The Bad Girl's Nerd

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Chapter 17: There's A Naked Luke Within One Mile Radius...

Lia’s POV:-

I watch from across the street as Jane welcomes a lady and a man into her house. I feel every bit like a stalker but lately, the things I have been doing are just......

I don’t have any self-control.....

I watch as Jane closes the door, not having a single clue that I am planning on breaking into their house.

You got that right people. I am breaking into The Luke Wright’s house. Not because I want to steal his soaps and aftershave (trust me the temptation is huge), but because I need to get my fucking notebook back.

Now you must be like, ‘Lia it’s just a notebook. Chill dude, no need to commit crimes for that.’

Well thing is that, that notebook contains many checks from Mr. Foincii and other fashion brands, all signed to my name. And don’t start on how stupid I am to leave, things like that so carelessly. I am lazy people. I am the queen of procrastination.

So now you must be like, ‘how are you so sure it’s with Luke?’

Well, firstly I searched Julian’s bag since he is the only one who’s around me mostly. It’s not there. Secondly I remember I took it out during lunch to check something then kept it on the table for a second. Luke was sitting next to me. And also I have a notebook, with his name, which has the same cover as mine. So we must have switched.

Now again, you must be like, ‘Lia just ask him to return it like a normal person’.

Well, thing is that he and all the guys were called for evening practice. So, I am not going to wait for him to return. There are also high possibilities he did not notice till now. So why not avoid awkward encounters. Because ever since that class, I feel my face heating up just by looking at him.

I check the time. I still have 15 minutes till their practice ends. I am taking the wildest guess and assuming his room is the one upstairs with the window on the side of the house, because that is the most convenient room for sneaking out.

I tip-toe across their well-maintained lawn, hoping to all Gods that they don’t have a dog who will bark at the worst moment and blow my cover. I pull my hoodie cap closer, covering my face. I quickly scan the surroundings to check if there is any witness.

All clear.

Here goes nothing...

I easily hoist myself up the pipeline.

Thanks to all the working out I do...

I swing my arms around and reach the window ledge like a monkey.

I hope no one sees me and hire me for a circus...

That would be embarrassing...

I peek inside the room to check if anyone’s inside. I don’t see anyone so I quietly open the window and slide inside.

Day-ammnnn.... This room is sexy as hell. It has navy blue walls, and I spot a grey couch. There’s a jelly bean couch too on which Luke’s bag is carelessly thrown.

So, this IS his room... Jackpot!

Lots of video games and controls are lying near the TV, and I finally acknowledge the elephant in the room. His bed.

Sweet baby Jesus.....

I feel like a pervert staring at his bed. I should stop. No matter how much I want to smell his sheets.

That’s disgusting Lia....

But in all seriousness. The room is very neat. You get clean vibes from it. And it smells like Luke. So this has to be his room.

I might as well be a dog. Smelling and telling people’s rooms.

Classic Lia...

Without wasting more time I quickly go to his bag. Like I thought, I find my notebook. I swap it with Luke’s one which was in my hoodie.

All done.

See, easy-peasy lemon-squeezy....

But like always, I spoke too soon. I hear footsteps coming to the door. Fuck. I immediately dive and hide behind the grey couch. I sigh.

Talk about stressed depressed lemon-zest....

Door opens and reveals a very fresh Luke. His hair, I can see is damp. He must have showered after practice, unlike my brother who returns home smelling like a dead rat.

He is on his phone and doesn’t even look up, as he closes the door with his foot.

Why did that turn me on a bit....

You are a sick sick woman Natalia...

He puts down his sports kit and finally throws his phone and glasses on bed, stretching his arms and torso.

“LUUKKEEE...” his door bangs open, showing Jane. I jump in my spot.

He turns around lazily not even being surprised. He must be used to his hyper-active mom.

“Honey, come downstairs and sit for a bit with your aunt and uncle. They are visiting after so long” she says leaning against the door frame.

He frowns. “Why do I have to come? They don’t even know me.”

“Don’t be rude Luke! Change your clothes and at least sit with them for 5 minutes. Then you may go” she says leaving.

“Wait what are their names?” he calls out. But she already left.

“Oh c’mon” he grumbles. He takes off his shoes and puts them on the rack.

Is he doing what I think he is doing!

He removes his socks and puts them in hamper like a neat-freak.

Please don’t remove your clothes or else I won’t leave your room and will most probably tie you to your bed....

I am sweating a bit and my heart is pounding. He goes to his cupboard. Then Luke does something completely out of character. He starts humming a song.

See, people like Luke don’t make sounds unless it’s absolutely necessary. So, I am shocked.

He is still going through his cupboard doing God knows what, as I look at his bare feet. Toe-nails are clean and cut unlike Alex’s, who I remember, once took off his shoe and his feet made me remember claws.

I just wait patiently hoping he would leave. I put my hand in my heads as I crawl further back. I see T-shirt and shorts being tossed into hamper.

My face is on fire.

There’s a naked Luke within one mile radius....

Ladies bring out your weapons....

I can’t bring myself to look up. I keep my eyesight ground-level. It’s not because I am shy or anything. It’s just that, I don’t trust myself at what I would do on seeing him like ‘that’. There is a high chance that I might do stuff, which will make Nicki Minaj blush.

