The Bad Girl's Nerd

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Chapter 20: Bright Pink Sparkly Bandage

Lia’s POV:-

“I can always teach you” this guy smirks running a finger along my neck.

“Huh?” I ask. I already forgot his name, and I’ve absolutely forgotten what the heck we were talking about, all because Luke had walked past, sparring us with just one single glance.

That’s right. Nothing happened. Luke just casually walked off. I mean that’s good right. It’s not like I was doing this to make him jealous. That was not at all my plan.

But he could have shown at least a little bit of reaction!!

I could only think how he gave just one look. He did not even look again to confirm it was me. His face did not show any surprise or anger. But what I don’t understand is that why am I getting so worked up over this. I mean I should be happy he did not give me a look of resentment. Then why do I feel like something flattened in my chest?

I am so engrossed in my mental banter that I did see the new person joining us.

“Wow, look at you... Making full use of Max’s absence” Ian teases leaning against the lockers. I feel so relived on seeing him.

“I’ll talk to you later” I say to the guy and go to Ian without waiting for his reaction.

“Is he gone?” I whisper to Ian.

He looks over my shoulder and chuckles, “Yeah he left, but not before punching a locker.”

“Pheww” my shoulders sag in relief. I was really not in the mood.

“Lia the key is personality. Take me for example” he grins cheekily.

“Of course, of course” I laugh as I link arms with him, and we walk towards our classes.

On the way we see Alex, Dylan and Luke. So obviously we go to them. Everyone is talking except Luke who is lazily scrolling through his phone. He has his beanie on today and looks like such a cute nerd with his glasses. He just nodded towards us when we joined him. I felt more sad inside. Soon enough everybody disperses for their classes.


It’s almost lunch but few teacher’s got called for an urgent meeting. So students of few classes were roaming in the hallways. I am lazily walking towards cafeteria wishing for the millionth time that Julian was here. I shove my hands in my shorts pocket and continue looking around.

The sight that greets my eyes makes my blood boil. I feel a tightening in my chest as I see Luke talking... nah nah FLIRTING with some giggling bitch who is twirling her hair and looking at Luke with puppy eyes. She says something which makes Luke look at her in surprise before he gives her a slow smile.

He is not even looking up for a second...

I feel like a total hypocrite. Scratch that, I am a total hypocrite as I think how can he flirt with her. I mentally scold myself that he can do whatever he wants. In fact, this is good. This is just how I wished things were You don’t need to have awkward conversations to explain stuff or anything. Luke and I are just friends. They are lost in their world. I should just walk past them unseen.

All my thoughts vanish in a snap, as I see the dumbfuck girl stand on her toes and press a kiss to Luke’s cheeks. She pulls back blushing and giggling.



You need to understand.

What I do next.

Was something over which I had no control over.

It was like some supernatural being possessed my body.

I mean, that’s the only explanation as to why I stormed towards them and punched the bitch square on her nose. Hard.


My knuckles hurt a bit, but oh the satisfaction. She is holding her nose as blood is flowing down her arms and she is calling me every name under the sun.

Not giggling now, are we?

Two girls rush to her as they fuss around her. They just make exaggerated hand gestures as they keep their manicured paws away from the blood.

“Please take her to the nurse” Luke says to the girls from beside me. He grabs my arm and almost drags me down the hallway, taking turns here and there. I feel like a total nutjob as I smirk remembering the cracking sound as I punched her. I definitely broke her nose.

I am supposed to be kept in jail. Why do people let me roam around freely?

Luke roughly pushes me inside a room and then gets inside and locks it. It is some janitors room. I stand there quietly as I watch him pacing in front on me trying to control himself. His beanie is nowhere to be seen as he runs his hands through his hair. I sway a little as now I am getting a bit bored and to be honest, a little dizzy from watching this guy speed walking.

“Why?” he asks finally stopping in front of me.

Thank you for standing still... my brain says relived.

“Umm... I...” I try to think of anything, but end up shrugging like Joey from Friends.

Luke rolls a tongue over his upper teeth as he stares at me. I break eye-contact since his look was to intense.

“I asked why?” he says in a maintained voice making me look at him.

I bite my lip trying to think of any valid reason or excuse. I end up shrugging again.

“DAMN IT NATALIA! I ASKED WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!” he roars finally losing it.

“Well, I don’t know!” I also shout a little to make myself feel less scared.

He turns around running a hand through his face.

“You don’t know” he says bitterly turning back. “So, you just go around punching random people?” he asks his eyes blazing.

“Yes! I punch random people! I am sick. Go dial a mental hospital and ask them to pick me up” I say throwing my hands in the air.

“Don’t” Luke growls warningly. “You know exactly why you punched that innocent girl.”

My anger soars to new levels. “Oh I am sorry. I hurt your precious ‘innocent’ friend!” I say gritting my teeth. He takes a deep breath.

“I don’t care about her. I want to know why you punched that girl” Luke glares at me.

“Fine! I was jealous! Happy!” I shout.

Luke silently stares at me for a while while I just stand and fume.

