The Bad Girl's Nerd

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Chapter 36: I Outgrew My B-Shells

Lia’s POV:-

I duck into a corner and watch Luke and Alex pass by. I sigh in relief and and continue going towards my classroom pulling the hood closer to my face.

“Did you safely place the bomb in it’s place?” Julian whispers, as I sit next to him. I look at him confused.

“What?!” I ask irritated.

“Oh, so we are not in a secret mission?” Julian asks in mock surprise.

“Cause the way we’ve been jumping around had me thinking otherwise” he snaps glaring at me.

“I don’t understand you” I lie.

“Really Lenny?” Julian growls. “Then why the fuck did you push us inside a janitor’s stinky closet and stuff my mouth with a piece of paper?” I open my mouth to reply.

“And after that-” he continues “-you leave me there confused out of my mind, and disappear in thin air.” I gulp, smiling guiltily.

Yeah, about that..

“And why Oh why, are you wearing this huge bag of trash?”

“It’s your hoodie” I reply offended.

“So you know it’s my clothing. I will presume, you also know it’s my loosest clothing which is the reason you look like a drowning dolphin in it. What the hell is with you? And remove this for Christ’s sake!” he pushes back the hood from my face. “I can only see your lips with that thing. How did you not fall down?”

“Judy relax. I am just jumpy because I had a scary dream about the school hallways last night.”

Thankfully, the teacher comes in and I am saved. Thing is that, I am avoiding Luke. I know after last night I must be like clinging to him, but honestly I am feeling super shy. Like now that my period is almost over, and I have my mind thinking normally again, unhampered by emotions, I realize what a fool I made out of myself. He saw me crying over a cartoon, he washed the dishes, he cleaned my goddamn room for Pete’s sake! I just feel so embarrassed.

This morning I knew he was looking at me when I met my brother. But I didn’t even make eye contact and scooted out of there. I could almost hear my heart whining. Whenever we cross each other in the hallways, we would inconspicuously smile at each other. But today I was dead on avoiding him.

The question is for how long?


“Look who I caught sneaking out off school?”

“I was not sneaking out” I roll my eyes at Ian shaking off his firm grip over my elbow. I could feel everyone at the lunch table looking at me.

“I was just following a bird” I say like it’s obvious, carefully avoiding the side where Luke was sitting. Everybody gave me unimpressed looks as I sat down between Max and Dylan.

Fuck! Bad position..

Luke was sitting right in front of me. I keep my eyes on the lunch studying the sandwich bread. I could feel Luke looking at me. With insane amount of self control I eat my lunch not talking or looking at anyone.

Once everybody is minding their own business, I look up at Max. He was listening to Alex chattering and winking at some girl few tables away.


I look at Dylan who was frowning at Julian who was passionately talking about something. Weirdly they both were talking so low, that I could not even catch a word they were saying.

After Julian, Ian was sitting writing something with a marker on some girl’s hand who was sitting next table. They were giggling and flirting among themselves.

Finally my eyes land on Luke. He was playing a game on his PSP console. I could sense the frustration on his face. Today he was wearing a half-white half-maroon sweatshirt along with blue denim jeans. His hair was falling into his eyes as he pressed the buttons clenching his jaws. I want nothing more than to go climb in his lap and take a big sniff out of his comfy sweatshirt. But me being me, I chicken out and look elsewhere.

“Do you know what’s up with him?” Max asks quietly, nudging my elbow. I shrug shaking my head.

I am a horrible human being. I am making this boy feel frustrated. The same boy who comforted me when I was crying like a dying walrus. I shoul-

My mental banter of self-loathing is interrupted as Julian jumps up from his chair and storms out of the cafeteria. We all look at his retreating form confused.

“I’ll go check on him” I say quickly gathering my bag and running behind him.


“Julian what happened?” I ask finding him sitting alone in our next class.

“I don’t wanna talk about it” he sighs. I nod smiling and sitting next to him.

