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Chapter 39: Dear Lord, I Have Traumatized You

Lia’s POV:-

“Now now, off you go.”

I was being rudely sent away from Max’s room where the boys along with Julian had gathered together. I asked if I could hang out with them, cause I was bored.

The real reason was that, they had good amount of alcohol, but they didn’t need to know that..

“Lia, it’s an ‘All-Men Zone’. You can’t join” Max explains.

“Yeah I see. All men” I say sarcastically. “C’mon, let me join. You won’t notice I’m there” I try once more.

Good amount of alcohol people. I swear good amount.

“Things might get brutal. I can’t possibly allow you as your elder brother. And we really need to celebrate our victory” he beams proudly.

Yes, the boys won the match. And they didn’t have a match the next day so they thought they could risk drinking their body weight.

“Lia” Ian joins us at the door. “Don’t you see, you are free to go out now. You can actually hook up with guys here” he says in a whisper, but Max hears and smacks his head. “I promise, no one would say you were fraternizing with the enemies” he continues ignoring Max.

My eyes dart into the room where Dylan and Julian were playfully fighting with each other. No sign of Luke. These boys don’t understand, the one guy I am after, will be inside with them. I sigh in defeat, “Fine, I’ll go. But you guys are buying all my meals from now on, because this is fucking injustice.” Both of them vigorously nod their heads.

Shooting them a glare, I walk towards the elevator. I might as well explore the town. Night time is the best to roam around.

“Lenny wait!”

My hand shoots out immediately to stop the elevator from closing. Julian was running towards me. He gets in and presses ground floor. I look at him in confusion.

“You really didn’t think I would ditch my best friend for some hot boys” he raises an eyebrow. I grin and leap at him, “You are the best!”

Julian replies smugly, “I know. Now stop looking at me like I’m candy.” I grin wider and continue my creepy, yet loving stare.

On our way out we bump into Alex and Luke. They were carrying take-outs. We quickly explained the situation. While parting ways Luke and I knowingly brush against each other.

“So, got your fake ID?” Julian asks as soon as we are on the road.

“You bet” I grin.


“How was your night?” Max asks sitting beside me.

“It was okay” I reply as normally as I could. Julian and I had a blast. Neither of us was in a mood to flirt or do anything with strangers, so we got nicely drunk and danced our asses off. This morning we woke up in an isolated park. Julian was floating like an arc on the swing snoring loudly while I was passed out on the sand. We stumbled into my room just before sunrise. I took a shower and then proceeded to sleep more. While Julian wanted to take a bath but fell asleep in the bath-tub. I guess everybody had an eventful night because nobody bothered to come out of their rooms until it was late evening.

“Ours was okay too” Max says restraining a grin. We both looked at each other and burst out laughing. We were waiting outside the Headmaster’s office. Luke was inside with the Coach along with Blue Valley’s Coach and the boy who punched him.

Max was called as the Captain and I was there because I took him to the hospital. Coach asked us to wait outside.

Rest of the team members were at a high-class dinner party that some boy, who was beyond school teams rivalry, organized. We were also going but Coach called us in the last second.

“Come inside you two” Coach says poking his head outside.

Coach juiced out a good and long apology from everyone. For a moment I felt he was also asking apologies for old matters. By the time we reached the party it was almost over. We caught rest of the team members just outside the door.

“The food is..” Dylan gives a chef’s kiss.

“But the party is..” Ian gives a fake-snore.

“You better eat fast and scooch out” Alex pats Luke’s shoulder sympathetically and they all hurry away.

We three exchange looks among ourselves, in silent agreement that we’ll get out of there as quickly as thunder.

Max was the first to break the agreement.

“Luke!” Max excitedly squeezes his shoulder. “Look at that girl with Easton!”

Luke complies, “Yeah she’s pre-” he coughs on catching my glare “-okayish.”

