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Chapter 19: 'Platonic'.. I Don't Think I've Ever Loathed A Word So Much

Luke’s POV:-

This is not me....

I never get outside my circle. The only people I talk to, well interact on a daily basis is Max, Alex, Ian, Dylan and of course my parents. It has always been like that. I like my peace.

I am lost in my thoughts as I ring the bell to her house. She was not okay with Max going and I could tell it. That’s why I have decided to check on her.

The door opens revealing a very adorable Lia in a baggy hoodie and pajama shorts. Her eyebrows shoot in surprise on seeing me.

“Well well well, I told the hooker company to send me their best guy. I must say I am not dissapointed” she says playfully leaning against the door frame.

“At your service madam” I bow and move past her into the house.

What? She fucking broke into my room. Don’t expect me to ask for permission.

I hear the door close as I am in the drawing room. She is watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine re-runs. Damn, I love this show but I always liked mystery and horror better.

“Should I start by stripping at this table” I ask her as she stands behind the sofa.

“What!” her face becomes a little red.

“You are imagining me aren’t you” I smirk as I sit on the sofa making myself comfortable.

“No way” she scoffs, pulling on her hoodie’s neck as she also joins me. I watch as Jake Peralta breaks open a door.

“How come you are here?” a small voice asks beside me.

“You were all alone and I just wanted to check on you, cuz you are obviously not ok” I say turning my head towards her.

“I am perfectly fine” she stubbornly replies. I sigh.


She has a sad expression.

“I need water. Should I get you a glass?” she says standing up.

“No, thank you” I reply. She goes to the kitchen and I turn back to the tv. I guess it’s best not to push her.

“Jake always cracks me up” she says returning and sitting a little away from me in a stiff position.

I don’t like it so I do the most obvious thing. I put my arms on her waist and pull her close so that our sides are touching. I put an arm around her shoulders as I return my focus back to the show. She stiffens further but soon she relaxes. She moves around a bit getting comfortable and leans her head on my shoulder.



“And so, I never eat pineapple pizza” Lia finishes the story wiping her hands on a napkin. I am laughing at her as she told me an incident. I rarely laugh but this girl is just....

“Now, don’t you tell anybody ok?” she playfully glares at me.

I nod as I finish my pizza. We both got hungry and ended up ordering food.

Her phone rings. She gets up. “It’s Max. Excuse me” she says going towards the stairs.

I clear the table and take all the boxes and plates to the kitchen. I throw the boxes and wash my hands. I go to the fridge and drink some water, taking the bottle with me for Lia.

She returns to the drawing room, putting the phone in her pocket. She puts on a fake smile on seeing me. I keep the bottle on table and go to her.

“Would you tell me, why all of this is bothering you so much” I ask taking her hands and rubbing them.

“I know it’s something more than just, not going to the beach house” I lift up her chin to make her look at me. She looked so sad.

She comes closer and wraps her arms around me. I rub her back trying to offer her comfort. I can’t help but feel so protective of her.

“It’s really dark. You should go” she steps away from me.

“I’ll stay” I blurt out without thinking.

What! Did I just....

She is also looking at me bewilderment. “I’ll be f...” she starts.

“Don’t say you’ll be fine” I stop her. “You are not fine, I can see that. I am not going to leave you alone like this.”

Or at least for my sanity I have to make sure she is not alone.

“Aren’t you scared?” she asks frowning.

“Of what?”

“That I’ll do something to you in sleep like I don’t know.... Maybe jump your bones” she asks seriously.

My eyebrows shoot in surprise as I control my laughter.

I really don’t mind that...

“I’ll make sure nothing like that happens” I reply as seriously as I can manage.

“It will be completely platonic” I add. There goes that damn word again. ‘Platonic’. I don’t think I’ve ever loathed a word so much. But I keep saying it to remind myself, she is the one who wants it this way.

Lia is thinking of something.

“You stay here. I’m going to sleep” I walk past her towards her room. On the stairs, I text my mom I’ll be out all night. She doesn’t mind cause she trusts that I can manage myself. In fact she trusts me to the point that she doesn’t even ask any questions.

I debate if I should go to Max’s room, but that won’t be any fun. Don’t get me wrong. I just want to be with her. And I extremely enjoy her reactions.

