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Chapter 32: "Julian Did You Ask Him Out?"

Lia’s POV:-

“Natalia, I suggest you should take some time off. Your mother-”

“-Mel” I interrupt Mr. Foincii. “I would appreciate it if you address her as Mel” I squirm in discomfort.

“Of course. My apologies” he says hurriedly. I give a half hearted smile.

“So, like I was saying there are chances that Mel might sue me for misleading an underage progeny.”

“The hell!” I exclaim in anger. “She was screaming on top of her lungs that I am not her daughter. She cannot do something like that” I grit through my teeth.

“Yes I know that my child. But she is registered as your official guardian. So she may pull something like that” Mr. Foincii explains.

“She would not dare. She knows, I know dirt about her” I say menacingly. “I got documents that contain proof she did dirty work to get hold over some of Nana’s property.” Mr. Foincii rubs his chin as he processes what I say.

“Well this definitely relieves things for me” he lets out a breath and relaxes back on his chair. “I hate being dragged into courts” he grumbles.

“Umm..” I begin. “I could use a little time off actually. With everything that happened and me moving around I don’t really feel like doing much.”

“I understand” he says kindly. “Take a few weeks off. I will just move a few things around to take you off schedule.” I smile gratefully.

“Thank you. You are the best” I gush, clapping my hands. He shakes his head at my dramatic act.

“But seriously, don’t worry” I say getting up. “If she comes to assert some sort of claim over me after all these years, just let me know I will handle her.”


“You remember last time how I said Luke was all charismatic and hot?” Julian asks walking beside me towards cafeteria. I nod already dreading what he would say.

“Well that is all utter crap! The guy is a complete asshole and I do not want to talk to him ever again!” Julian exclaims angrily. My eyebrows shoot up in surprise as to what must have happened, to make Julian this annoyed.

“Julian” I say suspiciously. “Did you ask him out?”

“No. I mean I want to, but I won’t” Julian shrugs, making me swallow nervously.

“But you remember how he was briefing me on the rules and schedule at lunch right.” I nod remembering how soft his hoodie looked.

“Well, after that I asked Luke for his number-” Julian continued “-in case I had any doubts I could text him or call him. He gave me his number and left for class. I immediately sent him a text saying hi, it was my number. First of all, he saw the message like at 10 in the night. Secondly he..” Julian took a deep breath to control himself “..responded with a measly thumbs up emoji.”

I kept looking at him waiting for more. But Julian just glared ahead as we entered the cafeteria.

“That’s it?” I asked incredulous.

“That’s it?! Of course that’s it! I mean would his thumbs fall off if he asked how I was or at least a nice to meet you. All he sent was an emoji and that too just one!”

“Wow, the one thing I thought guys don’t get every month..” I mutter under my breath shocked.

“I am telling you, I do not like it when I don’t get enough attention” Julian grumbles sitting down.

“What happened?” Dylan asks sitting up in his chair and curiously looking at Julian.

“Nothing” he grunts.

“Luke’s response to Julian’s text message was not satisfactory enough” I explain. Dylan bites his lip as we both hold back our laughter.

“Julian, what did Luke do?” Dylan asks gently as if talking to a child. Julian opens his phone and shows it him. Julian and I must be the only students in our year who bring cell phones to school, thanks to my brother and his team.

“Why the fuck are you complaining? He actually sent you an emoji. Dude we don’t even get replies from his lazy ass. He leaves us on read like all the time” Dylan laughs.

“Really?” Julian asks looking confused.

“Totally! He only replies when it’s absolutely necessary. Otherwise he never bothers. We bug him all the time about this. But he just..” Dylan shakes his head. Even though this conversation doesn’t include me in any way, I try hard to stop myself from smiling widely because I never faced this problem.

Luke gave me good, like really good replies that had me falling from the bed from giggling or squeaking in excitement..

“Then I think I’ll let him go” Julian mumbles.

“Aww.. Julian, c’mon lemme see that smile” Dylan teases. We both chuckle as Julian obediently gave us a blinding smile.

“Where’s Luke?” Julian asks as soon as Max, Alex and Ian join us.

