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Chapter 30: "I Don't Want To Leave Your Room"

Lia’s POV:-

I watch in confusion at the shut door.

“What happened Luke?” I hear Jane’s voice.

Oh my GOD!!

“Mom, you can’t come inside” I hear Luke say.


“Because.. it’s umm.. dirty.” I hear a short laugh.

“Yeah, and I love Kim Kardarshian” she sasses. I smile as I can literally see her rolling her eyes at Luke.

“Luke, I have never seen your room dirty. Hell, I even had you checked for OCD as a kid.”

“Really?” Luke asks in disbelief.

“Well almost checked” Jane admits. “You were a surprisingly ordered child!”

“Mom, I will bring you your phone as soon as I am done ok?”

“Alright, but why can’t I come inside?”

“Because it’s my room” Luke retorts.

“Jeez, teenagers and their privacy these days. Fine I’m going” she sighs. “Oh wait! Is it because you got porn in there?”

“Mom?!” Luke exclaims.

“Honey, it’s ok. I understand you must-”

“No, no” he interrupts. “Stop assuming stuff. I just don’t want-”

“Oh! Is it cuz you got pot? No, that’s not how you say it” she laughs on her stupidity, “Are you going to do pot? Or do you kids call it weed these days?”

“Jesus Christ! What are you saying?” Luke sounded appalled. I silently chuckle to myself. What wouldn’t I give to watch this conversation live.

“Just be careful sweetie. I don’t want you to overdose-”

“Okay mom” Luke quickly gets inside and closes the door behind him. He bangs his head on the door as he looks at heavens for comfort.

“Any chance you did not hear any of that?” he asks looking at me. I open my mouth to answer but-

“I will keep the ambulance on speed dial.. Just in case” we hear Jane’s faint voice, indirectly answering Luke’s question.

“I did not hear anything” I say as seriously as I could manage.

Luke shakes his head at me though there is a hint of smile on his face as he puts a phone on his desk. I am sitting on the hand rest of the couch as I watch him going to his shelf looking through his books.

“Aren’t you gonna ask me why I’m here?”

“Do I wanna to know?” he asks still scanning through his books. He takes out a thick book and skims through the pages.

“I would give you an answer, if I knew what I was doing here. But I myself don’t know why I am here” I admit quietly.

Luke looks at me closing his book. His face is impassive, as he walk towards his cupboard.

“I did not want to stay with Julian cause I knew he would want to talk and I don’t want to” I continue talking as Luke comes towards me with a quilt. “I don’t know anyone else here” he takes my hand and sits me on the couch.

“Your place was the first thing that came into my mind, so I just came to your place” I keep ranting as Luke carefully bundled me in the blanket. “I am sorry, I should have checked with you. It was-”

“Natalia, it’s ok” he interrupts giving me a soft smile. I sit there like a spoilt child, looking at Luke with big-saucer-eyes.

“You are safe here. Nobody will come here” Luke gently squeezes my hands through the blanket. I nod.

“Do you want anything to eat or drink?”

“No, I am good” I reply timidly. “Don’t mind me. Do whatever you were going to do.”

Luke gets up and keeps a bottle of water near me, then sits in front of his computer as he starts to type something. I watch him as I think about what all happened today. Earlier I used to feel all alone, now I realize I am in fact all alone. I mean, I still have Max, but after everything I learnt today, I really can’t help feel that way.

“I’ll be back” Luke says to me as he slips the phone in his pocket. He leaves the room closing the door behind him. I think about hiding somewhere in case any of his household member pops by. But that thought gets lost among the more pressing issues in my mind.

I hide my face in the blanket as I remember how I yelled away my past and now everybody knows about me. My eyes water a little as I feel like I just got ripped of naked.

“Hey, you alright?” a voice floats over my head as something warm lifts my face.

Worried green eyes stare at me as my face is slightly getting squished by the pressure of Luke’s hands since I was trying to bury my face down again. He frowns but lets go making me go back to hiding under the blanket.

I feel the couch beside me dip as I hear Minecraft’s theme song. I quietly raise my head sniffing a little. I feel something dropped in my lap. I gingerly pick the controller looking at Luke who is focusing on the game.

I halfheartedly start pressing the buttons. But as the game progressed I get excited and soon we both are laughing and messing at each others games.

“Damn, you are bad at this” I say to him panting a little from all the shoving and chortling.

“I know. But play Fortnite with me. Imma destroy ya” Luke says mimicking to slice his throat. I burst out laughing again.

“Seriously, till date I am undefeated” he says proudly. I sigh happily leaning back in the couch.

“I don’t want to leave your room” I say turning my neck to look at him.

“That can be arranged” he replies mischievously.

