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Chapter 46: Ugh, these Damn Hoodies

Lia’s POV:-

“It’s been two days. Would you please tell me what’s the matter?” Luke sits in front of me, closing my sketching book. We both were in my bedroom. Luke was doing his studying, while I was improving my drawing skills.

“I told you earlier, I am telling you now. I am fine. Why do you think I am not good?”

“Because you haven’t smiled properly,” Luke replies standing up and walking around.

“I am smiling properly. See,” I give him a wide smile.

“No, you smile with your entire being,” Luke explains. I give him a weird look. “What I am saying is that no, that’s not how you usually smile.”

“Well, then how come no one else notices anything different?” I argue.

“Because you are with me most of the time. And I have been asking and trying to figure out what’s wrong.”

“Yeah, it’s been a lot of fun,” I mumble gloomily. Luke won’t even kiss me properly before he would start asking if I am hurt, or if I am okay.

“Luke, I am totally normal. Why don’t you remove your shirt? That’ll cheer me up.” I get a pissed off look.

“See that’s exactly what you are doing! You are trying to act like everything is normal, but it’s not. You are angry about something. Like something happened that you didn’t want to. Lia, tell me, did I do something?” he takes my hand. “Or was it Julian? Or Max? Or someone else? Just tell me, cause it’s driving me nuts..”

I sigh. Maybe it was the look on his face, or I myself wanted to unload the burden, cause I pour it all out, like I was in a confession and Luke was the priest.


So this was definitely a bad idea..

“Lia, let go of me. I don’t want you getting hurt,” Luke growls trying to shake me off.

“No, not gonna happen. And oh my God, you are bloody strong,” I pant, tightening my arms around his neck. I don’t know which idiotic, moronic, retarded part of my brain thought that Luke would react calmly, like he does everytime. Because when I told him what happened, he jumped up, gave me quite a good hearing about how I should have told him everything that very moment, then asked me who were those vile men. Upon my clueless silence, he murmured “Nevermind, I am going down there,” and put on his shoes. Only when he walked out of my room, I realized he was actually serious so I jumped on his back to stop him.

“Lia, I said let go!” he shouted, walking forward with me hanging on his back like a pathetic bagpack.

I need to put on more weight!

I wrap my legs around the couch on the way. My face splits in a smile as I see it working. Luke’s pace lessened, while I pulled myself towards the couch. Luke probably realized that I won’t let him go easily, so he turned around. I allowed him, but kept a firm hold around his neck.

“Luke look at me,” I plead, cupping his jaw. His face was dark like thunder, as he blatantly ignored eye-contact. He was trying to release my grip from the couch.

On seeing no other option, I resorted to the last measure. I leaned into Luke and gave the couch a kick. I wrap my arms around Luke’s head as he lost his balance and fell down.

“Oww..” I whisper. Damn, that hurts..

“Why would you do that?!” Luke asks in disbelief. “Oh Dear God, your hand..” he tries to get up.

“Oh no you don’t mister!” I snap forcing him down. “You are not going anywhere. Am I clear?” Luke was still struggling.

“Luke, listen to me!” I hold down his shoulders. “Those men were clearly not locals. So they must have not stuck around. They must have thought I was a local, but they don’t even have the slightest clue I am in this town, so far away. So be logical here, and think.”

A tear rolls down Luke’s face.

“Baby no..” I whisper, releasing my hold. Luke sits up and wraps his hand around me, crying into my neck. I rub his back, as we silently sit on the floor. After a while he lifts his head.

“If you didn’t feel like talking to me, you could have told Max, or Julian,” he sniffs, his voice getting heavier.

“There was nothing to talk about,” I reply, wiping his nose using my sleeve.

“Lia you are not alone. When will you understand this. You don’t have to do this alone... What am I saying, it’s my fault, I should have never left you alone.”

“You can’t be with me all the time. And by this incident, we can conclude I can take care of myself,” I give him a grin, wiping the remaining tears under his eyes. “Didn’t you hear the part, where I literally crushed that Boiled Egg’s balls. I mean, it was so gross, yet so satisfying. I don’t think even surgery could repair the damage.”

“Baby, but they are actual criminals, not some school bullies. You could have been killed.”

