The Bad Girl's Nerd

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Chapter 49: Maybe It's All The Sexual Tension

Lia’s POV:-


My head tilts upwards at Julian’s warning. Ava was cat-walking towards us, her heels clicking noisily around the cafeteria. She takes a seat in front of me and Julian. The boys were missing from lunch today, so it was just two of us, well now the three of us.

“Natalia,” she addresses me icily. “Fag,” she nods at Julian.

“Careful,” I warn, placing my knee against the lunch table. I was doing my bad bitch pose to intimidate her. It was working, she crossed uncrossed her legs. Julian was just casually leaning back in his chair, watching the ongoing in amusement.

“I don’t like your style. You look homeless,” she says sounding bored. I was wearing an oversized sweater, with a heavily ripped denim shorts and combat boots.

“I don’t care for your opinion,” I shrug. She looked annoyed.

“I came here to tell you I don’t like you, and you should definitely not date Luke Wright,” she glares at me.

“Still.. don’t give a damn about your opinions,” I mutter checking my nails.

“Luke is a pathetic nerd, who only gives a shit about books. He’s insensitive and plain sad. No wonder he picked you,” she sneers. I put my knee down and sit forward.

“Listen to me you tissue-snorting bitch! Say whatever crap you want about me, but don’t you fucking breath a word against Luke. I’ll rip your hair out of your skull,” I curl my hands into fist, to stop them from shaking in anger. Ava’s eyes widen in fear for a second, before she masks her face into normal one.

I myself was shocked, by my reaction. I always thought I was jealous and possessive our Luke. I never anticipated this fierce protectiveness towards him.

My eyes go to the boys next table for the briefest of moments. They never sat there before and I was smart enough to figure out they were Ava’s bodyguards. Given my reputation I don’t blame her for coming prepared.

“I’m sorry,” Ava sighs suddenly, making Julian gasp lowly. “I can’t even talk shit about Luke, because I like him so much,” she laughs sadly. “Do you know, he once tutored me for chemistry. I always thought he was this cute detached studious kid. But he was so sweet, and never made me feel like I am stupid. The only time in my life that I actually looked forward to studying,” she sighs tapping her long nails across the table. I listen silently, feeling a little bad for her. She was just a girl with feelings, who channeled her desperation and anger by being mean to others.

“I don’t like you, and I don’t think anything will change that,” she says looking me in the eye. “But you don’t deserve him. He’s too good for you. You are not meant for someone so innocent.”

I think of the time, when Luke voluntarily left the last burger for Tim standing behind him in cafeteria line. Tim had looked exhausted from his practice and was the last person in line, so Luke knew cafeteria people won’t bother to get him more food. I had made no comment, instead I split my own burger in half with him. He gave me a little smile and quietly wolfed it down.

“I know,” I nod at her. She looked surprised at my admittance. “Look, I don’t know why he decided to like me and date me, but whatever it is I am just going to let it happen, because it feels right.”

Ava gives a crisp nod standing up, “Break his heart, I’ll make sure no one finds your body.” With that she walks away. I exchange surprised smiles with Julian.

“Who knew blonde bitch had a heart?” Julian mutters. He takes out his buzzing phone and grins widely. “Lenny, you up for a surprise?” he says standing up pulling me with him. He leads me outside the school and looks around as if searching for someone.

We both hear a pierce whistle blown in a tune that I haven’t heard in years. I turn to Julian astounded, “Is that....?”

“Hello my love,” someone says in my ear.

“Raf!” I turn around squealing and jump on the beautiful boy, hugging him tightly. I sniff in the familiar smell of cigarettes and river rocks.

“How have you been little one?” he ruffles me hair grinning widely. Raf is an old friend. He ran away from his home when he was 12, and fell in the company of Spanish riders, who were also thugs and drug dealers. Ever since then he’s been a biker, traveling to exotic countries, selling drugs and partying with strangers. He and I had shared more than one passionate nights, and it was lovely because we both knew it was a one-time thing. So no awkward goodbyes, or explanations, just chill friendship. He partied with us whenever he was in town, but otherwise we didn’t even know what Raf was short for.

“Better than ever,” I smile. “How are you here?”

“I was passing by, and texted this bloke,” he puts his arm around Julian in a tight grip. “You changed your number so I lost touch with you. I guess this guy has too many lovers to lose, to change his number often.”

“This is all bloody awesome. We both will show you around. How long are you around?”

