The Bad Girl's Nerd

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Chapter 33: "Go Wank And Let Me Wank"

Lia’s POV:-

“Stop eye-raping my dad” Luke whispers in my direction. I snap my neck towards Luke only to find him holding back a laugh.

I give him a small glare and dig into my meat pie.

“Natalia here is, Max’s little sister ” Jane says to Luther with a rather devious smile. His eyebrows raise just a tiny bit as he looks at me in amusement and admiration?

“Young Lady, you owe me money for scrapping paint off my walls” he says in complete seriousness. I sit up genuinely worried thinking how in the world do I owe this man money.

“I’m sorry sir. It’s not like me to forget things like these. I will immediately repay you” I answer sincerely. The man’s lips twitch on hearing my response as Jane bursts out laughing.

“Oh my God! She is so adorable” she says wiping her eyes and looking at Luke, who graciously bows his head, laughing quietly to himself. My eyes widen as I finally figure out what was happening.

My head snaps to Luke’s father as I feel my cheeks warming up. He is quietly eating his dinner with an almost invisible smile.

“Mr. Wright I-I..”

“You may call me Luther” his eyes twinkle as he looks at me. I nod my head, feeling like I just approval from my favorite teacher. Jane and Luke are still laughing and I find myself laughing with them as I see the hilariousness of the whole situation.

“Oh Natalia.. Please drop by often for dinner” Jane breathes.

“Should I enter from his window-” I tilt my head towards Luke “-or yours?” I grin at Jane.

“Ahem..” Luther gives a fake cough which sets everybody into fits of laughter.

“So, tell us what are you planning on doing in future” Jane claps her hand.

Probably doing your son, if he would just give up his morals and join me in the dark side..

“I am hoping to become an architect” I answer politely. Luke also knows since he once caught me sketching a house. Apparently he did not believe, when I said it was where I would steal his essence, considering I only drew an estimated blueprint. The poor boy became so worried that I was planning to bomb that house that he tried to preach me philosophy and better things in life. No matter how enjoyable it was to hear him talk about karma, I, at some point admitted I was practicing some drawing and how I wish to become an architect. Though he looked impressed, as a punishment he brought two of my favorite hazelnut coffee and finished them in front of me.

“That is impressive” Jane gushes. “Any Universities you are trying for?”

“Not at present. I haven’t really thought it through” I admit sheepishly.

“Oh, take your time. You should know your options unlike Luke who has everything fixed” Jane rolls her eyes.

“What’s wrong with having a goal-oriented plan” Luke frowns. I want to say ‘NERD ALERT!’.

“Nothing sweetheart. I mean you could always explore more options” Jane says glancing at Luke’s father.

“I know what I want to do” Luke declares like an end statement. Jane smiles and shakes her head at Luke.

“By the way Natalia, how is Mel? I haven’t seen her in a long time” Jane quizzes. I maintain my posture trying hard not to cringe.

“She is doing usual. Cooking us all food sometimes” Luke buts in thankfully. I smile and nod along.

“Yeah, she loves to cook. Speaking of hobbies, honey did your horse win this time?” Jane turns to Luther who gives his wife an annoyed look. It’s really hard to tell, the man is stone-faced.

“Oh-kay” Jane laughs. “Luther here, loves watching horse races with his pals. They all keep betting” she explains to me.

“And every time without fail he loses money. His horse always, either trots outside the line or sits down in the middle of the race” Luke adds.

“Not always” Luther grunts. “My horse won once when-”

“Oh, give it a rest” Jane rolls her eyes. “It was ages ago and I am pretty sure there were only two horses and the lost horse had flat-feet.”

“Still it counts..” Luther mutters.

“Eat your pie” Jane teases serving him more food. Luther’s eyes soften as he gives Jane a small smile. I look at Luke who is obediently eating his porridge without any complain. He looked healthy again as his face regained it’s normal color.

This is a happy family..


“What is it?” Luke asks not removing his attention from the road. After desserts and saying goodnight to Jane and Luther, Luke said he would drop me off since it was late.

“Nothing” I frown confused.

“You’ve been wanting to ask something since dinner. What is it?” he says expertly changing lanes.

“Nothing” I lie. “And even if I wanted to it’s not my place to ask.”

Luke stays silent and keeps driving.

“Okay, I have to ask or else I won’t sleep at night” I snap after few moments of quietness. The corners of his lips lift, as if he knew this would happen.

“Did I sense some tension between you and your father or am I reading too much?”

Luke looked surprised like he was not expecting me to notice it.

“You are not entirely wrong” he takes a deep breath. “You see, my father runs a successful business ‘Wright Enterprises’. Though it was started by my grandfather, he worked hard to make it increase like tenfold. So being his son, I am to inherit it and run the damn thing.”

I listen in rapt attention. “But like you guessed, I am not interested” Luke continues smiling sadly. “I mean he has tried to convince me and we have fought. A lot” he adds after a pause.

