The Bad Girl's Nerd

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Chapter 24: There Is A Little Bit Of Homosexuality In Everyone

Lia’s POV:-

“Julian wants you and Ivy to make beautiful babies” I blurt out unable to control myself.

Luke blinks.

“Eww..” he recoils, dropping my hands looking disgusted.

“Why would you say that?!” he asks horrified.

“Easy there tiger. It’s not that bad” I snap.

“I can’t even explain how wrong that thought is” Luke shudders.

“Puh-lease” I roll my eyes. “She won’t be bad. In fact she is perfect for you. She is into computers and programming. She is sweet. She is proper and well-mannered. She is normal and completely matches your vibe. AND she is pretty.”

Unlike my prediction, Luke’s face has the expression you get, when you finally figure out something.

“That’s what was bothering you” he says snapping his fingers, like he could not believe he was so stupid. I look away still thinking how good they looked together.

Luke stands up and pulls me up despite my grumbling. He goes to his desk and sits down pulling me into his lap. I sit straight putting minimum body contact. He opens his online chats and shows me messages between him and Ivy.

“Read them and tell me what you think” Luke says leaning back in his office chair.

No matter what I thought, I had to admit their chats are awfully boring and dull. Most of the messages are links to various websites and books in pdf format. I read a few messages, and boy, this Ivy chick is hella polite. She was all please and thank yous whereas Luke gave his classic one-word responses with an occasional thanks.

“Still, I think you two are more suited for each other” I say not being able to convince myself.

“Maybe we are suited, but that does not mean I am going to date her. I never thought about her like that, even when my mom tried to set me on dates with her” Luke says frowning at the memory.

“See, even your mom likes her. Why are you wasting time with me?” I mumble getting up.

Luke stops me by keeping a firm hand on my waist, turning me to face him. He looks slightly irritated.

“Wasting time?” he asks harshly. “Do you think I am stupid? Or do you think I am some damsel in distress who needs guidance?”

“No Luke, you are getting it wrong. That’s not what I meant” I say patiently. “All I am saying is that she is the better choice. She has no baggage or problems. Her worst secret would be peeing in a lake. She is not complicated and fucked up like I am”

Luke’s eyes soften. “Lia, I know you have issues and secrets. But please never think, that because of those things I would, not want to be with you.”

“You don’t know what you are saying Luke” I laugh bitterly. “But still she is the perfect choice that will make everybody, including your mom, happy.”

“My mom will be happy as long as I am happy. And right now I am very happy” Luke says smiling a little.

“Of course you are happy, I brought you coffee” I roll my eyes, not being able to stop myself from smiling a little.

“But either way Ivy will never be the right choice” Luke says mischievously.

“Sure” I say sarcastically.

“Really. See” Luke begins eagerly. “For starters her eyes are the wrong color” he says, may I add, a little shyly.

I feel a smile forming on my face.

“She won’t punch anyone out of jealousy” Luke says thoughtfully. Even though it’s an insult I feel my smile growing bigger.

“She won’t break into my room” Luke adds. I let out a laugh.

“Her hair are the wrong shade” Luke continues.

“Oh, what shade do you prefer kind sir” I ask playfully.

“I like redheads” he says seriously.

My smile drops instantly. “You little-” I start tickling him.

Luke grabs my hand laughing. He kisses my palms and looks at me tenderly.

“Lia, I only want to be with you” he says softly. I feel my heart swell. I cup his face and kiss the life out of him. And I mean literally. I roughly kiss him, our tongues clashing. Luke breaks the kiss panting.

“Slow down baby. We can’t get carried away” he breathes.

“But I want to” I pout. Luke chuckles.

I should permanently change my name to Natalia Desperately Horny Anderson..

“No, we can’t”

“Is it because I need a shower?” I question.

“What? No. Why do you need a shower?” he looks at me confused.

“Because I was out running” I reply in a duh tone.

“You look fine” Luke tells me.

“But I stin-”

“You smell fine too” Luke cuts me off. “Look, we are already crossing a line by dating behind your brother’s back. I don’t want to...” he trails off.

My mouths forms an ‘O’ in understanding.

“Exactly” Luke says looking at me. “So just don’t make it more difficult for me” he says rubbing my shoulders.

“Yeah, I understand. One of us should have morals” I say seriously. Luke laughs thinking I was joking. But, I am serious. I really lack in the shame department. For most of the things I do I am like ‘Screw-this-It’s-not-like-I-have-any-ethics’.

Luke softly captures my lips again. We kiss languidly until it’s just me, him, lips and tongues.


I happily jog up the stairs to my room.

“Lia, is that you?” Max yells poking his head out of his room.

“Yes, I just came in” I yell back.

“Why were you so late? It’s not safe you know” he says coming out of his room.

“I was with Julian. We went to have an ice-cream and lost track of time” I reply.

“Still you must not be roaming around alone at night” Max frowns.

Goddamn these over-protective boys.. I mentally roll my eyes.

“I was not roaming alone. Julian just dropped me off in his car” I say yawning.

“Really, I never heard a car...” Max trails off.

“Maybe because you were too lost in the game” I say, pointing at the controller in his hand. Max grunts and goes back into his room.

“Goodnight Maxy” I yell going to my room. I hear a faint ‘Goodnight Dumbass’.


We walk towards our table for lunch. I am walking in the middle, with Julian and Luke on either side. Dylan spots us first.

“Look, I see two nerds” he says as we near the table.

