The Bad Girl's Nerd

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Chapter 48: "Should I Also Hand Over The Hand-cuffs Hooked Around My Panties?"

Lia’s POV:-

“Excuse me! My boyfriend over here ordered Caramel latte, this is Caramel macchiato.”

“Sorry mam, we’ll replace it,” the waiter hurriedly takes away Luke’s drink.

“I really didn’t mind,” Luke shrugs.

“Just because you can’t shout out waiter loudly, doesn’t mean you have to drink the wrong drink,” I gently pull his ears. He gives me a shy smile.

We were waiting for Ivy to show up. I know, you guys must be thinking, oh hell Lia will roast her alive, but I can act civil and put up a façade that I like her. She had asked to meet Luke because she wanted to borrow a book. Luke had asked me to tag along, even though I didn’t want to because afterwards he wanted to take me somewhere.

What I don’t understand is why someone wants to meet for a coffee just to borrow a book. Luke told me, “I’m rarely home and I don’t usually pick her calls. So she meets with me to borrow some books, as well as clear many of her doubts.”

I had just nodded along barely paying attention to what he was saying, heavily distracted by his new frame of glasses. They were some sort of silver, which made his green eyes look darker. Upon asking he said he always had two pairs, he just rarely used this one.

“Last night Julian made cookies, and put salt instead of sugar.”

“Neat,” Luke mutters taking a sip from my ice-tea.

“He always puts lots of sugar, so you can imagine how terrifying they must have tasted,” I sigh leaning my face against my hand. “Bitch acted like everything was okay, and offered me one. I can still feel my taste buds shivering in horror.”

“Remind me never to eat food from your place... How do you drink this? This is just sweet water,” he frowns pushing my ice-tea back to me.

“It’s refreshing. You need to acquire an elite taste to appreciate things like these,” I smile like a snob.

“Uhmm..” he raises a brow while the waiter places his drink.

“Hey Luke!”

We both look at Ivy standing at our table. I get up and sit beside Luke offering her the seat in front of Luke.

“Hello Ivy,” Luke gives a clipped reply.

“I was thinking you’ll be alone,” she smiles glancing at me. “I think we’ve met once before?”

“Yes, I am Natalia. We have met.”

“I am sorry, I must have forgotten,” she bites her tongue.

“Oh that’s alright. I also had forgotten you, until Luke mentioned today,” I shrug, forcing the smile to stay on my face. Luke coughs into his fist. I kick his shin for laughing.

“Ivy, you need anything to drink?” Luke asks blankly once he stops coughing.

“Yes, I am thirsty. Excuse me,” she gracefully raises her hand like a lady, calling for the waiter. She was wearing shorts and a pastel pink frilled shirt. I was wearing a loose t-shirt that said ‘California Gurls’ with a Katy Perry in pink wig, floating on cotton candy. I had thrown it hastily over my yoga pants, since I was taking a nap and Luke had forced me to hurry. He didn’t seem to mind and had happily lead me for coffee.

“Relax baby,” Luke whispers sideways, covering my hands with his giving it a reassuring squeeze. I at some point had stiffened in my seat. I couldn’t help feel insecure in front of her. Luke was wearing dark blue jeans and a red shirt with navy checks. Stand him and Ivy together, they look perfect. I shake my doubts away, scolding myself for entertaining such thoughts.

I remind myself of the time Luke arranged flowers in my hair when we had walked our way to a new garden park. I had looked like an absolute fool while he sported a proud smile. Someone doesn’t spend so much time with you if they don’t really like you.

“So, did you write any new programs?” Ivy asks shifting uncomfortably on seeing Luke hold my hand.

“Quite many,” Luke answers.

“I show all my work to my teacher at school. He thinks, I was born to code,” Ivy laughs. Luke politely nods.

“If you want, you can show your progress to him. I can take you to him,” Ivy offers eagerly. I kept noticing how her hands kept crawling across the table nearer to Luke. Luke had wisely sat back in his chair. I wonder if she does that often.

