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Chapter 15: Bleh! I Hate Normal

Luke’s POV:-


I look down to see her looking at me with such a gentle expression. Then she does something which sends my mind into comma.

She places her lips on mine.

I freeze. Never in a million years, I thought Lia would do this. I always thought she was just messing around with me.

I know I should stop it and pull away, but with this girl...... like I said people ‘mind in comma’. She’s looking at me with those magnetizing eyes.

I lift my hand and cup her jaw, angling her face to kiss better. Our eyes flutter close, as we lose ourselves in the sensation. Her lips are even better than I imagined. Soft and plump, giving a delicious friction to our kiss. I slide my lips over her mouth giving her soft tender kisses. Her bottom lips tremble. I suck on it.

Her hands are resting over my heart, which I am sure is pounding wildly. She moves her hand and locks it around my neck, pulling me closer. Then I do, what I have wanted to many times. I bite her lips. She whimpers knotting her fingers into my hair. I softly nibble on her lower lip as she pulls my hair. She pulls her lip away from my teeth with a smile and again attaches her mouth with mine. We both let out twin sighs of relief because we both wanted it.

The way she kisses me tells me she was craving for it. She did not even want to lose a second away from my lips.

Glad we are on the same page...

Suddenly she lets out a sound of annoyance and removes one hand from my hair. Then I notice her phone was ringing. I could barely focus on anything else, because all I could feel was, her lips and her body molding into mine. I guess she also ignores it as the sound stops and her hands are on me again.

The fucking devil starts crying again. Lia pulls away with a look of impatience (which must be matching my face) and takes out her phone panting hardly. I also look at the caller id upside down since she was straddling me.

Who the fuck is this Mr. Fauna? And why did he have to call now......

“Sorry, I have to take this” Lia gives me a guilty look. I give her a small smile showing it was ok.

It is not at all ok. Switch that motherfucking phone off and come back to me....

She answers the phone putting her free arm around my neck. I also busy myself playing with her hair.

Hmm.... Looks like I won’t get bored....

I hear her say “Surely, I understand. It’s my fault” as I wrap a curl around my fingers. She has such soft hair. It keeps slipping from my fingers.

“Yes, I will come straightaway” she says in a small voice and hangs up.

I remove my hands from her hair and rest them on her waist. She looks at me with a sad look. Her cheeks burn bright, my face must also be flushed.

“I have to go” she says, putting her other arm around my neck. I nod at her.

She gives me a small pout. I lean forward and kiss it off.

“It’s ok, go...”

She bites her lips as she slides her fingers over the frame of my glasses.

She lets out a breathe and gets up. I also stand up dusting my jeans. We silently walk back to the entrance of the park. On the way I think of every grossest thing on earth to calm my hard-on. Thankfully her mind is too busy to notice my not-so-little problem. By the time we are on road I am decent and stoic.

“I am going this way” she points a thumb towards the other side of the road.

“Do you want me to walk you”

“No!” she panics. “Umm.... I-I.... mean it’s personal matter that’s why, nothing to do with you..” she says nervously.

I keep my face blank and nod. I turn and start walking towards in the other direction. Not because I am dramatic, but because my home is that way.

“Luke...” Lia calls from behind.

I turn to see her coming towards me removing the jacket. “Here... your....”

Lia’s POV:-

Luke tuts me. He comes forward and pulls the jacket back up and zips it, frowning a little.

“Don’t remove it. You will catch a cold” he gently scolds me. I think, it will rain today.

I manage to nod and turn around, before I throw my arms around him and begin a round two.

I pull the jacket closer and casually sniff it.

Stalker bitch. Fucking pysco stalkerish bitch.. my inner self scolds me.

I roll my eyes at her.

Sniff it again.. she adds.

It smells so yummy. There is faint smell of that after-shave. It smells purely like Luke and some laundry soap. I want a perfume made out of this.

At least let me have that after-shave and laundry soap.. I send a silent prayer.

I reach the studio, all the way walking like some creep who kept sniffing her clothes.


Again I am in my bedroom. It’s the first time I am thinking about something else rather than Nana’s death. It is about this particular boy who has helped me.

Even now when I think about the death,

Earlier, I could not even say the word..

I feel a stab in my heart. But now it’s easier to withstand. I feel calmer and more myself.

I put my face in my hands as I think how I initiated the kiss. Don’t get me wrong, I am a pro on making the first move. But I always know, that it would end with me getting some.

I literally have no shame..

May God have mercy on me..

This time even though I knew nothing like that was going to happen, I just kissed him. He was looking at me with such longing I could not hold myself back.

And dear Lord, that kiss..

I feel something clenching inside me. I need to stop thinking about it. But it felt so good. The kiss was sweet, slow nothing like how I ever kiss.

Damn, Mr. Foincii..