“No silly, I don’t want to go back and face everybody tomorrow. Everyone will be judging” I mumble looking at my lap.

“No one will judge Natalia” Luke says gently.

“Yeah right” I scoff.

“Hey, listen to me. I know my friends. Judging you would be last thing they do. They won’t mention nor interfere unless you bring it up or Max does. You are worrying for nothing.”

I nod still feeling unsatisfied.

“What about the sympathy looks?” I question.

“Sympathy?” Luke says confused. “If there’s anything, it would be admiration for how strong and bold you are. You got through everything on your own. That’s not something to pity. It deserves pure respect.”

My bottom lip trembles violently.

“Crap, you will make me cry again” I laugh.

“I thought you were done with the crying for today.”

“I thought so too” I chuckle. “But back then I was crying for the loss of a mother I never had, just like I had mourned for a Grandma that was never mine.”

“How exactly important is DNA to you?” Luke asks.

“What?” I sniff.

“Your Nana did everything any grandmother would do. She never made you feel like you were not her own. So why would you say something like that.”

I bite my lip trying not to cry.

“As for your mother” he continues. “She nursed and loved you for the two years she could. Don’t say you never had her. You must have meant the world to her.”

One tear rolls down my face. I quickly wipe it.

“Cry away. It’s just me” Luke whispers coming close to me. Something about that sentence makes me feel all snug inside, as the dam breaks.

I wrap my arms around his neck crying into his shoulder. He rubs my back whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

You are going really soft bitch.. my inner-hoe shakes her head, though she herself has red eyes and nose.

“Why is it you, that is around every time I cry?” I say into his sweatshirt.

My body vibrates with Luke’s silent chuckle. I sniff and hit his back making him laugh more.


I open my eyes feeling really cosy. I sit up in alert as I realize it’s not my bed. I am still in Luke’s room but he was nowhere in sight. I look around and see him sleeping on the couch.

I must have fallen asleep while bawling my eyes out.


I quietly slip on my shoes and tip-toe to the window.

This feels too familiar..

I look back at Luke, peacefully sleeping his hair all messed up.

Knowing Luke by now, he must have felt inappropriate to sleep in same bed as me without my consent when the option of couch was available.

I shake my head at his honorable behavior. He should have known by now that I would never in a million years mind sleeping in the same bed as him.

I am pretty sure he slept on couch fearing your horny ass.. my inner-hoe offers sarcastically. Well she’s not wrong.

I take my phone out to check the time. It’s 5.30 in the morning. It’s still dark as I slither down the window. I stretch my hands as I jog up to Julian’s place.

I feel so much better after a good sleep.

I quietly open the door and slide inside. But the sight that greets me made me almost piss myself.

“Where the fuck were you last night young lady?” Julian shouts, pointing a spatula at me as my mouth waters from the smell of pancakes.

“I.. I.. I.. was..” I stutter eyeing the spatula. “..C-coitus I mean sex! Yes. I was out for sex.”

You wish! my sub-conscious sneered.

“You were out for sex?” he asks incredulous. “Sex, is not food you get in stores. Or did you actually end up hooking up with a hooker?”

“N-no” I answer still feeling a little petrified from the spatula. “I met someone. And we hit it off.”

How I wish that’s what had actually happened instead of just crying.

Julian scans my face for traces of lies. I maintain steady eye-contact. He nods satisfied.

“Come, I made pancakes” he smiles excitedly. I follow him to the kitchen like a puppy.

“Now, eat this and talk to me. Just tell me how you are feeling” Julian says placing a stack of pancakes in front of me. I take a huge bite and motion towards my full mouth gesturing I can’t talk.

“Oh I can wait” Julian narrows his eyes at me. I smile in spite of everything, cause now I feel ready enough to talk.


“Well hello! If this is what I get to see every morning I really don’t mind living with your sister.”

I hear Max’s grunt as he enters the kitchen finding me all decked up for school. His eyes soften on finding me.

“How are you?”

“Well the stitches still hurt but I am glad the tumor’s gone” I dramatically clutch my stomach. Max rolls his eyes at me.

“Don’t bother dude” Julian says coming into the kitchen. “She’s actually fine and chirpy and I am pretty sure she is not even faking it.”

“Just like last night” I say quietly so that only Julian hears it. He turns towards the shelves to cover his smile.

“I came to drop few more things, and to offer you both a ride to school” Max says picking an apple from the table.

“I call shotgun so I get to stare up close” Julian shouts immediately and runs to fetch his bag. Max shots me a nervous look while I just shrug, grinning at his uneasiness.


Not much of an update, but still an update *smiling cheekily*

Also, lots of love and gratitude to everybody reading my book. I might be slow to update but this book is nowhere near complete. So stay tuned cause there is much to come :)

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