The Bad Girl's Nerd

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Chapter 23: I Am Sweaty, Out Of Breath And Hanging To My Dear Life On A Ledge.

Lia’s POV:-

“Jesus! Lia! Why are you carrying your lacrosse stick?” Julian glares at me as I sit in his car. He was picking me up from my home. I just gave a shrug and put on my seat belt.

“I told you I want everything to go peacefully” Julian sighs.

“Of course. I am just missing lacrosse so much today, that I am carrying the stick with me. Not that I have ANY intention of beating your ex” I say looking super-innocent.

“Look, I’ll do the talking. You just have to be there for moral support” Julian says driving to Station street. There was an outdoor shopping area there. You know that open place with lots of grocery stores, branded showrooms, restaurants and other small shops.

That’s where Julian’s ex-boyfriend George asked Julian to meet him. That’s right. The same douche-bag who cheated on Julian. When Julian first told me I had dialed up some old friends who are club bouncers. But sadly Julian took away my phone and cancelled the whole plan. I mean, come on, it’s not that bad and I am not that cruel. I had the courtesy to inform the local hospital that we’ll be bringing someone later on. What else do you need?

“In my opinion, you should just sit in the car, sip a coffee while I go and do the talking” I say adding, “and castration” under my breath.

“I heard that” Julian snaps. I roll my eyes and look outside.

“Look, I am over George, but I need to do this so I can be completely sure. He said he just wants to meet and return some stuff as he was in this town. ” Julian says parking his car.

“Alright” I say. I notice a shinning black BMW X6. I feel like I have seen this car before. I just could not place where.

“Let’s get this over with” Julian mutters getting out of the car. I also exit, my boots knocking on the ground.

“O for fuck’s sake, get rid off that bat!” Julian says irritatedly.

I just walk past him like a stubborn child into the shopping area.


“He’s late” I grumble.

“He said he’ll be here at 5” Julian says glaring at me.

“Well it’s 5.01” I wave my phone screen time in front of his face. He bats my hand away.

“Your ex should learn we are busy people, who have better stuff to do than waitin-”

“Hey” someone interrupts my rant. My feel like clawing my skin on hearing this voice. I turn my attention to the two guys in front of me.

“Hi George” Julian gets up greeting him.

“What? No Georgie or pumpkin?” the douche-bag jokes. Julian gives a small smile.

“Sit, sit. We ordered drinks already” Julian says taking his seat.

“Great, by the way I would like to introduce my boyfriend Vaughn” he says motioning to the other dude. Vaughn extends his hand to Julian with a sly smile.

“Oh, and I thought this would be awkward” Julian says sarcastically giving a bright smile.

“And obviously, hello Natalia” George turns towards me like he was so stupid he forgot to greet me earlier.

In response to his greeting I place my lacrosse stick on the table and cross my hands over the table challenging him to say more.

“Okay” George gulps, laughing nervously.

Waiter brings our drinks. An uncomfortable silence takes over, occasionally being broken by the sound of drinks being swallowed. Vaughn tried to start a conversation with me but I cut him off with a glare before he even began.

Proud to say that, by the end dear George looked relieved that he could leave the place with all his body parts. I think he was also slightly irritated that he could not show-off his new boyfriend. After finishing their drinks the douche had quickly pushed a box towards Julian and scrammed away.

We both stayed back and ordered sandwiches because, why not.

“Can you believe the nerve of that dog! Bringing his new boyfriend” Julian growls biting into his sandwich.

“Totally. Lowkey, I expected it” I say seriously.

“Uh, thank God you were here” Julian gives me a side-hug.

“Whoa, I need more than just a hug mister. Buy me two more sandwiches” I smile at him.

“Yeah I guess I should after shouting on you for bringing the lacrosse stick. Which by the way totally freaked George out. I wish I could have taken a picture of his face” Julian chuckles.


“No way, Batman would kick Captain America’s ass” Julian says.

“What world are you living in? That’s not possible” I defend Captain America.

“Yes possible. The only scenario in which I see Batman losing is, if he gets distracted by Captain’s ass” Julian says walking backwards facing me.

I could not help but chuckle agreeing with him, not about Captain America losing but the other thing.

“Yes, he sure is hot” I admit. We were going towards the car.

“Natalia?” somebody calls me from behind.

I turn to find Jane aka Luke’s mother with another lady.

That’s how I know that car.. I think, remembering the BMW.

“Oh hey Jane” I walk towards her signaling Julian to follow.

“Jane this is Julian. Julian this is Luke’s mother” I say introducing them.

“Oh, nice to meet you Mrs. Wright” Julian says shaking her hand.

“Call me Jane dear” Jane smiles.

“We came here to eat” I say pointing towards the restaurant we were in.

“I ran out groceries so I dragged Luke along with me. Oh I totally forgot, this is my friend Heather” Jane says introducing the lady next to her.