“Can’t do amigo, I am leaving in 15 minutes. I am on risky business. Might end up in jail by the end of this month. So can’t stick anywhere too long,” he shrugs. I nod in understanding.

“Lia has a boyfriend,” Julian giggles.

“You?” Raf asks in disbelief. “Who has trouble remembering the name of the last guy you flirted with? You made a boyfriend? Tell me you are experimenting.”

“Oh no, they look pretty serious,” Julian answers for me. I glare at him, “It’s nothing Raf. Yes I made a boyfriend, but it’s casual. We both have a good time.”

Raf looks at me with a look that says, ‘Don’t-fucking-lie-to-me’.

“What do you know, you are in luck,” Julian says craning his head. “Here comes Max and Luke.”

Before Julian runs to fetch them, I grab his sleeve and warn in his ear, “Don’t you tell Luke about the tight hug.” He gives me a naughty smile, making sweat drops form on my back.

“Max, as in your famous brother Maximus? The one that always called while we were busy,” Raf chuckles.

“Yes, that one,” I say distracted, cautiously watching the trio coming towards us. To my dismay, Julian was rapidly saying things in Luke’s ears. I gulp imaging what horrifying tales about me and Raf, he must be weaving and feeding to Luke.

“Boys this is Raf. Raf meet Max and Luke,” Julian introduces them. Raf was the same age as me and Julian but looked older than Max and Luke, because of all the cuts on his face, and the ragged appearance from all the traveling.

“Nice to meet you,” Max says shaking his hand. Luke nods at him making no gesture to initiate further acquaintance. Raf’s phone rings loudly. “Yes Ashton,” he answers. We could hear muffled angry yells outside. “Gimme five,” he mumbles hanging up.

“It was lovely meeting you all, but I need to get away asap,” he says hurriedly. He nods at Max and Luke and turns to Julian and me.

“You both.. don’t forget me,” he winks. “Bye Julian. Bye Lia.”

Usually we hugged and kissed goodbyes but thankfully, he didn’t share Julian’s need of causing trouble, and wisely waved at me.

“What happened to you guys today?” I ask once Raf disappears.

“We got into trouble for some prank,” Max answers walking back to school.

“You too?” Julian asks Luke.

“They don’t let me remain uninvolved,” Luke mutters. Julian and I stifle a laugh at Luke’s sullen face.

“Shut up,” Max scolds him. “The teacher didn’t even scold you separately.”

“But I was there wasn’t I?” he grumbles.

“Luke, where did you go? The teacher wants to talk to you,” Ian calls from the other end of the hallway.

“Fucking great,” Luke scowls and makes his way towards Ian. Julian and I also depart for our classes. I try to make Julian spill what he told Luke about Raf, but he stubbornly kept his mouth shut.


“So... Raf seems like a nice guy.”

I look up from my charcoal drawing that I was attempting. I had not brought up the topic the entire day. It was stupid of me to assume, Luke would forget about it. Like a clever fox, he had waited till we were alone in his bedroom.

“Yeah, he’s cool,” I mumble distracted, looking for tissue in my bag to wipe my hands. I didn’t want to smudge Luke’s sheets.

“Should I expect more visits from your old lovers?”

I pause rubbing my hands on a spare cloth. “Julian told you huh?”

Luke nods. He was lying sideways, his head supported up by his hands, his socked feet resting on the pillows.

“What did he say?” I ask checking if my hands were clean and putting the cloth back in my bag.

“Quite some things,” he mutters.

“Luke you need to tell me, so I can tell how much of it is actually true. Julian is pissed at me these days because I used his favorite tshirt as a mop. He’s been trying to get back at me,” I shift closer to Luke.

“How about this? I forget everything Julian said and believe whatever you tell me,” Luke gives a one-shoulder shrug. I lick my lips.

“Raf and I used to party together and occasionally hook-up. That’s all their is to that story,” I tell him.


“And nothing,” I frown. “He and I remained friends because we both weren’t fans of feelings and dating. C’mon didn’t you ever have a hook-up with someone, whom you remained friends with?” I try.

Luke shakes his head, “I rarely do hook-ups.”

“Now seriously, don’t lie to me,” I laugh, punching his shoulders.

“Seriously Lia,” Luke answers. “I personally don’t like sex with strangers. The only reason I have done it a few times is because my friends forced me to parties I don’t like. I end up getting drunk, and doing things I don’t want.”

“Really?” I ask in surprise.

“Forget what I said,” Luke pokes my arm. “We were talking about Raf.”

