The Bad Girl's Nerd

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Chapter 26: Next Thing I Know, You Have Some Old-Man Fetish

Lia’s POV:-

“You were on a date?” Luke asks barely concealing his anger.

I bite back a smile, “Obviously not. Alex says anything.”

“So you are saying you just go waltzing around in dresses for no reason?”

“No” I reply indignantly. “I just met some girls from sch-”

“Lia would you stop lying!” Luke snaps. I shut up, since I can see I am not fooling him.

“Look, I don’t want to know the truth but can you at least, not lie about it” he says rubbing his forehead.

“I am sorry” I mumble.

“Sorry doesn’t do it Lia. The thought of you seeing someone else is already infuriating enough. Above that you keep lying as if you’re trying to cover something” Luke says looking away.

“Luke you know I would never cheat on you” I say quietly.

“No, I don’t know. In fact I know nothing. That is the thing, every time I try to ask you something about yourself you divert the topic. You aren’t exactly an angel when it comes to relationships or sex” he answers bitterly.

I won’t lie and say his answer didn’t hurt me. But I keep a resting face, refusing to let him know.

“What do you want to know?” I ask gritting my teeth a little.

“No. This is not what I meant” Luke runs a hand through his hair irritated.

“Then what?” I laugh harshly.

“I don’t want to demand answers from you. I want you to tell them to me yourself, because you trust me” he explains.

“It’s not easy okay! I have had my trust broken enough times to know better than to just let anybody in” I snap.

“Just anybody?” his eyes flash in annoyance. “So that’s what I am to you. Just anybody. I must be just another fling to add to your never-ending list of one-timers.”

“You are not a one-timer” I growl.

“Oh, so I must be a two-timer. Gee, now I feel so much better” Luke says sarcastically.

“What are you, on your periods?!” I ask bewildered. “Even I don’t get so fucking dramatic during my time of the month.”

That is a lie. I can put Cardi B to shame during my week.

“See, there it is. Just like always you want to joke your way out of any conversation which talks even remotely about you” Luke points his hand at me.

Damn it, this boy is smart..

“Is there even a point why we are here?” I raise an eyebrow at him.

Luke sighs. “Why are you being so.. I mean what.. Why do you..” he tries a few times.

“Are we playing finish-the-sentence?” I ask sweetly.

I can’t help but be mocking. It was my defense.

“Look, all I am asking is not to judge me based on your previous experiences. I don’t know what assholes you dealt with in past, but you know I am not like that” Luke explains, ignoring my taunt. Even though I am super pissed, I still admire this boy. He doesn’t fall for my ways.

“No, I don’t know” I say using his words against him. “It’s how they say, learn from your mistakes.”

I can feel waves of anger radiating from Luke. I don’t know what or why I am doing this. I really don’t know. But I know that the end won’t be pleasant.

“I really don’t understand you” Luke mutters irritated.

You understand me too much. That’s the problem.

“Bummer” I say dead-pan. Luke pinches his nose, trying to control himself.

“You know what, do whatever you want!” he says resentfully. “Keep on withholding your actual emotions and suffer in silence. I don’t know what to do.”

I keep my expression impassive.

“You don’t have to do anything. There is nothing you can do, nor do I expect you to do anything” I bite the insides of my cheek.

“But I thought I could help you” Luke shakes his head.

“You what?” I ask laughing in disbelief.

“I just-”

“No wait wait-” I interrupt “-you want to ‘help’ me” I make air quotes. “So I am a pity project. I mean sure, let’s ‘help’ this girl over here who has trust and God-knows-what issues.”

“That’s not-” Luke says exasperated.

“-what you were saying?” I finish for him. “Oh honey, I get it. But listen carefully to me shithead. I DON’T NEED YOUR HELP!” I snarl.

“Jesus! Lia, what the hell happened to you that you are so fucked up? Can’t you see what I was trying to say? Or are you so obtuse, that you just can’t see it!”

“Let’s go with the latter” I shrug.