“But now, he understands I really won’t change my decision, so it’s in the past. But still they expect deep down that I would take charge” Luke runs a frustrated hand through his hair. “And even worse, I think I will crumble and give up my dream to...”

“Hey, it’s not like you are doing something wrong Luke. And don’t worry, if you crumble I’ll be here to slap you and put you right on track” I fist-bump the air. Luke smiles gratefully at me.

“Any chances your father will bet ‘Wright Enterprises’ in a horse race?” I ask. Luke gives a hoot of laughter.

“I really don’t think so. He is a very sensible man. Besides those horse races are some charity event, so he purposefully bets on the weak horse. I mean that’s what my mom says since she once went with him” Luke shrugs as my eyebrows raise in realization.

“Are you still mad at me?” I ask after few moments of silence. No response is made.

“How do I ruin it every time?” I let out a frustrated sigh. “You have been nothing but perfect yet I keep destroying whatever tempo we build.”

Luke has a grim face as he keeps driving. “Please, just talk to me. Shout at me. I don’t care. Don’t stay like this.”

“I am not mad” Luke finally answers.

“It looks like you are.” He does nothing.

“C’mon Luke. I don’t understand what you want me to do. I am feeling so...” I squirm in my seat trying to calm down.

“Restless, irritated, helpless, confused?” Luke asks stopping the car and finally turning and looking at me. I bite my lip as I try to maintain a calm exterior.

“So this is all just ‘a taste of my own medicine’?”

“Not at all. What you make me go through, is nothing compared to this. In this case, you actually know why I am mad. Right now, you are just doing a poor job at dealing with your guilty emotions.”

Dang it. Is he a fucking mind reader?!

“Is this why, you won’t date me again? Because I am such a mess” I ask quietly. Luke frowns.

“That is ridiculous. No one is perfect Natalia” he softly brushes my cheeks with his knuckles.

“Then why?” I ask uneasily. I have a feeling I won’t like the answer he’ll give me.

“Because I like you too much. And I don’t want to get hurt by you again” he leans his head against the headrest as he crosses his arms. I take a sharp intake of breath.

“Thanks for the ride. I’ll be fine from here” I mutter quickly and hastily open the car door.

“Don’t you dare” Luke laughs as he grabs my wrist and pulls me back in. I don’t look up and keep my eyes fixed on my lap, lest my tears should fall. Luke gently tips my chin and makes me look at him. He is looking at me with unhidden interest.

“I think, I am finally starting to understand, how this works” he muses tapping my forehead.

“Luke I am sorry” I sob as tears roll down. “I am so selfish. All this time, I never thought you might actually be getting hurt by me.”

“Hey, no no.. It’s okay” he carefully wipes my tears. “I don’t blame you Lia. It’s been hell for you since you came here.”

“It has” I whimper. “Except the times I was with you. You made me feel happy and relaxed. And I in return..” I look away wiping my eyes.

“-made me really happy.” My head snaps towards him in confusion. “So happy, that I used to miss you even when you were standing in front of me. Seeing you and knowing I can’t hold you again made me mad” Luke briefly closes his eyes. I put a hand on his shoulder and climb into his seat.

He frowns in concern, as he automatically places his hands on my waist to steady me, “Natalia, you should not-”

I shut him as I press my lips against his, locking my arms behind his neck.

“Lia, no” he stops putting some distance between us. “I can’t. You will run the moment something happens. I have been through hell seeing you walk with boys, like I was some shit. I don’t want to go through that again” Luke says looking past my shoulder.

“I am sorry” I kiss his cheeks. “I am so sorry. I never knew you liked me that much. Even if I knew, I never dared to believed you could like me for real. I was always scared you would leave the moment you know about my past, my baggage. That is why I kept running first.”

“And now?” he asks looking at me with those green eyes.

“I understand whatever shit happens, you are dumb enough to keep liking me” I smile through unshed tears. Luke gives a silent laugh as he slides a hand in my hair and pulls me into a vicious kiss. Teeth and tongues battle, as we finally stink into each other.

My heart thumps wildly as I spread my hands on his chest wanting to shout in happiness. We break to catch our breath. I slide forward to a more comfortable position and that’s when I feel it poking me.

“Umm..” Luke’s cheeks brighten up. I mercilessly stare at him as he avoids my eyes.

Shmolly nutcrackers, his thing will dent my jeans..

“Sorry, I didn’t..” he says adorably pinching his eyebrows.

My God, he is feeling shy.. my inner-hoe stretches her hand to pet him.

I lift his face and give him a deep wet kiss, slowly grinding against him. He groans in the back of his throat. He strokes back my tongue as I take his hands and lead them to my back.

“Luke..” I whisper touching his swollen lips with my fingers. His eyes roll back as I move harder. He places a hand between my shoulder blades and presses our body together as he roughly brushes his lips against mine. I moan loudly as my movements become frantic.

