The Bad Girl's Nerd

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Chapter 40: "Stay You Virtuous Little Fox"

Luke’s POV:-

I take a deep breath and knock on the door. Immediately I regret it. After the party we had said goodnight and went into our respective rooms. But I couldn’t stay away. I wanted to be around her more.

The door opens with a very confused Lia. Seeing me probably startled her cause she paused brushing her teeth, toothbrush parked on one side of her mouth. She quickly recovers and grabs my hand, pulling me inside and shutting the door. Without a word she disappears into the bathroom. I notice she was wearing a loose top that barely reached her thigh, giving me a full view of her firm legs.

Holy Moses..

She comes back into the room wiping her mouth against a towel. “Are you okay? You look like you saw a ghost.”

I gulp and nod keeping my eyes focused on her face. “I was j-just..” I stop myself and run a hand through my hair. “Look I shouldn’t have disturbed you. I’ll go” I turn around to open the door.

“No!” Lia turns me back, looking at me like I am crazy. “Stay you virtuous little fox” she teases lightly kissing me.

I break away, “I don’t think I should stay. I’ll be betrayin-”

She silenced me with a more punishing kiss. My eyes widen as she pulls me down to her height and plunges her tongue in my mouth. I grab her waist in support but she doesn’t let go.

She tastes like mint, so tasty..

“Now” she asks panting slightly.

“You won’t mind if I sleep here right?” I say going over to her bed and sitting down. She gives a victorious smile. Apparently her kiss tells my morals, and all shreds of subconsciousness to go fuck themselves.

“So, how come you were able to sneak out?” Lia happily climbs into the bed.

“Dylan and all the boys are still tired from previous night. So everybody is out like a log” I answer untying my shoes and placing them against the bed.

“I know, you don’t like people asking if you are okay, but seriously are you okay? Do your ribs still hurt?”

“No” I smile at her concern. “I am fine... Between you and me, I still feel a tiny jab of pain when I walk, but that’ll be gone soon.” Lia gives a sad smile. Now this is exactly why I didn’t like talking about my wound. They feel bad for me when in reality, I am not even in that much pain.

“What were you watching?” I change the topic quickly, pointing at the laptop on her bed.

“Peaky Blinders” she replies making space for me beside her. I bite my cheek looking at her.

“Relax Lukey. I won’t jump on you, no matter how much I want to.”

“No that’s not it. I feel like I am forgetting something I had to do.”

“You’ll remember it while watching Peaky Blinders. Now come on... And yes, remove your shirt, because I want you to be comfortable” she says innocently.

“Of course” I reply wryly.

“Purple socks?”


“Your socks. They look ghastly” Lia mutters. I look down and she’s right. I was wearing purple socks and they sure looked ghastly.

“I never noticed. They must be Dylan’s” I shrug settling down beside her.

“Should I play from the start?”

I shake my head, “I’ve watched it once. Just continue from where you left.”

She places the laptop on my lap and lays sideways, her head on my shoulder. Great! Now I have a good view of her ass which is almost visible from the thin fabric of her top. Her top is mint green, and I can totally tell that her panties are white.

Fucking hell..

If I get a boner now, the view of Mr. Shelby’s face will get hindered. I need to calm down. I close my eyes and think of my neighbor, Mrs. Potts. She brings out her water-cane in morning to water her tulips and hits street dogs with her walking stick. I open my eyes feeling calmer.

Lia is engrossed in the drama. I smile at how adorably she placed her hand with fingers curled in on my chest. I rub her back and rest my arm at her waist. Now, I don’t know why I noticed this. But when I rubbed Lia’s back I didn’t feel the strap. Which means she’s not wearing any...

Sweet Lord..

Well it makes sense, she was going to sleep. I unleashed this tormenting hell upon myself. I’ll have to endure it, no matter how alluring she smells.


“Luke your phone” Lia pauses the drama to look at me.


My mental image of Mrs. Potts torturing the poor milkman for thicker cream abruptly vanished.

“Your phone is ringing” Lia patiently tells me.

“Oh sorry, just a second.”

I take out my phone and see ‘Mom’ flash across the screen.