Luke lets out a defeated sigh, “Your walls are so fucking high, it doesn’t make sense.”

“Yeah, I am a mystery” I cross my arms laughing.

“Sure, laugh it off. Because everything is a joke to you. Even if it isn’t you will make it a joke, so that you don’t have to deal with it. For fuck’s sake, your problems are not even that fucked up.”

I flinch. I could not help it, because he knows. He was there when I was crying over Nana’s death. He knows how badly it affected me. And he also knows that it was just one of my problems. Still he said it.

Luke’s eyes widen as he realizes what he said. “Lia I did not-”

“Save it” I snap. “I don’t need your explanations.”

“I did not mean it Lia. Damn it, I don’t” Luke runs a hand through his hair helplessly.

“It is what you think Luke. Or at least some part of you thinks that. That is why you said it” I bite my trembling lip.

“I never thought you would say this” I continue before Luke could say anything.

“Lia, it was a slip. It means nothing. Stop making it such a big deal.”

“Big deal?” I ask. “‘My problems are not fucked-up enough’, ‘big deal’, ‘help’” I count off on my fingers.

“You are on roll Lukey” I say with fake cheerfulness. Luke grits his teeth.

“Sweetheart listen up” I snap my fingers. “I am done with you” I say with a sassy smile.

“You are breaking up with me?” Luke asks in disbelief.

Why is he so shocked? He had it coming..

“Nuh-uh” I tsk. “To be specific, I am dumping you” I correct.

“Lia stop with your childishness. What the hell?” Luke looks fed up.

“Exactly. What the hell? Now you figure that out, while I am gonna go and catch up on my beauty sleep” I say batting my eyelashes at him. Then I turn around and march out of the park.

I walk casually, swaying my hips a little. I don’t hear him calling me back. I keep it up till I am completely out of sight. As soon as I am alone I break into a sprint. I run like I am being chased by an angry bull. Frustrated tears want to break out. But I don’t allow myself that privilege. I will not cry over a boy. I will not cry over losing a person who actually cared about me.

God, I am fucked up..

I keep running till I reach my house. I look at it a moment then continue my jog until I reach the door that I want to be at right now.

“Hey bitch. Got some pizza?” I ask a sleepy Julian who opens the door.


“So, you are telling me my last plumber did not have night-blindness” Julian confirms again.

“Uh-huh” I hum looking through my bag for my phone.

“And the guy left the town because you refused to keep seeing him once you humped him” Julian continues. I give an incoherent response.

“So basically, you kept fooling around with my plumber even though I told you not to AND you cost me the only guy who could fix my drain” he muses.

“Yes!” I shout as I finally find my phone. Few students in the hallway look at me.

“You little piece of shit” Julian mutters. I turn my focus to him, only to find his fist coming towards me at a lightening pace. The punch threw me on the ground.

I clutch my face giving him a confused glare.

“That is why you kept choking my toilet, all the while blaming spicy chicken wings” Julian shouts, sitting on my stomach throwing punches at me. In my defense the plumber guy was really cute and he was available on-call.

Lia, you are disgusting, sick, perverted, but above all a fucking genius asshole.. my conscience claps.

I manage to block most of Julian’s punches while laughing my ass off. I stop for a while to catch my breath, costing me a punch under the eye.

“Chillax Judy” I breathe catching his hands. He gives me murderous look.

“I’m sorry, ok?” my voice trembles with laughter. “It’s in the past man. It’s not like you are living there anymore. You got a nice old plumber over here.”

“Yeah well, I don’t trust you. Next thing I know, you have some old-man fetish” Julian rolls his eyes.

“Gerontophilia?” I offer. He gives me an unimpressed look.


We both look up to find some boy looking down at us. I think he is Julian’s friend. I cross my arms behind my head enjoying Julian’s embarrassed state.

The school floor is really comfortable..

“I thought you said, you only liked guys” the boy says looking hurt. Julian turns red, vigorously nodding his head.