I see him moving towards bathroom. Shit. From the bathroom door there is a clear view to the behind of the couch. I crawl towards the opposite side bit by bit as he walks to the bathroom. I catch a glimpse of his naked back. Muscles flex as he walks.

What the helll....

I am breathing hard now. How can a guy who wears glasses be so very hot!

I NEED to get out of here before I go join him in the shower. I cautiously get up and tip-toe towards the window. Don’t want anything breaking now, do we?

I want to break the bed.... my inner-hoe gives me puppy-eyes.

I wisely ignore her and am walking swiftly towards my escape, my redemption, my saviour, my window....

I am few inches away from the window when someone grabs my wrist, and I am roughly pushed onto the bed. I close my eyes from the impact.

I crack open my eyes only to be greeted by green ones who are staring at me with mirth and an emotion I can’t understand. I am between his legs, and he is on his knees. He has my hands pinned beside my head.

“Umm....” I say to fill the silence.

“To what do I owe this honor?” his voice is trembling with laughter.

Jee-buss... he finds this funny...

“I saw a butterfly and followed it in here?” I more like ask.

He starts laughing. I can only stare. I am loving this. I love this sound. I love this clear view of his forest-green eyes without any glasses. He puts his head on my shoulder as he continues to laugh.

“Oh dear, is that what it would take me to get you in my room?” he wipes his eye releasing my hands.

I want to answer, ‘No... All you need to do is smile and I’ll follow you anywhere’. But I keep my mouth shut. He is looking down at me.

“Seriously, why are you here? Tell me before I start assuming....” he raises his eyebrow suggestively.

I narrow my eyes at him. “No, nothing like that. We accidentally swapped notebooks during lunch. You were at practice and I kinda needed it urgently” I explain keeping my eyes fixed on his face. The temptation to look down is killing me.

He shifts a bit. Now he is resting his body on his elbows, like he is doing plank. Just great! Earlier there was an arms distance. Now it’s just shoulder-to-elbow distance.

“Really” he says roughly, pressing his torso against mine.

Holy Crap, I love this weight.....

“Un-hun” I nod. It’s taking so much power to keep a straight face.

“I need to go. Max will notice I have been gone for so long” I say trying to move.

He presses me down further. “Trust me. He won’t notice at all. He’s too busy with his new friend” he smirks.

“Ugh... I hope he and his friend strictly stay in his room” my face is an expression of distaste.

He is about to say something but we are interrupted by knocks. We both look at the door which might open any second.

“Luke, come out here for a sec. Martha and John are here. They want to see you before going” Jane calls from the other side, thankfully not opening the door.

Luke curses under his breath.

“One sec” he calls out.

He gets up. I finally see, he is mouth-wateringly shirtless. I can’t help but stare at his washboard abs. Not too broad shoulders and a deep-cut V, which is disappointingly covered with black pants.

THE PANTS MUST GOOO...... my inner-hoe wails like a widow.

He jokingly frowns at me like I am a bad kid, as he puts on a dark green, collared t-shirt. His body is ridged with masculine veins, popping out and adding color to his body.

I pout sadly as he is fully dressed now. He shakes his head at my expression. He goes to his cupboard and takes out a thick black blanket. He comes towards me with a mischievous smile.

“Don’t move” he whispers and covers his bed including me with the blanket.

Is it revolting that I am super comfortable right now?

I listen to the conversation outside. I can’t make out who’s asking question. All I recognize is Luke’s clipped one-word answers. He is not even bothering to hide the boredom in his tone.

Soon enough I hear the sound of a door getting shut. The blanket is ripped off, making my hair messy with the static electricity. I run a hand through them giving Luke a glare. He just grins at me.

He folds and neatly keeps the blanket on a corner of the bed and stands in front of me, giving me a hand. I take it and hoist myself into sitting position.

“Did you climb through the window?” he asks sitting on the bed.

“Nope. Your mom allows total perverts into your room” I respond.

“She would have allowed you in. She likes you and occasionally asks about you” he says leaning back on his elbows.

“ME?! Why?” I ask in total horror.

He chuckles. “Beats me” he shrugs. “I guess maybe because you are Max’s sister. My mother adores your brother.”

“Of course” I roll my eyes.

“I will get going” I stand up. I feel a tug in my heart. I realize I don’t want to leave after all.

“Don’t climb out of the window. Take the door. My mom’s out” he tilts his head at me.

“Naaaah... I leave how I enter” I joke as I go near the window.

He shakes his head in amusement.

“Luke, I never got to say this. I am sorry” I turn to look at him as I put one leg out of the window.

“Don’t apologize. I loved it” he says giving me a heart-warming smile.

He is looking at me, his eyes glowing in the evening sun. Something ruptures in my chest. I remember the time near the lake when he held me.

“Natalia..” Luke gets up worriedly looking at me.

“I gotta go” I give him a quick smile and hastily climb down.

Thanks to all my one-nighters...

I have full experience on how to quickly sneak out of any room...

I don’t turn to look back. I speed walk to my home.


I am too busy fan-girling over Luke.

Hope you liked this chapter! <3

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