The Bad Girl's Nerd

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Chapter 22: "I Thought Sinking Ships Turn You On"

Lia’s POV:-

I am scrolling through my phone coming into the dining room. Max and the guys are already there eating something Max brought from his trip. I had finished my share long ago. The door opens and Julian walks in. He is typing something in his phone.

“Hello Jolly-Judy” I say trying to catch his attention.

“Hey” he says absent-mindedly coming towards me and kissing my forehead.

I. Was. Wearing. A. Face. Mask.

“Mother of-” Julian spits out horrified.

He runs to the kitchen while we all laugh our asses off.

“What the hell Lia! Why do you have cum on your face like a little bitch!” Julian exclaims returning back wiping his mouth with his sleeve.

“It’s a face mask” I say chuckling.

“Why is it so bitter” he makes a disgusted expression.

“Because it is not meant to be eaten” I reply like a smart-ass.

Julian rolls his eyes and goes to Dylan snatching his spoon and eating.

“Hey, give it back” Dylan whines. Julian just sticks his tongue at him and continues to take another bite. They argue back and forth.

I turn my attention to Luke to see him already looking at me. On catching my eye he gives me a secret smile. My lips twitch as I refrain myself from smiling through the mask, not wanting to crack it.

Last few days have been really busy. We both talked on phone at night and texted during school hours, but we haven’t had a moment alone ever since I asked him to be my boyfriend. I could tell Luke was also getting a bit annoyed. He said he wanted to take me out for a proper date. But the big school match was coming up so the coach was making everyone work harder than usual.

I was also left with very little free time from all the magazine cover shoots I have been doing. The time I got was spent on Julian. Ever since he came back he was a little sad, because the trip reminded him how his parents won’t accept him. So I’ve been with him trying to cheer him up.

I had somehow convinced Luke to keep it all a secret for a while. I could tell he was not happy but still he agreed. I did not even tell Julian because there is so much happening and I just need a little more time to sort everything out.

But that does not mean that my soul hasn’t been craving to suck the life out of Lukey boy.

“Oh man... Coach just texted me. He wants to have a one-hour workout for everyone. Come on boys” Max says disheartenedly. Everybody gets up dragging their feet to the door.

“He could give us at least the Sunday off!” Alex says.

“Get your ass moving dude. We don’t need to be late” Ian says pushing him out the door as all the boys leave groaning.

Julian turns to me, “Go wash that unicorn poop off your face. Let’s watch a movie.”

I smack his head and lead him upstairs.


“It must not be that bad” I say into the phone attempting to control my laughter.

“Trust me, every time I move I feel like my legs are getting drilled with a screwdriver” Luke groans.

“Aww, my poor baby” I coo into the phone. Luke was telling me how their coach had decided to do a leg day and made everybody in the team do extreme exercises.

“I guessed it was a pretty rough day as I saw Max going straight to his room and falling asleep. I can hear his snores from my room, he is so tired” I say as I doodle with a pencil on my homework sheet.

“Yeah, he was made to do extra laps because coach caught him taking a water break without permission” Luke sighs.

“Dumbass. As a matter of fact I know he did not shower. So I just steered clear from his room” I say rubbing off my doodle with an eraser. We both went quiet lost in our thoughts.

“Lia where are you right now?” Luke suddenly asks.

“In my room” I answer, confused as to why he was asking that.

“Ok, I am coming over. Get ready to sneak out.”

“What! No, no wait” I say sitting upright in my chair. But he already hung up.

Is he really coming?

I quickly change into black yoga pants and dark blue loose top which left my one shoulder bare revealing a dark pink strap of my sports bra. I put my hair up in a pony tail and wear my sneakers. It’s the perfect outfit to sneak out. I mean it’s not too shabby to look at plus I can freely move my limbs.

My phone pings revealing a message from Luke saying he’s outside. I lock my room and take my wallet and phone and open my window. True to his words I see him standing below. He is also wearing dark clothes. I easily climb down using few loose bricks on the wall as support. I reach the ground and turn around dusting my hands.

Before I can say anything Luke comes forward and connects our lips.

I kiss him back thinking how, I was also dying to do this.

“Hey” Luke smiles at me linking his arms around my waist.

“Hey” I grin back.

“Let’s go” he says taking my arm. He is walking in front so I tilt my head back and admire his jeans clad ass. He catches me starring and pulls me forward, laughing at my protests. I see his car at the end of the street.

“As much as I am craving this, I really think you should be resting right now” I frown at him as he starts the car.

“I could not rest without seeing my girlfriend.”

I am thankful it’s dark so that he doesn’t catch me blushing at the word ‘girlfriend’. But judging from the smirk he’s trying to hold back, I think he already saw.

“Where are we going?” I ask turning in my seat, sitting sideways to stare at his profile. He’s wearing a maroon v-neck and his sports watch. Hair falling effortlessly onto his forehead as he pushes them back.

“Somewhere out town”he answers stopping at red light.

“Really?” I ask shocked. It was around 9pm.

“Yeah” he turns his head to me. “Like that we could roam around freely without the fear of getting caught.”