I get inside her room. Remove my shoes. Remove my T-shirt and put it on a chair. Empty my pockets on the nightstand. I spot a book of short stories on the shelf. I open it and lean against the headboard of the bed, crossing my ankles to start reading.

“Yes yes. I locked all the doors and I’m good...” Lia speaks on the phone coming into the room. It must be Max since she is rubbing her forehead probably due to all the nagging. She stops on seeing me. I return to my book.

“Yeah, goodnight Max” I hear her say and hang up.

“I’ll stick to my side” I tell her without looking up. She says nothing.

I am almost done with the second story as I feel the bed dip. She comes to my side of the bed. I look at her to see what happened. She just takes my arm and puts it around her as she lays her head on my chest wrapping a hand over my abdomen. She has changed her hoodie to a full-sleeved top. My heart warms over her actions. I put the book on the nightstand, remove my glasses and turn off the lights from the switch near the headboard plunging us into darkness.

I wrap my arms around her pulling her closer. She sighs in contentment.

“Goodnight Natalia” I press a kiss to her forehead breathing in the scent of wildflowers.


Lia’s POV:-

I sigh happily. I feel really comfortable right now. I am happily wandering in the land of flying whiskey bottles, Nutella and tacos. The unknown source of heat is deliciously warming my body and the land smells amaaazing almost like......

I reach my hand to grab a whiskey and taco but suddenly, there’s an earthquake. NO!!

Everything is shaking and Nutella jars are about to break. I panic and rush to save the food. Screw my own safety, Nutella is important!

“Lia.... Hey, wake up” a soft voice rumbles.

I open my eyes to see to bright green ones looking at me.

“I’m going. You should also get up or you’ll be late for school” he says standing up and putting on his t-shirt. I can almost hear my vagina’s wailing. I sit up and run a hand through my tangled curls.

“Do you want me to pick you up” Luke asks putting on one shoe.

“I’ll take the bus” I reply roughly. My throat is so parched.

“You never studied for your exam. Do you want any help?” he asks putting on his other shoe.

“What?” I yawn stretching my hands like a cat.

“The exam because of which you had to stay” he says as he finishes tying his shoelaces.

“Oh that umm....” I totally forgot that. Luke intently looks at me.

“There is no exam.” Luke says seriously.

“No no, there is. I just....” I fumble around. For fuck’s sake people, I just woke up! I am still thinking about going back to sleep to get myself a taco.

“Lia...” Luke sighs running a hand through his hair.

I want to do that....

“Luke you should get going. I am going to get ready for school” my reply is a bit cold as I walk to the bathroom and close the door. I listen as my bedroom door closes indicating his leave.

I sag against the bathroom door as I mentally scold myself for not doing a better job at hiding everything. Damn, the guy doesn’t miss anything. I am so relieved I did not tell him anything. I was so fucking close. I cannot let anyone break my walls. They are my shield.

I don’t regret letting him stay at my house. Before he came last evening I kept thinking about everything in a loop. Usually I go to Julian to distract myself but he was not there. Luke’s coming over gave me a good distraction albeit I became vulnerable in front of someone.

This thought had my blood run cold in the shower.

I became vulnerable..

I had promised myself I will never be weak in front of anyone. I cannot let this happen. If I become vulnerable.....

All the old memories come rushing back to me which I had locked up in my brain. I take support against the wall as I struggle to breathe.

Not again..



I force the tears down as I shake away those laughing faces that still haunt me.

Don’t think about it....

I take the shampoo and start cleaning my hair. I have a photoshoot after school. Thinking about my work has me relaxing a bit. I am currently assigned a brand of sports wear. I exit the shower, brush my teeth then start working on myself to look presentable. I blow-dry my hair and put it up in a loose bun framing a few strands around my face. I have no make-up since I’ll be putting a lot for my shoot, so till then I must let my skin be free.

As I put on my clothes, I start thinking again how badly I am screwing everything up for a boy. He is cracking my walls unknowingly. I can’t let him. I need to go back to being the old Natalia.

So guess what was Luke’s reaction, when he walked into the school hallways to find me flirting and getting handsy with some random dude.


Natalia’s reasons for having the almost panic attack in the shower will be revealed later in the book.

Have patience loved ones... There will be tons of drama <3

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