The Bad Girl's Nerd

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Chapter 43: I Helped My Best Friend Put On A Condom

Luke’s POV:-

“Ian! Get your massive ass out of the shower!” Dylan loudly thumps on the bathroom door, making me look up from the book I was reading.

“Dylan, let him be. If you keep doing that, he’ll take longer to tick you off.”

In response, I get a death glare. “Okay..” I look back in my book. Since I woke up first, I was able to take my shower in peace. Dylan suddenly freezes and puts his ear on the door. “Do you hear that?” he whispers in disbelief. “He’s singing! He’s fucking singing in the shower! Get out you fucking pig!”

I tune him out and try to read. But in my mind, Lia’s face kept roaming around. How she sat in front of me, moonlight bouncing off her hair. Her smile, that dress, her scent mixed with the smell of wood. I breathe out in frustration.

I want to see her..

“Oh thank you, your highness!” Dylan smiles at Ian who finally opened the door. “Thank you for stopping your beauty bath.”

“Hey! Such gorgeous skin, is a result of careful and calculated, scrubbing and rubbing” he explains. “Someone like you-” he continues, “-and you-” he says pointing at me, “-would never understand the importance of skin care, because your skin is already at it’s worst.”

“Oh my God!” Dylan says looking extra-horrified. “Poor us! Tell me, Ian ‘The Skin Specialist’, is tomato good for your skin?”

“Tomato? Yes! It is rich in-”

“Well, I hope you enjoy scrubbing this then” Dylan snaps and squeezes out ketchup from a bottle kept nearby, and jumps into the bathroom, before anyone could react.

Ian made a feral noise in his throat, “You tricky son of a goat! I’ll kill you! I’ll shove tomatoes so high up your bleating ass, that your body will think your digestive system got fucking reversed!”

“That’s a good one” Dylan laughs from the shower. I get up, not wanting to be there when Dylan comes out. I open the door, only to find Alex about to knock.

“Oh good,” he says looking pleased. “Luke, I need your help. Com-” he stops his eyes widening. “Is that blood?!” he exclaims pointing at Ian, who was sprouting threats at the door.

“I wish..” I mumble closing the door behind me. “What’s up?”


“I don’t think you can make that shot” I say doubtfully, as Alex aims a shoe, standing about 5 yards in front of the door. We both had shifted Max’s bed at the entrance of their room. Apparently he was not waking up, and Alex wanted to wake him up in an efficient method.

“Oh wait,” he says excitedly, taking off his sock. I cough from the strong, pungent, lethal stink. “I wore this, to all the matches” he grins proudly.

“Throw it faster, my eyes are watering” I cover my nose with my collared t-shirt.

“Here it goes.. Haiiyaaah!”

The shoe landed right on Max’s face. I give out an impressed whistle. “Very beautiful” I pat his shoulder.

We both watch as Max woke with a start, looking scared like an infant. He jumps out of the bed and rushes out of the room in his boxers.

“Holy Mother of...” he turns to us. “Guys! Something died in there” he shrieks in fright.

“Don’t you dare leave,” Alex says under his breath, keeping a firm grip on my shoulder as I tried to make a quick escape.


Lia’s POV:-

Where the fuck is everyone?

While I was showering, Julian said he was going to the beach. I went to Max’s room, no one was there. Same was with Luke’s room. I didn’t see anyone even in the breakfast area, except for Coach who was talking animatedly to the waitress. Wisely, I had slipped out of there, instead of throwing napkins at him, with pick-up lines written on them.

It’s hard to be such a good and caring person..

Now I was, hopelessly searching the beach for Julian’s stupid head. I turn my head as someone wolf-whistles at me. My shoulders sag in relief as I see Dylan’s familiar face. Behind him all the boys were coming, each of them had colorful snow-cones in their hand.

The boys were already in their swimming trunks. In fact, Dylan was walking in a hideously bright neon green trunk with red dots. And I spotted Ian wearing the exact opposite, bright red trunk with neon green dots. My eyes search for Luke, but I couldn’t see him behind Alex’s tall head. He was talking with Max. I feel giddy thinking, how I’ll once again get to gawk at Luke’s body.

“Baby doll, do I look like a Fungi in this?” Dylan asks looking worried.

“Yes,” Alex answers for me, handing me a snow-cone. I smile and happily dig in.

“Hey, if you jump from a building, will this.. flare out, like the batman?” Dylan asks eagerly.

“Dylan, this is a kaftan top” I roll my eyes. This morning, I had hurriedly thrown this top and shorts, over my bikini and put my long hair in a French braid, few strands dancing about in the wind.

