The Bad Girl's Nerd

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Chapter 47: Asking Dirt About Me, To Me?

Lia’s POV:-

I was lying sideways, supporting my head up against my wrist, elbow resting on the bed. Luke was in front of me doing his Maths sheet. I was flipping through a magazine, looking at the huge mansions, wondering if I’ll ever be good enough to even set up a cottage.

I turn a page, glancing at Luke. He was intently looking at me. “May I help you sir?” I raise an eyebrow.

“I want to find the equation of your curves,” he muses.

“Is this your idea of dirty talk?” my lips twitch.

“No, but look,” he says eagerly coming closer with his pencil. “I could start with your big round head,” he traces my temples with the back of his pencil.

“Are you calling me bald or looney?” I ask offended. He smiles and kisses my forehead.

“Then I could find the roundness of your cheek, along with the depression of your dimple,” he murmurs lowly running his thumb over them.

“Hold on, I need to ask, have you done this with your any of your previous girlfriends?” I ask curiously.

“Umm.. No. Why?” he asks confused.

“Nevermind, continue,” I grin moving a little to get more comfortable. Luke gives me a confused smile.

“So where was I? Your dimple,” Luke clears his throat like a professor, making me bite my lip in anticipation. “After your dimple, I’ll move to the curve of your neck,” he slightly grazes his fingertips, making me feel ticklish. “Then then, your gorgeous breasts,” he reverently runs his pencil around the them. Not gonna lie, this is enjoyable.

“What about my shoulders?” I ask teasingly.

“Doubt session after class,” he dismisses me seriously.

“The curve of your waist will need extra attention,” he rubs his hands together hungrily. I watch in amusement as he does some fake gestures of measuring stuff.

“You done sweetheart?”

“Shh..” he scolds, not looking up. “Then comes your hips,” he explains, kissing the hipbone over my booty shorts. “Your ass is my favorite portion,” he flashes me a roguish smile and suddenly flips me over.

This reminds me of a very specific scene from a very specific movie..

“Wow, I like this side of you,” I mumble lifting my head to look back at him. After lovingly stroking my backside, he moved to my thighs. “This will just be a straight line,” he shrugs as I lie sideways again. “But your fat little ankles will give me tough challenge,” he sighs. I narrow my eyes at him.

“I knew, I should have never told you about that.” One time, a girl said that I have fat ankles. Upon asking Luke, if it really was so he laughed, and laughed and then laughed some more. But the good thing was that, his reaction made me see the actual seriousness of the situation.

Luke falls down on the bed beside me, “This is the most fun study.”

“Of course,” I mumble. He looks at me, raises himself on the elbow and kisses me tucking the hair behind my ear which escaped my bun.

“What are you doing this Saturday?” he asks.

“I don’t know, sneaking into room?” I answer.

“Great,” he grins lying on his back taking me with him. I sit up on his stomach while he entwines our hands. “It’s my cousin’s birthday this Saturday. We both can go.”

“Yeah alright, but lowkey I was expecting you’ll say, lets go and do it behind the bushes in an abandoned park,” I lean forward while Luke holds me up.

“Fine, if you want it so much we can have sex,” Luke says dramatically making me laugh. “We can do it after the party,” he suggests smiling mischievously pulling me down.

“That’s my boy,” I grin widely attaching our mouths together.

“Oi! Didn’t I tell you to be five feet apart?”

We both look up at an angry Max chewing a burger. I climb off Luke, as he also gets up running a hand through his hair. We both quietly go and sit on our chairs that were placed on opposite sides of the bed, facing each other.

“This is so stupid,” I complain, making Max look at me in disbelief.

“You both can see each other. That’s more than enough. I am generous that’s why I am allowing at least this much,” Max scoffs, taking a bite.

“Generous, my ass!” I snap.

“You want to write each other letters?” Max threatens.

“Max, can I take Lia to my cousin’s birthday party this Saturday?” Luke interrupts before I could start a full-blown fight.

“Why are you asking him?” I frown. “I can make my own decisions, hello?” Both of the morons ignore me. “Fine!” I cross my arms looking away.

“You’ll have her home by six?” Max asks.