“Right, like I said he’s past and now we are just friends. I have seen him after almost an year,” I say sincerely.

“So I don’t have to worry about your old feelings getting kindled up. Julian painted quite a picture telling me how you both were at the verge of dating,” Luke grimaces.

“Christ no! Raf is barely right in his mind. Today you saw a rare sight of him sober. Usually he’s always stoned. He’s in way too much illegal shit to even think about dating,” I laugh. Luke looks more relaxed than he did in the start of this evening. He was now tracing patterns on my legs.

“So not a fan of hook-ups? You never said that before” I ask curiously. He sighs.

“I always prefer sex with someone I know and am comfortable with. The boys know about this and tease me for being a girl”.

“But you still do em right?”

“Yes, I am a teenage boy after all,” Luke says looking guilty.

“Luke it’s not a sin,” I frown.

“But I still don’t feel good about doing them,” he bites his lips.

“There I can’t help you,” I shrug. “Because I personally never felt anything wrong.”

“Well we are different people, with different opinions,” Luke points out.

“Yes yes..” I say distracted. We both go quiet for a while.

“I don’t regret anything,” I snap suddenly.

“I never said you should,” he says defensively.

“I never gave it much thought,” I say before he could finish.

“Neither did I,” he says over me. “I, me, only me feels it wrong. And I am not judging anyone else. It’s what I feel.”

“Fine!” I say.

“Fine!” he says. We both again go quiet.

“This is so awkward,” I put my face in my hands. Luke rolls out of bed.

“This conversation never happened. I don’t know about your past sex life. You don’t know about mine. That’s how it’s going to be. We’ll focus on... future,” he says cringing hard.

“Yes, we never talked about this. Let’s go out.”

We both sit outside in the freshly mowed lawn. There was a tension between us. We both were avoiding eye-contact. I sigh impatiently.

“Does my sex life bother you?” I ask finally.

“No!” he frowns indignantly. “I never insinuated that.”

“Then why is this so weird?”

“I don’t know,” Luke groans rubbing his face. “It’s a difference of opinion.”

“I don’t see anything wrong with hook-ups.”

“Neither do I. I have had em,” Luke points at himself. “I just don’t feel good about having them, that’s all.”

“Maybe it’s all the sexual tension,” I suggest.

“Could be?” Luke mutters.

“Let’s then go upstairs and get it done with,” I announce.

“Alright,” Luke says determined, getting up. We once again go upstairs to his room.

“We start by taking off your shirt,” I command, unbuttoning his shirt. We both start opening the buttons. A giggle escapes my mouth. I look up to see Luke himself was biting back laughter. We both burst out laughing, falling on the bed.

“What the fuck is wrong with us?” I pant from laughing too hard.

“God, that was so stupid. What was that weirdness?” Luke wonders.

“Yeah... I guess we both got insecure,” I shiver. Luke hums along.

“Wait, why was I the first to get undressed,” he turns his head to me. “I feel so unfair and violated.”

“Oh I’ll violate you just fine. I’ll violate you, in ways that will make you blush,” I growl getting on top of him and kissing him. We sit up, as I get comfortable in Luke’s lap.

“I promise I won’t call the cops on you,” he says kissing my jaw. “Violate me Natalia,” he says holding my shoulder.

“If you ask me like that..” I pretend to think for a moment. “Okay!” I say brightly and grab his face to kiss him. Our smooching was interrupted by a series of knocks.

“Kids, I got snacks,” Jane calls from the other side.

“I told you we should hang out at your place,” Luke mumbles getting up and fixing his hair.

“Shut up, I think she’s sweet,” I scold opening the door. “Hi Jane! You are the best, I was starting to feel faint.”

“Kiss ass,” Luke says loudly.

“You’re just jealous your mother adores someone other than you,” Jane teases, patting my hair as I take the tray from her.

“That’s not true Ma,” Luke frowns. Jane ignores him and leaves smiling at me.

“It’s a wonder your mom likes me. I was afraid my style might freak her out,” I settle down on bed, popping a chicken nugget in my mouth.

“No, she likes it your style. She’s always been into what she calls ‘Modern Streetstyle’,” Luke tells me, dipping a piece in sauce and biting it. “My dad once freaked out big time, when she wore a ragged jeans, that was ripped at so many places that it resembled shorts. He hid them somewhere so mom won’t wear it outside.”

“Your mom is gorgeous. She would’ve totally pulled it off,” I argue.

