The Bad Girl's Nerd

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Chapter 27: 'Binder-Fucker' Or 'Geeky Sperm'

Lia’s POV:-

“Lia wait” someone calls from behind.

I turn and see Luke jogging towards me.

“Damn shizzle” I mutter under my breath. I was totally successful in avoiding him at school this morning. I knew I should have refused to hang out with the guys at ice-cream parlor.

I longingly look at the door, behind which Julian and all the guys were chilling.

Maybe if you make a quick-dash, he won’t notice. He will think it was an illusion.. a voice in head suggests.

The guy is not blind. And I am not that childish.. I chide the voice in my head.

“Can we talk?” Luke asks now standing in front of me.

“Is it necessary?” I ask biting the insides of my cheek thinking how I still want to punch his pretty face.

In response he just grabs my hand and leads me to a shady alley. People passing by will probably think we are drug-dealers. Lovely.

“First of all, stop avoiding me” Luke says. I see a black cat sitting in the corner giving us a creepy stare.

“I don’t know what you are talking about” I mumble.

“Really, because this morning I saw you twice ducking into random classrooms on seeing me” Luke muses.

Okay fine, I was not totally successful in avoiding him..

“They were not random classrooms” I say indignantly. “The teachers had called for me.”

“Really..” he drawls out, giving me an unimpressed look. I nod, refusing to back out.

“Look, this is just stupid” Luke sighs.

“No, it is not” I retort.

“Lia, c’mon. I mean, I thought we were better than this” he tries again, gently taking my hand.

“Yes Luke, I also thought we were better than this. But now every time I see you, I..” I trail off, taking my hands away.

“Cut me some slack here. I was really angry that time, so I said some stupid things and I am sorry. I really am. I never meant to hurt you Lia.”

“Alright. Let’s assume I forgive you. But how do I know that the next time you get really angry at me, you won’t say all of that again.”

Luke’s eyes harden as he clenches his jaw, “I won’t do that. I am not so nasty.”

I look away still unconvinced. To be honest, after getting hurt by my mom everyday, I don’t think I want another source of vulnerability. I have to cut him off to protect myself.

“No Luke. I can’t do this” I shake my head.

“You think you never hurt me? What about all those times you made me fall for you and then kept backing out saying you want to keep things ‘platonic’? You think I enjoyed you giving me shit?” his voice vibrates with annoyance.

“So this is how you are going to play huh? Using my faults against me” I laugh bitterly, crossing my arms.

“No. My point is, I did not let it from making this happen” he says pointing towards us. “I let it go, because being with you is what mattered.”

Safe to say his somewhat cheesy lines were making me melt a little. But I was tougher than that. In fact I know I am more fucked up than that.

“Firstly this” I say pointing in between us “was bound to break some day.”

I mean the only future I see is me everyday, waking up in my apartment with a terrible hangover and maybe some random guy.

“Secondly, call me a small person, but I cannot let go of the things you said” I continue.

“You are unbelievable and unpredictable” Luke says looking at the sky clutching his hair.

“Yeah, I am a big surprise” I say a little amused, despite the tension between us.

“Fine. If that’s what you really want, alright then. I won’t say or do anything” Luke says looking at me.

“Yes. We will keep things platonic” I agree.

“God stop using that damn word!” he snaps. I jump in surprise.

“Oh-kay there tiger. Easy.”

Luke just turns around and marches out towards the parlor door. I feel a pinch in my heart seeing him already not giving a damn about me. He usually looks at me with such warmth, now it will be all cold and distant.

Then I remember what he said, and I feel I made the right decision. I don’t want more people hurting me.

“Stop judging” I hiss at the black cat who jauntily followed Luke’s trail waving her tail.

I enter the parlor right behind Luke.

“Hey Luke” Alex cheers happily. He grunts in response taking a seat between Ian and Dylan.

“No hey for me?” I demand.

Everybody dutifully ignore me except for Julian who waves at me since his mouth was full of candy. I give the rest of the boys a glare, but weirdly they all were looking at Luke lovingly. Max was holding a sundae, eagerly giving it to Luke who absentmindedly started pushing it around with his spoon.

“Do you not like it Luke?” Max asks concerned. “Would you like more chocolate sauce or perhaps some marshmallows?”

Luke is not even listening to him as he gently pokes the red cherry. I can understand Luke’s behavior, but I don’t understand Max’s. He usually calls Luke ‘binder-fucker’ or ‘geeky sperm’. Today he was being nice?

“Luke” Ian shakes him wearing a worried expression. Luke snaps to reality as he looks at Ian.

“Luke would you like more chocolate sauce or marshmallows?” Max tries again.

“What?” he gives back a weird look.

Max clears his throat. “Would you like-” he begins.

“Yeah I heard that” Luke interrupts. “But why are you being so weird?”

“If by weird you mean concerned, then yes I am. You look so tired lately. Here” Max scoops more ice-cream and puts it in his glass. I give a quizzing look to Julian who shrugs in response.

“Yeah eat up, since you have to tutor four men” Dylan adds.

“Tutor? Four men?” Luke raises an eyebrow.

“Yes. Four as in one, two, three, four” Dylan counts himself, Max, Alex, and Ian.

Luke eyes widen in realization. “No” he shakes his head.

“No?” Alex asks.

“No. Not happening. I am not tutoring your sorry asses for exams” Luke says firmly, pushing away his ice-cream. Julian leans forward and grabs it giving me one spoon.