“Well then I expect you to write a kick-ass eulogy. What?” I laugh, as Luke looks away irritated.

“Luke, those men are not even the reason I am so angry,” I brush back his hair. Immediately I curse my big mouth.



“Lia, what are you saying?”

“Nothing..” I lie.

“Did anything else happen?” he asks in alert. “Did those dogs hurt you?”

Knowing he won’t rest until he found out, I tell him about the whole dorm-keeper thing, and how it made me hate the name Nat.

“I am not quite there yet, but give me a few more days and I completely lock up that horrible memory again.”

“Yes, you do that, while I go finish some unfinished business. I distinctly remember your school’s location,” Luke murmurs trying to get up.

“Sit down, you faithful chihuahua! Last time I checked, that man was sent to jail, for stealing money.”

The door opens and Julian walks in whistling. He stops on seeing us on the floor. Luke was facing the other side, while I give him a guilty smile.

“Guys, I wanna be supportive and everything, but geez get a room,” he murmurs and disappears into his pigsty.


“You look extra energetic today,” Ian comments while I skip along him. I give him a beaming smile. Can’t complain, I do feel better after telling everything to Luke. He on the other hand, has been sulking. It’s been two weeks, but I think I am making some progress with him. I took him to all his favorite restaurants. I have been talking non-stop around him, occasionally succeeding to make him chuckle. Otherwise we just cuddle, sometimes make-out.

The boys think, we are having a fight or like Alex likes to say ‘disagreement’. At school, me and Luke are the hot gossip apparently. While I was all up to give people more stuff to talk about, by managing a quickie in the library, turns out Luke is not a big fan of even PDA. Around the boys he’s comfortable, sometimes even give me a French kiss. But around people, he might give a quick forehead kiss, or hold my hand.

“There’s your Prince extra-extra Charming,” Ian smirks at, Luke leaning against the lockers.

“Why are you so tall? I can’t give you surprise kisses,” I mumble, as Luke briefly brushes his lips against mine.

“You could always give him surprise blowj- What?” Ian laughs as Luke punches his arms.

“Luke you are stronger than that,” Dylan scolds joining us. “Punch him like this.” I laugh in disbelief as Ian gets a nosebleed from Dylan’s punch.

“You filthy cardboard eating rat!” Ian yells. And they take off chasing each other.

Like a good boyfriend, Luke walks me to my classes before lunch. After lunch, I insisted to walk him to his classes. The boys found it pretty funny, Luke said it was adorable although I think he too found it funny, but I won’t have it any other way.

“Is this really true?!”

We both halt in the corridor, as Ava stands in our path, red-eyed. She had been off cruising with her family, and apparently returned today.

“But he was mine!” she sobs coming closer to us. Luke grabs my wrist and pushes me behind him. Ava narrows her eyes at his actions.

“You boyfriend-stealing wench!” she screams coming at me with her 4 inch long nails. Luke grabs her hands stopping her before she could claw my eyes, maybe heart out.

“Luke how could you?” she turns to him with a hurt look. Then, she tries to kiss him. I know what I said before, but praise to all the Lords that Luke was a tall boy because even Ava couldn’t reach him with her high heels.

“Ava stop it!” he snaps irritated, as she started mauling his t-shirt. I may not be scared of three grown men, but I definitely freaked out by this psycho chic. Luke gently pushes her away.

“Why her? She’s always wearing weird rings and necklaces like a voodoo priestess. She’s fat, her hair is weird-”

“Don’t talk about her like that,” Luke admonishes her. “She’s my girlfriend. If you can’t speak properly, then don’t speak to her at all.”

“But Luke I thought this time we could finally be together,” her mascara smudging around her eyes.

“Don’t you already have a boyfriend?” he questions, adjusting his torn shirt.

“Yes, but he was a distraction,” she eagerly explains.

“I am sorry, but please go to him,” he speaks, carefully moving around her using his body as a shield for me. “I’m sure he’ll treat you better,” he assures quickly escaping.

“I actually liked being called fat, but seriously voodoo priestess?” I muse walking beside Luke.