“I’ll be fine. Thank you,” Luke answers. I wanted to roll my eyes because it was so weird. Ivy kept trying hard to make conversations, while Luke gave short replies.

“So Lia, what are your plans for future?” she finally turns to me.

“I haven’t thought about it yet,” I shrug.

“Pity,” she mutters barely holding back her distaste.

“I guess your lack of direction, is why Luke took you under his big brother shadow. Don’t worry he’ll guide you well,” she winks.

“Oh no, we are dating,” I blurt out. Ivy’s eyebrow raise in surprise.

“Really?” she tries to laugh, but her disappointment was too clear. “I never thought Luke had such a taste,” she says forcefully.

“Excuse me?” this time Luke speaks up.

“Oh nothing, I am just shocked that’s all,” she says sipping her drink. “Luke if you give me the book, I’ll get going. I have some work.”

I don’t feel good watching Ivy take the book, give us a forced smile and leave. I glance at Luke he himself looked puzzled.

“Hey, you okay?” I rub his arm.

“I didn’t know she liked me,” Luke says to me. “I mean, that’s what it was right? She looked crushed.”

“How could you not have seen it? From just one meet I could tell she liked you,” I point out as we leave.

“I don’t know. I saw her somewhat like my sister because my mother always adored her,” he mumbles. Now, I feel completely stupid for even doubting if Luke had a chance with her. The poor guy really never thought of her like that.

“You want to go home?” I ask as we walk down the street.

“No, oh right. I had to take you somewhere,” Luke stops walking. “It’s this way. C’mon you’ll love it and it’ll take our mind off things,” he takes my hand and starts walking the other way.


“You are right, this is gorgeous!”

Luke had brought me to an old painting shop. There were bare canvas, and sheets and oil paints, brushes. The air was heavy with the smell of wax and petrol. I took my time picking out equipment for drawing and sketching. Luke knew I had shortage of good products, but this store had good quality pencils and charcoal. While I dived and swam around the store, Luke patiently waited. He wanted to pay, but I fought him off.

“This day just keeps surprising me,” I say from beside Luke. We were now in that place behind the park. The grass had grown greener with little flowers and we had decided to lie on them with our heavy bodies. The lake was still as ever, and nothing had changed since the last time.

Luke rolls to his side. I look at him smiling at me. He puts his hand around me and pulls me closer to him. “All this space,” I gesture at the grass around. “And your stingy self wants to fit us both in one-person space?” I tease poking his chin. He nods naughtily.

“Magpies,” Luke grins looking at the trees. I turn my head around as I hear the raspy chatter of Magpies. Luke has his eyes closed as he listens to them.

“I think there are six, that is gold,” he boyishly grins.


“Five for silver, six for gold? Didn’t your Grandma teach you the poem about Magpies?” Luke asks lying down rolling me over him.

“Nope, my Grandma taught me how to roll a coin on your knuckles and to turn water into whiskey,” I answer sitting up. Luke chuckles, “Man I wish I had met her.”

“Yeah me too,” I smile.

“Don’t worry, I’ll teach you. If I remember correctly... It goes something like,

One for sorrow
Two for joy
Three for a girl
Four for a boy
Five for silver
Six for gold
Seven for a secret,
never to be told
Eight for a wish
Nine for a kiss
Ten for a bird
you must not miss

“It’s my first time hearing this, yet I feel nostalgic,” I say in fascination and try to repeat the poem. Luke patiently corrects me, until I get the whole thing right. Luke had bend his knees so I was leaning against his thighs, reciting the little poem in perfect tune.

I felt a weird pain in my heart. It was good, but it made me uncomfortable. I tilt my head back resting them on his knees caps, gazing the overhead trees and clouds, hoping I would remember days like this when I’m hundred years old.

Luke had also crossed his hands behind his head. His eyes were closed as he listened to birds and crickets. I can so understand why Luke has all these secret places. I felt so happy and relaxed. My neck was starting to ache so I sit up. While doing so I brush hard against the steel button of Luke’s jeans.

“Woah..” I breathe out surprised as a shock wave travel through me. Luke raises an eyebrow at me.