“It looks good on you,” Ian winks at me. I give a nervous smile. Finally Luke comes into view. My face falls as I look at his loose white shirt, and dark blue trunks that had orange colored fish print.

“Why do you look like a dog, that just got denied it’s walk?” Julian asks appearing out of nowhere and accepting a snow-cone from Luke.

“Where the hell were you?” I angrily jab his side, making half of his snow-cone fall in sand.

“I was making a sand castle with kids, but oh my Lucifer! Did you just ruin my icy goodness!”

I wisely go and hide behind Max, because I know if I run, he’ll catch me and do God knows what. Max is so huge, that I could use him as a shade, and still have room to spare.

Soon enough, everybody gets into the water. Luke eventually got rid of his shirt. Many boys, as well as men tried to approach me, when I abandoned my shorts and top, but Max drove them all away. Luke almost drowned a boy, who knowingly kept splashing water at me.

I was happy, cause Luke was so busy guarding me, he didn’t have time to notice the females who were making hungry-eyes at him.

We played volleyball in the sea, with the team members. Ted was in the opposite team, and would always miss the ball, because he had his eyes glued to me, more specifically my chest.

Soon, we were all spread out on the sand, too tired to swim or play more. We were lazily, giving dares to each other. So far, I had asked out two girls and one married woman. Max was made to beg a stranger for his trunks, Ian had swallowed a seaweed and immediately returned it to the sea in an unacceptable form.

Luke and Julian were made to ask a girl, if she was willing to triple team. To my further alarm, she shyly agreed. She gave Luke her number, and disappeared. Luke just tossed her number to Ian, who merrily pocketed it. I had pinched myself red through the entire thing, making sure this was reality and it’s a joke, not another one of my scary-ass dreams.

“Oh! I got a good one for Alex!” Dylan squeals in excitement.

“No! No way. Last time you made me do a Tik-Tok in public. Naked” Alex shudders. “I am not taking dares from you.”

“Oh shut up, you wuss! Alex, if you refuse,” Dylan threatens. “I’ll call your girlfriend and tell her about the time Ginger dumped you, while you were-”

“Fine! I’ll do it” Alex snaps.

“While they were what? What was happening?” Max sits up in attention. Ian also looks around in confusion. Luke was smiling widely.

“She dumped you during that?” Julian asks in a hushed whisper. Alex gives him a murderous look.

“You are not exactly wrong, you are not exactly right either” Dylan answers Julian.

“Dude! Why don’t I know this?” Max looks annoyed.

“Everybody shut up!” Alex fumes. “Look, it’s not a happy story-”

“Exactly. It’s a horny story” Luke mutters, making Dylan hoot.

“Nevertheless,” Alex grits, scornfully looking at Luke. “We should continue our game. Dylan give me the dare. Please” he begs.

“I dare you, Alexander Anderson-”

“-that’s my name” Max interrupts to which Dylan gave a knowing look.

“-to wear condoms on your feet for one hour.”

We all blankly stare at Dylan, who hands out two condom packets from his trunks.

“Holy shit, he’s serious” I mumble under my breath. Alex looks at Dylan like a priest would look at a hooker.

“What’s the matter with you?” he finally cries.

“C’mon don’t waste time” Dylan urges. Alex shoots us all a pleading look, but everybody suddenly found the sand very interesting.

“Look, I got a dried seahorse” Ian nudges me and I obediently pay attention to him.

“Fine! I see what’s going on” Alex sneers. “Gimme that!” he snatches the condoms and tears it open. We all watch with watering eyes, and puffed out cheeks, as Alex puts them on. Max clenches his jaw, and assists him. His face was red from holding himself back.

“Great! Now my feet won’t leak any man foam,” Alex smiles sarcastically. Julian breaks the silence first. Soon we all join him, laughing at poor Alex who tried to wiggle his toes.

“You look flattering” Dylan compliments.

“I can now tell people, ‘I helped my best friend put on a condom’” Max comments.

“Now, that’s something I would pay good money to see” Julian whispers to me. Luke was leaning on his elbows, quietly enjoying the show.

“Alex give us a cat-walk” Ian claps in excitement. It felt as if Alex had grown new feet. He tried to walk, but kept wobbling. “Dude, your feet are still the same” Max scoffs.

“I can’t help it” Alex snaps. He was not enjoying this, at all.

“You should take a swim” Luke suggests. Everyone unanimously agree.

“Thank you, for the idea Luke” Alex gives a fake-smile. Luke graciously tilts his head.

“He’s right. With condoms on, you don’t have to worry about anything going in” Ian points out.

