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Chapter 21: "Daddy Huh? You Sure Have Been A Bad..."

Natalia’s POV:-

The principal clears his throat like a judge in the court.

“Ms. Jenner please give me the written compliant that you have”he said looking at the crying fish. The bitch gives him a paper wiping her eyes with a tissue.

Uh give it a rest. I have had my nose broken before. It does hurt like a bitch but I never cried.

That’s cuz you are Chandler Bing.... my mind retorts.

“Ms. Anderson is it true that you punched Ms. Jenner on her nose and attempted to break her nails and messed up her hair, which had just been styled by the most expensive saloon in the town” Mr. Bassington frowns as he reads it to me from the piece of paper.

I face palm myself as I look at the two girls nodding eagerly. I mean how dumb are they?

“Yes sir, I saw it all with my own eyes” Ava says like a widow fighting her case in a courtroom.

“What! She was not even there” I exclaim in disbelief.

“Ms. King I don’t appreciate lying. I know that you had your classes going on that time” Mr. Bassington shakes his head at her. “And because of your lying I will take that this is all not true” he says shaking the written complaint in air.

Both the girls now look flustered.

“But she did break my nose sir. Look” Amelia pouts as she points to her nose.

“And it was her. Look at her knuckles all battered up” Ava eagerly points out. I take a deep breath to control myself.

I just punched one chihuahua.

I can’t punch this blonde ostrich on the same day.

To be honest, I think the only thing stopping me is the fact that, I am standing in front of the man who can expel me from this school.

“Mr. Wright is this all true?” Mr. Bassington turns to Luke.

“Only the fact that Natalia punched her” Luke says calmly.

The principal nods and looks at the written complaint again. Meanwhile Amelia dear ran out of tissues, and was looking for more in her purse. Ava being a good friend produced a tissue out of nowhere. I took a deep breath to stop myself from laughing out loud. Because all I could think was,

Ava is giving her booby tissues!!

Amelia is wiping her nose with booby tissue!!

The way Luke’s lips twitched I am pretty sure he was thinking the same thing.

“Alright then. Ms. Anderson care to explain your behavior” Mr. Bassington says turning towards me.

I square my shoulders to prepare myself.

Time to bring out my pro lying skills.

“Sir actually the thing is that, I was doing my homework in the library the other day. And Amelia had walked past me brushing against the table. She spilled my water bottle all over the homework on which I had spent two days to comb it into perfection. So seeing her in the hallways just reminded me of what she did and how she did not even apologize to me. So I lost control of my anger and acted on instinct” I finish smoothly.

Luke let out a low whistle beside me. I resist the urge to smirk. Mr. Bassington looked at me doubtfully.

“That is not true. I have never crossed you in the library” Amelia frowns.

“Umm.. Well you did not notice because you were obviously paying attention to your friend” I say, literally taking a shot in the dark.

And to my utter delight, Amelia blushes. I mentally fist-bump myself for being such a good guessing bitch.

Mr. Bassington clears his throat again. “Ms. Anderson that does still does not mean you can hit another person. This type of behavior is unacceptable” he says disappointingly.

Time for the excuse I’ve been using forever....

“Sir I know. Actually I have anger management issues. My therapist told me I was doing well , but I guess she was wrong”I say shamefully hanging my face.

“Oh, well I did not know about that” Mr. Bassington says frowning.

“Yes sir. I am dealing with them. I have medical record too. If you want I could submit it for inspection” I say sincerely.

I actually do have one. In my previous school the authorities had forced me to attend anger management classes after I had beaten up two boys and then refused to explain myself. In my defense they had called me some very offensive names.

And also because I was looking for a fight....

“I guess that won’t be necessary. Although I have to call your mother” Mr. Bassington says seriously.

I pale at the mention of mom. She already has a lot of hatred towards me. I don’t want more.

“Sir actually she is off for vacation. Please don’t ruin it for her. She works really hard. You can call my father instead” I almost plead.

“Alright, I will ring your father.”

“Sir, the number in the school files are old. I have his current number.”

“Alright. What is the number?” he says taking out his cell.

I narrate the number which I have memorized by heart as it is the number I call in every emergency. I watch as the principal dials the number. I steal a glance at Luke and safe to say, he looks really shocked. I guess it must be a big deal, as Max is very sensitive about this topic.

“Hello Mr. Anderson, this is Mr. Bassington, your daughter’s principal.....” I listen to a one-sided conversation as he explains everything.

“Natalia, your father wishes to talk to you” Mr. Bassington holds out his phone for me.

I gingerly take the phone and take a good step back because I know what to expect.

“Hello” I say into the phone.


I see Mr. Bassington looking sympathetically at me while the girls are smirking in satisfaction. They only heard the shouting noise. Luke has a fist under his nose as he is trying to cover his smile. He is standing next to me so he must have heard everything.

“I am sorry. I won’t repeat it again.” I apologize into the phone.

“THE HELL YOU WON’T! Lenny you are going to replay the entire scene to me. I am so excited!” Julian coos from the other side.

“Yes daddy. I understand” I say keeping an apologetic face.

Julian cheekily says, “Daddy huh? You sure have been a bad...”

I immediately hang up the phone, shuddering on thinking how that sentence might end.

I hand the phone back and we all are dismissed. Ava gives me a death glare as she leaves with a still sniffling Amelia.

As we are outside the office, me and Luke look at each other with blank faces. Simultaneously we both break into fits of laughter.

“That was so brilliant” Luke says chortling.

“Oh my, I nearly lost it.... when Ava had.... given a tissue.... to Amelia” I say in between laughs.

Luke shoots out another laughter as he remembers it.

“Is he really laughing?!”

“Dude take a picture. This happens once in a lifetime.”

“This must be the end of the world. I am scared”

We both stop laughing to see a very shocked Dylan, a surprised Alex and a terrified Ian.

“What?” I ask catching my breath.

“I mean we were here looking for you two, since you got summoned. But here I found this” Alex says, waving his hands around Luke while saying ‘this’. Luke runs his fingers through his hair, as he regains his poker face.

“What happened?” Ian asks curiously.

So I repeat the entire story to these three boys. I bet the girls are dumb enough to believe my lie. Plus it is safe to have only one story flying around.


I am standing alone outside school, waiting for the car that would pick me up for the shoot. I check my nails. All are neatly trimmed in right shape. Not too long either to classify them as claws like some girls keep them nowadays. Although one time I had to get acrylic nails since I was shooting with a cocktail dress. Worst experience. I had them taken off as soon as the shoot got over. But modeling sure has it’s perks. I am always well-groomed and taken care of.

“There you are.”

I see Luke jogging towards me. He is in his sports wear. No glasses. Hair glistening from sweat. He looks a little out of breath. I have to say, I find him attractive even when he looks out of form.

“How come you are all alone?” he says looking around.

“Well that.... I got detention” I shrug. I am a little worried at what will the people at studio say, when they see my knuckles that are now turning into deep red. I guess they will cover it up with makeup.

“Too boring?” Luke asks sympathetically. I shrug again causing him to smile a little.

“Well I am already running late, so give me your phone” Luke says eagerly.

“What” I ask in confusion.

He rolls his eyes and takes my phone out of my back pocket lightly slapping my butt on the way. Thankfully no one was around to witness that.

I look at him as he quickly types something into my phone and hands it back to me.

“See you later. Bye babe” he winks at me and runs away.

I look at my phone and see he has made a new contact ‘The owner of my sexy back’. I laugh feeling thrilled rather than offended.

Oh dear, I have a boyfriend.....

I really don’t know what to expect but surely I am excited.


There, there, there...

Luke and Lia are hitting it off.

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