“What did you do?” I gulp.

“I did nothing,” he answers. “Was it this?” He moves his hips a little and the button rubs against the thin fabric of my yoga pants.

“Luke stop,” I pinch my eyebrows together. My eyes had closed as I rested my palms on his chest feeling myself almost pant. Once I feel calm, I open my eyes releasing my lip. Luke was watching me with an expression I couldn’t name.

“I got turned on by a fucking button,” I grimace. “What the hell will happen next?”

“This,” Luke laughs softly, placing me over a semi-erect Luke Jr.

He pulls me down to his mouth, and slips a hand between us. I am about to say that it’s uncomfortable, but then, he presses his thumb to my still alert regions.

“Aah!” I moan, gripping his hair. My moan, makes him press his thumb harder against me. “Luke,” I clutch his shirt, feeling a heaviness grow between my legs.

“Luke either rip my clothes off and fuck me wild, or stop teasing me,” I growl pulling back to glare at him.

“Always so impatient,” he murmurs against my lips, laying me beside him. His knuckles brush against me. My legs curl, trying to get some relief, but Luke holds my thighs down. His hands travels up my body and disappears into my hair as he kisses me like a savage. I press our bodies closer.

His hand swims around my waist feeling the curve. It slides underneath my pants and rests on my ass. I groan as his hands travel to the front, his fingers rubbing my wet region. He has me lying flat, kissing my mouth as his hands cup me.

“Spread your legs baby” he murmurs lowly, his hands going inside my panties. My knees bend and separate on their own accord. My hands are clutching my hair as my chest heaves from panting so hard.

“Fuck,” I moan as his fingers move against my slick folds. His thumb circles my clit, pinching and rubbing it. Luke was supporting himself on one elbow, while he kissed me. His tongue was stroking mine, as his fingers repeated the motion with my walls. I couldn’t help but imagine his mouth down there.

My hips press into the ground, as he inserts one finger into me. “Luke,” I pant as he moves his finger in a slow steady rhythm. My hands fumble around his jeans, wanting to grab him.

“Lia, no,” he catches my hand with his other other one. “It’s okay darling,” he whispers kissing my palm and adding another finger at the same time.

“Please don’t stop,” I cry, hiding my face in his shoulder. He kisses my hair increasing the speed. I think my final moans echoed through the trees. Luke slows his pace and gently removes his hand while I still had my face in his chest trying to catch my breath.

“I could kill you right now, for not doing that to me before,” I mumble lying on my back.

“And here I thought you’ll say thank you,” he grins lying on top of me.

“I won’t say thank you, but in future as a punishment you might have to use this,” I reach down and grab his hardening length. Luke closes his eyes swallowing.

“Next time for sure,” he says bringing my hands back up. “Right now, you look like you could sleep standing.”

“No I don’t” I reply yawning. He raises a mocking eyebrow at me.

“Sleep baby, you walked all day long,” he kisses my nose.

“So did you,” I argue feeling my eyelids drooping. I don’t know what reply he said because next thing I know was Luke shaking me awake because it was getting dark.


“Margo, don’t make me look like a racoon,” I warn.

“Shut up girl, I am an expert,” she mutters, adding more silver glitter over my eyelids. It was finally Saturday and Luke was picking me up in half an hour. We barely had time together for the past few days, because I had resumed my modeling stuff. Luke was also occupied with college applications and he was helping out rest of the boys too, who had the decency to worry about their future.

Margo is my friend from work. She’s 23, so we don’t hang around much but I had a feeling she liked me. Despite her purple dyed pixie cut, she was very pretty and street fashioned chic. I adored her style so I had approached her for the party. She was doing my hair and make-up. Right now she was working on my smoky eyes. Ignoring my protests she made me wear a classy deep red lipstick which really contrasted my pale skin. I was afraid I might look too gothic.

“I wish I had a boyfriend. Every guy I date turns out to be pathetic egoistic bastards,” Margo says expertly moving her brush across my lids.

“How about Seb? I thought you two had a spark,” I mutter with my eyes closed.

