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Chapter 35: "Like We Are In Love?"

Lia’s POV:-

I curl my toes in the beach sand and lower my sunglasses. Luke is walking towards me, his body was glistening in the sun, still wet from the dip he took in the sea. I was wearing my favorite dark blue bikini, and my nails were painted shiny red. I bite my lip as I watch the water droplets sliding through his abs. He smirks on catching me gawking at him and runs a hand through his hair, purposefully flexing his biceps. I frown in puzzlement.

Luke is showing off?

I mean usually he smiles or does something not flaunting?

“Hey baby” he says lying beside me in the sand. I smile at the naturalness of his voice. His green eyes are sparkling in the sun.

“How was the sea?” I ask turning towards him.

“Not finer than you” he smirks again.

Okay super weird. Why is he acting like Ian?

I am distracted as he softly catches my lips. Smiling, I place a hand on his jaw.

At least this feels the same..

Luke plays with the thread of my bikini top then trails his hand down, softly pulling down the bottom piece.

“Hey, we are in public” I break the kiss, frowning at him.

“C’mon sweetness, it’s our honeymoon after all” he murmurs against my lips. Before I could react somebody clears their throat and drops beside Luke. I look up to see Julian looking at us mischievously.

“Hey big fellow” Julian purrs, suggestively placing a hand on Luke’s thighs. I sit up, raising my eyebrows in surprise and indignation.

He’s my big fellow.

To my utter disbelief Luke turns around and kisses Julian.

What the-

My jaw drops open and I am wheezing trying to get words out.

“What are you doing?!” I finally exclaim pulling them apart. Both of them first frown at me, then start laughing.

“Lenny, what happened?” Julian asks.

“What happened?! You tell me what the fuck is happening?” I wildly gesture towards them.

“Lia, don’t you remember?” Luke asks holding my shoulder.

“What?! Remember what for Christ’s sake!”

“We three got married” Luke shrugs, like it’s the most natural thing in the world. “Remember how the law passed, making threesome weddings legal.”

My blood ran cold as I stare at them mortified beyond belief.

“You really should not be this dramatic” Julian chuckles. “After all, you were the one, happily watching last night, as Luke and I took turns with each other.” Luke nods confirming his statement.

I pull my hair, my eyes wide like oranges. This cannot be happening! I watch in disbelief as Luke runs a finger along Julian’s eyebrows, while Julian purrs and catches his finger in his mouth and suck it, giving him a seductive stare.

“No! No no no! Stop looking at each other like that” I grit my teeth, slapping Luke and Julian’s heads.

“Look like what?” Julian innocently shrugs.

“Like we are in love?” Luke asks just as sweetly.

“That’s cause we are” they both say in unison and entwine their hands looking at each other like they were on fucking Titanic. I am finding it hard to breath at this point. I feel like someone stabbed my stomach.

“Hey hey Lia” Luke says holding my face. “Relax baby. Remember? What I said? I love you both and I will accept you both in sickness and in health.”

“Not both! Why both!” I feel close to tears.

“Now you are just being plain selfish Lenny” Julian pouts sitting in front of me. “You said we-”

Julian chokes suddenly his eyes widening in horror.

“What the fuck! Lenny! Shit shit shit!” Julian suddenly screams. Luke also looks at me scared and worried. People all around the beach start shrieking and running in panic.

“Look!” Everybody points at me.

I look to where they were pointing. From between my legs a thin stream of blood was flowing into the sea turning it deep red in color.




I open my eyes and sit up like a rod, panting and covered in sweat. I scan my surroundings. It was dark and I was in my bedroom. I clutch my hair, trying to shake away the dream. My eyes fill up, as I remember how real everything felt.

Wait a second..

I get up and pull down my pants. Just like I thought I see the blotch of red on my panties.

Fuck me with a wooden spoon..


“Just don’t ask her, what happened, or why is she dull, or is she okay” I hear Julian whispers to the guys. I smack his head from behind.

“Hey Lenny” Julian smiles nervously. All the boys also greet me cautiously.

“Damn it Julian” I sigh. “Everybody, I’m fine. Just leave me alone” I grunt and walk away irritated.