I never expected him, to be the cockblocker. He called me to sign some important papers which had been hanging since I left. I knew I had to go. I admire myself for making till the studio without running back to Luke.

I should not have done it. He and I cannot happen. He is Max’s best friend, for fucks sake!!

Oh crap, Max..

What would I say to him?

You won’t say anything to him. Do you have a death wish?!

That’s right. Tomorrow in school I will talk to Luke and explain my behavior. And then we both can go back to being normal again.

Just steal few kisses before ‘going back to normal’.. my mind adds.


I am waiting in some store room, every now and again scanning the hallways like a secret agent.

Yes, I am waiting for Luke. As a matter of fact I know he goes through this deserted hallway for class. Not that I stalk him or anything. I just happen to notice his whereabouts.


I hope he is alone.

But of course the universe is not that kind. I see him coming with Ian who was telling him about some fight scene since he was punching the air. Luke is listening intently adjusting his glasses. My heart hammers at the cuteness of his action. Guess I will have to do it Tom Cruise style.

As they pass the closet I quickly grab Luke’s wrist and pull him inside putting a hand over his mouth to shut him. Ian keeps on walking and explaining, just how I expected.

I feel a punch in my gut and bite my lip from screaming out loud.

“Luke! Stop! It’s me...”

“Natalia” his voice comes out muffled.

“Shhh..” I remove my hand and move to switch on the light.

He is looking at me in disbelief before he come near and holds my shoulders. “Oh my God! Did I hurt you..” he says turning me around and then softly stroking my waist with a concerned expression.

I shake my head trying ignoring his warm hands.

“No, I am fine” I tell him.

“Are you sure?” he gently presses my tummy.

“Yes Luke. I am not that weak” I narrow my eyes at him.

“I am sorry. I thought it was one of those basketball guys” he says brushing his thumbs over my cheeks.

I step away from his because his actions are messing up my thinking. “I wanted to talk to you” I state.

He raises an eyebrow. “Well first of all I want to say thank you for helping me vent out..”

He frowns and opens his mouth to say something. I stop him raising my hand.

“Luke no.... It may not be a big deal for you but for me it is. I feel somewhat normal again. Earlier I was just going crazy. And please don’t say anything to anyone.”

His frown deepens.

“And about that kiss..” Our breathing turns a little harder.

Is it too hot in this room?

Man I am sweating..

“Look, I was vulnerable at that time. And I was obviously not thinking clearly. You too must have been confused. You probably kissed me to not hurt my feelings. So all I am saying is that we should pretend it never happened and go back to being normal” I finish my rant.



I hate normal..

Luke has a somewhat pissed look on his face. It’s really hard to tell. He takes a breath so as to control himself. Then he steps closer to me looking me dead in the eye.

“First things first, I did not kiss you out of pity. I kissed you because I wanted to. Second, I am not a gossip. So you don’t have to worry about your venting out. I won’t mention it, I was never planning to. I just want you to know, you can come to me when you want to talk or when you have any problem” he says fiercely. “Lastly, if you want to pretend nothing happened, so be it” he finishes.

“Sorry, I never meant to imply, you were a gossip. It came out wrong” I say rubbing my forehead.

He just looks at me with a pissed off look. His chest is heaving up and down as he stands with his hands in his pockets. Few locks of hair fall onto his eyes.

Something changes. We lock eyes and simultaneously come forward. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull his lips down to mine. He grabs my waist and slams our mouths together. I let out a soft moan. It felt like I kissed him years ago. His lips feel so good.

His hands slide down to my ass, squeezing it. It moves further to my thighs as he lifts me up and slams me against the wall. I lock my legs around his hips pulling him closer. He is kissing me like a wild animal and I am pretty sure, I am matching the description too.

We pull away to catch our breaths. He is panting looking at me with those bright green eyes. His cell phone rings. He answers it still looking at me.

“Dude, when the fuck did you abandon me? Come quickly, you are already late” I hear Ian shouting on the phone. There are few laughs behind. My lips twitch.

“I’ll be there” Luke says in a rough voice and hangs up.

I loosen my grip and slide down. Luke is looking down at me.

“Soo.... that was a goodbye kiss. From now on, it’s completely platonic” I say seriously, catching my breath.

Luke smirks. “If you say so” he mutters looking at my lips.

My pants get a little louder. He notices and his smirk widens.


“Well, I will see you around Natalia” he says leaning down brushing his nose with mine. Just when I thought he will kiss me he sweeps down and places a wet kiss on my neck. My eyes roll back into my head.


He stands up straight, breaking my train of lustful thoughts. He runs a hand through his hair and gives me a devilish smile. I narrow my eyes at him.

He winks and walks out of the store room.

What did I get myself into?


Well well well....

Luke is no angel. How much of a mess are they going to create?

Hope you liked this chapter! <3

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