“Yeah, we were good. But then he made this really racist joke yesterday and now I can’t bare to look at him,” she sighs. “Your boy looks cute and sweet. I saw him dropping you off the other day. Looks decent.”

“He is,” I smile unknowingly.

“Just wait for a few weeks till they show their true colors. Beginning they are all caring and affectionate, but afterwards they think you are their house maid,” Margo mutters snapping shut the eye-shadow palette.

“Oh no, Luke is my brother’s best friend. So he is most likely to remain sweet. He’s really a shy kind of guy and I know he’s got a good heart.”

“Wow, a chatterbox like you going for a quiet one?” she chuckles brushing my hair. “But if he’s your brother’s friend then you are okay. Your brother won’t let you date him unless he’s sure Luke’s a good guy. Trust me, men are better judge of men than women... There all done, you may finally look.”

“Margo, you over-did yourself. I look fucking hot,” I stare at my reflection in wonder. Turns out my make-up looked just right with my outfit. My hair fell around me in waves and shined with hair spray and styling products.

Few days back I was testing out dresses asking for approval from Luke. He had his mind stuck when I paraded in front of him in a skirt. I was against the idea, because I was never a fan of skirts but Luke kept pestering me the entire week to wear the skirt to the party.

“Why are you so obsessed with that skirt?” I had asked. To which he replied, “It’s not the skirt. It’s you in them. Drives me nuts.”

So now here I am, in a black skater skirt, with a red lacy bralette top. I had my legs waxed smooth like a butter, and they looked good with my strappy heels. My jewellery was thin and gold.

“Lia, your boyfriend’s here,” Julian jumps into my room singing. He still teased me over the fact that I had made an actual boyfriend. “Bloody hell, you look stunning,” he pauses on seeing me. I curtsy graciously.

“C’mon, I’ll introduce you,” I grin at Margo grabbing her hand and leading her out. Luke was at the door talking to Max. Max had remembered and had popped in hours before, to see me off. Lowkey I knew he didn’t mind anything. He just set boundaries between me and Luke to annoy me. And me being an idiot did get annoyed.

“M-Marg-oo” Max stutters as his ears and cheeks redden alarmingly. Yes, poor Max had developed a huge crush on Margo, who funnily saw Max only as a teenage boy.

“Yes kid, that’s my name,” she snaps sounding bored.

“Luke, this is Margo. She’s my friend,” I tell Luke.

“Hi Margo,” he says to her distracted, his eyes always coming back to rest at me.

“Well my work is done,” Margo yawns. “He can’t take his eyes off you. Good luck babe. Hope you score,” she mutters in my ear, kissing my cheek. In return for her help, I had agreed to take her out shopping and for meal.

“Bye Margo,” Max waves weakly as she puts on her coat and leaves.

“Lenny, come with me for a sec,” Julian pulls me away, before I could go and properly say hi to Luke.

“What?” In response Julian holds up a condom and places it inside my top over my left boob.

“All the best,” he grins excitedly, patting my breast so that the small packet won’t slip out. Before I could scold him or take it out, he pushes me towards the door handing me my leather jacket.

“Have fun,” Julian squeals. “Take as long as you want, I’ll manage Max.”

“Hey!” Max scowls. We both leave Max and Julian bickering and make our way to the car. I sneak a look at Luke who had opted for contact lenses for the night. He was wearing a black jeans, ripped sexily, with a silver chain jiggling around his thigh. He had worn a well-fitting black shirt with sleeves rolled to the elbow. I could smell his perfume. It was light and heady, mixed with his own scent making my mouth water.

I was about to enter the car but he stops me holding my hand. He entwines our hands together, steps into me and presses his mouth against me. “Hi Natalia,” he says looking in my eye.

“Don’t kiss me, you’ll get lipstick on you,” I blurt out. My eyes widen, “I meant hi to you too. Oh God!” I lean my head on his shoulder as he laughs quietly.

“You look sexy baby,” he kisses my hair.

“Thank God. If you had called me adorable, I would have started crying in the middle of the footpath.”

