The Bad Girl's Nerd

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Chapter 31: Shakespeare's Dog Bit His Ass

Lia’s POV:-

“My papa got me this shirt from Paris as a gift. The print is exquisitely designed by the very original...”

Me and Julian exchange irritated glances as Ava and her friends park themselves close to where we were standing, interrupting our banter with their loud gloating. We both simultaneously eye Ava’s bright purple shirt which had some design that looked like snake’s ovaries.

“I swear, I won’t even tolerate that print on my toilet paper” Julian grimaced. I silently snigger.

“Yeah, tha’ll be frobleblatic” Ava fans her face. Julian turns to me baffled.

“She meant problematic” I provide automatically.

“Oh he’s here. He’s here!” one of the girls squeal excitedly. I watch with interest as Ava’s face lights up in response. She signals everyone to quiet down quickly fixing her hair.

Me and Julian wait curiously to see what was of such utmost importance. To my utmost annoyance Luke slowly walks in, scanning some papers in his hand.

I would clock this bitch if she tries anything..

But if looked carefully enough, which I swear I never do, you can almost see the faintest expression of joy at Luke’s face. He must be checking his test papers.

Things have quietened down considerably ever since Max stopped trying to convince me to come back. I felt my heart break every time I saw the guilty expression on his face when I said no. But I knew that it would be better for everybody if I stayed out. I don’t want Max to stay in a house which would be filled with all tension, yelling and screaming.

As for Luke, I feel like I am back to stage one, when I first met him. It’s been a few days since the ‘Big Revelation’ like Julian likes to call it. Since then whenever I meet Luke’s eyes we share a secret smile. Sometimes I casually sit beside him in lunch and much to my delight, everytime he turns his body so that he’s leaning towards my side as we quietly tease and talk to each other when no one looks. I mean this is much much better than when we broke up and he won’t bat an eyelash towards me.

I feel someone nudge my stomach. Julian raises his eyebrows signalling towards Ava. She was tugging down her shirt and pumping out her chest.

“Looks like she is all set for peacocking” Julian mutters. I resist the urge to clench my fists.

“Hey Luke” Ava purrs. I suck in my cheeks to stop laughing because Luke doesn’t even raise his head as he gave her an almost imperceptible side nod.

“Crrrushed!” Julian giggles quietly. I smile inwardly feeling super proud of Luke.

“Look at him, he’s still not over that one night we shared” Ava theatrically puts a hand on her chest as she walks away.

Wait what?!

“Yeah right” Julian scoffs at Ava’s retreating form. “I bet 100 bucks that Lukey boy would rather cosplay with me, than ‘share a night’ with her.”

“You think?” I ask Julian concerned.

“Think? I know it. You should see how all the boys shrink away when that blonde bitch walks by. I mean they all still think she’s super hot but you know..” Julian pauses looking for the right word.

“..she’s a bitch” I provide again.

“Yeah right” Julian grins at me. I bow my head graciously.


“And then sir said that I should not try to study trigonometry because my brains might explode from too much stress” Julian pouts.

“Well he had a point” I mumble craning my neck to spot Max among the sweaty boys in locker rooms.

“Hey!” Julian punches my arm. I bat his hand away searching for my brother.

“You, yes you boy, come over here!”

We both turn our necks to see a huge beefy man calling us, well Julian to be specific, towards him like a dog.

“Crap, that’s Coach Denfry. Lenny come with me!” Julian murmurs under his breath as he starts moving towards him.

“Move it boy! Stop dilly-dallying like a duckling! I don’t have all day” he snaps. We immediately run up to him.

Couch Denfry is the kind of guy who makes children shit solid bricks from one glare. Although he is highly respected among everybody because of his spectacular sports background, the guy is literally Hitler’s reincarnated form.

“You are tall and you look like you work out” he mutters punching Julian’s chest. Even though Julian didn’t flinch or anything, I could tell he was holding back a wince since he was tightly clenching his butt. I swallow the giggle that was bubbling down my throat.

“Hey Wright, get your ass over here” he barks suddenly. I turn around a little to see Luke running towards us in his muddy sports clothes. His face was all red and glistening from sweat and he had traces of soil on cheeks. His hair was sticking on his forehead and his glasses were missing giving him a albeit dirty yet a really really adorable look. He must be doing goalkeeping.

I can just scrub him clean and then lick him dry.. my inner-hoe growls like a hungry dog.