“The party starts at eight,” Luke replies. Max looks at me skeptically.

“What?” I snap. “You think I’ll murder one of Luke’s relatives.” Max gives a serious nod, pissing me off further.

“It’s a tough decision,” Max pretends to scratch his beard. I am about to give him a piece of my mind, but Luke warns me with his eyes making me quiet down.

“Fine, you may go,” he declares.

“Great, I’ll bring her home before midnight,” Luke assures.

“Because otherwise I’ll turn into a pumpkin?” I quiz.

“Study you both,” Max points his fingers at our books. “It won’t be a study-date without study right,” he sings closing the door after him. I throw my slipper at the door.

“Aha! I knew it!” Max jumps back in five minutes later.

“May we help you?” Luke and I ask in perfect unison from our chairs.

“Okay, you both are behaving,” Max nods glancing at both of us. “Good.” He once again leaves.

“You think he’s done with us?” I ask Luke after about ten minutes. His chair was right in front of the door, so he quietly gets up and walks to the door. Because of Max’s stupid rules, I had drilled a little peephole in my door, and carefully covered it with a poster of Chris Evans. Luke looks through it and turns to me with a smile. I sigh in relief and jump on the bed happily, sitting cross legged.

“Max and Julian are watching a game. Dylan’s also there,” he informs climbing in and sitting cross legged in front of me. He takes hold of my ankles and guides them around his hips, my knees over his legs.

“Would you really drop me off before midnight?” I ask Luke who was running his hands down my legs.

“Yes, but we can leave the party early,” he answers massaging my knee cap.

“My, my, you’re getting me all excited,” I grin.

“We’ll also go earlier because it’s almost an hour drive. Don’t worry, Max was just messing earlier. He’ll let you go,” Luke softly kisses my cheek. I feel he’s about to ask something but stops.

“What is it?”

Luke shakes his head, “Later.”

“Say naa..” I pout. He smiles sadly. “Do you cry at nights?” he asks meekly.

“Cry? Why would I do that?” I frown.

“Because of those..” he swallows in difficulty.

“Oh..” I say in realization. “Naahh, that incident doesn’t bother me. I rarely even think about it.”

“But how?” he whispers in concern. He pulls me closer by my legs as he sits straighter in seriousness. “Lia I don’t understand how you are so chill about this. If it was any other person they might have had trouble even going out,” his voice grows grave. “I mean, I’m not saying how you are handling is bad or anything, but I am concerned that you are really hurting, but you are doing a better job at hiding it.”

My heart melts at his concerned expression. “Baby, I am fine,” I climb forward to sit in his lap. We are so close I can hear the fabric of his shirt sliding against his skin. He smells great and the heat from his body does good things to me. Luke completely unaware of his presence on me, is sitting looking at me in worry.

“Look, thing is that,” I run my fingers over his eyebrows. “I have already faced these type of stuff once in my childhood. So those were the days that I spent in fear. Now I have learnt to move past it quickly because I know nothing will happen with me crying and getting scared over it. All I’ll be doing is wasting good moments of my life.” Luke has an unsatisfied look.

“I know it may make no sense, but bottom line is that I am fine,” I squeeze his shoulders. In reality though, the boy could not have been more right. I was having some trouble falling asleep at night, although it was because of old memories. The Boiled Egg incident hardly bothered me. But I was very close with forgetting old dorm memories, so I wisely decided to not talk and dig out further bad, carefully-forgotten incidents.

“Didn’t the kids you shared dorms with, notice you crying or freaking out?”

“Naah, I wasn’t a liked kid,” I shrug. “You see, I didn’t have any fancy stuff or homemade cookies to share. So I wasn’t always included in their dorm games. But bitches couldn’t stop me from playing in the school Lacrosse team,” I grin proudly. “I was the youngest player.”

“This is all just..” Luke sighs.

“Sad? Pathetic? Unfair?” Luke is about to scold me, but I continue, “Luke I never complain about any of this. Now if those girls weren’t mean to me, I might have fallen into a good company and studied my ass off to become a star student. For fuck’s sake I might still be there, skipping inside dorms wearing a long skirt and two ponytails. I wouldn’t even have dreamt of having sex because Sr. Matilda made us confess our temptations five times a day.” I pause as Luke gives a short laugh.