“Here, eat these” I say putting a packet of Hershey’s Kisses on the table. Julian turns to me grinning.

“I love you” he squeals, engulfing me in a huge hug. I chuckle and rub his back resting my head on his shoulder. Julian keeps hugging me for a few moments and I let him because he really needed that.

I want a hug from Luke.. my inner-hoe demands in anger.


“Why am I needed at your football team meeting?” I whine, as Max and Alex continue to drag me towards their locker room, because when Alex told me Coach Denfry was asking for me, I had tried to run.

In my defense that man is scary..

“Lia, you are coming with the team. Stop struggling and just come for the meeting” Max pants, already getting tired from holding me back.

I stop arguing as they push me inside the locker room right in front of the scary ass man. All the team members are sitting in neat rows on the ground, with their backs facing me. Coach signals me to sit down. I gulp and gingerly place myself in the last. None of the boys even turn around to look at me. They were all sitting rigid, looking in front in complete silence. Julian had told me enough tales about this man’s need for discipline. To be honest, I won’t be surprised if he takes out a hunting whip and starts slashing everyone.

I force down a giggle as I imagine him in thongs and boots, with a whip like in a bdsm role-play.

Not now Lia!

We were sitting in front of his small office, while the Coach was sitting on a teacher’s desk placed outside. The lockers were on the right side and the smell of Axe and wet socks was making me nauseous.

I spot Julian few rows ahead. Max is talking to the coach and I’ll assume rest of the boys must be in the front cause I can’t see anyone. Luke walks out of the small office, holding a bundle of papers. He drops it beside the Coach on the desk and waits beside Max.

“So boys” Coach starts, his voice resonating in the room.

“Yes Sir!” everybody says in alert.

“Tomorrow, we’ll be going to Blue Valley High-school for the Annual Inter-School Sports Bonanza. Last year we brought back the trophy. This year too, I need the trophy” he rumbles.

“Yes Sir!” the boys chant in unison.

“Last year was an easy match. But boys, this year it won’t be easy. The Blue Valley’s have appointed a new Coach, an old acquaintance of mine” Coach Denfry continues grimly. “I am afraid to say that he is a vile son of a-” he catches himself as he looks at me.

“He is not a ethical man” he clears his throat. Behind the Coach, Max silently chuckles while Luke looks at the Coach in amusement.

“So this year, it will not be a fair game. I promise I will try my best to get it done honorably, but you have to be on the lookout yourself. Kidnapping, slipping drugs, murder, acid, bullying, beating expect EVERYTHING!” he fumes. “And if I found out that someone from our team sold us out, then I swear on my dic-” he coughs.

“He will be punished accordingly” he finishes. Max is hiding his face in Luke’s shoulder silently laughing. Even Luke is smiling uncontrollably. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for the boys sitting in front to keep a straight face.

“We have a new addition on our team” Coach continues. “Natalia Anderson will be coming with us” he says asking me to come forward. I get up and go stand beside him.

“You’ll be in charge of first-aid” he says looking at me. I nod. Someone wolf whistles.

“Boys!” Coach glares. “I expect you to treat Natalia with proper respect.”

I look at the team and find everyone looking at me. I smile at the familiar faces of Alex and Ian, and wink at Julian in the back.

“If not, then I am sure her brother, i.e. your captain Max will teach you otherwise” he smirks looking at Max. Max obediently cracks his knuckles in warning. I steal a glance at Luke who was wordlessly standing next to him with a blank face.

“Before I forget, no one will roam around that place alone. You must always travel with a company, be it anybody. I will be busy with schedule and match planning so I need you all to look out for each other. And don’t be stupid and accept whatever outsiders give you like hungry dogs. I have enough work there and I don’t want to handle a drugged teenager” he rolls his eyes.

“Luke where is the planner?” he turns around. Someone nudges my shoes. I look down to see a blonde guy smirking at me.