“You really thought this through didn’t you” I ask amused.

“Well I have been thinking about taking you out a lot so yeah” he shrugs starting to drive again.

The only thing I’ve been thinking about is...

Silence reigns in the car. I keep staring at him. He knows I am looking but doesn’t comment on it.

“Am I making you uncomfortable?” I ask.

“No” he smiles focusing on the road. “I can kinda relate” he says like he is enjoying some thought privately.

“What do you mean” I narrow my eyes at him.

“Nothing” he says growing more and more amused by my curiosity.

I let out an irritated sigh and continue my creepy stare. My mouth waters as I see biceps flexing as he turns the wheel.

“Tell me about yourself” I say.

“There’s nothing to know” he answers switching lanes.

“Still tell me. I want to hear you talk” I say eagerly.

“Okay. Ask what you want to ask.” he gives a confused smile.

So the rest of the drive goes by with me drilling him with questions about his childhood and family.

“How do you do that?” I ask getting out of the car.

“Do what?” he puts his hand around my shoulder and leads me inside a restaurant.

“Give such short precise answers. I mean you never spoke more than required” I tell him.

“I didn’t know I do that” he frowns a bit.

Luke already made reservations so we are now sitting at a private booth on the third floor enjoying a lovely view of the city. It was a nice restaurant with a moonlight blue theme.

“Wow, I never imagined my first date to be so lovely” I say looking at the skylights.

“First as in first ever?” Luke asks a bit shocked.

“Yep, this is my first date” I nod turning back to him.

“But I thought you....” Luke trails off.

I chuckle. “Luke you don’t need a date to hook up with someone. That’s what high-school parties are for.”

“Yes, but still. No guy ever wanted to take you out?” Luke asks.

“Well yeah, many ask but I don’t go. I was never interested in someone, to sit down and know them, until now” I smile a bit.

We are interrupted by the waiter. We place our orders.

“So, being totally cliche, I want to ask how many girlfriends have you had?” I cross my arms over the table.

Luke copies my posture and playfully looks at me. “Zero” he answers.

I give him an unimpressed look.

“Really. You are my first” he says with mock-innocence.

I slap his arm.

“C’mon tell me”

“Why do you want to know?”

“I am curious” I shrug.

“Alright” Luke smiles.

“I have had three girlfriends” he admits.

“When was your last one?” I ask sipping water.

“About an year ago” he answers.

“A year? Bad breakup?”

“No, she moved, and I didn’t want a long-distance relationship. After that I just lived the bachelor’s life along with the boys.” The waiter brings the food. We dig in taking big bites, laughing at how we both look like a hungry cow.

We eat in silence occasionally stealing few bites from each other.

“Were you the only one in the group with girlfriends?” I ask between bikes.

Luke shakes his head, “All boys, except for Ian have had girlfriends at some point.”

I look at him expectantly, to continue. He smiles at that. “Well Alex has had the most girlfriends and the worst breakups. Not emotional type but like super dramatic ones. Your brother also used to date but he is a scatterbrain and usually ended up getting slapped for being so inattentive.”

I laugh agreeing with him. “Dylan had issues with sticking to one girl so he gave up dating pretty soon” Luke continues. “Ian is the most famous among ladies. We have never seen him with the same girl twice.”

“Yeah” I say thinking how I always see him with someone new.

“But end of the story is that everyone decided dating is too difficult and we should just enjoy” Luke wipes his hands.

“You too?”

“I used to, until I found someone” he says looking at me. I blow him a kiss and finish my food.

“I already ate dinner, but this food made me forget that” I say wiping my mouth using napkin.

“Me too. This place has amazing food” Luke says leaning back in his chair. “I came here once for a family dinner.”

“What shall we have for desert” I say picking up the menu.

“No wait. For desert I know a good place” he says taking the menu from my hands.

We fight over the check and ended in agreement that he would pay for dinner, I would pay for desert.

We discuss video games during desert. I finally made him admit Call of Duty was better than Fortnite. But he still looked unconvinced. I think the only reason he gave in was to stop me from dishing his favorite game. To be honest, I also love Fortnite but it was so much fun seeing him defend a game.

“Man, I think this is the most I have talked in months” Luke muses. We are walking on the footpath watching the showrooms and shops, our arms linked together. We pass a group of boys hanging around and like any protective date Luke pulls me closer to him.

“You should talk more” I say looking at him.

“I don’t feel like talking most of the time. I am a quiet person” he says looking ahead.

“So does my constant chattering bug you?”

Luke laughs. “Not at all. I love hearing you talk, even though you don’t make sense most of the times” he says kissing the side of my head.

“Wow, look at you. You managed to insult as well as compliment me at the same time.”

“Aww baby” he says playfully, putting an arm around my shoulders.

I wrap my hand around his waist and we continue walking. I halt suddenly as I spot Seb. Luke looks at me questioningly. Seb is the cameraman who came to my house with Mr. Foincii. I don’t want him to see me because firstly Luke does not need to know. Secondly, I don’t want Seb to pry. I know he’s a nice guy, but he’s a gossip.

“How far are we gonna go? Let’s turn back. I am already tired” I plead.

