says nothing.

“I gotta go. Bye” I walk away before my composure starts to break.


I lay in my bed as I think about the last few days. After the funeral, I had to sort things out with the lawyer. All of Nana’s money and few properties was donated to orphanages and other charity works just like she wanted.

But what nearly broke my composure was, when the lawyer said she left the house in my name along with a note. I left the note back in the house but the words ring clear in my mind,

My dearest Natalia,

You are my brave child. I never thought I would get the privilege of seeing my grandchildren grow, but you dear are my very own personal blessing. Do whatever you want with the house and live happily. You deserve the best. I love you.

I feel my eyes water as I think about it. I quickly get up and go outside as I know, I won’t cry in front of other people.

I walk down an empty street.


I look up and see Luke standing in front of me. I give him a small smile.


He comes near with a sad look and lifts his hand, cupping my jaw. He slides his thumb over my cheeks and I feel something wet on my cheeks.

Then I realize, I am crying....

Luke’s POV:-

I knew she was not alright. Her smile did not feel right. Earlier I saw her taking deep breathes and fixing a smile on her face, before walking for lunch.

I grab her arm and start walking down the street.

“Luke listen...” Lia starts to say.

“Just come with me” I say to her.

Surprisingly she complies. I take her to the park at the end of the street. Instead of going through entrance I go around till I come to the back of the park. There was a place behind the park.

Then I climb over the fence and jump to the other side. Lia raises an eyebrow at me.

“C’mon, climb up. Do you need help?”

Her eyes flash with determination. I resist the urge to smirk. These are one of the reasons why I am drawn to her. She has this personality, stubbornness and self-respect, unlike those girls who just throw themselves at guys.

She easily lifts herself up the fence and gracefully lands at her feet. I smile down at her and again take her hand, because once I start I can’t stop myself from touching her.

My mind quickly flashes to the party that night. My cock starts to twitch just by remembering that dress.

Down boy.....

I lead her deeper, where there are more trees until I spot the transparent barbed wire fences. I scoot down and pass through them since the gaps are pretty big. I guess it was meant to keep animals off.

Lia follows my suit. I again take her hand, and lead her to the spot I have gone million times.

Lia gasps beside me as she takes in the view. It’s a sparkling lake surrounded by trees. I sit down and lean against the tree pulling Lia down with me. She also leans against the tree, our shoulders touching.

“It’s a private property. The people owning the land are in some foreign country”

“And you use it for your own private reasons” Lia teases me.

I smile. “This is my secret spot. I come here to find peace and privacy. It’s a deserted place, I have never seen anyone here in two years. Neither have I brought anyone here”

“So why did you bring me?” Lia asks in a small voice.

I turn my head to look at her. “Because I wanted to”. I sigh, “Lia stop acting like everything is alright. It’s not healthy.”

She looks at me with glassy eyes. “What do you want me to do Luke? I cannot even say it out loud. I can’t even say she has really...” she chokes up.

I shift and sit facing her. “You need to get it out of your system. Your grandma surely won’t be wanting you doing this to yourself” I lift her face to look at me.

“I...” a tear slides down her cheek. She gulps.

“It’s ok, take your time..” I say softly.

She takes a deep breath and looks away. I can see, she is struggling. It is really hard for her to cry in front of me.

“You can shout across the lake, if you want. No one can hear you” I say resuming to lean against the tree. We listen to the breeze rustling the leaves for a while.

“When I first went to live with her, she made me feel like I had known her for years. She used to shout at me, scold me, fight with me a lot” Lia smiles remembering.

‘First went to live with her...’?

Where was she earlier.....

“It was her way of showing affection. She was such a vibrant person. It was hard to believe she was older than me...” another tear slides down.

I take her hand and squeeze it. She smiles at me gratefully.

“I loved taking care of her. When I told her mom was calling me back, she was so supportive. She said even if it is a mistake you will learn something from it” Lia continues as if in a trance.

“I can’t believe she’s gone...” she sobs softly putting her face in her hands.

“Hey, it’s going to be okay” I rub her back.

“No Luke. It will never be the same. Where will I go, when I need a motherly figure” she cries looking at me, tears pouring down in full flow.

“Lia, I am so sorry...” I say wiping her tears with my thumb even though I don’t understand why she was talking like that.

“I hate this. I hate all of this...” she cries throwing her hands around my neck. I lift her and place her in my lap, wrapping my arms around her shaking body. She continues to cry in my neck.

“I constantly talked to her. She never said she faced any discomfort. Doctor said it was a silent cardiac arrest” she whimpers.

I softly stroke her back.

“Oh crap, I am ruining your shirt” she tries to move.

I shush her and tighten my arms around her. She shifts a little and sits sideways. I tuck her head beneath my chin as she sniffs.

“Here” I say giving her my white linen handkerchief. Yes, I am one of those neat-freaks.

She takes and wipes her nose and face, staring at the waters. Every now and then a tear would slide down. I just hold her as she continues to cry silently.

“I have been getting dreams of her lately, I can’t even sleep. I miss her so much” she says after some time, wiping off another tear.

I rub her arms trying to warm her. Her skin felt so cold. I sit up and remove my jacket all the while not disturbing her.

I carefully wrap it around her. She pulls the jacket closer and snuggles closer to me. Her action warms my heart.

She trusts me....

“I am not good with words Lia. All I can say is that give it a little time and you will come to terms with it. Just don’t suppress it in” I say brushing her hair of her face.

She looks at me with a small smile and nods.

“You are right. I feel so much better. Thank you Luke.”

I smile warmly at her. She again looks at the lake as I study her profile. Her eyes were shining brightly from the tears and her nose had gone all red. Her lips look more plump from all the crying. The urge to kiss her had never been so strong.

I look away to control myself before I do something which we both will regret.


I look down to see her looking at me with such a gentle expression. Then she does something which sends my mind into comma.

She places her lips on mine.



How was the chapter? Too weepy and mopey? Don’t worry.... I have planned so many scenes for Lia and Luke *laughs evilly* Do comment and let me know your thoughts.

Hope you liked it! <3

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