“I got a better one” Ian huffs. “The nerds come together.”

Even I can’t hold back my laughter while Max puts down his sandwich.

“Dude! That’s my little sister” he says, or at least tries to say. It was hard to understand since his mouth was full of food.

“Hey, don’t forget me. I don’t mind coming with Luke” Julian says, pushing me away as he lightly slaps Luke on his butt.

Luke steps away looking creeped out, much to Julian’s enjoyment.

“You do realize he is straight. Or I can give you a list of girls who will happily give you evidence” Alex points out.

I want to be on that list.. my inner-hoe sobs.

Max sniggers, “You are talking like our Lukey knocked up a bunch of girls.” Luke looks at the whole table in disbelief as he sits down.

“I know Luke is straight and that is the fun in that” Julian winks at Alex, who returns him a confused look.

“Straight guys are more fun, because it is more challenging” Julian explains.

“For fuck’s sake, how is it a challenge if the guy is straight. He might just punch you if you keep hitting on him.” Ian argues.

“Believe me, there is a little bit of homosexuality in everyone. You just have to bring it out, with the correct tricks and moves” Julian says, flexing his biceps, giving a flirtatious look to everybody.

All the boys look at me a little scared.

“It is true” I shrug. “Well the challenge thing is. I have seen him make-out with guys who claimed to be straight.” Julian grins proudly.

“But the homosexuality thing, I don’t believe” I admit.

“Well, if you let me prov-” Julian begins.

“No Julian. You are not setting me up with girls again” I snap. It’s true. We have had this argument earlier and to prove his point Julian kept trying to set me up with girls, until I punched him and shouted in his ear ‘I KNOW WHAT I WANT’.

“I want to see how that would turn out” Ian says looking like a kid on sugar rush.

“Dude, you are practically drooling” Alex points out. I mouth a ‘I’ll-let-you-know’ to Ian and he looks like a drug-addict in rehab, who found ecstasy.

Julian sticks his tongue at me. I give him an unimpressed look and turn away, only to find Dylan longingly staring in our direction. I give him a confused smile but he looks away.

I panic a little. Dear Lord, what if he has a crush on me? That’s the last thing I want. I don’t want to hurt him. I look at Luke helplessly. The damn boy has his head inside a book, conveniently blocking everybody out.

I calm myself down a little and eat my lunch, listening to Julian and Ian’s discussion on best wine. I find myself laughing at Ian’s dumbfound expression as he listens to Julian’s elaborate explanation of correct Tannin levels in a good wine.

“Luke wait” I whisper as everyone goes for their classes. Julian is too absorbed in his discussion that he barely notices me staying back.

Luke silently stays back as we both watch cafeteria emptying. Once we are alone, we turn to each other with identical smiles.

“Hey baby” Luke says sliding his arms around my waist. My smile grows wider. I lean forward and lightly kiss his lips.

“Come with me to my class” I say entwining our hands and slowly walking for our classes.

“I wish I could. But right now I got a history test with Dylan” Luke replies. I unknowingly frown at the mention of his names.

“What?” Luke notices my mood shift. I shake my head.

“Tell me” Luke prods.

I sigh, “I think Dylan has a crush on me.” Luke raises an eyebrow.

“I saw him staring at me” I say defensively.

To my surprise Luke chuckles. “Trust me, there’s nothing to worry about.”

“But I-”

“Lia, chill. It’s not what you are thinking” Luke interrupts me. “Look I am running late, see you later.”

And he runs off, before I could ask anything.


“Alex, can you guys drop me off at the mechanic” Julian says to Alex and Max, who are about to drive off to the ice-cream parlor for their shift.

“Sure, it’s on the way. May I ask why though?” Alex asks curiously.

“Oh my car broke down yesterday evening, some trouble with the engine” Julian answers.

“Evening? You dropped Lia off late at night” Max says confused. I feel the blood draining from my face.

Damn, I should have thought it through...

I look at Luke walking with Dylan and Ian towards their own cars.

“What are you talking about? Lia and I were out running, that too only till 8” Julian says.

Max turns towards me, “Lia, what is going on. You said Julian dropped you off.”

“That.. I.. Um..” I stutter. I was not expecting this. In the background I see Luke freezing while others watching curiously.

“She hooked up with someone” Julian says like it’s a revelation. Max scrunches his face in distaste.

“That’s why you looked so happy today” Julian continues snapping his fingers.

“But why didn’t you tell me anything” Julian says looking a little offended.

“Yeah, score Lia” Ian cheaply cheers me.

“I knew you would react like this” I say pointing towards Max’s revolted expression. “So I took the easy way out and I am sorry. Julian to be honest, I forgot to tell you. I was going to share the dirt with you in the evening over some be-” I cough “..-coffee.”

Julian winks getting what I meant. I’ll just make something up for him. Max flips my forehead still glaring and gets in the car. I make eye-contact with Luke who has a guilty look on his face as he gets in his car. Rest of the guys also disperse but not before thumping my back for getting ‘laid’. I modestly received all the praises and started walking towards the studio.


Now before you go around sprouting curses because of Julian’s comment, I want you to relax. That is just how Julian thinks and it’s his personality to go around riling people up for fun. Many may agree with him and many might disagree. And it’s ok. It’s part of the story and all I wanted to show was, how the characters openly discuss these topics, because in many places homosexuality is still a taboo. Julian flirting with the boys is just part of the humor. Otherwise everything is in good sense.

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