Along with all the cramps and stomach aches, this time I was having dangerous mood swings. I still hadn’t completely recovered from the single most haunting dream I saw last night. Above that Max told me that Mel didn’t know my mother’s name, making me feel even more dead. So, no matter what I did, I kept remembering her, the death, Nana, and every fucked up thing that ever happened to me. In short, I was miserable.

I mean what sort of crappy daughter I am, that I don’t even know my mother’s name..

Julian found out because this morning, at breakfast I snapped, fine shouted and screamed at him, for forgetting to put sugar in my coffee. Then I said I don’t want breakfast and stormed into my room. If it was a normal day I would have just swapped his coffee with mine.

Although, after I had calmed down, I came back and apologized to him, then forced him to make me another coffee.

“Lia wait.”

I turn around to see Luke jogging towards me.

“Luke please, go away. I really don’t want to shout at you” I sigh. My mood worsens when I see his face falling.

“I just wanted to ask if you were okay with coming with the team. I never asked for your opinion. If you don’t want to I can ask the coach t-”

“No, that won’t be needed” I smile. “I actually love that idea. I won’t mind crashing into your soccer team.”

“Okay. Umm.. Will you be alright? I mean do you want to ditch school with me?” Luke asks. I can’t help but chuckle.

“You would voluntarily ditch school for me?”

He nods in utmost seriousness. God, he’s cute..

“Luke, go to your class. I’m fine. I appreciate the offer, but I know you love to attend your classes.”

He opens his mouth to protest, but I beat him, “Seriously, get your sweet little tushie out of my sight. I am moody and horny, so I’ll jump you any second.” My mood brightens instantly, as I look at his surprised face.


“Hey” I look up to see Julian standing waiting for my approval.

“Sit down” I mumble rolling my eyes. Teacher enters and starts teaching without any greeting.

“You know, during these times, you really shouldn’t get your panties in a twist” Julian smirks.

“Eww” I cringe but end up laughing.

“You won’t kill me, would you?” Julian asks.

“Not yet” I sigh, doodling in my notebook.

During the whole class Julian kept saying stupid jokes that sometimes got me irritated and sometimes made me laugh. At the end of the class I was miserable and in dire need of some chocolate and candies.

“Julian run and get me a seat near the window” I plead exiting the class. He gives me a sympathetic look, nods and then runs off.

I open my locker to put my books inside because they were too heavy. A hand sporting a black sports watch, appears over my head and drops a paper bag in my locker.

My head immediately looks for Luke who was already blending into the crowd. He turns around to give me a cute smile and disappears.

I open the bag to find a Hershey’s chocolate bar, a Toblerone, a Twix, few Snickers and some Ferrero Rochers. Instead of feeling happy, my eyes start to fill up.

Why is he so thoughtful..

I feel all gloomy because I know I won’t find another Luke in my life. Sooner or later all this will go down the drain and I will be single again. I know I will be fine, but I will miss this boy too much. He made me feel things, that I only heard Julian say.

I take a deep breath and blink away my tears. I should just enjoy the present while it lasts. With that thought, I bite into a Snickers and go for my class.


“Without doubt, we can expect a sunny..”

The weather lady drones on. I lazily eyes her pink suit and the shirt button that looked as if it would pop off any minute. Once again I adjust my electric pillow, and cover my toes in the blanket. I am curled up on the sofa, drinking hot chocolate since it was rainy outside. I didn’t go to school this morning, since I felt too low. I slept for most portion of the day, then took a warm shower, changed my clothes and everything so that I was all set for the night, then cooked and ate some food and finally dozed off in front of the TV.

Julian left few hours ago on a date, saying he won’t be back until late. I unlock my phone and check it for the first time today. There were two missed calls from Luke, one from my brother, and few messages from boys in my class, saying they missed my presence, to be precise my sexy ass.

I should really block them..

My fingers hover above Luke’s name, thinking if I should call him or not. Max dropped by after school, so I didn’t need to call him. Finally, I press the call button. He answers on the fourth ring.



“Hey baby. I missed you today” Luke says softly. I smile feeling warm and fuzzy.

“Me too” I mumble, feeling my cheeks light up.

You guys are SO cheesy, yuck! my inner-hoe cringes but smiles anyway.