“Heather these kids are Luke’s friends” Jane says to Heather. The lady gives a clipped smile eyeing me up and down in distaste.

“Why are holding that?” Heather points towards my lacrosse stick.

“It got a crack, so I just brought it here hoping to get it repaired” I lie smoothly. Julian is standing quietly next to me, totally used to my lying skills.

“I never knew you played..” Jane trails off eyeing my bat trying to figure it out.

“Lacrosse” I provide. “I used to play few years back in my old school.”

“I never heard about this sport” Heather says.

“Well, our principal herself used to play lacrosse, so she introduced the sport in school too. It’s actually really fun” I say grinning fondly as I remember the rush that I got from playing.

“That is lovely” Jane smiles at me while Heather just coolly glances away.

We are standing in front of the grocery store, as the glass doors open revealing Luke and another girl, walking out, deeply locked in a conversation. I feel a little pinch of jealousy at how he was raptly listening to what the girl was saying.

“I did not get time to reach till encapsulation function” I heard Luke say.

“Oh, be careful with that one. It is important in making almost all computer programs” the girl replies.

“There you are kids. What took you so long?” Heather asks smiling happily at both of them.

“Lia?” Luke says spotting me, before the girl could answer.

“And Julian” Julian waves at Luke.

“We came by to eat” I tell him. We had not been together since our date. School was busy, my work his practice yada yada yada. I just wish I had the balls to tell everyone we were dating so we could openly refuse to hang out with anyone and go be busy by ourselves.

“Kids this is Ivy. Ivy that’s Natalia and Julian” Jane introduces us.

What is this, plant family?

“Let me guess, their father’s name is Moss” Julian mutters under his breath.

I cough in my fist to cover my laugh.

“Nice to meet you” Ivy says smiling sweetly at both of us. I have to admit, she was very pretty. Light brown eyes and brown hair loosely falling around her shoulders.

“Luke you forgot to buy apple-cider. It was right near the cashier” Jane says looking into the bags that Luke handed over to her.

“Sorry Mom. I totally forgot” Luke says, rubbing his chin.

Probably due to the beautiful girl...

“See you guys later” he says to me and Julian making eye-contact with me slightly longer.

“I’ll come with you” Ivy offers. I could literally see hearts forming in her eyes.

“Yes dear go help him” Heather cheers on.

Luke nods and walks back to the store, Ivy happily skipping alongside him. Her blue floral summer dress flutters in the wind. She was wearing cream colored flats. I look down at my high heeled leather boots and ragged jeans. My transparent white top did a poor job of hiding my neon pink tank. My nails are painted bright sea-green.

I look back at them walking into the store. Something heavy settles in my chest.

They match.

“I am so glad Ivy went to that computer camp with Luke. They have become such good friends” Heather says to Jane.

“Yeah, Luke sure is into computers” Jane comments absentmindedly looking in her purse.

“Jane why don’t we set the kids up for a date?” Heather suggests eagerly.

Jane stops searching her bag and looks up. “I keep trying Heather. But Luke keeps making excuses. I think he is shy. Probably the best to give him time” she says shrugging.

Heather is about to answer, but is cut by Julian, “Jane, we both should get going.”

“Sure” Jane replies. We say goodbyes and scurry off.

“Can you believe that” Julian says turning towards me in the car.

“I know! I-”

“Luke with that girl. I mean she is so pretty. Go Lukey” Julian laughs cheering them.

I shut my mouth listening to him.

“Lia, they have to get together. I mean just imagine what beautiful babies they will have” Julian says dreamily. I freeze.

“Lenny. Lenny? Are you alright? You look like you just saw a car running over your puppy” Julian pauses. “Oh my dear, it hurts to even say things like that” Julian places a hand over his heart.

“I am fine. I just remembered about some work stuff, that’s all” I wave it off, masking my face into a normal one.

Julian starts the car and starts talking about something, while I just replay that scene in my mind. How they match, how they fit, how they are perfect for each other.


I take my phone out of my running tights. I slow down into a walk as I see the contact ‘The owner of my sexy back’ flashing on the screen.

“Hey” I say picking up.

“Why are you so breathless?” Luke asks.

“I am out running” I reply, wiping my forehead on my sleeve.

“At this time of the night?!” Luke exclaims.

“Chillax, I had Julian with me” I say hoping he would calm down.


“Yeah, until he ditched me saying he was tired” I laugh nervously.

Luke sighs, “Where are you? I’ll come-”

“No no no. I can perfectly take care of myself. The last thing I want is someone treating me like a damsel in distress” I stubbornly refuse.

“Alright, how much longer would you be running?” Luke says defeatedly.

“I guess 30 minutes more”

“After that do you want to go out for coffee. I am craving some starbucks right now” Luke asks.

“Sure, I’ll call you as soon as I am done” I hear him yawning.

“You won’t get into any trouble for staying out, right?” he mumbles a bit concerned.