“Yes Sir” Luke stands in front of his coach.

“Do you know this boy?” he motions to Julian with his chin.

“Yes Sir” Luke nods briefly glancing at us.

“Well then that’s fixed. Miller will take at least two months to recover from that fracture. So we shall take this boy” Coach declares. Luke’s mouth parts slightly in surprise.

“Sir with all due respect, I don’t think that’s a good decision” Luke begins. “Also, I don’t think Julian wants-”

And to Luke and my further disbelief, Julian butts in “-I am willing!”

“There you go” Coach Denfry says lazily stretching his arms. “Tell him all about the schedule and rules and shit” he mutters to Luke thumping his shoulder and walking away.

Luke looks at Julian, “What on earth possessed you to agree to that?”

“Well, he is the most respected teacher and playing in school team will be kinda cool” Julian grins.

“Julian, that guy isn’t a coach he is a bully. He doesn’t understand the phrase ‘Sir I need to rest or I’ll die’” Luke says quietly, coming closer in a conspiratorial way as if the walls had ears.

“And also, the school match is coming so the practices and exercises will be twice as rough” Luke warns.

“Yeah, but I will also be getting to know all the hot senior dudes. And I will get to see them all sweaty and naked” Julian replies with a glint in his eyes.

“Fine, your wish. I did my job to warn you” Luke raises his hand surrendering. “I will explain everything at lunch alright?”

Julian nods as Luke turns to go.

“And.. Umm..” Luke says stopping midway. “Don’t let him know you are gay or he will blame all your mistakes cause you ‘play for the other team’” he shakes his head as if he can’t believe he is saying something so stupid.

“He must be blaming all your mistakes to your nerdiness” I tease, unable to stop myself.

“I don’t make mistakes sweetheart” Luke retorts in mock-arrogance.

“Of course” I reply in mock-seriousness. He winks at me and tilts his head at Julian walking backwards. I try not to swoon in front of Julian as he turns around and runs off.

“You know what Luke reminds me off?” Julian says staring pointedly in the direction where Luke disappeared. I look at him apprehensive.

Please don’t say you want Luke and Coach Denfry to have babies. I still haven’t recovered from the Ivy thing.

“I actually don’t know who he reminds me off” Julian rolls his eyes, laughing at himself. ”But he looks like someone whose peace can’t be disturbed. Like he has attained serenity and doesn’t want to get out of his peace bubble.”

I silently sigh in relief but look strangely at Julian, as to why he was acting like Shakespeare’s dog bit his ass.

“He makes me want to write poems about souls and universe and peace and sex” he continues, walking towards the classes.

“That is a weird combination” I muse. Julian rolls his eyes again.

“Well you gotta admit, no matter what the guy is hot” Julian shakes his head.

Admit? I live this fact.

“I mean he’s not..” Julian pauses looking for the right word. This time I wait, wanting to hear what he thinks.

“..flamboyant like the other guys. He has a sort of his own nerdish-pokerish charisma that tickles your mind as to what possible secrets he must be hiding.”

Tell me about it I sigh softly.

“It’s a pity he’s not even bi” Julian says gloomily.

“Yeah, I am pretty sure he is purely heterosexual. Like 101% thorough and thorough” I stress afraid that Julian might try something.

“Yeah, don’t rub it in. Even though nerds aren’t my type but for him..” Julian laughs dreamily. I feel so close to fainting.

“Yeah, enough with the swooning” I stop Julian before I start punching his face. “Tell me the real reason why you are joining the team.”

“What reason?” Julian asks but the edginess in his voice doesn’t go unnoticed by me.

“Oh shaddup, I know all that respectful Coach and school team crap was just a show. And you declared long ago that you don’t find any seniors “hot enough for July-love”. So tell me why are you doing this?” I squint my eyes at him.

“Because I think soccer is fit enough for JuDy-love” he yells in my ear and bolts off.

“Hey! I thought there were no secrets between us. What are you hiding in your candyass?” I holler running to reach him. I stop suddenly, almost falling in the process as Julian turns around in a snap facing me.

“Really Lenny? No secrets?” his voice quivers dangerously as his eyes flash in what can only be described as pure anger.

Is this boy bi-polar?

I gulp nervously thinking “Fuck he knows about me and Luke. I’m screwed screwed screwed.” I take a tiny step back as he takes two mega steps and stands in front of me with the blink of an eye.

