The Bad Girl's Nerd

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Chapter 18: Just Get Him Alone And I'll Show What All Platonic Can Mean

Lia’s POV:-

“I will kill those motherfuckers....” Dylan fumes out.

We all exchange worried glances. Dylan gives another murderous glare to the boys sitting few tables away. The whole cafeteria is a bit quieter than the usual probably sensing all the tension in the air.

Now that I look at them more closely, I recognize few from that basketball dude’s party. Judging from their band-aids and casts I’ll say, they have healed and now they want revenge. It’s funny, they are like 10-15 guys but no one has the guts to start a fight with these five boys who are calmly eating lunch, not even bothering to give them a glance. Except for Dylan of course. He looks like he needs blood.

“I want to punch them so bad. And why are they looking here all the time. Do they have a death wish!” he growls clenching his fists on the table. Honestly, he looks scary. I have never seen him like this.

“Bro, what happened? I still don’t know. Why are you so bothered by them?” Alex frowns at him.

“Think of it like this. They said things they should not have said” Dylan stabs his pizza with a fork.

Poor pizza....

“Well, as long as we get to break bones” Max smirks, stretching his arms above his head. Ian high-fives him smirking in agreement.

I miss Julian. He will be away all week. His aunt was hosting a ‘Family Week’, which was a big deal in their household. I have to put up with these testosterone-filled morons all alone.

“That’s it. I am going to fucking choke that......” Dylan rages getting up from his chair.

“Get your ass down” Luke pulls Dylan back into his seat by his collar. Dylan glares at him opening his mouth to give Luke a piece of his mind.

“They obviously want a rise from you” Luke interrupts. “They want you to start a fight. That too in school, so that authorities will intervene and they can easily say you started it. You can’t get suspended now. It’s your senior year. Don’t mess it all up for some dumb fuckers.”

Dylan is calm now, deep in thought. Once Luke is sure Dylan won’t move, he goes back into his book adjusting his glasses.

Why so cute....

I make myself look at the other guys, to stop my brain from imagining dirty scenarios with Luke. I chuckle as I see relief on few of the faces. No kidding, Dylan looked scary.

“We can break the rest of their bones after school” Luke says casually, turning a page.

Max, Alex and Ian wear matching smirks. Dylan looked normal and more relaxed.

“Can I join? I could do with a few punches” I ask innocently.

“No” Max and Alex say in unison. I roll my eyes at them and sink into my chair. My eyes flash to Luke to see him already looking at me with the faintest of smiles. He again turns back to his book.

It’s been few days since I broke into Luke’s room. He never mentioned anything about it. I want to say everything is back to normal, but then I would be lying... horribly may I add.

At whatever chances, he would innocently touch or brush against me. Once he leaned over me from behind to take his bag from the table. Moreover, the guy becomes sexier and sexier each day. Yesterday, he was wearing acid-wash jeans and I kept thinking about his ass the whole night.

So, to get back at him I am wearing a red crop top which reveals a little bit of my belly and black shorts. It felt so satisfying to catch him staring at my legs. Every now and again he would steal a glance at my thighs.

Bell rings indicating we need to go. I am packing my bag lazily because it’s history class and I don’t have Julian to shield me from boredom and flirtatious boys. Everyone leaves the lunch as I finally stand up. I turn towards the door only to see Luke walking towards me with his hands in his pockets.

“Forgot my keys” he says. I nod as I watch him come closer. He comes awfully close. I step back until my butt hit the cafeteria table. He slowly sweeps his hand across my stomach and they go around my waist. I maintain eye-contact and refrain myself from closing my eyes.

“Got them” he says taking a step back jiggling his keys, smiling cheekily at me.

“Good” I say in an even voice.

I let out the breath I was holding as he turns around and walks.

“You coming?” Luke turns to look at me still standing at the same spot.

“Yuh-uh” I squeak as I move.

As I near him I make eye-contact and I stumble under his stare. He quickly holds me up, arms tightening around my waist as I am pressed against him.

“Careful there Lia” he says lowly.

“I got distracted” I reply fisting his shirt under my palms. I see his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down.

“You will be my death” Luke groans putting his head on my shoulder. I let out a laugh. I put my hands on his shoulder lifting him to look at me. He caresses my back as I lock my hands behind his neck.

“Why are we standing here?” I ask him.

“I don’t know about you, but I know why I am standing here” he gives a secretive smile, like he is enjoying some secret joke.

I narrow my eyes at him as I pinch his neck.

“Oww.. Why would you do that?!” he says removing one hand from my waist to rub his neck. I shrug.

“Let’s go. We both have classes” he says taking his hand from my neck.