“Are you nuts?” Max scoffs. “She’s stunning. I bet she’s Easton’s girlfriend. Man, this will be interesting” he gives a mischievous smile. His smile broadens as he sees the girl excusing herself to the restroom.

“Wish me luck” Max turns to us.

“All the best” we say in unison and watch him run after her. I feel Luke entwining our hands and walking through the thin crowd. He swims through the house and finds an empty dark room. I give an impressed smile to his back as he checks the window.

I like a man with a purpose..

Finally, he had enough and will join me in the dark.. I thought with an inward grin.

He turns to me and leads me near the window. I frown in confusion. If this boy starts sprouting Shakespeare’s line about the night sky, to set a romantic mood I’ll hit him with the table lamp.

“C’mon baby. Climb out” he encourages.


I look at him bewildered and then look outside. Outside the window we could walk on the adjoining roof. Realization dawns upon me and my face falls.

Just when I thought..

“Is everything ok?” he asks in concern. “Do you not want to sit out there? I thought this way we could be alone and undisturbed. But if you-”

“No! I mean I-I love this idea” I reassure quickly. “I was just thinking how we missed the food downstairs” I explain hoping he would buy it.

“Don’t worry. I’ll get you food” he smiles. “But before that may I?”

He hooks his hand beneath my thighs and lifts me up to his height, using the wall for support. I eagerly wrap my hands around his neck and pull him close.

Something is better than nothing..

We both just stand there looking at each other. I remove his glasses to kiss his pretty eyes. Then I press sweet kisses to his cheeks. Luke gives a contended sigh as if relishing my lips against his face. He snuggles his face on my chest while I smoothen his thick hair. I grip his strands as he trails kisses along my neck. We weren’t even doing anything yet we both were panting loudly.

Luke gives a low groan, “It gets harder and harder everyday.”

I am about to ask “Your wood?” but he smothers my mouth with a hungry kiss.

The moment is broken as my stomach gives a hungry growl.

Talk about perfect timing..

“Wait for me outside” he says setting me down. “I’ll be back with food” he kisses my forehead and disappears. I climb out and take a few steps away from the window, and settle down looking at the stars and city lights.

My lips curl into a smile as it dawns to me how Luke left me alone to sit outside. I would have gotten irritated if he fussed about me being careful. The boy knows I can take care of myself. Julian’s boyfriends always accompanied him everywhere, in order to keep him safe. Maybe it was their clinginess that drove me away from relationships. But with Luke, I can breathe. He doesn’t try to control me.

I sigh remembering how I just, misread the situation. My impatient self is longing to test him and do things to him that I didn’t know I was capable of thinking. I mean, for sure he is a damn good kisser. Our innocent make-out sessions gives me the impression he is skilled. I can only imagine how skilled he will be in other things.

My chain of thoughts is interrupted as Luke climbs out the window. A cigarette is hanging loosely from his lips as he balances two plates loaded with food. He smoothly walks upto me and hands down the plates to me.

“They were out of beer” he says sitting down and setting the cigarette beside him.

“This will do just fine” I grin, greedily eyeing the food. We both start stuffing our mouths, because we both were ravenous.

“Luke try this!” I hold up a piece of fried chicken. It tasted so good. Luke smiles at my excited face and takes a bite giving a quiet moan while chewing.

“You try this” he offers me a spoon pointing at the rice. Soon all food disappears and we set aside the plates giving contended sighs.

“Here” he brings out two chocolate bars from his pocket. I wolf it down too. We both were sitting and starring at the night sky. Luke had picked up his cigarette again.

“It’s the first time, I am seeing you smoke. You look sexy” I mutter brushing hair off shoulders. He gives me a knowing look.

“I don’t smoke often” he breathes out long stream of grey air. I take the cigarette from his lips and take a drag.

“I first tried it at my uncle’s house” he smiles at the memory. “Nobody was in the house and I stole one and took it to the bathroom. I can never do that” he says staring at the smoke rings I make. I bring the cigarette to his lips and he takes a quick puff.