“Why were you jealous?” he asks in a calm voice.

“Because I don’t want you to be with anyone else! I want you to smile only at me! And I want to be the one to make you smile or laugh!” I exclaim. He just silently stands in front of me.

“I know it absolutely stupid and totally crossing the lines” I continue. Luke takes a step towards me.

“You can do whatever you want. I have no fucking right to even comment on what you do” I say passionately as he slides his arm around my waist.

“What I think or-” I am cut short as he presses his lips to mine. I stand still trying to figure out, why the fuck isn’t he running away from me since I just proved to him that I am a complete whack. Luke pulls me closer as he moves his lips. I can’t help but close my eyes at the heavenly sensation.

He pulls back and leans his forehead against mine breathing heavily.

“I have surprisingly strong feelings for you Luke” I say looking at his now dark green eyes.

“Good that you finally accept it. I was getting tired of all your games and drama” he says fiercely.

“I want you to be with me Luke. I can’t handle the thought of you with someone else” I lock my arms around his neck.

“Goes both ways. I don’t think I could ever just walk past you and any guy without ending up in jail” he says roughly.

I can’t help but chuckle at his angry expression, as my heart feels so light and happy. Luke frowns at me pinching me to stop laughing which only makes me squirm and laugh even more.

“We should go and check Amelia. Maybe we could get her to stop from complaining about you” Luke says to me.

“Phsst, Amelia. If I see her again I will headbutt her” I roll my eyes.

Luke controls his laughter at my obvious jealousy.

“C’mon” he takes my hand turning towards the door.

“No no, wait” I stop him. He raises an eyebrow questioningly.

“Umm.. Luke” I begin nervously.

See the thing is that this thought occurred to me just now. And me being an impulsive person, I will do something if I want to. Luke is looking curiously at me trying to figure out why I was being so nervous. I take a deep breath to prepare myself.

“Luke Wright, will you be my boyfriend?” I say as clearly as daylight.

I mean, this has to be the best decision. This way I can get him to stay away from all sexual predators. And I can misuse my powers of being his girlfriend. Like pulling him into a make-out session whenever I want. And making him walk around shirtless.

Maybe I could forbid him from putting any clothes when I am around. I could always play the ‘I-never-had-a-boyfirend-so-I-didn’t-know-if-that-was-inappropriate’ card.

But above all, I trust him. He has seen so many sides of me, still he looks at me the same way. No judgement, and definitely no pity. He looks at me like I am someone special to him. And the thought of him giving that secret look to some other girl, leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

I am so fucked up...

I was seriously expecting Luke to give me his forever poker face. But it gives me weird pleasure as my question throws him completely off guard and his mouth slightly parts in surprise.

I don’t know if I should take his reaction in a positive or negative manner.

“What?” he finally says.

“I was asking if you want to be my boyfriend?” I repeat.

“Are you sure?” he asks uncertainly.

“Yes” I grin at him.

“You really want to be in a ‘relationship’?” he quotes.

“Yes” I nod smiling.

“You actually..”

“Ok Luke if you don’t want to, you can just say no” I interrupt him.

“What! No! That’s not what I was implying” he says hurriedly.

I look to the floor feeling totally embarrassed. I should have kept my mouth shut.

“Natalia” he lifts my face. “I would love to be your boyfriend” he smiles at me.

“Really” I ask surprised.

He nods. I jump at him wrapping my arms around him. He hugs me back laughing at my delight.

“So now I can do this whenever I want” I let go of him and kiss him hard on his lips.

“And I can do this whenever I want” Luke says, squeezing my ass .

We both laugh at each other happily wrapped in our bubble. Until..

“Ms. Natalia Anderson and Mr. Luke Wright are requested to immediately report to the principal’s office” a speaker crackles nearby.

“I told you, we should’ve gone and sorted things out” Luke frowns.

“Hey, I don’t regret it at all. In fact this has been my best decision” I say cheekily.

Luke lightly brushes his lips against mine.

“Luke, what about Max and others” I ask worriedly.

“One thing at a time. First let’s go to the office. Then we can talk about how and what to do” he says kissing my forehead.

He is so sweet. My heart can’t handle it.

He takes my hand and we leave the dusty room together.

Talk about romantic location huh.

Outside it’s totally deserted but as we go towards the main hallways we leave hands and walk with a respectable distance between us.

I am grinning like a lunatic as I enter the principal’s office. Mr. Bassington, the principal looks at me with a disapproving look. I immediately sober up and put on a blank face. Luke is stoic as ever.

I notice the chick in one corner crying and sniffling. She has a bright pink sparkly bandage over her nose.

Aren’t those bandages given to small kids...

I see Ava standing next to her comforting her, all the while giving me an evil smirk.

“Son of a bitch” Luke mutters under his breath as he also spots Ava.

I guess this is going to be way more dramatic than I expected.


Taa-Daa! *jazz hands*

I personally love this chapter. It my second favorite. First favorite is Chapter 17. Anyways...

Hope you liked this chapter!

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