With one hand below my waist he trails his hand north, cupping my breast. I break the kiss and rest my forehead against his, frowning and trying to control my breathing.

“So beautiful. Just so beautiful” Luke murmurs as he gently nips along my neck. I lean down and kiss behind his ear, biting his earlobe in revenge. He pulls down my sweater revealing the top of my bra as he dips his neck and licks my cleavage. My hands fist into my hair as I close my eyes, arching back from the acute pleasure. Luke places one hand on the nape of my neck to keep me in place.

I gasp falling forward and gripping his hair, as he starts sucking on the flesh. I claw the headrest and bite my lip to stop the moans as he buries himself in my chest.

That will be one good hickey..

Luke pulls back and admires his handiwork softly rubbing it. I pant and look at him in amusement as he grins at me.

“You can easily cover it, that is why I did it here” he says innocently, trailing the shape of the cup.

“Of course. That has to be the only reason” I try to glare but end up laughing. He fixes my sweater as he pulls me for another kissing session.

A sharp knock on the window pane has us pulling apart. We are still looking at each other panting not even bothering to check who the hell disturbed us. The knock is repeated and this time we both look up as our minds clear a bit.

“This is roadside. Not an abandoned alley. What the hell are you kids doing?” a policeman asks gruffly. He has a leash in one hand to which a huge dog is attached. He must be walking the really unfriendly dog, who looked really hungry.

Thank God for car doors and windows..

My natural instinct automatically came up with a lie. “I dropped my phone. I was looking for it.”

“Down this boy’s throat?” he narrows his eyes. I open my mouth to argue but Luke squeezes my arm making me look at him. He nudges my waist indicating me to return to my seat. I quickly go back.

No! Let’s fight this man. Or better yet kill him and then continue where we left off.. my inner-hoe gives me puppy-eyes.

“My apologies sir. We are leaving” Luke says politely, rolling down his windows.

“Let me see your license boy” he demands. Luke leans over and gets his card from the glove box.

“Hmm.. okay go home” he nods returning the license as Luke starts the car.

“Wait, where have I seen you before?” he mumbles to himself bending down to look at Luke better.

“Goodnight sir” Luke says hurriedly stepping on the wheel and speeding away.

“Do I need to ask?”

“Bar fight” Luke mutters. I cough in my fist to cover my laugh. Weirdly, I sense a mood shift in the car.

“What happened?” I ask.

“Max had started the fight” Luke grits his teeth. I close my eyes in indignation.

“He is my best friend.”

“You are his little sister” he grips the wheel, his knuckles turning white.

“Oh God, I gave my best friend’s little sister a hickey” Luke drags a hand over his face in distress. He stops the car, this time in front of Julian’s apartment.

“I am the worst friend” he bangs his head on the steering wheel.

“I’m not little” I grumble. Luke chuckles, “Agreed.”

“Look, if you feel this much remorse, then maybe we should-”

“Wait, no” Luke stops me. “I feel horrible because I am a really horrible friend, not because of you.”

“So you don’t regret..”

“Baby no” Luke murmurs running his fingers down my neck. “The things I want to do to you..” he swallows and takes back his hand looking forward.

“You still want to keep it a secret from Max?” Luke asks, his voice coming out a little strained.

“Yes. And I can’t help it. I mean telling Max means everybody knowing. And it makes it official. And its freaks me out because I don’t know whats that like” I clutch my hair. Luke turns to me with an amused smile.

“And not just that. They would take the fun part out and make us focus on being serious towards each other. And being serious means, we would expect each other to change according to the others likes and dislikes. And if it doesn’t work out your friendship with Max will be ruined. And the five of you won’t be able to, even hang out like you used to.”

“You really think so poorly about your brother. Lia, my friendship with Max and the boys won’t be spoiled because of us. It will get ruined if I continue to date you secretly. Max is not as stupid as you think. He may be over-protective and God knows what he will do to me when he finds out I like you, but he is reasonable. If we make everything clear he will understand” Luke explains. “And if he doesn’t, we can move on” Luke says with great difficulty.

“Wait, so you won’t be with me if Max doesn’t approve?”

“No. And neither will you be happy if you go against him” Luke smiles ruefully.

“I hate that you are right” I scowl.

“I don’t know what to do” Luke runs a hand through his hair.

“Put that thought on hold because right now, you should go sleep and get healthier. Tomorrow you shall flash me your tattoos. Then we will wait for a good time and then drop the bomb” I snap my fingers. Luke looked really really discontent.

I hold his face in one hand and squish his cheeks, forcing him forward and giving him a hard peck on his lips. Luke’s mouth drops open in surprise as I push him back.

“Goodnight pumpkin. Since you won’t join me in the dark side, go wank and let me wank” I give him a cute wink and skip out of the car.


And hence they come back on track.. *bowing gracefully*

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