I hear the sound of raindrops clattering against metal.

“Where are you?” I hear men’s voices in the background.

“I’m at the garage. My bike needed some repairing.”

“I never knew you had a bike.”

“I don’t use it much. I prefer the car” I can hear the smile in his voice.

“Of course. I know” I tease, making him chuckle.

“What are you doing?” Luke asks. I can sense he was walking around.

“Nothing. Watching TV. Julian is out on a date.”

“You want me to drop by? Bring you some hot apple pies?”

“Apple pies?”

“Yes, there’s a restaurant nearby, famous for it’s apple pies.”

“Won’t it be troublesome for you. Driving all the way here just to.. ”

Luke laughs quietly, like he can’t believe I was so silly. “I will see you in half an hour. Cool?”

“Cool” I grin pulling the blanket up to my nose, and peeking at the weather lady.

I am awakened by the sound of door knock. I get up and take a step forward only to fall down.

“Curse these cramps!” I growl.

“Lia, are you okay?” Luke calls from the other side.

“Yeah, just a second.”

I limp my way to the door. Luke enters looking worried, scanning and turning me around for injuries. He’s wearing a black t-shirt and black leather jacket, along with black jeans which was ripped at the knee.

Oo la la..

“They are just cramps Luke” I try to ease him as he carefully analyzed my ankle sitting on one knee.

“Well” he says standing up. “I was worr-”

I don’t let him finish as I immediately kiss him. He falters a little by my weight since I threw myself on him but he steadies me and kisses me back.

“Hey” I grin. He smiles and kisses my dimple. His glasses were missing, maybe cause he wore helmet.

“You look terrible” he says with one hand around my waist, the other holding a paper bag. I pout.

“C’mon, let’s eat the pies before they go cold” Luke takes me towards the couch.

“You sit. I’ll get the plates” I say moving towards the kitchen.

“No no, I’ll do it. You just sit there” Luke forces me down on the couch. Then he covers me with the blanket and tucks it under my legs. Then he took the empty mug from the table and disappeared into the kitchen.

I could get used to this..

“Lia, are there extra plates?” he asks appearing with one plate in his hand. He had ditched his jacket.

“Yeah, no there aren’t any more. I cooked today so I used everything in the kitchen then felt too lazy to clean up” I say guiltily. “I’ll do it before bed. We can share a plate. You don’t mind?”

“Are periods contagious?” Luke asks sitting beside me, and opening the bag.

“No” I smile.

“Then I don’t mind” he answers with a hint of laughter.

I accept the spoon he gives me and hungrily take a scoop of the hot apple pie.

“Uhmm.. Wow” I moan, my mouth full of food. I could feel warm honey trickling into my mouth, as my senses get filled with the taste of sweet apples.

I look at Luke while going for another bite. I stop as I see him, looking at me with a hint of smile.

“You look adorable when you eat” he says staring at me.

“Well no shit. These are the best I ever tasted” I say taking another bite.

Good job at not blushing. Nice subject change too.. my inner-hoe is sitting with a marking board and points table.

“You better eat up, cuz I’ll finish this in moments” I say taking a third bite, forcing myself not to blush under his gaze. He smiles and starts eating.

We watch some ‘The Big Bang Theory’ re-runs while finishing the pies. There were a lot so I had my fill, feeling satisfied. We were playing around as to who eats more of the pies. I obviously won, mostly because Luke would get distracted watching me eat.

Like a total sweetheart, Luke left the last bite for me which I forked down without any shame.

In my defense, the boy should watch his figure and cut down sugar intake. I am just doing this for his own good..

I had covered Luke with my blanket, now we both were watching the movie ‘Coco’ snuggled into each other.

“Are your periods always this bad?” he asks me during a commercial. I shake my head.

“Normally Julian doesn’t even find out. But this time with all the moving around and the ‘Big Revelation’ I am feeling more miserable than I used to” I answer leaning my head on his shoulder. He presses a kiss on my head and turns back to the movie.


“Lia? Oh dear” Luke immediately shifts towards me.

“No no. I am fine. Really” I sniff, wiping my tears.

“Why are you crying honey” he asks, gently wiping away fresh tears.