“Then how come I never heard about the horny janitor from your school? I knew nothing about you trying to call your father. All you ever mentioned was the bullying you faced and the pranks you pulled and your evil-as-fuck mother” he flares at me.

“Because I was not comfortable talking about it” I frown indignantly.

“You are comfortable talking about how you managed a quickie in the parking lot but not this?!” Julian raises his eyebrows.

“That is different you jackass” I hiss my patience wearing thin. “I don’t like talking shit from past.”

“See, as always you are getting irritated and angry the moment I tread anywhere close to your emotional walls. And if I continue to talk about it, you will lash out become a sarcastic little bitch and possibly end the friendship unless I come back to you and apologize” Julian sighs throwing his arms in the air. I slowly process his words.

“Lia, look” he holds my shoulders. “I don’t want you to spill out your guts at me. I just want you to share so that you would feel better. I just want to help you carry all those bad memories till they fade away. That’s what friends are for. When you don’t tell me things it makes me feel like you don’t trust me anymore and you start to feel all distant. I just don’t want to lose you” Julian says this time his voice quivers from something else.

“I’m sorry Julian. Just give me some time I promise I will improve” I mutter hugging him.

“I’ll wait, you little bitch” he says squeezing me back. I manage a small laugh but all I can think of is that night when I broke up with Luke. I could not help but relate everything Julian said to what Luke was trying to say.

Luke being so quiet, does not even speak the normal amount. Above that I kept yapping all the sarcastic replies, the boy never got a chance. And me being the smartass jumped as soon as I felt threatened.

“Julian, I’ll be back. I have some important thing to take care of” I say hurriedly.

“Oi, it’s history. Don’t abandon me” Julian grips my hand.

“Please please, just this once. I will cook tonight, whatever you want” I desperately try because the bell for classes will ring soon.

“If you put it that way, then you may go” Julian drops my hand like a lady would drop her handkerchief as a declaration of love. I don’t wait but immediately run off to find what I’m looking for.


“You really have to stop doing this” Luke mutters dusting his sleeve as I shut the door of the empty classroom.

“Luke, I want to say sorry” I say without any beating around the bush.

He blinks. “What?”

“I want to say sorry for breaking up with you that night without giving you a proper chance to explain yourself or to make me understand. I am sorry for being all sassy and rude when I should have had patience. I now understand that you just wanted me to share so that I won’t feel distant. You just wanted me to trust you with little things” I finish fervidly.

Luke frowns a little, “I don’t understand. How did you-”

“Doesn’t matter” I smile. “I just want you to know I am sorry.”

Luke’s eyes soften as he gives me small smile.

“I guess it’s okay.”

I am about to say something but he beats me to it.

“Now, if you will excuse me, I gotta go to class” he says, turning around to go.

“Wait, you don’t want anything else. I mean you don’t have anything to say to me” I ask expectantly. I see a moment of struggle flicker across his eyes. I sense he was about to say something, but he stops and quietly shakes his head as a no as he turns around to go.

I stop him by wrapping my hands around his chest from behind.

Real classyy.. Not at all desperate.. my inner-hoe cheers with a glass of wine.

“Luke no. Just say it” I snuggle my cheek between his shoulder blades as his scent weirdly makes me feel nostalgic.

“I got nothing Natalia” he says quietly.

I tighten my arms around him. He take my hand and presses soft kisses to my fingertips and whispers “I am sorry.” Then he gently unwraps my arms and leaves.

Okay, so that blew.. my inner-hoe commented as she relaxed on a lounge chair shaping her nails.

I feel a turmoil of emotions inside me as I stared at the closed door. But one thing that dominated everything else was determination. No matter how sad I felt, no matter how desperately I still wish to snort him, I want him back. And I sure as fuck know he felt something.

So now YOU are going to try peacocking? my inner-hoe asks curiously sitting upright.

“I will..” I begin passionately but stop.

I sigh wistfully, “I don’t know what to do.”

Figured.. my inner-hoe mumbles leaning back again.


I have been watching Korean vlogs, like their daily routine and all that. I mean it is utter non-sense but watching all the aesthetic shit makes me feel relaxed, not to mention all the food has me running to the kitchen really really frequently.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed the chapter. I had one written out already, but then I decided to publish it later and write this one instead. I’ll be back with another update warriors!

[Yes, if you can bear this book, trust me you are a warrior]

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