“Christ no, I’m with dad on this one,” Luke says alarmed. “Those pants looked sad instead of stylish because it was so torn.”


I am invisible. I am air. I am back to being super-sharp ninja. I suck in my tummy and wedge into a gap between the walls. The boys were hanging around the lockers. Max was missing, and I immediately feel stupid. I was spying on Luke and Max. Like Julian had said, they both seemed fishy.

I duck my head back inside the gap as I spot Max jogging towards us. Thank you lucky stars..

“Luke!” he says stopping in front of Luke making him look up from his notebook. I strain to hear what he says but Max had dropped his voice to hushed whisper. Dylan was curiously listening. By the time Max had finished, Luke had a ‘What-the-fuck’ look while Dylan was laughing quietly.

“Go away Max,” he frowns.

“C’mon dude, she’s your girlfriend. I would ask her but she doesn’t listen to me. You can make her do this,” Max pleads. I raise an eyebrow to myself.

“That’s ridiculous,” Luke sighs. “I can’t tell her to do stuff. She does whatever she wants.”

“Yes, but you are the boyfriend. Control your woman Luke! Be a man!” Max tries to hype him up. I feel like taking off my shoe and beating him with it.

“Forget it Max. Ask her yourself,” Luke dismisses him and looks back into his notebook.

“He’s gone case Max,” Dylan says from beside Luke. “His cock twitches just by hearing Lia laugh. You’ll have to ask her yourself,” he sympathetically pats Max’s shoulder.

“Fine! I should just forget the whole thing. She’s a tiny little brat, my sister,” Max rolls his eyes. I want to say, “Seriously?”

“Anyway, Luke did you do it?” Max asks changing the topic. My heart sinks as I see Luke take out papers from his bag and hand it to Max. My poor Luke..

“God if only I had a sister,” Dylan grumbles. “I’ll make her date Luke, and in return get all my homework done.”

“Well you don’t” Max smirks. “Thanks man,” he punches Luke’s shoulder.

“Oh and did you exchange Lia’s name?” he asks before running away. “Yeah, Julian traded willingly,” Luke answers.

My mouth falls open in shock. I don’t know whether to be angry or flattered. We all were playing Secret Santa this year on Alex’s request. Since his mother had cut him off, and he spent all his savings on the football match trip, he was running low on cash. He had made me and Luke promise specially, that we won’t break the rules and exchange personal gifts.

I had Dylan’s name and I got him a nice cozy red sweatshirt. It was not too thick, just right for the mild winter season we were having.

I scowl at how so many things were being done behind my back. Besides I had an evil brother to confront. We were exchanging the gifts after school, in the lawn outside the cafeteria. I think I’ll just do the fighting with Max part tomorrow. Why spoil the festive spirit?


“Got your gift?”

“Yep,” I grin at Julian feeling excited to see who got whose name. Max and Ian were already there. By the time we reach, Luke, Alex and Dylan also come running.

“Sorry we’re late. Alex had to piss out Atlantic Ocean at the last second,” Dylan apologizes.

“I told you not to drink all those cold drinks,” Max mutters then claps his hand to get attention. “Anyways boys and.. weirdo” he says smirking at me. I scratch my forehead with my middle finger. “We’ll go alphabetically. There are no secrets among us, so you have to open your gifts and thank your secret Santa publicly,” Max says smiling widely.

No secrets? I will whoop his hypocrite ass..

“I hope you didn’t buy a slutty nightie for gift,” I hear Dylan remark to Luke. Ian laughs into his sleeve. Alex steps forward.

“I’m first. So.. I’m Secret Santa to...” he gives us all a teasing smile. “Julian!”

Julian hoots and gets up. He got a cool, green and red headphones, for which he squealed and hugged Alex thank you.

“Okay, me next!” Dylan rocks on his heels in happiness. “Luke please step forward,” he grins. Luke looks surprised, “You were with me all day. I never suspected,” he says impressed. Dylan gives him a flat box. Luke opens it and bursts out laughing. He takes out a tshirt from the box and shows it to us. It was dark blue in color, and had ‘Wright Is Always Right’ printed in a cool font and a clipart of glasses printed beneath it.

“This is awesome,” he chuckles and hugs Dylan, who first looked taken aback by Luke’s open affection but immediately hugs him back.

“Okay, people,” Ian stands up. We all were sitting on the grass. “Alex please stand up.”

“Yay!” Alex punches the air eagerly opening his hands. He gets a Harry Potter themed quilt. Alex being a massive Potterhead, had tears in his eyes on seeing the magnificent masterpiece.