“You suck” the boy spat and stormed away.

“Eric wait” Julian calls after him.

“Damn it Lenny! You just cost me my post-history make out sessions” Julian snaps at me. I wrinkle my nose in distaste. Julian gets up and runs after Eric.

I also stand up and fix my clothes ignoring the looks children gave me. I feel blood at the corner of my mouth.

Just flipping great..

I make my way to the girl’s bathroom. Last night Julian didn’t suspect a thing. We just chilled like usual and watched movies. Being with Julian makes me feel like everything will be okay.

But still, I was dreading seeing Luke in school. I avoided their group since morning. Turns out, I was all good..


Flashback a few minutes back~

“Sup birdies” Dylan chirps. I return a smile while Julian waves. Luke was nowhere to be seen.

“Where is your fifth member?” I ask casually.

“Oh he is not coming today” Alex answers.

There there, someone is not handling break-up well.. I mentally smirk.

“Yeah, he is out of town, visiting his grandparents” Max adds.



On the bright side, I get one extra day to pull myself together. I am still extremely angry at him, but that did not mean I don’t get affected by him. I will have to be really careful.

“I am sorry about that punch earlier” Julian mutters to me in class.

“-es” I hiss.

“What?” he asks.

“-es as in punches” I point out. “Look” I turn to him showing my face. Julian rolls his eyes.

“Fine” he snaps. “Sorry about the punches” he says emphasizing on the ′s’.

“Apology accepted” I say like a prissy. “And I am NOT sorry for banging your plumber” I mumble.

“Hey!” he says, a little too loudly.

“Mr. D’Costa?” the teacher pauses her explanation.

“Um..” Julian looks around. “Peace?” he pathetically shows her two fingers.

“That is correct. Peace was what people of Inkorton were craving. The evil dictator...” teacher drones on.

Julian gives a proud smile fixing his non-existent collar. Once everybody lose interest in him, he turns back to me.

“I will forgive you if you give me details” he offers. I scoff.

“It was ages ago. I don’t remember anything except that we did it on the basin counter” I say remembering few stuff.

“Oh c’mon. I brush my teeth there” Julian says disgusted. “Please tell me you sanitized the place.”

I let out a nervous laugh.

“Son of a-” Julian exclaims.

“Yes, Mr. D’Costa?” the teacher interrupts again.

“Son of a-” Julian says in a calmer voice “-plumber.”

“That is correct. In fact class instead of writing Hithosher, Warrior of Inkorton everybody should write Hithosher, Son of A Plumber. This will bring out a sympathetic edge” she announces. I face palm myself.

“Very good Julian” teacher nods at him.

“Anytime Mam” Julian tips her an imaginary hat.

“Could I be more awesome” he says amazed.

“Don’t forget you brushed your teeth with my.. no, no with OUR..” I trail off.

“The fuck woman!” Julian exclaims scooching away from me.

“Mr. D’Costa!” the teachers shouts looking livid.

“Detention for the whole week!” she screams.

“Alright. Don’t get your panties in a twist” Julian mutters loud enough for everyone to hear.

“OUT! I SAID OUT OF MY CLASS!” she roars. Julian collects his notebook and makes his way out, while the whole class claps and cheers for him.

“Not fair” I grumble.

“Hey Ms. Out-of-my-class” I waving at her.

“My name is Mrs. Lauren” the teacher seethes. “I will not tolerate this behavior Ms. Anderson.”

“Jeez, you need to pop a pill” I say shaking my head at.

“YOU TOO OUT OF MY CLASS!” she shouts, turning into a disturbing shade of red. I hurry out before she further exploded.

I find Julian strutting down the hallways.

“Wanna sneak out of the back gate and get food?” I ask joining him.


Initially I added Luke in the last scenes, but then I liked them better this way. I enjoyed writing the little drama in the beginning..

I duly hope that this chapter makes up for the last chapter which was so dull. I have to improve it later when I go on a writing spree again. Anyways..

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