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Chapter 34: I Got A Hard-On Over Sandwich

Lia’s POV:-

Julian and I flinch in sync on hearing Olivia Kyuscova’s voice break, as she continues to sing the school anthem in an overly high pitch, inserting exaggerated hand gestures on spot.

The whole school was summoned for a special assembly in the gigantic school hall. It was to mark the opening for some sort of sports bonanza thing. Basically a whole lot of schools from different towns pick one sport each, and all the other schools send their respective teams to that school. The usual stuff.

My eyes drift towards the front section where all the seniors were seated. I see Max and the boys talking and snickering among themselves. Then there was a moment complete silence, except for Olivia Kyuscova’s ear-splitting chorus. All of sudden, Ian starts guffawing. Like he threw back his head and laughed loudly unable to control himself. The only good outcome was that, Olivia Kyuscova got startled and stopped singing giving a relief to everybody’s ears.

Apart from that Mr. Bassington, our principle who was standing with Olivia Kyuscova on stage glowered at Ian as he stormed up to the mic stand, dismissing Olivia Kyuscova with a hand signal.

“Mr. Cooper since you, so stubbornly interrupted Ms. Kyuscova’s singing, I’ll assume you wish to sing our anthem and give an even better performance” Mr. Bassington grits through his teeth.

“No sir. I am good” Ian squeaks.

“Mr. Cooper please come forward and finish from where Ms. Kyuscova left off” Mr. Bassington scowls and steps aside from the mic.

Watching Ian stand up was like watching a new born giraffe learning to walk. He kept sitting down hoping the principle would spare him, but Dylan who was sitting next to him, kept poking and pinching him to go up. Finally, it was like Ian thought ‘Fuck-all’. He stood up and marched up to the stage and grabbed the mic like a pop singer.

I wish on my tonsils, that I could say, he shattered windows with his heavy baritone. That, people got goosebumps and shivers from his breath-taking performance. But I won’t lie.

It. Was. Traumatizing.

I swear I saw souls leaving the room from terror. Ian had no sense of tune and sang completely off-key. The music teacher, Mr. Jones helplessly tried to play the keyboard to make it bearable for the public, but after a while he gave up. Not just on Ian, but on music itself.

“Oh my God” Julian whispers horrified as I watch transfixed at what was going to be History’s First Ear-drum Massacre.

Few rows behind the boys, someone shouted, “Boooo..”

Luke turned around and fixed the guy such a scary threatening stare, that he shut right up and shrunk in his chair. His eyes meet mine for a second and I saw the faintest of smile forming. But before I could figure out he turned his head around.

Meanwhile Ian continued to passionately sing the anthem, altering it to his own convenience. He obviously didn’t know the lyrics so he had started rhyming lines on his own. Right now he was singing a paragraph that vicariously praised the morning school bell.

Mr. Bassington had enough when, at one point Ian replaced the line ‘Oh hark, they are calling’ with ‘Oh dank shit, they are weeping’.

“Okay Mr. Cooper. We had enough from you” he pushed Ian away as everybody choked on horrified giggles.

“Go straight to my office” he says barely controlling his anger. Then he turns to us to probably scream and damage the ears of the ones that got lucky and survived Ian’s concert.


Ignoring the desperate pleas from my lunch sandwich, I listen to Alex who was telling me a amusing story. I get distracted, as a very irritated Luke joins us. Everybody start laughing looking at him.

“Oh wait, I got one” Ian says excitedly. Luke bangs his head on the lunch table.

“Hi, I am Mrs. Ava Wright. My husband and I have equal IQs, except mine is in minus” Ian mimics, doing Ava’s hand fanning and hair flip. Everyone bursts out laughing even Julian, except for me and Luke.

“That was not funny” Luke says deadpan.

“Wait, what am I missing?” I ask thumping the table to get someone’s attention.

“We overheard Ava saying she and Luke will live in Zürich after they get married” Dylan answers.

“You want to marry Ava?” I squeak at Luke, who was now rubbing his forehead looking like he wanted to die.