“Oh it’s just the damn movie” I laugh in between my tears. “I mean at the end Miguel is united with his family and everybody love him. And here I am, with no family, no ancestors. Just the irony.”

Luke switches off the tv and gets me a tissue box. I give him an ashamed smile and take few tissues wiping my nose.

“I mean.. I don’t even..” I chuckle few tears escaping. “I don’t even know the name of my own fucking mother.” And then, I break. Like an uncontrollable river I start sobbing. I cry remembering how I craved for mother’s love and how I would never get it. How painful it was watching kids return home with their mothers while I stayed back. I feel so pathetic, missing a person I never met.

I don’t know how long I was crying but when I came back to my senses I realized I was once again in Luke’s lap with my head buried in his chest. He was stroking my back in relaxing motions.

“Crap. I am sorry Luke” my voice quivers dangerously. “You must be thinking what a weirdo crying hysterically over a movie.”

“No, I don’t” he whispers tightening his arms around me in a possessive manner.

“I can’t help but feel like I am all alone in this world Luke” I hide my face in his chest.

“That’s ridiculous” he shakes his head. “You got Max. Don’t forget him. Then you have me, Julian. Alex, adores you like his little sister. Ian and Dylan think of you as their best friends. Don’t say you are alone. Besides you have your whole life in front of you. You’ll meet tons of people and make so many friends.”

I absorb his words as I quietly study the soft fabric of his t-shirt.

Maybe I should steal this one, or better yet exchange it with a tube top.

I sniff in his scent which now had some sort of a windy outdoorsy flavor. My mind relaxes at the familiar smell of aftershave, soap and Luke.

“I’m such a damn moping mess” I mutter. “I don’t know what’s happening to me. I mean not just now. But for these past days, all I do is cry. I never shed a tear when I was with Nana.”

“A lot has changed since you’ve come here” Luke strokes my hair.

“I know. But I always thought I was like you. Cool, always in control. But just look at me. All I seem to do is cry.”

“I’m not always in control” Luke chuckles. “But no. You and me, we are quite different. You are passionate Natalia. You feel every emotion with an energy of yours. Maybe that’s why you try to cut people out and protect yourself. But you are nothing like me. You are way better” he finishes fondly.

“You really think that?” I ask in surprise looking up at Luke. He nods smiling.

“So..” I muse. “Wright is not always right.” Luke lets out a laugh, pinching my waist. I squirm giggling, feeling much better.

“If only you saw yourself from my eyes” Luke says kissing my cheeks.

“You are so cheesy” I tease.

“Only for you M’Lady. Only for you.”

I smile and snuggle closer to him. For a moment I saw Luke opening his mouth to ask something but he immediately closes it.

“What” I poke his Adam’s apple. He shakes his head.

“Say it” I turn his face to look at me.

“Not now. Some other time” he promises.

“You know I won’t stay silent until you tell me” I warn.

“Fine” he sighs, entwining our hands together. “It’s just a thought I had right now. And some other times.” he adds quietly. I wait patiently.

“Have you ever.. I mean did you ever have feelings for Julian?”

I look at him in confusion. “Julian? Our Julian? My best friend Julian?”

“Look, I am being a jealous asshole again. Just forget the whole thing” Luke shuts his eyes.

“Wait, you gotta explain. I mean where did this come from?”

Luke lets out a breath. “It just happens to occur..” he trails off. “Like right now. These shorts that you are wearing. They are his, right?” I nod.

“Well ever since I came all I can think is, “Why is she wearing his shorts?” “She should be wearing my shorts” “She’s my girl”. I feel like some alpha dog” he murmurs frowning. “Why are you smiling like that?”

“Julian is your Ivy” I grin. “Julian is your IVY!” I shout. Luke looks at me startled.

“Don’t you see, this is just like me getting insecure about, you and Ivy.”

His mouth opens in realization. I chuckle happily.

Although I still can’t get over the way he said “My girl”..

“So I am being paranoid for nothing?” Luke asks.

“Totally. Besides he’s through and through gay, remember? You are being jealous over nothing. I mean, I still had a valid reason.”

“Hey!” he says indignant.

“Okay, calm down” I kiss his jaw.

