The Bad Girl's Nerd

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Chapter 16: Please Ass-and-Boob Goddesses, May There Be Two Wrights In School

Lia’s POV:-

I kick Julian from under the table. He glares at me. I shrug.

I am sooooo bored. Julian is doodling in his notebook.He is making a flower. I slap his hand away and transform the stem into a penis and the petals into balls.

Don’t ask how people....

I am very talented.....

It’s physics class and the teacher is teaching at his own pace without any care. Julian sniggers beside me, on seeing my artwork. He attaches a body and we both continue to add disturbing details, all the while coughing and wheezing to cover up for our laughs.

“Ms. Anderson is there a problem?” Mr. Hicks asks irritatingly.

“Umm.... Not at all sir. Everything is under control” I smartly salute him.

The class chuckles. “Alright then, would you mind standing up” he says placing his hands on the teacher’s table. I stand up.

“Tell me how would we solve this question here. Do we use acceleration or speed?”

I look past him at the board. I have no fucking clue what he was teaching.

“Like I expected. You don’t know” Mr. Hicks says crossing his arms and smirking like a smart-ass.

His expression irks me. He opens his mouth to give another one of his taunts.

So I do what I do.

I take REVENGEEE!!! HAHAHAHA..........

Too dramatic.....

I interrupt him, “Sir this question can’t be solved.”

He frowns, getting surprised a bit.

I continue, “Sir at the beginning of this question, you have made an quadratic equation. It has no roots. So, there was no point in filling the whole board when the question has a one word answer i.e. indeterminable.”

Mr. Hicks now looked impressed. The whole class was silent.

I get it. I get it.

‘How did this freak solve physics?’

Well, I am not stupid. In fact I am just the opposite. I am brainy. I love maths and physics, and can solve it easily. Problem is I have a bad memory, so I suck at history and almost all other subjects.

I am also very lazy to put extra effort in them....

“That was actually correct. Sit down Ms. Anderson and please behave. Mr. D’Costa you too” Mr. Hicks says nodding at us both.

Julian also gives him a salute while I get my ass down. Few kids are still staring and Mr. Hicks still has an impressed look as he turns back to the board.

“I love it when you freak people out like that, with your hidden nerd personality” Julian chuckles.

I smack his head. “Not a nerd” I mutter.

“Suuurreee” Julian says sarcastically.


“Ms. Anderson, a word” Mr. Hicks stops me as I make my way out.

“Umm.. Sure” I say. I walk up to him at his table while everyone leaves the class.

“I have been teaching here for many years, but never once have I found a student whose been able to spot that equation” he smiles at me.

“Okay...” I say unsurely.

“What do you wish to become when you grow up?” Mr. Hicks asks peeking at me through his owl-glasses.

“I want to become an architect” I say.

It’s true. I was always fascinated by building and perspective drawings.

“That is admirable. I have a reward for you, for your answer earlier” he says looking through his bag.

My screwed up brain immediately brings up scenes from porn movies, where the teacher rewards the student.


What the fuck! He is your teacher Natalia.

He looks almost 60 years old!!

I will kill Julian for making me watch those movies....

Mr. Hicks is writing something. “This is for you being such a smart girl” he says writing.

I look up at the ceiling to force my laughter down.

I swear, if he doesn’t stop with the lines.......

He hands me a slip of paper.

He gave me a fucking note!!

At least it could have been something edible!!

A candy sweet.... Not that....

I take the note reading it. “This note will get you into one of the seniors physics class. It is Mr. Zelner’s class. He is a great teacher” Mr. Hicks says packing his bag.

Is this some twisted joke?

In which crappy dimension did extra class mean award!

“Attend it and quench your thirst for knowledge....” he says patting my shoulder and walking out.

From the sperm-giving fountain.... I am tempted to finish it out loud.

I am never talking to Mr. Hicks again......

I look down at the note in hand. I can’t obviously not go. Mr. Hicks will surely talk to Mr. Zelner. He would be hurt if I don’t go, considering he meant this as an award.

Geez, I am not that a bitch....


I am walking to Class No. 127B. Julian had just laughed at the whole thing. He happily agreed to flirt with the office lady again to get Mr. Zelner’s schedule. I had wisely checked if Mr. Zelner taught my brother or his friends.

It was all clear.

Just go to the class, sit somewhere, listen to the blabber, get out.... I mentally prep myself.

I take a deep breath and go inside the class. It had already begun.

“The momentum of the body..... Oh Ms. Anderson!” what I am guessing is Mr. Zelner says.

“Come in. Mr. Hicks told me. This is actually a substitution class but you can still learn. By the way, very sharp brain kid” he smiles at me.