“The best thing that ever happened was getting kicked out of that school. I understand I was running the risks of being homeless, but I know I would have managed something. So just forget it. I am fine, despite everything that happens I am strong here,” I finish, thumping my chest for extra effect. Luke has gone silent, deeply thinking.

“Oh fuck! Now you are going to over-analyze my childhood,” I groan, falling back on bed. It was a little uncomfortable considering my legs were still wrapped around his hips.

“I was just thinking, how the hell you went through everything all alone?” he says quietly. I raise my head a little, he was not playing around.

“I just told you,” I frown sitting up again. “I-”

“No Lia,” he interrupts shaking his head. “You did all the moving on, growing stronger, processing everything on your own. I don’t think you give yourself enough credit.”

“I do, I treat myself to extra-cheesy pizza and Spicy chicken wings every Friday. Sorry,” I laugh as he starts to push me away to get up.

“Luke c’mon no,” I hold him back down. “I joke around because these things are uncomfortable to talk about. You seeing past everything and taking the time to appreciate me means the world to me,” I smile. I could feel my nose getting warmer. “I really am thankful. I won’t lie and say it was easy moving on from the past, but you letting me know it’s something I should be proud of is special to me. Thank you,” I whisper kissing him slowly. Luke follows my lead, tightening his arms around my torso.

At some point, lost in the moment, we had gone horizontal, Luke’s shirt button’s had been opened, my hair bun had ceased to stay put.

“We have to stop,” Luke says against my lips.

“No we don’t,” I mumble, running my hand against his rock-hard chest.

“Baby, as much as I want to continue this,” he whispers, catching both my palms in air. “I really think we should go out, before your brother walks in and finishes us once and for all.”

“My kissing skills must suck, if you are thinking about Max while making out with me,” I grumble sitting up on the bed and putting my hair in a bun.

“Actually they are so good, that it has me thinking how I want to do this tomorrow too,” Luke replies standing up, buttoning his shirt. “So I accordingly make arrangements.”

“You sly fox,” I chuckle throwing my arms around him. I give a hard peck on his smiling face.

“Let’s go be around public now,” he murmurs, hugging my waist. Even when I’m on bed, on my knees, he’s taller when he’s standing.

“I thought introverts hated public,” I mumble getting off the bed, as Luke held my hand.

“That I still do,” he admits fixing his hair.

“Ah! Julian, get them some fluids sweetheart. They both have been studying hard,” Dylan announces in concern the second we open the door and step into the living room.

“Hey man,” Dylan grins doing a brief handshake as Luke walks past him. Max was on the leftmost corner of the main couch, drinking a beer. Julian was beside him while Dylan sat on the separate one. Luke settled beside Julian while I placed my butt on the hand-rest beside Luke. I was avoiding Max, because I was still pissed at him.

Luke passes me a beer, as he himself starts watching the game.

“So finished studying him?” Dylan smirks. I sneak a glance at Max. He was violently trying to avoid everybody. I give a slow nod, with a slow smile biting my lips. Luke places his cold beer bottle on my naked thigh as a warning. I laugh slapping his hand away.

“Julian told me, this blockhead tried really hard to keep you apart,” Dylan points his bottle at Max, who was now scowling at poor Julian.

“I swear, I never used the word blockhead,” Julian gulps. “Dylan..” he calls out scared and goes sits in his lap. Luke shifts and I sit down beside him.

“So you two made up again?” I ask curiously as Dylan sympathetically stroked Julian’s back.

“For now, he forgives me. But later it might change,” Dylan informs. Julian pats his head like an obedient dog. I avert my gaze, because these two never made sense to me.

“Oh C’mon!”

I jump as Luke and Max shout at the TV together.

“What an ass!” Max slaps his knee in anger.

“He should have passed the fucking ball,” Luke snaps glaring at the TV.

“It’s the second time he did this!” Max complains to Luke who watches the game with a grim look.

It took me a moment to remember that Luke and Max were best friends first, before Luke became my boyfriend. So them jovially, albeit aggressively discussing the game was normal.