“I never saw that coming,” Luke mumbles as if in shock. Suddenly he stops firmly holding me against the wall, “Lia, under no circumstances you would go anywhere near that girl without me or any of the boys. Okay?” I nod obediently making him sigh in relief. He puts his hand around my shoulder, kissing my head.

“This is so unfair,” I mumble sitting next to Luke in lunch, eyeing the rip on his shirt. “I should be the one to give you claw marks and torn clothes.” Luke smiles sympathetically, and gives me his brownie.

“Lenny, you got a dollar down your tits?” Julian asks standing in front of me.

“Yeah, I got half cent there, and a quarter down my ass,” I answer biting into my sandwich.


“No you moron! I don’t have any money,” I sip my juice feeling pissed.

“Well then, go to the road and wiggle your booty and jiggle your tits, cause I really need some money,” Julian whines making me burst out laughing.

“There you go,” Luke gives him a five dollar bill. “Now please stop,” he grimaces.

“Yay! Thanks Luke!” Julian jumps and runs away. I hold Luke’s hand. Poor lad’s been a little sensitive about me.


“Hola!” I sing into the phone.

“Hey baby. Where are you?”

“In my house,” I answer, rummaging through Julian’s drawer.

“Where in your house?” Luke asks. I give up searching, and leave Julian’s room.

“In Julian’s room. He borrowed my sharpener last nigh-”

I stop at my door as I see Luke sitting on my bed, his back resting against the headboard.

“You were saying?” he says into the phone, smiling softly. Julian must have let him in, or he flew into my room, I really don’t care. I could sense he was in a brighter mood.

“I’ll call you later. I got something I need to do or someone I need to do,” I mumble into the phone tossing it away and climbing onto a laughing Luke.

“You are not going anywhere until I am done with you,” I threaten.

“Yes mam,” he smiles. I feel like yelling ‘Hallelujah’, seeing him smile voluntarily. Without wasting time, I grab his face and kiss him.

“I’m so happy you are okay,” I say kissing his lips. Luke stops me.

“Don’t you ever think, I’ll be okay with you, hiding such things from me. You had me fucking scared,” he scolds.

“I’m sorry,” I brush my nose against him. I sense him about to scold me further so I shove my tongue down his throat. After this long, I finally have him being cheerful again. I had no intention of ruining this. Luke catches on, and leans back easily kissing me.

“Ugh, these damn hoodies..” I grumble, taking his hoodie off. Luke chuckles, pressing our bodies together. I am about to rip off his t-shirt, but unfortunately we are interrupted by the door banging open.

“I knew it! I told you he’ll be where she is,” Alex exclaims coming into my room.

“No!” I wail. “Why can’t people leave us the fuck alone!” I cry hiding Luke’s face in my neck.

“Dude, why aren’t you at the library?” Ian groans entering. “You are making me lose so much money..” he mumbles.

“Sorry to break your love session, but Coach has called the players for some meeting,” Alex informs coming closer. Before I knew it, Alex had his hands under my arms picking me up like a baby Panda and placing me on the ground.

“Am I seriously this light!”

“No, I am just that strong,” Alex winks but is suddenly turned towards Luke.

“Call me next time, or wait for me to let go of her. If you ever separate her from me again, I’ll cut you to pieces and feed them to my cousin’s dog” he growls holding Alex’s collar. Alex gulps while Luke grabs his hoodie and storms out of the room.

“And I’ll be helping him,” I assure, resting my hands on my hips.

“Sheesh, you are a bunch of horny kids,” Alex flicks my forehead.

“They maybe horny, but his cousin’s dog is the reason why I believe that ‘All Dogs are not Angels’” Ian says to Alex walking out of my room.


A short update, hope you enjoyed it..

I’ve been down with high fever since a week now and I think I’ll take more time to recover. Being sick so freaking uncomfortable, and everything tastes like cardboard. I couldn’t give this chapter a once over, so pardon if it doesn’t make sense at some places. I am working on the next chapter don’t worry, but again I might be late because I need to daily go to the hospital for injections and glucose drip (I swear it’s not that dramatic and I’ll survive xD). I promise I’ll make the next one a good good chapter.

You guys take care of yourselves. Stay healthy, stay safe :)

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