Thank you. I have been dying to ask that the whole day..

“He’s resting” Ian says with a smirk.

“Resting?” I ask confused.

“Yeah, he’s sick” Alex sniggers.

“What are they saying?” Julian whines at Max, punching his arm in annoyance. Max first looks at his arm then looks at Julian. He gulps and cowers back in his chair, taking my hand.

“Well?” I prod Max.

“Luke called in sick” Dylan answers in turn. “Don’t mind Max. Coach gave him a rough day” he throws a grape at Max which he effectively catches and eats.

“Don’t worry sweet cheeks. It’s just an infection” Ian says watching me in amusement. I quickly wipe the frown from my face giving him a tepid look.

“What is it? Or more correctly where is it?” Julian ask carefully avoiding Max. In response all the guys start laughing.

“From this reaction, I am guessing something infected his junk” Julian muses making the guys laugh harder.

Okay, now I am seriously worried.. my inner-hoe sits in attention.

“He has Priapism” Alex manages to say.

“What?” Julian quickly takes out his phone to search. I also peep in.

“Wait, he has a boner that won’t go away?” Julian asks in disbelief. “Who was he thinking about? Chris Hemsworth?”

“I’m pretty sure it was Ava” Max answers making the boys hoot. I eye them in suspicion.

“Julian, these assholes are just messing with us” I sigh.

“Yeah, alright. There is no danger to Luke Jr. and The Twins. But he has an infection” Alex surrenders.


I eye the bag I was carrying feeling this is a stupid idea. I take a deep breath and knock on the door. Surprised brown eyes greet me.

“Hi Jane” I give an awkward wave.

“Natalia?” she asks confused.

“I heard Luke had a fever. So I just came to visit him, if that’s alright?” I ask nervously. I can feel sweat rolling down my neck. I have never been alone with her, and I don’t know why I just wanted to make a good impression. I had abandoned the mesh top I wore to school. Right now, I am decked in a lavender shade knitted sweater with black leggings and my most decent boots.

“Sure honey” she smiles widely, welcoming me inside. “What happened to sneaking through the window, if you don’t mind me asking?” Jane gives me a teasing smile.

There goes my good impression. Well done Lia.

My cheeks burn in embarrassment as I feel mortified beyond belief. Jane laughs.

“Relax sweetie. I found it really adorable, not to forget Luke, who kept smiling for weeks like a loon” she winks sitting on the couch.

Luke smiling, thinking about me. My heart happily skips a beat.

“Well, may I..” I trail off.

“Yeah sure. But do you mind if I talk to you for a moment?” she asks.

This is it. This is how I am going to get banned forever from Wright’s property.

“Not at all” I reply with a smile, trying to calm my mind which kept shouting ‘DANGER DANGER DANGER YOU FUCKING HOEBAG’. No offense to Jane, she is lovely, but I can’t help feel like peeing my pants.

I carefully place the bag against the couch and sit, shifting to face her.

“Look I know you kids were dating” Jane begins. I pale at the word ‘were’.

She knows..

Jane probably gauged my reaction as she says, “You broke up right? Or was it just a fight?”

“No, we broke up” I quietly answers.

“I knew something was wrong” Jane sighs.

“But, I still care about him” I add. Jane smiles at me.

“The reason I wanted to talk is-” Jane pauses “-does Max know about you two?”

“No. Nobody knows. We just kept to ourselves waiting for a good time” I answer.

Jane hums in understanding. “So you are gonna keep it that way?”

I nod.

“Ok. That is good I guess” she rubs her hands.

“Natalia-” Jane takes my hand. “-look I have no problem with you kids dating or not dating. It is your decision. All I want is that because of this, any friendships won’t be affected. I would hate to see Max and Luke fight. I would hate if any of those boys fight.

They all are like my sons, I have seen them since they were kinder-gardeners. I love those boys like I love Luke. So I just wanted you to assure me nothing like that would happen” she looks at me expectantly.

“Yes of course. I can totally understand what you are saying. I know how important friends are” I say thinking about Julian.

“I was afraid of how Max will react, which is why I kept it all a secret in the first place” I admit sheepishly. Jane’s mouth opens in realization.