“That’s what I was forgetting” I mutter. “She called me during the party and I told her I’ll call back later. Lia you should continue. This will take a while.”

Lia gives me a thumbs up and sits up perpendicular to me, adjusting the laptop. I too sit up to go outside to talk, but Lia stops me. She holds up her earphones and winks.

“Hey mom” I answer the phone, giving a quick kiss to Lia and leaning against the headboard.

“Luke! Today of all days you had to forget calling me back” my mom snaps from the other side.

“Sorry sorry, what’s up?” I rub my eyes, removing my glasses.

“Tons. Where do I start?” she gushes excitedly. My mother is a very open person. She has to share everything that happened in her day. Usually it’s dad who’s the victim of her long tales. Although, I have a feeling, he likes to listen to her. Either way, he’s not much of a talker so it’s a win-win on both sides. But when dad is absent, she targets me.

I try to pay attention, I swear I do, but I really don’t care if Stella from her office bought a new car or if my uncle’s wife’s sister’s dog gave birth in a hospital.

“Luke! Are you listening?”

“Yes” I automatically answer.

“So don’t tell your father, that I met Gerald. You know how he hates that man” she sighs. Gerald was mom’s highschool sweetheart. But he decided to become a pop singer. His songs, my mom quotes, ‘Made her want to scratch her nails against the blackboard because that sound was more bearable’. Long story short, it didn’t work out and it’s an unsaid rule that we don’t talk about Gerald in our house. I’ll take a wild guess and say, dad and Gerald had a little pinch-poking.

“How was the meeting?” I ask her.

“Okay I think. I mean I tried to get out. But he wanted to talk about his new fiancée. Well it’s good he’s happy. But what I really wanted to talk to you about, is that- Luke?”

“Yeah” I answer quickly, diverting my gaze from Lia who was sitting cross-legged in front of the laptop and was watching it with big eyes. I sit forward and catch a strand of her long hair, playing with it.

“I am thinking of buying a new property. It’s a beach house. I want to gift it to your father on his birthday!” she whispers excitedly.

All distractions vanish and I straighten in alert. “A beach house? Where is it?”

“It’s in Thailand. Won’t it be so dashed good. We three could go there for vacations and relax.”

“It sounds good” I say standing up and walking around. “But it’s in Thailand. How would you know it’s a good-enough property?”

“Yeah about that, I have a friend there. He is in property dealership. So I am thinking I’ll ask him to look around. Maybe he could settle the whole deal.”

“Mom, that’s all fine until these people ditch you. Don’t you remember what happened with Uncle Jimmy. I suggest either you or me should go down there and then fix the deal” I turn around to see Lia staring at me. She smiles and looks back into her laptop.

“Hmm.. You are right” Mom mutters on the phone. “There.. Your father is finally home. He has been gone all morning. Some twerp at the company got everyone into trouble. Anyway, I’ll see what I can do and tell you tomorrow. Now go sleep. Good night sweetie. I love you.”

“Good night mom. Love you” I mumble feeling homesick. She hangs the call at her and dad laughing over something.

Lia had closed her laptop and was seriously typing on her phone.

“Who are you texting?” I asks climbing back into bed.

“Mr. Foincii” she replies absentmindedly. I remember that guy to be her agent.

“So.. All good at your house?” she asks putting away her phone and climbing in my lap. I nod wrapping my arms around her, the soft material of her t-shirt crunching under my arm. I hide my face in her neck.

“Just few more days Luke.. Then you’ll be home” she whispers ruffling my hair. I hug her tighter, breathing in her scent of wild flowers.

“By the way, I love your tattoo.” I look up to see her grinning mischievously.

“You ever got a tattoo?”

“I do have one” she replies.

“Why haven’t I seen it” I frown in surprise.

“Oh you are one to talk” she retorts.

“Can I see it? Please?”

“If I tell you where it is, you’ll say no” she teases.

“Try me” I whisper against her lips. She raises a mocking eyebrow, then starts lifting her shirt stopping just below her breasts. There below her left boob, ‘One Love’ was printed in a cursive font.