“Or anything going out” I add. “Your population paste will be intact.”

“Yes, cause ankle joints are actually my balls. Ha ha ha” he says blankly.

“Taking kicking your foot, to a whole other level” Dylan wisely notices. We all give murmurs of appreciation.

“Stop it!” Alex snaps again, but we barely pay attention and continue to push him into the ocean. After the swim, he took them off ignoring our protests. We all felt his foot.

“Dylan, they worked! His feet are dry” Max congratulates him like they made a scientific discovery.

“I hate you guys,” Alex growls in anger.


I was sitting in the sand, watching the sunset. It felt very peaceful, after an entire day of screaming and fighting. The boys went after a group of girls, who checked into the resort this evening. Since we were leaving tomorrow, they felt it was too good of an opportunity to miss.

“I was looking for you.”

Turning my head, I see Luke coming towards me. He had thrown on his white shirt, but left buttons undone. I smirk at his abs.

“Why aren’t you with the boys?”

“How could I, when my girl was here” he answers, sitting beside me.

“Smooth” I mutter, making him chuckle.

“I love this beach” I sigh contently. We sat there watching the sun retreat quietly.

“C’mon, I’ll show you something” Luke stands up, and pulls me up. He leads me to the corner of the beach, away from the resort, where forest deepened. I gaze at the tall trees, moonlight filtering through them.

“You would like this, since you are a fan of Titanic” he grins. Among the trees, giant rocks had bundled at one place, creating a higher ground. We climbed till the last rock. Waves slashed against it.

“Wow” I breathe out at the vast stretch of water. Due to the height, I could see farther ends of horizon. Luke stands behind me, hands around my waist. He thought, I wouldn’t know. But I could tell his reason for hugging me so tightly was because, I was standing too far at the edge. I let him be as I stare at the water and sky.

After some time, I take a step back along with him. His grip considerably loosens.

“Why do you have so many secret spots?” I ask leaning against him.

“I don’t know. Maybe cause I need my peace” he murmurs tucking my head under his chin.

“Do you regret, exposing them to me?”

“I don’t know, should I?”

“You shouldn’t” I reply firming, holding his hands. “I won’t tell anyone.”

“I know baby,” he kisses my cheek.

“Hold on, maybe you should” I say in sudden thought. “What if I don’t leave you alone, and pop up at every place you go to escape? Now that you’ve brought me in all these places, I’ll totally disrupt your silence.”

“Please do, Lia” Luke whispers, as if in pain. “I don’t like the silence.” He hides his face in my shoulder.


“I don’t like the silence. I like the peace. Your presence, brings me peace.”

I turn around, holding his face in my hands. He gives me a sad smile. I want to ask him, what happened, but he quiets me with a kiss. I take the hint, and let it go. He’ll tell me, when he wants to.

“You’re the first person, I’ve shown these places to” he admits coyly.

“For real?” my eyebrows raise up high. He nods.

“Why? Why me?” I ask in disbelief.

“Hmm.. How do I explain?” he muses, wrapping his hands around me again. “Lia, you don’t need me. I know, you’ll manage just fine without me. And still you stay. Because you want to. You don’t try to change me, except for the whole ‘smile more in public’. But otherwise, you are happy with me. Aren’t you?”

“Hell yeah, I am” I laugh. “It’s you who, surprises me. I am still waiting for you, to go screaming into the mountains.”

“I’ll leave you a note, before that happens” he answers seriously, making me laugh more. “But, you like me, for me. And I don’t get that. You let me be. So I feel.. safe around you.”

“I feel safe around you too” I confess. Luke briefly kisses me, holding my chin.

I turn back to the sea. Luke kisses my neck, until I start feeling ticklish. I was giggling and poking him, when my phone rings.



“Yes sir” I answer in alert. It was the Coach. He has never called me before.

“Natalia, I need you in the ‘Big Room’. There are some stuff, school stuff, that needs to be sorted into their boxes. You get started, I’ll send help.”

“Okay sir” I answer, but he hangs up. Big Room was this empty hall in the resort, that I think was used for special functions.

“Coach has some work for me” I tell Luke, pocketing my phone. He was playing with my kaftan’s sleeve.

“Oi!” I try to catch his attention. “Go back to the boys, but don’t you talk to those girls” I playfully threaten him.

“Yes mam” he responds obediently.

“Good boy” I smile, kissing him.

“Hello?” Luke says against my lips.

“Huh?” I look at him confused. He had his phone to his ear, listening intently. I try to slip away, but he holds me in position. I trace the skin on his chest, as I listen to muffled voice from the phone.