“So you don’t have to worry. I will not do anything that would jeopardize their friendship” I say seriously. And I mean it. I would never want to hurt Luke or Jane.

Jane smiles at me affectionately, “Thank you Natalia. Thank you for understanding.”

“Please don’t” I say blushing. “You have total right to get worried.”

“I won’t keep you longer. His room is upstairs, last room to your left” she says pointing in the direction.

I pick my bag, mumble a thank you and run off quickly, feeling foolish about the whole visit itself.

I stop in front of the wooden door, which has ‘Baby Wright’ engraved over it. Laughter bubbles up my throat.

I knock three times. I hear a distant ‘yes’.

“Baby Wright?” I ask, closing the door.

Luke lifts himself on his elbows, tilting his head, eyeing me in confusion.

“Do you wanna pinch me, to make sure I am real?” I tease. He manages to nod, still looking dazed. I march up to him and offer him my arm. He just stares at me, so I pinch him.

“Ow!” he glares at me.

“You wouldn’t pinch me. So I thought” I shrug in mock-innocence. “Now stop staring. You are scaring me.”

“Fuck” he mutters lying down. “I thought I was getting hallucinations from the fever” he laughs.

“Is it that bad?” I ask sitting in front of him, on his bed. He is looking so adorable, in a loose sweater covered in blanket. He has no glasses and his nose is a little red.

“No, its just an infec-” he coughs “-fever.” I narrow my eyes at him.

“I know its an infection” I say dead-pan. Before he could say anything I ask,

“Baby Wright?! Please explain. It is killing me.”

“It’s my mom” Luke shrugs. “She went behind my back and had it done. I tried to cover it but then she looked so hurt that I just let it be. Kinda got used to it.”

I don’t know whether to say ‘aww’ or laugh..

“Now care to explain why you are here? And how did you come this way. You enter that way” he says pointing towards the window.

Good impression Natalia. Good impression.

“Your mom let me in dumbass” I stick my tongue at him. “And I came to visit you because you were ill.”

“And?” he prods.

“That’s it” I lie smoothly.

“What is it? Tell me” he pokes me.

“I brought you soup” I admit looking away.

“Really?” he asks looking all excited. I nod.

“Well then, may I have it?” Luke asks sitting up.

“Somebody loves soup” I chuckle opening my bag, taking out the thermos-flask with the cup. I was surprised Julian had something like this in his kitchen.

“I don’t have bread-sticks” I apologize, handing him a cup. He eagerly accepts it, taking a sip while I notice the black sports watch on his wrist.

“Mhmm” he groans, closing his eyes.

“I didn’t know it was that good” I laugh.

“Its not. But at least it has some taste” he says. I give him an offended look, which he ignores with a smile.

“All that my mom gives me is, bland porridge with shitty herbs to help me revive” Luke says in-between sips.

“Wait, so will my soup do damage?” I ask in alert.

“No. There is nothing to damage. I don’t even have fever” Luke dismisses me with a wave.

“Okay. Seriously explain what the fuck is happening?”

“I got a tattoo on my back” Luke complies refilling his cup. “The guy must have bandaged it wrong, because now it is infected. Nothing to worry about, but my whole body is aching especially my back because of the infection. So I just got it bandaged right, but I had to rest to let it heal. Or I might make it worse.”

“I did not tell my mom” Luke explains further. “Because she once said she hated tattoos. I’ll just tell her on my birthday, so she can’t get mad” he grins handing me the empty cup. He almost finished the whole bottle.

“You got a tattoo?” I quiz.

“Yeah. I already have one on my leg, but that was a drunken dare” he mutters stretching his hands.

“Can I see?”

“Nope it’s covered up” he says crossing his arms leaning on the headboard.

“What about the leg one” I pout.

“It’s covered up too” he replies in amusement.

“You’re no fun” I mumble putting the bottle in my bag.

“Thank you Lia. My stomach is very grateful” Luke says his verdant eyes twinkling.

“Glad to be of service” I reply. “How come your nose is red?”

“I played basketball with the boys in rain. Then I walked around the tattoo parlor shirtless and damp. So I might have a cold” he adorably scratches his neck.