“I do not want to marry Ava” Luke growls glaring at me. I laugh and raise my hands in surrender.

“Seriously tell us Luke. Would you marry Ava under any circumstance?” Ian asks curiously.

“I can already see, ‘Luke Weds Ava’-” Max announces grandly “-with one of those bleeding hearts that has an arrow.”

“Beds” Luke mutters. The boys raise their eyebrows in approval.

“At most” he adds scrolling through his phone making everyone hoot.

I inconspicuously take out my phone and float a text to Lukey boy as Julian, Max and Ian get engrossed in some gossip while Alex and Dylan play thumb-fighting. His reply comes within seconds.

-I hope you remember, I can’t handle jealousy properly.

-Really? I can’t remember. I was too busy fooling around with some girl.

-Who is she? Just say the name. She’ll be finished.

-Babe you gotta let ME finish first.

-I’m sure that won’t take much time.

-I respectfully disagree.

-We’ll see.

-I’ll be more than happy to show.

-I’ll keep that in mind and also.. I never got to show you my sucking skills.

-Fuck Lia. People will think i got a hard-on over sandwich.

I bite my cheek to stop giggling.

-In that case.. Sandbitches beware!! rowr..

-Stop.. you are not helping with that growl.

-Keep it alive till lunch ends. I have an excellent idea what to do with it.

-Holy f-

I look up to see Luke pulling on his collar as he shifted in his seat. I sit back satisfied and sip my juice.

“I heard it myself! He said he was going to get Lia to be his girlfriend” Julian says to Max. My eyes snap to Luke who was now watching Julian with a murderous look.

“Wait who?” Alex asks from beside me.

“Tim, the basketball team captain” Ian replied dismissively as he clung on to every word Julian said.

“Why why why?” Dylan also sits up now interested in Julian and Max’s conversation.

“Why wouldn’t he” I smirk proudly. “After all, I am so-”

“Shh..” Julian shuts me. “This does not concern you.”

“Excuse me?!” I ask offended.

“Tim is doing this only to screw with Max’s head, so that the soccer team fails” Julian rolls his eyes. I shut my mouth and lean back in chair.

“Fuck Tim!” Julian mutters.

“Yeah, that’s right.. Fuck him!” Ian thumps Julian’s back.

“No you knucklehead. Tim is coming here” Julian whispers angrily. We all look up. Max’s eyes twitch on seeing the guy. Tim is almost like Max. Except I think Tim was taller and less muscular. I could already sense the hostile environment forming. Tim and his basketball team stayed on the other side on cafeteria while all the soccer players flocked around Max’s table.

“How are my favorite people on the planet?” Tim asks cheerfully. He was holding something in his hand.

“Deciding a good burial spot for you. Wanna help?” Alex asks back just as sweetly. Tim’s smile falters for a moment before he turns to Luke who was lazily playing a game on his phone.

“Actually I am here, to talk to Luke” he says without losing his happy tone.

“What do you want?” Luke mutters not taking his eyes of the phone.

“For starters” Tim says suddenly sounding apologetic. “I would like to say sorry. I never meant to do this” he drops a broken pen in front of Luke. A series of horrified gasps escape from the boys.

The pen did not look like a normal pen. It was broken in two pieces but there were no traces of ink anywhere. It was as if it was craved out of a marble.

Luke became inhumanly still as his eyes focused only on the pen.

“I mean it’s actually funny if you ask me. We were looking for a pen and stumbled across this one. We tried to use it but it didn’t work. So we tried shaking it and it slipped out of our hand and you know..” Tim trails off looking smug. “It broke.”

Not a muscle twitched as Luke sat there staring at the pen. I think I heard someone mutter “Looks like we would be needing a good burial spot for Tim.”

Luke stood up, looking calmer than usual. To anyone else he must look like he’s totally normal but we all could sense anger growing inside him. I have never seen him this enraged. He was so calm that it felt scary, like bone-chilling scary.

He turned to Tim, who gulped under his stare taking a step back. Luke bent down as all the boys sprang up, as if going to hold back Luke. Tim’s eyes widened in fright.