“It’s something” I mutter in fascination, lightly grazing it with my fingers. My mouth waters, wanting to lick it. She lets go of her top making it fall over my hand. She lifts my face and presses her lips to mine. She moves her legs so that she’s straddling me, her hands cupping the nape of my neck. My arm moves to her naked back, crushing her breasts to my chest. My other hand savors her bare thigh. Lia gives a moan moving her lips desperately against mine. Her lips are soft and cold, but here mouth is deliciously warm. I flick out my tongue and run it across her lips. Deep down, the cannibal inside me wanted to take a bite.

She was roughly grinding against me. Even through jeans her movements send ripples of pleasure through me. Her groans told me she felt them too. I brush my knuckles against the side her breast. My hands travel down and rest on her waist, feeling her moving against me like a snake. My thumb is aligned to the base of her panties while my fingers rest of her glorious ass. My lips don’t leave hers for a second. I feel like the luckiest dog alive.

This is what Heaven feels like..

“Luke” she moans clutching my hair as my thumb circles her nipple. I trail kisses down her throat. I kiss the top of each breast. Her chest heaves up and down from breathing heavily. I bend my head and brush my lips against her nipples through the shirt. They stubbornly poke back. I know I should stop, but I have come too far. Not to mention that I am hard as rock.

“Luke” she warns, wanting me to stop teasing her. She places her forehead against mine. Her hair fall around us like a curtain, gently tickling my shoulders. The blues of her eyes have darkened more than ever. My fingers curl into the bottom of her top, slowly lifting it up but we are interrupted by a heavy knock. I pause in my tracks letting the shirt fall back down. Lia gives a cute little growl.

“Go away, I am sleeping!” she shouts at the door.

That’s my girl..

We both again turn towards each other. But this time the knock is accompanied by, “Liaaaa..” and a dull thud. Both of us look at each other in alarm. It was Max’s voice. I start to rise up but Lia pushes me back down.

“Wait here” she says getting up fixing her hair and top, and going to the door. I put on my shirt and shoes. She opens the door by just a sliver, and peeks out. Then she opens the door completely and goes on her knees. I see Max had passed out on the floor.

She tries to lift him but Max was way too heavy. I rush to her, and we both lift him up putting his arms around our shoulders. He reeked of whiskey. We stumble to the next door. I dig out the keys from his pocket, along with an empty condom packet.

Someone got lucky..

But then I remember how I myself was about to-

Lord save my soul..

I open his room. Lia and I, put Max on his bed. Alex was snoring away. I take off Max’s shirt that was looking considerably damp, and Lia took off his shoes and socks. I pull over a sheet to cover him and keep his phone that had fallen from his pocket, on the nightstand.

Max opens his eyes briefly and sees Lia, “Lia.. Oh hey.. Good.. you are back in room.. I.. came to check.. check on you..” he mumbles out phrases sleepily. “I knew Luke would bring you back safely.. You.. You..” And then he again passes out. We both look at him in guilt. Soon enough Max and Alex both start snoring.

“C’mon” I take her hand and lead her outside locking the door behind me. We both stand at her door.

“I know you want to tell him, but please.. I..” Lia looks away her lips trembling.

“Hey no no.. Shh..” I hug her, rubbing her back. “It’s okay baby” I kiss her head.

“Stay. Don’t go” she whispers. I nod and open the door bringing us back inside.

“Here” I help her climb in and switch off the light. The table lamp gave out soft yellow light. I once more remove my shirt and lay down beside her.

“Luke, I can’t tell him” she whispers.

“Lia you know this. We have to. I can barely take it anymore. The guilt is killing me” I turn to look at her.

“Please, not now. You are the one thing, that maintains my sanity. You make me happy. With everything that has happened, I have been so sad. So very sad” She comes closer to me. “Being with you makes me forget it. If we tell Max and he makes us stop seeing each other.. I don’t..” she chokes putting the back of her hand against her mouth.

“Lia.. Hey, it’s okay baby. There is no rush” I kiss her forehead draping my hand around her. “It’s going to be okay” I say in her ear, gently rocking us together. She slowly relaxes, her stiff muscles loosen up. I stare in the dark thinking how I’ll have to act like everything is normal. I hate this, but for her, I’ll do it.

“Luke” she says meekly.