“If it’s you I will fall either way pumpkin” he winks. I want to gag. Instead of giving him a witty remark, I get distracted by Luke talking to the Coach.

Now see, that’s what I want. Not blonde, I need soft brown hair. Green eyes that make you feel relaxed. Loose, comfortable, sweatshirt wearing guy with glasses. I sense he’s about to look up so I quickly divert my gaze to Alex who was agreeing with Ian on something, excitedly.

“I need all of you to assemble in the school bus stand by 5.30” Coach announces. “We will leave by 5.45, so be here on time.” All the boys nod their head vigorously. He doesn’t even have to repeat himself. The man was that intimidating.

“It’s a seven hour bus journey. We will be there for 4-5 days. Pack accordingly” with that he dismisses everybody.

As everybody was leaving, I turn to the Coach, “Thank you sir, for letting me come along.”

“No problem. Your mother explained your situation” he nods his head and walks into his office signalling Luke to follow.

I turn towards Max confused, only to see him trying to quietly slip away.

“Max? What did he mean by that?” I ask suspiciously.

“That is nothing. Forget it” he fake-laughs.

“Max?” I raise an eyebrow.

“I asked mom to talk to coach” he admits in defeat.

“What! Why!” I exclaim.

“Well I did what I had to do. It was the only fool-proof way. Lia I can’t mess around with that man. I only get one chance.” Max explains.

“So?! I would have stayed back. No big deal. Besides how did you ever get her to do something for me?” I ask baffled.

“She’s not that evil Lia.” I almost believe Max but when I notice his uneasy posture I think again.

“What did you do Max?”

Max’s eyes widen cause he was not expecting me to ask that. I look at him pointedly.

“I-” he sighs “-asked her to talk to coach or threatened that I’ll move out of her house. I know a little too dramatic” he says taking in my panicked expression. “But it worked out Lia. I made her say, she had some urgent business to attend to for a few days and she could not leave you alone in the house without the loving protection of an elder brother. Rest is history” he gives a saccharine smile.

“Are you crazy?!” I smack his hand in anger.

“Look it’s all I could do after not being able to get the name” he mumbles. I close my eyes in despair.

“Max it’s not your-”

“I know. But I can’t help but feel useless after that” he shrugs.

“I don’t love you because you are a useful brother. I love you despite of that. No matter what you do or say, I would love you, you idiot” I punch his shoulder smiling slightly.

“Even if I say-” he begins but starts coughing. I eye him suspiciously.

“Even if you what?”

“Nothing” he waves off. “Bottom line is that, you are coming. And we all will have super fun” he gives me thumbs up.

“You are crazy” I smile holding back my tears and giving him a hug. He gently pats my hair, “Anything for my million-dollar sistah.” I laugh pulling away.

“C’mon, I’ll drop you off” he says picking up his bag from under the Coach’s table. I nod following him out. Before leaving I turn back and catch a glimpse of Luke sorting out some papers while Coach Denfry leaves through another door whistling and juggling his keys.

“Max, why don’t you go ahead” I say suddenly in the corridor. “I just remembered Ms. Laura had asked me to meet her before leaving. I think she wants me to clean her cupboard. It’s not an easy nor a quick job.”

“You want me to help?”

“I can tell from your face how badly you want to do this” I say blankly. Max gives a guilty smile. “Just go, I’ll be fine. You have been enough good brother for today.”

Max bows gratefully and runs off. I also pretend that I am going towards teacher’s lounge but as soon as Max disappears around the corner I take a U-turn and quickly walk towards the boys locker room.

I gag slightly at the smell of socks. As expected I find Luke quietly reading and arranging the papers.

“Hi” I say cautiously standing beside him. He glances at me and gives me a head bob.

Oh dear, he’s pissed..

“So, how come you never talked to me today?” I ask acting totally innocent.

Yes! Let’s turn this on him.. my inner-hoe smiles sarcastically.

Instead of reacting viciously, like I expected, he just shrugged.