“No tonight, you look drop dead gorgeous,” he puts his hand around me, crushing our chests together. The condom packet makes an embarrassingly loud crunch. Luke frowns in mild surprise.

“Umm..” I mentally calculate how humiliating it would be to tell the truth or to act clueless.

“What’s that?”

“A condom,” I smile weakly, fishing it out of my top like a cheap hooker. I didn’t want him thinking I line my breasts with plastic stuffing to make them look bigger, but now seeing the amusement on his face I feel like that would have been the better option.

“Only you can be cool enough, to carry a condom in your top,” he grins. I bite my tongue, so I don’t tell him it was Julian’s work.

“May I?” he plucks the condom out of my hand and puts it in his pocket. “I want you to be burden-free,” he teases opening the car door.

“Oh, then should I also hand over the hand-cuffs hooked around my panties?” I ask as he starts the car.

“By all means,” he answers seriously. We both burst out laughing. “I don’t know why, but I am totally aroused by the fact that you came so prepared,” he admits smiling widely.

“Maybe it’s a nerd thing,” I cross my legs. It didn’t escape my notice how Luke’s eyes flashed to my thighs. There was a paper bag lying in the back-seat. It had two gifts, one from Luke and me, and one from his parents.

Gathering from what Luke told me, he and his cousin were good friends who sometimes stayed over at their house during his winter breaks. He got into a fight with Alex during his first stay, so he was not well received among his friends. Luke was cool with everything, and the boys were understanding and left him alone whenever his cousin came to visit.

Luke had a quite a number of relatives and cousins, and this boy was the only one his age so they got along well.

The birthday boy’s mother i.e. Luke’s aunt was a strict, little orthodox lady so the party was held in a club because let’s face it, teenagers these days can be quite a sight. Take me for example, if I revealed a little more cleavage, had a brighter lipstick and fishnet stocking, I could easily be mistaken for a stripper or lap-dancer. The drive was spent with me pestering Luke to confess stories of him and his cousin. Most of them were Luke trying to hold back Patrick from lighting the house on fire or not trying to drown the neighbor’s cat.

“Luke my boy! You made it!” Luke was engulfed in a tight hug as soon as we enter the club.

“Happy birthday Patrick,” Luke happily thumps the boy’s back. “Use them well,” he says giving him the paper bag.

“Fuck fuck fuck! Two gifts!” Patrick yells in excitement. I finally get a view of the birthday boy. He was a brunette like Luke with dark eyes. He was shorter than him, and had one dimple. Even by a look you can tell he’s a goofy kid.

“Who’s Natalia?” he asks reading the label of one gift. I clear my throat making him look at me.

“Wow, hello M’Lady,” he shakes my hand openly checking me out.

“Patrick this is Natalia, my girlfriend,” Luke puts a hand around my waist pulling me closer.

“Happy birthday Patrick,” I grin at him.

“Girlfriend? I have never met any of this boy’s girlfriends. He’s such a secret. You must be special if he brought you here,” he smiles quietly assessing me.

“That she is,” Luke replies making Patrick give a surprised smile.

“I have more guests coming, but I am definitely going to get to know you better,” he pats my shoulder and energetically greets some girls who enter behind us.

“C’mon baby,” Luke smiles at me leading me through the crowd and pulsing music. Halfway through I make Luke change direction and lead him to the bar where three bar-tenders were standing. The blue disco lights gave him a devilish look. We order a couple of drinks.

“Lia will you be okay here, if I go take this call? It’s from one of the university,” he shows me his phone.

“Of course,” I nod quickly. “Go before you miss it, I’ll be here.” He fishes out a stool for me to sit and runs off, probably to the restroom for some silence. The drinks arrive and I ask for a straw not wanting to mess my lipstick. Some boys were making eyes at me, I blatantly ignore them.


I look at a girl who stands next to me leaning leaning against the bar counter. As the lights changed color, I could tell her short hair had colorful highlights while her one side of the head was razor clean. Her ear had scary spokes and piercings giving her an overall fiery look. I liked her. What stuck me the most was her t-shirt that said ‘I Lick Clits Better Than I Suck Cocks’.