“Ever heard about ditching the class nerd” I tease.

“Says the nerd” he smirks at me. I huff in anoyance.

“C’mon, we’ll be late” he takes my hand and starts walking.

“But I don’t want to go” I grumble.

“No, you should go”

“No, I don’t have to go. I have an idea” I say stopping him.

“It’s a bad idea” he pulls my hand.

I pull him back. “Please just listen. I am pretty sure you would like it” I say with the most innocent face I can muster.

He sighs in defeat.

“How about you ditch classes with me. We could go somewhere and busy ourselves doing something” I say running a hand up his chest like some cheap hotel barbie.

Something that involves much lesser clothing.... my inner-hoe cheaply cheers on.

“I thought you wanted to keep everything platonic” he says in a maintained voice. But I can tell he is affected as a nerve on his neck is throbbing. I stand on my toes and place an open-mouthed kiss on it.

“Of course. What we do will be completely platonic” I give him a toothy smile.

Just get him alone. Then I will show what all platonic can mean..... my inner-hoe is prancing around like a lion.

“No. As much as I am tempted, no” he breathes, removing my hands from his chest.

“Spoilsport” I mutter frowning.

“You said platonic. That’s how we will keep it” he says the word platonic like it angers him.

“Alright” I nod and make my way out leaving him behind. I want to be mad at him but damn it, I can’t. Because he is right. I have to have more control.

Usually if I can’t have a guy, because he has girlfriend or something I would just hook-up with someone else and forget all about it. A meaningless night is what I need. But I can’t bring myself to look at another guy like that. It is so frustrating. I tried flirting a few times but nothing catches my interest. Nothing can get into my mind except that green-eyed devil.

And fuck I have been thinking about him a lot. Is this all because of the sexual tension? At first I used to think if I kiss him maybe it would all be normal. But now that I have kissed him, all I can think is how could I get to kiss him again.

I don’t get affected by this movie shit. If someone brushes against me suggestively I usually flirt back and we both end up having good time. Maybe that’s what it is! The fact that he is the forbidden fruit, is what is making him irresistible. That’s what it is! We always want something we can’t have.

I will give it some time and then it will all wear off. Just a few weeks and I will find Luke just like every other guy. I mean it’s just physical attraction. It would wear off right?

At least I hope so....


“There you are! I was hoping to catch you before leaving” Max calls for me.

I see Alex, Luke and Max standing in front of school. I put my phone in my pocket and take a deep breath to control myself. I was scrolling through my gallery looking for some picture and I came across a snap of me and Nana. My hands are trembling a little as I make my way to them.

“What’s up?” I ask Max putting my hands in the pocket.

“Lia, take care and you better lock the door and double check before sleeping every night. Don’t leave the house after dark and please call me before sleeping” Max says concernedly.

I look at him trying to figure out what gibberish he’s sprouting. “What!” I finally manage to say.

“It’s ok Lia. Mom already told me” Max gives me a half-hearted smile.

“Mom told you what?” I ask suspiciously. I am a little nervous now.

“She told me that you have an exam tomorrow, which you can’t miss at any means” he waves it off. “It would have been so fun to take you with us to Aunt Helen’s beach house. Mom was so sad.”

All I can say is, “Oh”.

The nerve of that woman!

I mean, who the fuck is she! She is now making up lies for me! I am so tempted to ruin her whole plan, but I know Max loves the beach house, and she knows that I know this.

Wow. Just wow. My own mother is using my weakness against me. Well played mother..

“Lia, are you ok? Do you want me to stay? Cuz just say it, and I won’t go. I know Julian is not here so you will get bored.....” Max muses. “You know what, let mom go alone this year. You should not be left alone...” Max turns to go.

“Whoa, easy there” I chuckle as I stop him. See, this is why I love my brother.

“Max, I can manage myself. Besides, I got to study for the test so I will be busy. Just go have fun. Don’t worry about me” I assure him.

“We are here man, she is safe” Alex says, pointing towards him and Luke.

Max nods still looking skeptical. He hugs me. ” If anything happens, call me” he says releasing me.

“Yes sir” I salute him.

He turns and goes to Mom’s car which I notice now was parked nearby. He gets in and they drive off.

As I watch them go, I feel a painful tug in my heart. A lump forms in my throat as I realize I will never have that family time. My mom just won’t allow it. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve all this.

I turn to Alex and Luke. “Well I’ll get going. Bye guys” I say as cheerfully I can, forcing the lump to go down.

Alex happily waves at me, while Luke frowns at me.

I give them a smile and start walking home, since my usual ride i.e. Julian or Max are both MIA.


I myself get so mad writing about her mother....

Hope you liked this chapter! <3

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