But Luke just picked up his bag and walked out of the cafeteria.

“I-” Tim began.

“Go” Max snaps. “You got lucky, because this is school.”

Tim gave a hateful look and walked off.

“That lying piece of shit!” Alex exclaims. “He must have seen Luke bring it to school.”

“‘Stumbled across it’.. My ass!” Dylan scoffs. “It was in Luke’s locker. Those fuckers are playing really dirty now.”

“What’s the big deal about this pen?” I ask confused. All boys shut up, not knowing what to answer.

“I don’t think, that’s a pen” Julian says bending forward squinting his eye.

Max sighs. “It’s not. It’s something that is very special to Luke. Well, was.. Now it’s just..”

“We should go check on Luke. Man I thought, today Tim will be in full body cast” Ian says gravely, getting up from his seat. Everybody, get up and move out. Julian follows grabbing my hand so I would hurry. While leaving I quickly pocket the broken pieces instead of leaving it behind.


“Why the hell, do you want to blind me?!” I hiss at Julian as he pushes me out in the blinding sun. We were in the ground that was at the left side of the school. The cafeteria had a door which let us out here. Children rarely hung around here which was stupid, since it had nice grass and trees and shade and everything.

“C’mon let’s go. Your brother and his friends are sitting there” he says pointing to a tree. All the boys were spread out under its shade.

After lunch we didn’t have to look for Luke since we saw him entering his class. We all decided we should just continue with our day. Me and Julian had last two periods free and Julian came to know the boys were skipping classes. So he dragged me throughout the school looking for them like a kitten searching its mama.

“What’s your obsession with my brother’s group?” I squint my eyes at him in the sun.


“Usually during free period you disappear with your make-out buddies” I place a hand over my face to look better.

“Yo, baby doll” Dylan greets coming towards us. “I’m going to get a snack. Want anything?” he says only to me. I shake my head.

“How’s Luke?” I ask.

“In a pretty bad mood. So bad, that he voluntarily skipped classes. Just don’t bring that topic up okay?” he whispers and then runs off.

It was a little tight under the shade. Julian drops in the only left spot beside Ian. Luke is lying with one knee propped, as he used his bag as a pillow. He is engrossed in the book he is reading. Everybody is looking at me as if daring me to actually do it.

I just roll my eyes and sit down. After making sure there’s enough space I lay down resting my head on Luke’s stomach. Everybody is watching wide-eyed. Luke lifts his head up in surprise, as if who dared to use him as a pillow.

His eyes soften on seeing me. His lips faintly twitch as he lies back down and resumes reading.

“Wow” Dylan sits down looking dazed. “Just because it’s her, you give her special privileges. But when I do it, you kick me off?!”

“Alex, did you finally pack your shoes” Max asks changing the topic. Alex responds with a thumbs-up.

“Where is he going?” I lazily ask.

“Not just he. We all are going” Ian answers joining us.

“All? Where? When? Why?” I sit up in surprise.

“Wasn’t it obvious Lenny” Julian raises a brow. “Our school teams go to different schools. Soccer team would also have to go, since our school is hosting only the swimming tournament.”

“Wait wait, you too are going?!”

“Of course.. He is also part of the team” Max answers.

“Where exactly are you going?” I ask in curiosity.

“It’s still not decided. There are some complications” Max answers.

“What did you say Max? I can’t really hear you since my eardrums got murdered this morning” Dylan shouts massaging his ear.

“Oh shut the fuck up” Ian mumbles blushing.

“Oh dank shit, they are weeping” we all start singing together.


“So, are you nervous? This is your first match” I ask searching the shelf for cookies.

“Fuck yes I am! And above that, your brother has that hot, smoldering look going on during practice” Julian replies pushing me away from the shelves. I give him a disgusted look.

“Really doesn’t help me with the concentration” Julian shoves the box of cookies at me in frustration.

“Should I tell you his embarrassing stories?” I ask, happily munching on a choco chip cookie.

“No, not now. Maybe later. Right now, I am leaving with the boys to go to store. We all need to shop some stuff” Julian says fixing his hair using the kitchen window. “You wanna tag along?”