I laugh nervously. I don’t like this kind of attention.

He looks around and says, “You are late so you will have to sit in the back. There’s an empty spot beside Mr. Wright. Please take a seat.”

My whole body freezes.

Please dear Ass-and-Boob Goddesses, may there be two Wrights in this school....

I turn around and see the damn green-eyed boy looking at me in bewilderment and of course, amusement. I also see Max and the other boys behind him smirking at me.

I control the urge to roll my eyes and make my way to them. The seats are connected so two people share a seat. It’s the second last seat in the row adjoining the wall, that too on the side of the door. Which means, no windows either! Knowing these boys, most probably teachers themselves make them sit there to keep them from making trouble.

Behind Luke, Dylan and Ian are sitting together, and in the adjacent seat, in the next row Max and Alex are sitting.

“Shift” I say monotonously to Luke.

He stands up so as to let me sit inside.

“I want to sit on the outside” I frown. No way I am getting stuck between this guy and wall.

Like it never happened before.... my inner-hoe smirks at me.

“You are the one who’s late” his face is blank, but I can see he’s enjoying himself. The guys snicker at my sour expression.

“Is there a problem kids” Mr. Zelner calls out.

“No sir. Everything’s peachy” I say with gritted teeth and sit inside.

Luke also takes his seat smirking like a diva. Boys have empty notebooks in front of them. Luke has his phone camera on. He must be taking pictures of the notes.


“Hey Ian... Do you see what I see” Dylan says in a low voice, so that only we can hear him.

“No Dylan, care to enlighten me...” Ian says innocently.

“Look! It’s two nerds sitting together!” he leans forward and ruffles our hair.

I sit forward to shake Dylan’s hand off. Luke catches Dylan’s wrist which was in his hair and twists it a little. Dylan whimpers.

“Do that again, and I will do more than just twisting” Luke says calmly without turning his head and releasing his hand. Max and Ian chuckle at Dylan’s pained expression.

I lean my head against the wall, wishing this class to be over.

Someone clears their throat. “This is the place where you explain why you are in our class” Ian pokes me.

“Not in mood” I mutter loud enough for them to hear me. Luke’s lips twitch beside me.

I shift farther in my seat. But it’s of no use. These seats are so fucking small, there’s only an inch of space between me and him.

I focus on the teacher to distract myself.

“At this point the body will continue to fall. Neglecting the air drag.....” Mr. Zelner articulates excitedly. I feel sparks shoot up my thighs.

I see Luke has casually placed his palms on my thighs. I jerk my knees to shake them off. I can’t put my hands under the table, it will be noticeable since I am sitting on the inside.

He is listening to the teacher with a blank face, revealing nothing.

“What do you, think you are doing?!” I hiss at him. He picks his phone with the other hand taking a picture of the board when Mr. Zelner turned around, ignoring me the whole time.

I jiggle my legs again. He fights a smile.

The heat from his palms is doing crazy things to me. I cross my legs, so as to sandwich his hand between my thighs. Maybe this will stop him.

He breath hitches and his fingers dig into my thighs.

Damn... I am just helping him...

I uncross my legs and think of some other way. But all sane thoughts blow out of my mind as his hand starts to move higher.

Holy shit....

“Luke...” I say warningly. He lets out a small smile at how breathless I sound.

The bell rings at the correct moment saving me from letting out embarrassing moans in class.

Everybody leaves the class. Dylan in fact, ran out laughing with Ian chasing him like an angry bear. Max and Alex also leave laughing at the guys. Luke gets up slipping his phone in his pockets. I am flushed and super angry how everything turned out.

Everyone has left the class since it’s lunch. I storm upto Luke who was gonna leave and pull him inside the classroom making him stumble.

He catches his balance and looks at me like I am crazy.

I will fucking show you crazy.....


He takes a deep breath so as to stop him smiling.

“It’s not funny Luke! Did you forget all the guys were here! What if....”

Luke places a finger on my mouth to shut me.

There are other ways too....

“Look I was just messing ok? Calm down. I am sorry” he says softly.

I look into those forest-green orbs and find myself calming a bit. I nod.

“Let’s go” he removes his finger. “By the way, you need to stop pulling me into rooms like this” he says smiling at me.

I can’t help but give him a grin.

He lifts his hand and strokes my cheek. “I love your dimple” he pokes a finger into my cheek.

I raise an eyebrow at him still unable to stop grinning.

Suddenly, he stoops down and kisses my cheek.

I feel my face heating up little.

“Now, let’s go” he says standing straight.


Luke can be too cute!!

Hope you liked this chapter! <3

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