“Didn’t feel like talking.”

Wait what?!

I look at him totally puzzled. Were we both avoiding each other today?

Luke throws a bunch of paper in the trash and finally turns towards me.

“Lia, we both know, who was ignoring whom” he states taking in my confused face which was now replaced with a guilty look. “Question is why?” he crosses his arms. I am distracted by the faint outline of biceps that formed on his loose sweatshirt.

“Lia?” I know I should look up and answer, but I just can’t.

“Okay” he uncrosses his arms making me look up. There’s a hint of smile on his face which he quickly masks for my benefit.

“Well?” he raises a brow. I take a deep breath.

“You cleaned my house” I accusingly point at him.

Luke gives me a confused look.

“You should not have done that. Now, I feel shy and embarrassed, by even looking at you” I mumble staring down at my shoes.

Two red high-tops stand in front of my shoes. A hand lifts up my chin and I stare back at Luke who was looking at me tenderly. He softly kisses me and smiles at me.

“Say a thank you like normal people” he twinkles. I feel my heart-rate go up.

“You over-did it, by a mega-ton, when you did my laundry” I scold quietly. “I wake up this morning to find my dirty pile of clothes all clean and washed in the dryer.”

“I am sorry” his voice quivers with laughter. “While tidying your room I just did your laundry too. I didn’t know it would be such a big deal.”

“Well it is. You didn’t have to do that” I frown looking away.

“Lia, remember how you brought me soup when I was sick?”

“Yeah well if this is your payback, then now, I owe you at least 50 more soups.”

“No, that’s not what I meant” Luke says patiently. “Did you bring me the soup because I asked you to?” I shake my head no.

“You brought it because you wanted to. Because you cared that much. Similarly what I did, was just me taking care of you.”

“Stop over-thinking it” he kisses my forehead. I nod giving him a half-hearted smile.

“How come..” Luke pulls me towards him by waist. “..I have never seen you in your mermaid t-shirt saying ‘I outgrew my b-shells’?”

“You saw that?!” my cheeks burn as my eyes widen in surprise. “This is the reason you should not have done my laundry” I hit his chest as he silently chuckles.

“Baby, you don’t need a t-shirt to tell that” he teases.

I groan, “Stop.”

Luke silently chuckles. I glare at him, but he bends his head and catches my lips.

We jump apart as we hear voices. Two boys walk in the door and go towards the locker completely ignoring us.

“Come with me” Luke grabs my hand and picks his bag. He goes to the top of the school building leading us out in the terrace. On the way, I fill him with how I ditched Max.

“Woah” I pause looking at the view. It was beautiful. The wind blew strongly making it chilly. I was glad I wore a hoodie.

“It’s pretty ain’t it” Luke says standing beside me.

“Is this another one of your secret spot?”

Luke laughs. “As a matter of fact it is. No one is allowed here. But once the school is over and only few of the staff members are left you can easily sneak up here.”

He sits down on the ground and props one knee up, resting his hand on it. “Sit with me” he pats beside him on the ground.

I smile mischievously and go sit on his lap. “I know we both like it this way better.”

Luke grins putting his hands around me and pulling me closer.

“I missed you today” I put my arms around his neck.


I happily wave Luke off as I proudly look at the three dark red spots running along Luke’s neck to shoulder.

We should do lonely terrace make-out sessions more often..

I enter the apartment to find Julian making a mess to find his socks. I quietly join him in his quest.


They are going away!!

I know a little boring update, but I wanted to do a chapter before my exams. So sorry beforehand, if you don’t see an update for a long time. For the coming chapters I need to have a clear mind cuz there’s a lot of things I need to include. Phew! I have planned out some cute cute scenes for Lia and Luke. Wait patiently for me warriors..

Hope you could bear this chapter! <3

PS: There are 6k+ reads on Inkitt. Thank you so much guys. I never imagined I would reach this far. I am feeling really grateful and happy.

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