The Bad Girl's Nerd

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Chapter 3: "Why are you smiling like a horny santa"

Luke’s POV:-

The music is too loud. Way too loud. And this chic is even louder.

“And then I obviously had to purchase that dress since it made my waist look .....” she rambled on in her inhumanly high pitched voice.

I was way too bored. So bored, that I lost every intention of hooking up with her. Why am I even here? I ought to be at home working on my new pet project.

Oh wait... I remember. The boys were being boys and dragged me out. I was in no mood for partying.

Ian had quoted, “Lukey you need to get laid or your hymen will grow back”. That does not even makes sense. But it’s Ian. He never makes sense.

“Luke.... Luke” this chic was waving her hands in front of me. I rolled my eyes and got up from the couch. Damn, I don’t even know whose house is this.

“Maybe some other time” I say blankly by which I meant ‘I am staying away from you for sure’. Man, if I got her in bed she’ll probably damage my ears.

She sat there open-mouthed gaping at me. I went where they were serving drinks and got myself a beer. Max and Alex were playing beer-pong.

“Done already?” Max smirked.

“Dude just because you get bored you should not leave. You should have flirted with her and have had a little patience” Alex says knowingly giving me a look of disapproval. I just shrugged. Honestly I don’t care.

“You should look at Dylan and Ian. Both are already back there charming the shit out of their Lady No. 3” Max said while aiming at the cup.

“What about you two? Did you give each other a good suck?” I say taking a sip of beer.

Max missed the shot and Alex holds his laughter. “I dont know about this dog” he growls pointing towards Alex who in turn gave him a pout. “I’m already done for the night. If you want proof go upstairs. The ladies still can’t move” he states quite proudly.

Here’s the thing. Max has a really short temper which must be the reason why he got arrested the most. Alex is as we call him Max’s BFF. But its just saying, we five are what the girls in school call us ‘the Bad Boys group’.

I say nothing and go and take the ball from Max and make a clear shot at the farthest cup. Alex lets out a low whistle.

“I am going” I tell them and start making my way to the door.

“Hey wait man. We are also gonna go. This party sucks plus I am hungry” Alex starts rubbing his stomach.

“Ya, I’ll go get dumb and dumber” Max runs off.

I gulp down the rest of the drink and toss the cup in trash. I see Alex making his way out signalling me to follow him. Stuffing my hands in pocket I start walking. Two boys are coming my way. I give them a glare and they part ways immediately.

“When was the last time you laughed?”

I raise an eyebrow at Alex. “Well you must remember since you rarely laugh”.

“He got botox man. You should have know by now” Dylan chirps in. He stands in front of me and shows all his teeth to me.

“Why are you smiling like a horny Santa” I take a step back.
Dylans smile falls a bit and others keep laughing. He again puts up his creepy smile and brings his face closer to me.

“Look at me Luke. Are you feeling jealous that I can move my face as much as I want.”

See, the thing is I am just too lazy to bother so yeah I can be a poker face. I give him a push with my hand and he falls down. I walk over him and continue my way down the street. Others follow me leaving Dylan groaning on the ground.

“Guys wait up. Don’t be jerks”

We all blatantly ignore him and keep walking.

“That’s great news Lia!” Max is talking on the phone. “Sure I’ll come to pick you up. Travel safe ok” Max says smiling.

“Lia, as in your sister Natalia?” Alex asks.

“Bro, you got a sister?!” Ian almost shouts.

“Yes asshole. And she is coming here. She'll be going to our school”. Interesting.

“Is she hot?” Dylan asks.

“Dude thats my baby sister! Don't say things like that.”

Behind Max we see Alex fanning his face nodding and mouthing ‘smoking hot’. My lips twitch and Dylan Ian wear matching smirks. Unfortunately for them Max sees that.

“I swear to God if you even blink towards my sister in a wrong way I’ll make sure the thing in your pants never stands up” he growls lifting both Dylan and Ian by their collars. I hear collective gulps.

“Chillax Maxy. We will be on our best behaviour.”

“Same goes for you two” he says eyeing me and Alex. We both put our hands up in surrender.
We are all sitting in pizza hut stuffing our faces. Ian is going on about some girl he scored. I was mentally writing a computer program for my new software because he was just repeating the same stuff. Alex looked like he wanted to punch Ian in the face as well.

“Luke what about your night?”

“What about it?”

“How was it?”

“How was what?”

“uhh... He got bored and walked away” Max snaps.


Why does Ian have to shout.

I just shrugged.

“Wait a sec. You walked away from Ava! Dude whats wrong with you” Alex looked like he saw his favourite candy got snatched away.

“Whats the big deal? She just kept talking and touching me in weird ways”

“Man, the chic must be devastated. I mean after so long she finally got a chance with you and she blowed it” Max muses. I look around confused. Everybody start groaning and saying ‘cant believe he’s this blind’ ‘so stupid’.

“What am I missing?” I’m genuinely confused.

“Dude Ava has been obsessed with you since forever. But guys you can’t blame Luke here. I mean he won’t even notice if one of us went missing” Dylan says like its the most obvious thing in the world. I punch his arm because I’m offended. Just because I keep quiet everybody starts making assumptions.

“Bro have you seen her body she’s like sex goddess.”

“Ya, she is hot.”

“Man I keep wanting to have a chance with her.”

Well the guys were right, the chic sure was hot but not my type. I like brunettes better.
My eyes were getting irritated because of the contact lens I wore for this dumb party. I always prefer my usual glasses. It gives me a nerdy look but chics do dig for hot nerds.

“I’m thinking if I also start wearing glasses like Lukey boy over here then I will also look smarter. Then maybe I might have a chance with Ava” Ian says.

“Dude its not the glasses, its your face thats dumb af” Dylan mutters.

“What did you say punk”

“Nothing” Dylans starts backing.

“I will leave you alive if you make Luke smile” Ian says.

Why is everybody targeting me today?

“Awww” Alex, Max and Dylan coo in unison.

“Of course Ian. I will make your Luke smile” Dylan smirks.

And then he starts coming towards me smacking his lips together saying “Luke darling, come to....”

I punch him square in his face. All the three start laughing out loud. Alex in fact fell off the chair.

Dylan was glaring at me.

“You were literally asking for that the whole day” I state with a blank face.

“Thank you Luke. You did what I wanted to do” Ian said still laughing.

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