“Gaaaaaahh..” I put a hand on my heart as Dylan and Ian pop out on me and Luke from nowhere.

“You go, we need to talk to her,” Ian wiggles himself between us and takes my hand leading me to the lunch table. Dylan places Luke beside Alex before he could start protesting and then drops on my other side.

“Okay.. What do you both want?” I warily eye both the boys who were smiling at me.

“Dirt,” Ian shrugs simply. “We need dirt,” he smiles.

“Dirt? Well I don’t carry any around in my bag, but I know a good place where they have good soil an-”

“Lia! We need to know dirt on your relation,” Dylan flicks my head. I rub my head while Luke gives me a helpless shrug.

“The nerve of you boys!” I laugh in disbelief. “You are asking me dirt about me, to me?”

They both think for a second and then nod. I sigh, “Payments first.”

They immediately place a burger and fries in front of me. “Okay, ask away,” I bite into my burger.

“Is Luke romantic?”

I frown, “He’s had girlfriends before. You must know this one.”

“Yes he had. But he’s a surprisingly private fellow,” Dylan sighs and I find myself patting his back.

“Well, he’s quite a romancer. And I don’t mean cheesy lines and dramatic gestures romantic, but the sweet adorable kind, that even I can’t say no to,” I wipe my mouth on a tissue. Luke has his hood pulled over his head, trying to hide himself.

“You obviously can’t say no,” Julian mocks me from across the table. “You should have seen her jump around last week. She kept yelling that she has the cutest boyfriend, and oh yes that, Luke is like Tom Holland. He looks so innocent and simple on outside, but when he removes his shirt..” and as if telling all that wasn’t enough Julian does an imitation of my exaggerated squeal.

“That’s something I never knew,” Ian grins at my reddening form while I glower daggers at Julian.

“Just because she said that, don’t think you are Tom Holland,” Alex slaps Luke’s head who was weirdly smiling.

“I don’t. But she thinks of me when I am not around,” Luke says to Alex looking pleased.

“You can be such an idiot sometimes,” Alex sighs quietly. Even I agree on this one. Luke should know by now, that I plot my days around make-out sessions with him.

“So cute..” Julian smiles affectionately making my attention turn back to him.

“You,” I growl, my voice thirsty with revenge. Julian gives a cheeky grin and flying-kiss.

Suddenly I drop my murder face and smile at him. “Say boys, do you know what Julian was saying about Dylan the other day?” I ask sweetly around the table. Julian’s eyes widen in panic, while Max takes a deep breath as if to prepare himself for another blow. Dylan nearly fell off the chair, hanging to every word I say.

“He was saying, oops my bad-” I fake-laugh, then continue to drag every word “-screaming on top of his voice, that the best feature in Dylan’s body is-”

The boys collectively groan, “No!”

“Lia please I beg you.”

“Don’t finish that.”

“Go ahead Lia, it’s not something everybody doesn’t already know.”

Last one was by a smug Dylan leaning in his chair.

“-toes,” I finish loudly.

“Toes?” everybody asks in unison.

“Toes?!” Dylan did fall out of his chair.

“Toes?” he asks in disbelief from the ground. He stands up and stares at Julian, “Of all the things you’ve seen, toes? My fucking toes?!”

“They are really round and cute” Julian says defensively. Dylan tries to say something, but then he just storms away.

“Look what you did!” Julian scolds me, making everyone’s laughing stop.

“Sow-wee..” I smile sarcastically.

“You know what Lenny,” Julian says scornfully getting up to go after Dylan. “No offence to you both as a couple, Luke you are a great guy-” he quickly says “-but after you break up, I hope the next boyfriend you get, has a thick and fat and really short dick.”

“Hey! You take that back you fuckwit!” I scream after Julian who runs past me, but it was lost in Max’s booming laugh.


No update on my other book. Sorry guys, I just can’t find motivation to continue that one I mean I need to sit back and plan out that book a bit. I got a little too invested in this book, so I can’t get past Luke and Lia lmao. Let’s see, I’ll read or watch some gay romances to get pulled into that dimension. For now enjoy another update.

PS: I am better now, thank you for all your understanding and concern. You guys are too good. I’ll ask all my unicorns and demons to shower you with candies and treats


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