I knew I should have stalked him 24x7. Can’t believe I missed everything..

“So” I ask “what were you doing before I came?”

“I was going to watch a movie” he answers, showing his tablet.

“Which movie?” I ask.

He blinks like he didn’t expect me to ask that. Then I see a rare sight.

Luke blushes.

“What were you going to watch Lukey?” I tease.

“I was-” he begins.

“Oh wait-” I interuppt. “-is it Fifty Shades of Grey? Cause I am bored with the entire series. Julian and I watched it till we remembered the exact timings when Jamie Dorman would get naked.”

“No” he says annoyed. “I was going to watch The Croods.”


“It’s an animation movie” he describes.

“You mean cartoon?” I bite back a smile.

“That’s why I didn’t want to tell you. Alex also makes fun of me, but these movies are good” he says defensively.

“Really? As good as Frozen?” I mock.

“Not that musical crap” Luke mutters. “But movies like Ratatouille, Ice Age, Madagascar are fun.”

I know because I have seen them all. But this is so much fun.

“Then you must also like Minions” I coo and pinch his still-warm cheeks. Luke narrows his eyes.

“Well I like you, and the resemblance is..” he trails off with a crooked smile. My smile drops and I back away.

“Just play the damn movie” I grumble. “Let me see if it’s any good.”

“Where’s your chair?” I say looking around so I could sit beside him. Luke does the sweetest thing and lifts his blanket making room for me.

“If you can handle my cold” he invites innocently.

“I can handle it alright buddy” I can’t help but laugh. “But your girlfriend won’t handle it well” I sass.

“Girlfriend?” he raises an eyebrow.

“Yeah. I don’t think Ivy would be happy.”

“Ivy? What are you saying?”

“Luke, I know you and her are dating. I saw you both having coffee so many times-”

“Two” Luke interrupts. “I had coffee with her twice and that too, just to exchange some stuff.”

Saliva? my inner-hoe asks suspiciously.

“Oh.. Well I thought-” I say feeling guilty.

“Let it be Lia” Luke says looking away his face taut with anger.

“Luke I did no-”

“I never judged you. Whenever I came to know anything about about you, I used to think there must be more to the story and to not jump to conclusions. Is it so fucking hard for you to do the same towards me?”

“Luke I-” I stop on hearing knocks. Door opens and Jane walks in.

“Children come down for dinner. Natalia don’t think of excuses. I already set your plate. Come come” she takes my hand and takes me out of the room. Within moments I am seated at a mahogany table with dishes surrounding me. Luke lazily walks in and drops in the seat next to me. I don’t meet his eye.

“Honey, get down here” Jane yells serving me generous portions of meat pie. I sit stiff as a rod because I feel like crying. This lady probably only knows me as her son’s ex and still she served me more food than my mother.

She was not your mother..

“You children should start while I get Luke’s father” Jane smiles and leaves. I just look at my plate trying to control myself. Something warm covers my hands that are tightly clasped together in my lap. I look down to see Luke entwining his hand in mine.

“Lia, relax. Don’t think too much” he says softly. I take a deep breath and nod still not looking at Luke. I gently remove his hand as I hear footsteps approaching.

“Natalia, this is Luke’s father Luther” Jane introduces a tall man.

“Pleased to meet you Mr. Wright” I say standing up looking dazed not just because of his height, but because of the human itself. I felt like I was watching some sort of future Luke. Those exact brown hair with few grey streaks that I would admit looked stylish. And the eyes were forest green just like Luke’s except the luster. Even though he looked in his 40s he still had a handsome appeal that was not lost with age. His face was void of expression as he looked at me and gave a nod.

That is Luke’s nod! my sub-conscious gasps.

I take a seat as he sat down. I look at Jane going into the kitchen, who was quite short compared to him. From his build I could tell that he once used to be muscular. I felt someone nudge me.

“Stop eye-raping my dad” Luke whispers in my direction. I snap my neck towards Luke only to find him holding back a laugh.


So, nobody is to drool over the lead character’s father. I will continue the dinner scene in next chapter cuz this one went long enough. But, hope you liked this chapter!

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