“Now, that is bad friendship. A friend in need is a friend indeed Luke” Ian tuts.

“Well guess what, I am a bad friend” he gets up.

“Luke you have to help us. It is our last year, we can’t fail. We need at least passing marks to play in the team” Dylan pleads, pulling at his arm.

“But exams are starting tomorrow! And I know none of you has even started studying” Luke says snatches his arm back.

“And we know you have studied everything” Alex retorts.

“Twice” Max adds. Everybody nods.

“Forget it. I hate tutoring and above that there are four of you” Luke says starting to slowly walk backwards towards the door.

“Dylan! Ian!” Alex commands.

Luke tried to make a quick getaway through the door. Key word being tried, because right now he was tackled onto the floor.

Dylan got a punch on his jaw as he holds down his hands, while Ian sits on his legs. Me and Julian wordlessly enjoy the show occasionally eating ice-cream.

Max and Alex jump over the counter and join Ian by sitting on Luke. Dylan also sits on him keeping a firm grip over his arms.

“Say yes Lukey” they sing in unison like kinder gardeners.

“No” Luke croaks out.

“Whats that?” Max asks bouncing a little on his stomach. Luke lets out a pained groan.

“No” he says a little out of breath. Julian and I exchange worried glances.

“Say yes sweetheart. I promise we will be gentle with you” Alex sings, making others snigger.

“No” Luke spat out.

“Oh c’mon. We will do your homework for a week” Dylan offers. Max smacks his head.

“He’s a nerd dumbass. He loves doing his homework” Max explains.

“We will wash your car for a month?” Ian offers.

“Make it a year” Luke rasps.

“Sure. I mean we can take turns. We could come up with a timetable so th-”

“Ok. I will do it. Get up. Get up” Luke squawks.

“Yeah guys we should. He’s gone a little blue” Dylan says tilting his head looking at Luke.

“Can’t. Breathe.” Luke chokes out. Everybody hurriedly gets up. Luke takes in a huge puff of air and ends up coughing badly.

“We promise we all will be on our best behavior” Ian says, holding up crossed fingers.

Luke gives him a tired glare from the ground. Ian takes a step back hiding behind Alex. Dylan gives him a hand and he stands up dusting his clothes.

“Come to my house at 8 sharp” he croaks, his voice coming rougher than usual.

“Yes Luke” they say in unison.

“And the day I find my car dirty, I’ll be smashing dumbbells on your head” he adds. I hear a series a nervous gulps.

“Now get me some water for Pete’s sake.”


I look in puzzlement at our crowded lunch table. There were 4 new girls sitting alternatively between the guys.

“Bro, who are they?” Julian pokes my arm. I say nothing as I go closer. Each girl was talking and giggling with their own guy, except for Luke who was silently flipping through the pages of his notebook.

We take a seat as the girl with Ian gets up to grab some juice.

“Hey Ian, who are they?” I ask leaning towards him. I mean sure, these boys bring girls to the table sometimes but I never saw such a crowd.

“They are our supplies” Ian whispers.


“Shh. They’ll hear you” Ian chides. “See most of us don’t have pens/pencils-”

“-brains” Julian chips in.

“-or whatever it is that is needed to write an exam” Ian says glaring at Julian. “So these girls will willingly offer us theirs. So they are kind-of a back-up” he finishes with a wink. The girl returns and Ian gives her a dashing smile, making her blush a little.

I see Julian taking out a pen and book. He pulls up his sleeve and starts scribbling micro-sized formulas on his arms.

“What’s the use if you can’t even read it?” I ask squinting my eyes. Julian shushes me.

“You know that is a rookie mistake. Teachers check that spot first” I point out.

“No, they don’t. They expect students to be more smart” he replies.

“And you are obviously proving them wrong” I say sarcastically.

“Luke! What was force?!” Alex asks suddenly, looking terrified, like he could feel formulas slipping through his head.

“Mass multiplied by acceleration” Luke replies not taking his eyes off the book.

God, I forgot how cute he was..

Everyone goes quite. In fact the whole cafeteria was quiet for once. Everybody was either studying or planning how to cheat for their paper. I also took my book out since I felt left out.

“Did you see the new transfer student? He is so cute!” a girl gushes from the table behind me.

“See? Girl I talked to him!” her friend replies. Julian and I exchange smiles at how we also had drooled over him the other day.

“Really! You are so lucky! I heard that he is 9.5 inches” she whispers excitedly. Julian and I lock eyes, as if challenging the other to do it. As if in sync we both scramble out of our chairs to run towards the door.

Julian fails poorly and falls on the ground as I get ready to dash. But the little shit garbed my ankle making me fall.

“He is mine. You monopolize every guy” he says sitting on me.

“Get of me you loon. He is mine” I say struggling to throw punches at him, which was difficult since he had my hands in deadlock.

“You won’t-” he starts, but we both freeze as we see the boy in demand walking past us with his arms around a girl.

Julian lets go of my hand and stands up, as I also dust my clothes standing up. We wordlessly take a seat back as I fix my hair. The complete table was looking at us but we both avoid eye-contact and sink in our books.

“You both are like horny 5-year olds” Max says amused. I give him the finger.


I made some very traumatizing google searches to write the last part. I never knew the actual measurements of average-size, big, too big.. You get it. My best friend is studying biology. She is usually the one to make these researches and break it down to me in a easier manner. This time I read articles, some of which were in way too much detailing that my ears turned red.

But as you can see I survived.. Hope you like this chapter :)

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