“Naah, Max thinks I am with Julian and Julian thinks I am at home. So everything is under control” I reply grinning.

“That’s my girl” Luke chuckles.

“See you soon” and we hang up.


I look at the paper bag in my hand as I stand outside Luke’s window.

I don’t know why my mood for running vanished and instead of waiting for him, I brought him the coffee myself. Maybe because he sounded a little exhausted on the phone.

I carefully place the bag in one hand as I start climbing the wall, occasionally switching the bag to my other hand to maintain balance.

I know, I could just call him and ask for help instead of struggling and hanging around like a monkey, but that won’t be me. I like to sneak into people’s room because I am not sane.

Not sane.. My conscience laughs.

Try motherfucking nuts..

I finally reach the window ledge and place the bag first, hoisting myself up to look into the room hoping that Luke was fully dressed.

Now, that’s a total lie..

I see Luke siting on his desk typing on his computer wearing a wife beater and shorts.

Yummy.. Lia let’s tie him to th-

My hold on the ledge loosens a little, as my mind automatically draws the picture. I tighten my grip and clear my mind.

I knock sharply on the window pane. Luke turns around bewildered.

“Permission to enter? I come bearing gifts” I grin poking at the bag on the ledge. Bear in mind people, that I am sweaty, a little out of breath and hanging to my dear life on a ledge.

Luke snaps out of his daze and quickly comes and helps me inside.

“I was just going to change and pick you up” he frowns.

“Why bother getting all dressed up at night. You sounded tired and you look tired. Here I brought you your coffee” I say handing him his drink from the bag.

“Have I ever told you you are awesome” he says looking at me in pure adoration.

“Nope. Never” I say biting back a smile.

“Well then listen. You. Are. Awesome.” he finishes kissing my cheek.

“It’s always me who runs around at midnight because someone was in mood for cookies and ice-cream” Luke says talking about his exes.

“It’s just a coffee you moron” I laugh.

“Still, feels good to be on the other end” he smiles affectionately.

I ruffle his hair and walk further into his room sipping my coffee. I look at the computer and feel my mood shifting and all the doubts crawling back. I settle down on the jelly-bean bag chair and continue drinking my coffee. I see Luke clicking few things on computer, probably saving his work before coming and sitting on the ground in front of me.

“What happened?” Luke asks.

“Nothing” I give him a small smile.

“No, you are being weird”

“No I’m not”

Luke sighs and places his empty cup aside.

“Tell me about your day” Luke says taking my hand, playing with my fingers.

“Well after school I hung out with Julian, and after that we went to meet his ex”

“Julian’s ex? Why?”

“He wanted to return his old stuff. I went for moral support” I answer.

“Is he the guy who cheated on Julian?” Luke asks. I nod.

“No wonder you were carrying your lacrosse stick” Luke says shaking his head in amusement.

I grin proudly. “How was your practice?” I ask to keep the conversation going so that I won’t say anything that I would regret.

“It was fun today. Coach had to leave in the mid for some stuff, so we all played hanky-spanky soccer” Luke says massaging my hand.

“Hanky-spanky soccer?” I ask my voice trembling with suppressed laughter.

“Oh right.. You don’t know” Luke chuckles.

“It’s actually just a dumb game we play for fun. No teams. The solo player that scores a goal gets a high-five from everyone and in return he gets to slap, everybody else’s ass” Luke explains.

“What the absolute fuck!” I throw my head back and laugh. Luke also laughs a little.

“Mastermind behind this game is your brother and Alex” Luke continues. “And everyone HAS to join. I mean, you could get out of a real game more easily, but for this, there is no escape.”

“Oh dear” I breathe still wanting to laugh.

“Actually it’s pretty tough. There are not many rules and no team, so boys tend to get brutal. Making the shot is very....” Luke trails off adorably scratching the back of his neck.

“So how much spanking did you get today” I tease.

“Around 4-5” Luke says his face scrunching in pain. “I could not get a single shot today as I was placed in the middle.”

I could not help but laugh.

“Is it bad that I want to play this game with you, like really badly” I give puppy-eyes.

“Not today honey. My back is still a little sore” he replies giving back the puppy-eyes.

I laugh and lean forward kissing him. We are interrupted by Luke’s phone. I see Ivy flashing on his screen. My mood instantly drops. Luke looks at his phone guiltily.

“Lia do you mind if I take this? I promised her that I will send her a few links today” Luke asks looking at me.

“Not at all. Go ahead” I give him a small smile to show it’s fine. In reality it’s not. Just when I forgot about her, she clawed her way back into my mind bringing all those doubts back. I listen as Luke politely makes excuses and promises to send the links tomorrow.

Luke hangs up placing the phone away and taking my hands.

“Julian wants you and Ivy to have beautiful babies” I blurt out unable to control myself.



No offense to anyone whose name is Ivy or Heather. I love both the names.

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