“Yes baby” I stop moving.

“I read this article the other day. It said something that if human brain is made to suffer too much pain, then it might stop responding and feeling emotions. It might even start lacking basic problem-solving skills” she explains drawing shapes on my chest. I listen trying to figure what she’s going at.

“After that fight with Mel, I used to cry myself to sleep at nights. From the crying my head used to hurt, really badly.” My arms tighten around her as I feel my eyes getting misty.

“I mean after once crying at night, I used to get the energy to go through the day. But does that mean, now I won’t be feeling emotions?”

“Right now you are feeling sad and vulnerable. Few moments ago you were feeling guilty. Before that while taking off your brother’s shoes you felt love. These all are emotions sweetheart. Don’t worry. Your old bean bag is just fine” I brush hair off her temple then continue playing with them.

“No Luke look” she says seriously. The way she eagerly wants to explain her point, makes me want to squish and hug her, like she’s a goddamn puppy.

“Criminals are people with brain damage right? So.. I won’t become like them in future?”

I laugh loudly despite of myself. Lia patiently waits for an answer, not sharing the amusement.

“Darling, most criminals and super-villians are people who’ve had long terms of depression. You on the other hand, are a tough bird. Do you still cry at nights?”

She shakes her no.

“See, you are recovering. You don’t dwell on stuff for long. You receive, you process, and you let go. And that’s not something criminals are capable off” I finish with kissing her eyes. Lia absorbs what I said. She climbs on me, makes space between my legs and lies on her stomach. She crosses her hands over my chest and looks at me.

I feel more than happy with this arrangement. Now I get to see her eyes. Even in dark they glow like blue diamonds.

“I think you are right” she finally mumbles.

“Wright is always right” I smirk. She giggles and climbs forward to kiss me.


I snuggle closer to the warm body opening my eyes. My face is in Lia’s chest. Her one hand is in my hair, the other is acting like a pillow for me. I am hugging her like she’s my bedtime soft-toy.

Hands down, best sleep of my life..

No bad dreams, no graveyards. I gently untangle myself from her and sit up, placing my feet on the floor. I know it’s early morning. Because of morning practices I am used to waking up quite early. I put on my shirt and shoes. Before leaving I look at her once more. Lia had tucked her hands under her chin and was breathing lightly. Without second thought I lean over and press a kiss to her forehead.

In my defense, she was looking way too adorable..

My eyes wander over her face. She looked so innocent. Despite all the guilt, I felt weirdly ecstatic the way things were. Best part being the fact that, Lia trusted me. Around me she let her guards down easily. I break my creepy stare, and sneak back into my room.

Dylan’s sleeping soundly. For the third time today, I take off my shirt and get into my cold bed. I toss irritatedly because the smell of lemons and wild flowers is really faint. I manage to finally close my eyes when that irritating song starts blasting from Dylan’s phone.

I’m a Barbie girl,

In the Barbie world..

I groan into my pillow. Earlier this song didn’t bug me. But ever since Dylan made it his alarm tune, and it’s the first thing you hear in the morning... I swear even The Pope would start cussing.

The song is so annoyingly catchy, that you find yourself singing it in the middle of the football field. And trust me, the looks that referee gives you when he hears you say I’m a Barbie girl.. Well it’s not something everyone should see.

I sense Dylan getting up. Thankfully, he stops the ear-bleeding song. I grit my teeth as I remember Coach had called for an early-morning workout session.

“Luke, wake up you lazy ass” Dylan groggily shouts and on his way to bathroom slaps my butt.

“Fuck off” I mumble feeling tired. I could not go back to sleep now.

“How about you go, tell that to Coach?” Dylan laughs. I sit up on my bed, resting my eyes against my knuckles. I could give excuses that I am still hurt, but I force myself to get up. Workout is better than lazily lying on the bed.


Workout is better than lazily lying on the bed.

Anyone relate to this? I can’t, cause I can sleep at any time of the day. The only days I wake up early, are game days. Otherwise I keep my practice hours in the evening.

Anyways, initially I was gonna write this chapter from Lia's POV but, I got some requests for more of Luke’s POVs. So this chapter is for you guys. Hope you enjoy!

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