“Naah, I don’t feel like going out” I say taking out another cookie.

“Alright, I’ll be back in a few hours. Bye” Julian says walking out of the kitchen. I dip the cookie in Nutella as I hear the door closing. I am done with my third cookie as I hear someone knocking on the door.

Julian must have forgotten his keys..

I brush cookie crumbs off my loose tank top. I am wearing Julian shorts that reach till my knees. I open the door removing any crumbs from my face.

A hooded figure is peeping down the stairs.

“Hello?” I clear my throat. The figure turns around and steps out of shadows.

“Hey baby” Luke grins and steps in locking his lips with mine. My lips part in surprise, as Luke takes the opportunity to deepen the kiss snaking his arms around my waist. I happily cross my arms behind his neck kissing him back.

“Mhmm” Luke hums lowly, pulling back.

“If only this happened every time I opened a door” I pant. Luke chuckles as he shuts the door with his hand.

“How come you are here?” I ask once my mind clears up a little bit.

“I told the guys, I don’t need to buy anything” Luke answers pushing his hair back.

“Really?” I remove the hood off his head.

“I’ll go later. I just wanted to see you” Luke kisses my cheek and walks towards the fridge taking out a water bottle.

He missed me.. I try not to squeal loudly.

“What were you doing? Besides eating chocolate” Luke gives a roguish smile. I try to hold back my smile.

“Nothing at all actually” I answer going into my room. I hear him closing the fridge and following me.


I turn around to see him standing at the door, carefully analyzing my room.

“I know its mes-”

“-colorful. Like so disordered yet colorful” Luke interrupts walking in.

“If you are talking about my rainbow stripped bra, hanging on the mirror-”

“-wait, how did I miss that” he instantly marches towards the mirror, making me laugh.

“Also, why does your bed look like that?”

“Like what?” I try playing clueless.

“Like you’ve been having heavy erotically charged dreams?” Luke raises an eyebrow. It’s true, my pillows are all messed up and my sheets are crumpled like I have been kicking them in desperation.

“You are being stupid” I laugh nervously.

“Then why are you blushing” he bites back a smile.

I want to hide my face in a pillow..

“Shut up” I mumble.

“Was I in any of them?” Luke asks standing in front of me. I close my eyes, taking a deep breath to not laugh or do anything.

“Oh my God! I was!” he takes hold of my shoulders making me look at him. “What was it?”

I chuckle at his excited face.

He would probably fly through the window, if I told him he starred everyone of my dreams..

“Well.. you were” I begin. “Actually, we were sitting in a bath-tub watching movie and eating ice-cream. Naked” I add after a pause.

“It’s disturbing” Luke says after a moment.

“I know but-”

“No, it’s disturbingly unsettling that now I can, only think of that” he gulps. My mouth widens in a pleased smile.

“That’s alright” I mumble against his lips lifting the corner of his hoodie. He allows me to take it off.

“I too think about it disturbingly often” I whisper, pushing him on my bed. My mouth waters as I gawk at the rock-hard abs.

Luke swears under his breath as I lick a trail up to his chest while my boobs press the area above his crotch. I choose a good spot on his neck to make my mark. But my need to kiss him overpowered me, so I move above.

Luke gently lays me down as he supports himself on one elbow, using his other arm to press my body against his warm one. He pries open my mouth allowing me to once again taste him.

I suck his tongue as my hands trails to his back. His hand immediately shoots to my wrist stopping me. “My wound” he murmurs against my lips. I nod giving soft pecks on his lips while he boldly traces the shape of my ass. My hand travels down and clutches the top of his jeans. The cold steel button presses against my palm as my fingers feel the smooth skin. I lay flat on my back and effectively pull him over me.

Luke places one hand below my knee and hooks it on his waist as he climbs over me. He smashes his lips with me as we kiss with unfound urgency.

The shrill ringing of my phone has us traveling back to reality. We are heavily panting as we listen to the phone ringing.

“Oh fuck it!” I growl.

