The Bad Girl's Nerd

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Chapter 4: I sway my hips to the beat, my trunk-penis sways along

Natalia’s POV:-



I ruffle his hair. He pulls away and scoots further away from me. He’s still glaring at the TV.

“Julian talk to me pleaaassseee...” I whine.

He keeps watching the TV taking an occasional swig from the J&D bottle. I did everything I could. I even made him caramel flavored popcorn. He ate everything, but won’t even look at me.

I rub my face thinking, what I could do to get his attention. I smirk as I get the perfect idea. I get up and go to my room. I hear Julian huff in annoyance. Oh, if that boy thinks I gave up, he’s so wrong.

In my room, I put on my neon pink bikini.

Don’t ask why, I just happen to own one..

Then I look at my weapon of choice. My blue colored stuffed elephant toy.

Dicks are what gets that moron’s attention. So a dick he will see. Except for this time, it’s a trunk-penis. I wrap the elephants legs firmly around the base of my panty so that the elephant’s trunk hangs like a very questionably limp penis, which FYI is about 15 inches.

I take a look at myself in the mirror and start laughing cause seriously, this looks too funny. I put on a black silk robe and make my way to the living room fixing Julian’s favorite song on phone.

I go and stand on the table, in front of the TV, switching it off. My back is facing him. Then I seductively drop the robe till my waist and turn my head to fix him a steamy look. He’s giving me a ‘what-the-fuck’ look.

“If in case you didn’t notice, I AM GAY. Your cleavage doesn’t affect me. I like dicks.”

“Well if that’s the case, okay then” I smile and turn around dropping the robe. Julian’s eyes were bulging out like they would fall out. He just gaped at my 15-inch monster.

I smirk and play the song ‘Baby Shark’. Yes, Julian is obsessed with this song. Then I start swaying my hips to the beat, my trunk-penis swaying along. Julian starts laughing. In fact he’s laughing so hard that he’s making no sound.

I twerk and shake my body around in weird movements. Honestly, I don’t think I could hold my laughter in much longer. Julian is lying on the couch just shaking and crying.

After the song finishes I go and sit beside him giving him time to calm down.


Okay, I am starting to loose patience...

It’s been about half an hour, and Julian is still laughing. He would stop for a moment, look at me, and then again start laughing. I got bored so I got up took the elephant’s legs out, it’s going straight to laundry, and put on my robe cause I was feeling a bit cold.

After I don’t know how long, Julian finally stops and looks at me. I stop checking my nails and wait for him to say anything.

Suddenly I can’t breathe, because he has me in a tight bear hug. I hear sniffling sounds. Oh shit, he’s crying.

“Why do you have to go? It won’t be same without you. I’ll be so bored” he says in a quivering voice. “Who will kick me awake at 5 am on random days, to go for running and seeing the sunrise.” Actually I used to go so early, because I liked smoking in clean fresh air. I know quite ironic, but it’s very enjoyable.

“Aww.. Julian are you getting your periods” I rub his back.

“Bitch stop joking around. This is serious” he lets go of me and punches my arm.

I sigh. “It’s my mom.” Julian raises his eyebrows.

“Your mom? Out of all people, you are listening to your mom! She never cared about you, and now she’s calling you, and you are going!”

“Julian, she called many times and said, she wants to try again. I gave it a lot of thought. I say I don’t care what happens to her, but you know I realized, that deep down I still give a shit. If I don’t go, I know I will regret it my whole life. Plus I haven’t seen Max, since my dad left. We do talk regularly on phone, but I just miss him a lot.”

My brother and I are quite close. We phone call and video call each other frequently. My mom tells him that they can’t visit me because she can’t get time off work, and I say, I don’t go over there because I don’t want to. Reality is, I don’t have that much money, because seriously how much can you make working at a diner.

My mom should be the one to send tickets, but I am not stupid and don’t expect anything like that. Max still gets mad at me for not wanting to visit, but I just make excuses. I don’t tell him the truth, because I don’t want to spoil his and mom’s relationship. At least one of us should get mother’s love.

“I understand. I am sorry, I was being such a bitch earlier. I just can’t process the thought of us not lazing around” Julian says not meeting my eyes.

“Shut up dude, I myself am not that excited to leave. If I had money I would take you with me” I put my legs up on the coffee table.

“Lia don’t get me wrong. but please just don’t get your hopes high too much. I mean the woman literally abandoned you and now... I am sorry, it just sounds fishy.”

“I know! I have thought about it a million times. But what if there’s a tiny possibility that she was being genuine. I can’t miss that.”

“Ya, it makes sense.”

We both go quiet, lost in our thoughts.

“Hey, lets go to a party tomorrow to celebrate our last time together” Julian says excitedly.

I smack his head, “There’s no last time. If you thought you can get rid of me that easily, you are wrong mister. Cause bitch, I’ll be calling you every flipping day so you don’t forget me.”

Julian smiles widely and again scoops me in a tight bear hug, which he should stop doing, “I love you!” I can only grunt in response.

He lets go and asks, “When are you planning on leaving anyways?”

I give him a guilty smile. “See Judy darling, my flight is kinda scheduled tomorrow evening.”

Why did my mom get me an evening flight?

“What! You are leaving tomorrow!”

Oh boy, he’s not happy. He looks like an angry bear. He lunges at me, but this time it’s not for a hug.


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