“Wait, don’t tell me you never caught feelings for him” he asks suddenly.

“Yeah, I mean way back when we just became best friends. I didn’t know he was gay and I was thinking about asking him out.”


“Then I walked in on him kissing a guy, that’s where he confessed. And with that all my feeling vanished in a snap. I mean it was just a tiny crush, nothing serious” I shrug.

“Hmm” Luke says deep in thought.

“Honestly, I am glad I never asked him out. It would have been wrong on so many levels” I smile in relief. Luke nods understanding what I was saying.

“So..” I begin.

Don’t you dare. Don’t you fucking do it..

Luke looks at me. “Did you-”

Please I beg you.. STOP!

“-ever feel anything for Julian?” I blurt out.

Luke looks at me in shock. I bite my lip waiting for an answer, cause I really have to know for my mental peace.

You are a sick, psycho, psycho bitch..

“I-I..” Luke stutters. “Are you kidding me?!”

I shake my head no, looking at him in seriousness. “Well?” I prod.

“Jesus! No! Never Lia” Luke laughs. “To be honest, I am scared of that boy.”


“Yes. Scared. He unpredictable. Like even imagining what he’ll do next, gives me creeps. Not to mention crazy.”

“Well, I too am all those things.”

“Yeah but yours is entirely different baby” Luke smiles kissing my eyes. “Your actions for sure shock the hell out of me, but in a nice way. In a way that makes me crave for more.”

“So if I become boring you’ll leave.”

“Absolutely” Luke answers without missing a beat.

My jaw drops in surprise and anger. “Fine, I will not say anything. You can leave when you get bored” I scowl. Luke laughs snaking his arms around my waist.

“I’m kidding. I can never get bored of you. Even when you are not doing anything I could watch you for hours.”

I raise an eyebrow at him.

“Okay I just heard what I said” he gulps. “I swear it didn’t sound this creepy in my brain.”

I laugh at his flustered form, pulling him down for a kiss. Luke has one arm on my back and puts the other around my knees and hugs me as if I am a snowball. We both laugh as one of my knee slips from his grasp. He lays me down and lies beside me petting my hair and giving me soft kisses.

“Sleep sweetheart. You are tired” he whispers kissing my ear, as I turn around and hug him tightly closing my eyes.


A loud crash woke me up. I groggily sit up feeling super warm and comfortable. I was in my bedroom, my pillows neatly arranged beside me. My room looked organized. My pile of laundry was not in sight and my desk was clean with my notebooks neatly stacked in a corner.

I get up confused and go into the living room.

“Sorry, did I wake you?” Julian guiltily smiles as he cleans up the broken pieces of vase from the floor.

“It’s alright.” I follow Julian into the kitchen wondering where was Luke.

“It’s good you woke me. I had to do the dis-” I stop as I spot all the dishes clean and kept in their places. The kitchen looked spotless.

“Yes?” Julian asks opening the fridge.

“I just wanted to drink water” I smile taking a water bottle.

I glance at the kitchen clock while sipping water. “It’s 12:30!” I cough out water. “How long was I out?” I wonder.

“Yeah, it’s late” Julian laughs. “Go back to sleep. Do you want me to do anything? Get you something to eat?”

“I am good thanks. Goodnight” I wave going into my room.

The way everything was arranged told me it was Luke’s work. He must have put me to bed and did everything. I feel my face heating up as I remember he must have done the dishes.

God, I had made a mess in the kitchen..

I send him a message- “You really didn’t have to.”

Then trying not to overthink much, I just go back to sleep to dream about a certain green-eyed boy.


So, I wrote this chapter in a bit hurry. Pardon, if it doesn’t make sense at some places. Which reminds me, I read few of the starting chapters again and dear Lord! They are so horrible. Like I spot so many mistakes. I have even used abbreviations. I promise I will edit them.

And did I freak you all out with Lia’s dream in the beginning? I was laughing so much while writing it.

Anyways, hope you like this chapter! <3

Question: Am I the only one obsessed with Taylor Swift’s song Willow? I mean Willow and Delicate are two of my all favorite songs. Like they have this chill beats, not too loud, not too slow, not too pop just the right amount to relax. No? Just me?

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