“That’s my girl” Luke grins, as his green eyes glow happily.

This must be his turned on glow.. my inner hoe guesses. So far, this is my favorite.

I push him on his back and lay on him, making him smile.

“It’s weirdly satisfying to see your impatience” he huskily whispers. I sit up and take him with me. I cup his jaws to kiss him better. Luke has his hands resting on the bed for support as he follows my pace.

He sits straighter and caresses my back as his hands travel into my hair softly massaging my roots. Goosebumps line my arms as a delicious shiver runs down my spine. I open my eyes pulling away my lip, that he was softly nibbling. I give a soft kiss on his jaw, as he also opens his eyes.

“Hi” he whispers, giving me a shy smile as his hands loosely rest on my waist.

“Hey” I grin back. He tightens his hands pulling me impossibly closer.

“God! You are so adorable, I could just eat you up” I squish his warm cheeks. Luke frowns trying to stop his smile but ends up quietly chuckling into my shoulder.

“You know what I mean” I shake my head as he starts laughing harder. I lean into him and push forward so that we fall again onto the bed. We land with a soft oomph.

“Woah, you are heavy” Luke groans.

“Say what” I glare bouncing on him.

“You are the most beautiful person ever?”

“Really?” I grin pleased.

“Yes, most beautiful heavy person” he answers seriously.

“You evil-”

I stop as the phone starts ringing again. We both look towards the phone which was lying above our heads amidst pillows.

“This discussion is not over” I threaten making Luke smile, as I stretch my hands to reach for my phone. Upon failing, I crawl a little forward, putting my boobs right in his face.

“Heavy. Really heavy” Luke gulps staring at them.

“And I used to think you were into asses” I tease climbing off him and sitting on the bed.

“Can’t really help, when you put it in my face” he says with difficulty still looking at them.

“Cut it out. I need to talk” I cover his eyes. He removes my hand and sits up.

“I am so turned on” he whispers as if in pain. I hold back a giggle as I answer the call. Luke has his face in his hands, trying to calm down.

“Hello Lia” I recognize Mr. Foincii’s voice.

That’s it! I am naming him as Mr. Cockblocker. Just when I had this boy where I wanted-

“Lia? Are you there?”

“Yes. I mean yes yes I’m listening” I say watching Luke get up.

“I’ll give you some privacy” he says quietly giving me quick forehead kiss, and going into the drawing room. Once again I gawk at his back. Even though he has this lazy posture, muscles slide and clench as he walk. I spot a bandaged spot on his right shoulder.

“Lia? So can I expect you?”

“Pardon?” I look towards a wall so I don’t get distracted by Luke’s form watching TV on the couch.

Why does everything about him seem so-

“I asked if you would come to studio tomorrow?” Mr. Foincii sighs.

“Yes, I’ll be there after school. I’m sorry, it’s just that I have people over.”

“That’s alright. Just come before five okay?”

“Yeah sure” I answer hanging up. I quickly march towards the couch. Luke smiles on seeing me. He was wearing his hoodie again. I immediately place my ass near him and put my legs up the coffee table. He was watching a game.

“I wanted to ask..” Luke says muting the TV and turning towards me. “I just wanted to ask if I apologized for saying those things that night?”

“Saying what things?” I look at him in confusion.

“I just remembered how that night, I said your problems weren’t..” he closes his eyes in anger. My mouth opens in realization.

“I just can’t believe how much of a jerk I was to say that” he says quietly. “I want you to know that I never meant it, and I would never say something like that again.”

“Luke, it’s alright. It’s not a big deal. You have apologized, like a million times already. Besides it’s not like I’m a perfect angel. Somewhere it was also my fault, that I kept snapping at you and got you so angry.”

“That’s no excuse Lia-”

“-Luke shush” I stop him, keeping a hand over his lips. “Look I know, you would never hurt me purposefully. And I know you never meant to say any of that. It’s forgiven and forgotten okay?”

He nods taking hold of my wrist and guiding it to his shoulder, making me lean into him. Once again he softly captures my lips and gives me the sweetest kiss.

I can feel my soul filling with happiness..