“Of course” Luke says looking a little confused.

We silently walk back, looking around the new city happily enjoying each others company. It felt so relaxing (except for the Seb part), that I was kinda bummed that the date was getting over.

We finally get inside the car.

“I was the one with soccer practice and you are the one getting tired” Luke ruffles my hair which I had let out of my pony at some point. It was a bit wavy and curly but Luke didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he would wrap a curl around his fingers every now and then.

“Haha very funny” I say blankly patting my hair down. “By the way how are your legs?”

“They don’t hurt now. But by tomorrow morning I might not be able to move them.”


“Not like that. They would be very sore. It happens all the time” Luke assures me.

“I told you to go home and take rest.”

Luke smiles taking my hand and kissing it.


“Lia, hey wake up” Luke shakes me.

“Crap, did I fall asleep?” I yawn.

“Yes. You are tired. Go and sleep it off” Luke says.

“Do you want to join me” I ask sweetly, silently hoping he would say yes.

“Not a good idea. Your brother is in the house” Luke says looking a bit uncomfortable. I know he hates having to do this behind my brother’s back, but I don’t want to tell anyone just yet.

I give him an understanding look.

“This is not how I want it to be. This is not how I want to end a date. I want to walk you to your door and kiss you goodnight.” Luke lets out an irritated sigh.

“I know this sucks. But I don’t think Max will be happy. He is ridiculously protective over me. Let’s just wait and tell him when it’s a good time. I don’t want him breaking your bones” I say to him. Right now I feel it is the calm before a storm. I really don’t wanna mess everything up.

Luke nods at me. We are sitting sideways looking at each other. It’s a dark lane and a little streetlight falls into the car casting shadows.

“I don’t mind getting my goodnight kiss right now” I say innocently.

Luke give me a boyish smile and leans across the car cupping my jaw to give me a very short kiss.

“Goodnight” he says smiling mischievously.

“The hell it is” I growl and pull a laughing Luke towards me. He smiles into the kiss and angles my face better. I get out of my seat and sit in Luke’s, straddling him. I run my hand through his soft hair gripping the strands and softly pulling them. Luke groans softly and licks the seam of my lips. I open up, and our tongues touch the first time. He tastes like chocolate and something entirely Luke. It’s so addictive. I stroke his tongue with mine and his hands dig in my waist. We pull apart breathing heavily.

“Wow” we both say at the same time.

I look into his now black eyes. He takes my face and kisses me softly completely contrasting our earlier kiss.

“What are you thinking?” Luke asks kissing the hinge of my jaw.

“Titanic” I breathe out closing my eyes.

“Why are you thinking about a ship?” he asks pulling back to look at me. I shake my head.

“The car scene” I say roughly, hoping he would understand what I was thinking.

Luke lets out a hoot of laughter. I glare at him. He continues to laugh burying his face in my neck.

Now this feels nice...

“Thank God. For a second I thought sinking ships turn you on.” He leans his head on the back of his seat. I roll my eyes and copy his pose leaning back.

Now see that was a horrible move. When I leaned back I accidentally pressed the horn of the car, giving a very loud honk. We both sit up straight in alert, looking around in panic. Thankfully the only person who got disturbed was a dog who gave us a series of annoyed barks.

“I must go” I say looking at Luke.

“Yes, you should” he says leaning back in his seat this time taking me with him.


“Uh-hmm” he hums kissing my bare shoulder. I sigh happily.

“You know surprisingly, this is not how I thought a first date would be” I muse.

Luke chuckles. “Well this is definitely not how a first date goes for me either. I don’t kiss girls like this on first dates itself.”

“Well, you don’t have to sneak around on dates either” I remind him.

“Touche” he says tilting his head in agreement.

“I always thought first dates would be all shyness, little awkward maybe. Not to feel so comfortable and normal.” I run my hand through his hairs. Luke closes his eyes.

“Usually it is. But it’s not the first time for us” he says smiling with his eyes closed. I grin and kiss his cheeks. I go back to my seat.

“Well, I am really going” I say putting my hair up in a bun.

“Sure, come on” Luke says putting a hand on the door.

“No, you don’t have to come. I’ll manage.”

He opens his mouth to protest. “I’ll be fine” I interrupt. Luke finally agrees not at all looking happy.

“Goodnight Luke. And thank you for the wonderful date” I say leaning against the open car door.

“Goodnight Lia. And text me when you are in your room ok?”

“Yes yes” I say closing the door. I wave at him and he smiles back.

I can’t get enough of his smiles....

In my room I look at my reflection. Cheeks flushed, my eyes are glowing like sapphires. I look happy and I feel happy.

I feel more than happy. I feel very very hor-

My thoughts are interrupted by a message notification from Luke. He sent me a selfie we took while walking. It’s a bit blurry but we both look like a tumblr couple. I am hugging his waist looking in the camera and Luke is adorably looking at me.

I feel like a total creep standing in the middle of my room smiling at my camera.

Man, I am sooo whipped..

That night, I go to sleep grinning like a monkey on weed.



Hope you liked this chapter! <3

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