“So I am Secret Santa to..” Julian grins nervously. “...Max.”

“Aha!” Max smiles standing up. I bite back laughter because Julian was very much intimidated by Max.

“What the fuck is this?” Max frowns at Julian making his smile drop. “Just kidding,” he laughs. “Thanks man. I love it,” he says and to everyone’s surprise hugs Julian. Julian looked like those stalker-fans who finally got to meet their superstars. Max shows us he received a pair of shades. Not just any shades, but good quality Ray Ban shades. Max had broken the pair he had when we were at the beach. It was actually pretty thoughtful of Julian to remember and get him that.

“So.. My gift is for Natalia,” Luke says standing in front of us. He looked nervous. I don’t know if it was because he was getting undivided attention or because it was me he was giving a gift to. I give a pretty genuine fake-gasp of surprise and stand up smiling. Luke bites his lips and gives me a rectangular gift. I unwrap the cover and open the box. It was a book named, ‘Stories Behind The Greatest Architectural Wonders’. I look at Luke open-mouthed.

“Merry Christmas,” he says shyly smiling.

“What is it?” Alex asks.

“Show us!” Ian says impatiently. I take out the book and show them.

“Of course it’s a book. What else can he possibly give?” Dylan throws his hands in the air. While the boys made jokes, I turn to Luke in disbelief.

“You remembered?” I ask dazed. Luke shrugs. It was at the time we had just started going out. I had asked Luke how to read books online. Then later on not finding the book online, I had checked it on Amazon. I couldn’t afford it. I mean I could buy it, but I had to save for college so I couldn’t spend that much money recklessly. Luke had just glanced at the Amazon page I was gawking at, in my laptop.

“I don’t know what to say,” I say helplessly. It was a huge deal for me, because I had been desperate to read that book. I had devoured whatever little excerpts I could find online and my thirst for the book had only deepened. In fact, I has started saving specially for this book. It was small, but I figured I’ll be able to buy it in college.

“I was hoping a thank you, and maybe a kiss?” Luke suggests innocently.

“Fuck! Thank you, thank you, thank you,” I gush and grab him and push my tongue in his mouth.

“Oh c’mon,” Max groans in the background. “I did not sign up for this,” I felt him throw a stone at me. I guess the boys shut his mouth because I heard faint muffled shouts while I held onto Luke and kissed him good.

“That’s pretty much what I had in mind,” Luke pants wiping his mouth. I wink at him. The boys were watching happily. Max’s head was buried in the ground and Ian and Alex were sitting on him.

“There’s a note too,” I say, noticing a sticky note folded on top of the book.

“Er..” Luke gulps, as if not feeling sure about it. I grin widely and read it. It was Walt Disney’s quote.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”
And baby, you are the bravest of all..


I feel my throat choking up. Someone believed in me, in my dreams. The feeling hit me really hard for a moment.

“What’s 143?” I ask, forcing the lump in my throat to go down. The boys hoot loudly. Even Max sat up with an amused smile. Julian was as confused as me.

“Er.. It’s nothing,” he shrugs. “C’mon next,” he urges sitting down. I frown confused as Alex thumped Luke’s back saying something like, “I can’t believe, my boy’s all grown up.”

I shake it away and sit down, feeling the happy weight of the book in my hand.

“Okay my turn,” Max announces. “Ian darling please stand up and bend over.”

We all cackle up at Ian’s disgusted face. “Just give me my gift dude,” he grimaces.

“Hey that means..” Dylan says suddenly looking at me. I grin and nod at him.

Max gave Ian what can only be called, as a skin care gift pack. To my further surprise, Ian squeals loudly and plants a firm kiss on Max’s cheeks.

“I did not, sign up for this either,” Max grumbles wiping his cheek on his sleeve.

“My turn, my turn!” I stand up. Dylan stands up automatically.

“There you go, Happy Christmas,” I hand him the box.

“This is so soft,” Dylan cries delighted, running his hand over the sweatshirt and then showing it to everybody. “Thank you baby doll,” he pouts hugging me tightly.

“I am so stealing that sweatshirt,” Julian mutters loudly.


It’s not Christmas time, but I had thought of this scene at Christmas so just bear with me okay? Also I know I might have bored you all with the gift exchange scene. Originally I was not planning to do everybody’s but then I thought why not?

Hope you enjoyed this chapter! Take care y’all. Drink sanitizers and clean your inner chakra..

Peace out bitches :p

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