“That was the Coach” Luke sighs, putting his phone away. “He couldn’t reach Max, so he told me to gather some boys to help you” he squeezes me.

“I’ll go, before the Coach starts yelling” I get out of his hold, and start my way back.

“Meet me here, after ten” he calls after me. I look back, and give a happy nod.


I was kneeling on the floor, smiling to myself and folding the school flag. There was a lot of crap scattered. But nothing could put me out of my happy mood. I will be going back to meet him. I quickly smooth out the creases, wanting to finish this and rush back to Luke.

From my peripheral vision, I see Julian slowly walking in.

“Hey Julian!” I greet, closing the box.

“Lia, can I ask you something?” he asks rather quietly.

“Anything” I flash him a quick grin and pick another box.

“Am I unlovable?”

“What?” I laugh.

“Am I not capable of being loved?” he asks more loudly. I pause in my tracks and look up.

“Christ! What happened?” I am on my feet, as I take in his crying face. “Julian, what happened?” I ask in concern, wiping fresh tears. He stood there silently crying.

“Julian, whoever made you feel that, is a selfish bastard. You are the most lovable person on earth! You are one of my most special human” I stress my point. I sense people, entering the hall and was about to warn Julian, but Julian had different plans. He grabbed me, and kissed me square on the mouth.

My eyebrows shoot up in surprise. Now, I’ve had boys trying to kiss me off guard. I have always been able to stop them, if I don’t feel comfortable. But this time, I was more shocked at Julian, than the fact that he was kissing me. I was just going to break away, when suddenly he was pulled away from me.

“You piece of shit!” Luke roars, and pulls his hand back to punch Julian, who’s eyes widened in fright. Without thinking, I pull his hand back, not allowing him to punch my best friend. I realize Luke had already loosened his hold, and I was not required, but my actions definitely gave the wrong message.

Luke looks at me in silent question. His eyes were glistening. My heart sinks, as I see the hurt look on his face.

“Luke I-” I try to take his hand, but he removes it.

“It doesn’t work like that Lia. It doesn’t,” his voice quivers as he tried to hold himself together. As if not wanting to be around me, he walks out of the room. I hopelessly look at his disappearing form.

“You shouldn’t have done that Lia. Not to Luke, of all people” Alex says in disapproval. I find Max and Ian wearing the same look.

“Wait, why did he do that? Does he like you?” Julian asks looking puzzled.

“Hold on, you didn’t know?” the boys ask in unison.

“Hold on, you guys knew?!” I exclaim. The boys look at me sheepishly.

“Yeah, we’ve known for a long time” Ian shrugs meekly, while Max nods along. “You guys, are really bad at being inconspicuous” Max criticizes. Dylan had also joined in.

My mind was a chaotic mess. I try to catch one thought and process it, but it was impossible. Everything was flooding, all sorts of emotion coursing through me. “What the absolute fuck?” I sink down on the floor.

“We thought, you of all people knew. Since you were best friends and all that..” Alex says to Julian.

“Why wasn’t I knowing anything?” Julian asks in bewilderment.

“Because, you were obsessed with me” Dylan smirks, making me look at Julian.

“What?!” This time I stand up, going to Julian who was hatefully glowering at Dylan.

“Obsessed, my ass. Fuck off Smoren!” Julian spat out and walks outside. Dylan’s mask slips for a second and we all see his hurt look, but he wipes it away.

Ian begins, “Dude, we-”

“No,” he stops him. “Please don’t talk about it” he says with difficulty. Somewhere in my mind, I see glimpses of Dylan smiling at Julian, but I could not get past Luke’s face, his hurt look.

“My head, might explode” I press my temple.

“Go sort it out with Luke first” Ian says sympathetically. I hold back my tears, and walk out.



I guess, a lot of things seem different. This chapter is an absolute mess. I started with Luke’s POV then couldn’t go on with it. I didn’t want the last scene hanging like this, and I wanted to write it better, but I couldn’t think how. I just had this scene planned out for so long, and I wrote it in my mind so many times, that when I actually wrote it, I messed up. If I had continued, I would have had to write the entire thing and the chapter would go really long.

And of course, Dylan and Julian. Lmao.. You guys cut me some slack, alright. It’s my first time writing a book, so I obviously did not hide it well. But, I got good news for Julian’s fans. I’ll be writing a separate book for Dylan and Julian. In that I’ll explain what happened. I have started writing it, but it still needs editing. I just hope, I come up with a better name unlike the clichéd ‘Bad Girl’s Nerd’.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this chapter!

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