“You know” he continues. “I lighted the first one all wrong. Held the lighter for way too long, which filled my mouth with smoke and I coughed the cigar right into the toilet.” I laughed at the sky, feeling happy and relaxed.

“Then I had to steal another one” he mutters leaning back and stretching his legs.

“How old were you?” I pass him the cigarette.

“Umm.. 15-16 I think. What about you?”

“My first time?” He nods giving me the almost finished stick.

“Well if you mean the first time I tried, then I’ll have to say six” I puff out the last ring and toss away the cigarette butt. Luke sits up in surprise.

“Relax, it’s not that bad. No wait, it was bad” I frown remembering the day. “I was in the car. My father used to smoke. We were on our way to drop me to boarding school. He went inside some shop and left a burning cigarette near the dashboard.”

“What!” Luke exclaims in horror. “He could have blown the car!”

“Well, that would’ve solved lots of his problems” I say laughing. “Anyways I had seen him use it. So I took the roll, brought it to my mouth and took a sip like it was some fucking juice” I grin at my stupidity. “I ended up coughing and wheezing badly. My eyes watered. I managed to place it back but damn, the foul taste was in my mouth for days. Not to mention my sore throat... Dear Lord, I have traumatized you” I bite my lip as I take in Luke’s scared expression.

“H-how can.. I mean..” he stutters. “Does Max know?” he finally asks.

“Of course not” I scoff at him. “I don’t think even Julian knows about this. Well the topic was never brought up” I shrug.

“Lia that’s..” Luke swallows with difficulty. “It doesn’t bother you?”

“What? The fact that my father’s recklessness could have killed me, or that my father’s foolishness could have given me lung cancer at the tender age of six” I raise a brow. “Luke after a while things stop bothering you, because you know nothing good will come out of them. Frankly at this moment there are only three things that matter to me. Well three people to be more precise. Max, Julian and you. Now stop looking at me like that. You are making me feel like I am some lead of a drama.”

Luke wraps his arms around his knees, deep in thought. I scoot closer to him and slip an arm inside his.

“Your hands are cold” he mumbles looking at me.

“I am always cold” I mutter in response. “Sometimes I feel I am cold-blooded.”

“Come here” he wraps his hands around me. Even though he’s in a thin t-shirt his body was deliciously warm. Cool breeze flew, gently ruffling his hair. I lean my head against his shoulder.

“Sorry, I should not have bummed you out like that” I say tracing random patterns on his thighs. Luke laughs in disbelief.

“Lia that’s not even..” he fumbles at a loss for words.

“Shit!” I duck down pulling Luke with me. He looks at me in question and I signal downwards where Max stood talking to that girl from before.

“He’s doing a good job” Luke says dryly, watching Max flirt with her. I watch in unhidden jealousy as moonlight bounces of her smooth velvety black skin. She has the curliest hair that fall around her in ringlets. Being a girl I know how difficult it is to manage curly hair but, my oh my they look so pretty. Her faint giggles could be heard from above.

“Okay let’s get out of here” I scrunch my face as Max starts kissing her. Luke chuckles but takes out his phone and snaps a picture of them.

“He’ll thank me later” Luke grins pocketing his phone. I cringe and climb back inside the house. Luke hugs me from the back as I go to open the door. He says something into my neck but his voice gets muffled up.

“What did you say honey?” I scratch his hair. He shakes his head and hugs me tighter.


Do you guys know I have an instagram account too. Don’t bother to check, because it’s absolutely empty. At first I put some posts but then deleted them because they felt stupid. Now there are only covers that I made for the book. But if you have any interesting ideas as to what I can do, lemme know.

Hope you are liking the story! <3

Oh and I have two songs for you guys. Try 'Deep Water' by American Authors and 'Mystery Lady' by Masego (this one is catchy af).

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