“Nice top,” I comment, sipping my drink.

“It’s true, want proof?” she says seductively, stepping closer to me. I blink, and then lean back shaking my head.

“Excuse me mam, but that’s my girlfriend.” Luke magically stands between me and her. She shoots him a dirty look and goes away muttering, “Lucky dog.”

“What now I have to fight of girls as well?” he turns to me annoyed, while I shrug smiling.

“Pros and cons of dating someone hot,” I mutter.

“Arrogance is a cardinal sin sweetheart,” he says into my earlobe making goosebumps burst out.

“Well I’m no angel, am I?” I whisper sultrily running my knees along his legs. Luke gives a devilish smile, kissing the spot beneath my ear.

“Wanna dance?” he asks stroking the bare skin on my waist. I nod.

I guess tonight was to make up for the earlier times, because this time we both danced with no interruptions or judgement. It was crowded dance floor, and the lights were dark, so we both were wrapped in our own bubble doing whatever we wanted, bringing out each others dirty sexy moves. People around us were all drunk.

“Enjoying my party?” Patrick slides into a seat beside me as I down another drink. I noticed how he had cleverly set his friend to talk to Luke so that he could talk to me alone.

“So much that I am hoping your birthday comes four times a year.” He gives a delighted laugh.

“Don’t worry, I am not here to have some mystery talk or reveal dark secrets about Luke,” he says sipping a can of beer.

“You don’t have to anyways. Tomorrow I’ll be sacrificing his soul to the Goddess of Weed and Sperms and then I’ll be done with your family,” I say seriously.

“Now c’mon, I want to talk to you. Don’t make me laugh,” he says once he stops chuckling.

“Fine,” I grin.

“So are your intentions with Luke honorable?”

“I thought you wanted to talk. Don’t tempt me to say answers that’ll make you blush.”

Patrick laughs again. “I can see why Luke likes you. Beauty with brains is sexy Natalia.”

My stupid answers look brainy to him?

“Thank you kind sir, and you can call me Lia,” I wink. He just looks at me.

“You are quite something. Nothing like the girls I met, I can say that,” he says seriously. I don’t know if I read signals wrong or if I am an overthinker, but I think Patrick was hitting on me.

“I see what you are doing. You are testing me,” I narrow my eyes at him. “Good try Patrick.” I think how Ian had also fooled me.

“Maybe I am maybe I am not,” he mutters lowly stepping closer to me. Now, Ian’s flirting had felt weird, but this boy was straight up alarming me. Luke was sitting right next to me talking to someone and the nerve of this boy is baffling me.

“I think our talk is over,” I frown stepping closer to Luke. I swear I see disappointment in his eyes. I reach out my hand and hold Luke’s not breaking eye-contact with Patrick. Luke while talking to the other guy, puts his hand around me. Patrick gives a sad smile and a shrug that said ‘Worth-a-shot’ and leaves. I wrap my hands around Luke’s waist resting my face in his shoulder breathing his scent to calm me down because unlike Ian, Patrick was not joking around.

“Just a second,” I hear Luke say. “Lia, baby are you okay?” he asks quietly in my ear. I don’t let go of him and nod into his shoulder.

“Do you want to go home?” he rubs my back. I shake my head no. I feel him draw out a breath and continue talking. I mentally battle whether I should tell Luke or not, that his brother made a move on his girlfriend. It might taint their relationship forever. My heart clenches at the thought of Luke being sad, so I decide to keep my mouth shut. It’s not like I have to see him everyday. I unwrap myself and order a drink to calm my nerves.


“Wake up you horny bitch.”

I sit up gasping as my face and clothes get drenched in water. Julian was standing in front of me with an empty glass.

“What the fuck Julian?” I scream at him, feeling irritated. Suddenly I have to hold my head because it felt like someone was knocking my head with a stick.

“Do you remember anything you did last night?” Julian questions loudly. I groan telling him to quiet down.

“Lia, think. Do you even remember you went to a party last night?” he asks sitting on my bed.