He cups my jaw, gently running his thumb over my cheek. We pull away goofily smiling at each other. The way he looked at me, with such a adoration it felt almost painful.

I swear, my heart is not meant for such emotions..

“Your dimple makes me forget what I was thinking” he admits, tracing it. I try hard not to blush. Luke chuckles deeply on seeing my struggle.

“Oh baby..” he laughs kissing my cheek. In my defense, no one ever said such things to me. I am used to being called sexy, but I am definitely not used to being spoilt with attention or affection.

“I need a drink” he says getting up. “You want something?”

“Get me a coke please” I give him puppy eyes. He ruffles my hair as he goes into the kitchen. I sleepily eye the players.

All my sleep vanishes as I hear the door opening and the boisterous laughter of my brother.

“Why are you watching soccer?” Alex asked confused as he enters the living room. My face pales at the sight of all the boys coming into the living room.

“There was no coke so I-” Luke stops mid-sentence as he also registers the new company.

“Luke? What are you doing here?” Julian asks going towards Luke.

Think Lia! Think quick!

“I invited him” I speak up. All eyes turn towards me. Luke’s eyes turn towards me.

“I invited him, as I wanted to talk to all of you about something” I say. I don’t fucking know what I am saying.

“How did you know Luke wasn’t with us?” Ian asks suspiciously.

“I didn’t” I answer coolly. “I just messaged him separately because I know he’s a lazy guy and would leave home immediately after your ‘shopping time’.”

“I would?” Luke asks looking bewildered.

“And that’s when he told me he was at home” I continue ignoring him. “So I asked him to come over so that there won’t be any waiting when you all come here. And before you ask, yes I knew Max would bring you all here because he wishes to see his lovable, cute-”

“That’s enough” Julian butts in.

“-adorable, sweeter than honey-”

“We get it” Max grits out.

“-most precious, million dollar little sistah!” I finish with a cheap wink.

“Why did you want us all here baby doll?” Dylan asks dropping on the couch.

“Oh I know! But wait a minute” Julian muses. “Do you really need everyone to conduct the bukkake? I mean I am totally content with Max joining, but for you, won’t it be-”

“Julian!” I exclaim in disbelief. “You have gone beyond the point, where you just look creepy and horny!”

“Okay, sorry” he laughs.

“So.. What were you wanting to talk to all of us?” Max asks putting up his hand, as if trying to block Julian from his eyesight.

“Yeah, about that” I laugh nervously. “You know it’s just this thing” I twirl a hair searching my brains for a believable excuse.

“She said, she wants to come with the football team” Luke says blankly. My head snaps towards him as my eyes widen in surprise. He gives a one-shoulder shrug in response.

“I can’t believe you!” I exclaim. “I can’t believe, he would.. ruin.. my big idea like that” I chuckle forcefully looking at the rest. Luke’s lips twitch seeing me looking like a goddamn mess.

“You want to come with us?” Alex asks standing in front of me. Now that I think about it, it’s actually not a bad idea.

“Well yeah, I mean Julian won’t be here and neither of you guys will be here. I won’t have anyone to talk to or hang out with. Basically I will be bored to death” I smile sarcastically. Max looked really skeptical.

“I don’t know if the coach would agree. I mean personally I love this idea, I hated to leave you alone. But I think I can make this work” Max gives me a happy smile.

“That’s bloody awesome” I whisper in disbelief.

“Of course! It’s a trip Lenny” Julian gushes shaking my shoulders. I grin at his excitement. My eyes travel to Luke who gives me sexy wink and disappears into the kitchen along with the boys.


Heartfelt apologies for the late update. To make up for it, I wrote this very long chapter (it’s the biggest chapter till now). TBH these were two separate chapters but I merged them into one.

Before I forget and ramble about something else, I want to say, I hope everybody has a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year. Yes, I know these are difficult times with new viruses releasing, but we all can try stay positive and enjoy this time with ourselves (not like that you filthy mothereffers) i meant by taking care of mental health.

Hope you liked this chapter! Take care y’all.. *flying kisses*

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