“Of course I do” I frown at him, massaging my temples.

“Do you remember coming back drunk out of your senses?”

My eyes snap to Julian in shock. “Seeing that gaping moron look on your face I’ll take it as no.”

“I got drunk?”

“So drunk that Luke could barely hold you up and you refused to be carried around, making life difficult for everybody,” Julian scolds. I listen to him my heart sinking.

“Luke said he took you back home as soon as he realized you were starting to get drunk, but your clever little ass stole a Vodka bottle from the bar and finished it by the time Luke figured out, you were not drinking the water he bought for you,” Julian’s shakes his head at me disapprovingly.

“Oh my God,” I clutch my hair in dread.

“Wait it gets worse. After he safely drove you here, I have high doubts you might have tried some mischief in the car, you sang Cardi B’s ‘I Like It’ at your loudest voice. I had to beg the people below us, to not complain to the police. Then upon entering you saw Max, and scolded him how he should let you and Luke date in peace. That part was actually okay, but then you..” Julian takes a deep breath.

I pull my sheets to my nose, not wanting to hear what he has to say.

“..put your hands into Luke’s pocket and dug out the condom I gave you,” Julian continues. My eyes widen in horror. “After that you literally, and may I say dramatically, wailed how the rubber was cursed and will not be used tonight because Thashana, the Goddess of Fertility was displeased? Tell me the truth Lenny, have you joined some secret cult? Who the fuck was Thashana?”

“I don’t bloody know! You know I say stupid crap when I am drunk,” I snap.

“Well the way you presented your misery over not being able to use the condom, was quite a performance. I had a good mind to fuck you and shut you up for good,” Julian says in distaste.

“Luke watched all of this?”

“Forget Luke, Max witnessed all of this. While I was creeped out to my very soul, both the boys looked very amused,” he informs. “By the way, did Luke do something with his hands? You kept complementing them.”

I sit up on my knees in bed. “Julian what did I say about Luke’s hand?” I ask shaking his shoulders, feeling alarm and horror rising through me.

“You said a lot of things, I don’t remember. But don’t worry the hand stuff came after Luke and Max left for the night.” I sit down in relief.

“Julian wax the door shut. I am never leaving my room. This is so embarrassing,” I say into my hands.

“Not gonna lie, it was. If I was your boyfriend I would have dropped you like a hot potato. But your boyfriend just looked amused, that’s it. He must have the tolerance level of a saint.”

“Oh God Julian!” I remember suddenly. “Luke’s cousin, the birthday guy, he hit on me.”

“Woah, tell me everything,” Julian sits up concerned.

“See, that’s the reason why I began drinking in the first place...” and slowly I tell him everything that happened.

“You did the right thing by not telling Luke,” Julian rubs my shoulders. “I’m sorry Lenny it must have been so horrible for you,” he smiles sympathetically. I dismiss it with a wave, “I don’t care about me or Patrick. I care about how I behaved last night. I feel Luke’s probably writing a break-up note for me.”

“No, he didn’t look angry or fed-up. Don’t worry, just give him a call” Julian assures me. “Oh and I think Max is using Luke,” he says getting up from my bed. “I think last night he threatened Luke. I suggest you do a little spy work and find out. My best guess is Max making Luke do stuff, so that he gets to keep dating you.”

“Oh that twerp,” I growl thinking of Max. “And my poor baby,” I pout thinking of Luke. I fish out my phone and dial his number.

“Baby? You up so soon?” Luke answers the phone. My shoulders sag in relief on hearing him call me baby. It means he’s not angry.

“Luke I am so so so sorry for last night,” I groan into the phone. Luke chuckles, “It’s alright. You are quite a character when you get drunk.”

Rest of the phone call was spent with him teasing me over my silliness. In the back of my mind I think how I have to snoop around my brother and Luke.


In my life I have so many Ivy’s. I am basically a mess, and I have girls around me who always look photoshoot ready. But I am team Natalia! No matter how nicely anybody dress I don’t give up the comfort of loose tops. Hehe..

Hope you guys are having a great day and enjoyed this extra-long update!

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