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Chapter 5: 'Smoking Hot' Was An Understatement

Luke’s POV:-

I open my locker and put my worksheets in. I’m not in a mood to deal with them right now. I’ll finish it tomorrow before class since it’s just a few numericals. I know my way pretty well around numbers.

I check my phone. We are not allowed to bring phones, but there are certain perks of being in school’s popular list. Nobody dares to complain, because they obviously don’t want to get on the bad side. Also teachers sort of adore me, since I’m the most reasonable among the five. Also the fact that, I don’t talk back and am good at studies.

My social media is flooding with messages. I rarely reply to any, because I’m a lazy ass. There is one new private message though. I open it.

‘Hey, why did you leave the party? Meet me after school near bleachers. Ava XOXO’

WTF?! Who gave my number to her, and doesn’t she take hints, that I am not at all interested in her. Fuck no, I’m not going to meet her. I got better things to do.

“Om-Gee.. He looks so adorable today. Look at those biceps!” some girls whispers behind me.

I shake my head, biting back a smile. Max will be proud to hear this. He’s literally our gym instructor. The dude himself is like a hulk and he becomes like man possessed in gym. Above that, he makes sure that each one of us work out regularly. Considering the amount of fights we get in, the work out is actually very necessary. I mainly go to gym, to blow off some steam and feel relaxed.

“Bro, what are you doing after school?” Dylan asks leaning against one of the lockers, winking at someone behind me.

I was originally planning to go to library, because I had spotted a new book on programming. But after reading that text, I feel like this Ava girl would probably sniff me out if I stay back.

So I say, “Nothing.”

“Great, so you are coming with me and Ian. Meet us in the parking lot after school. Don’t. Be. Late.”


The bastard just winks and runs off.


“This is a bad idea. I’m going home.”

“No Lukey, you are our shield. You must stay.” I have Ian holding my one arm and Dylan holding my other to prevent me from leaving which I desperately want to.

“You guys, are stupid. You have lost your will, to keep your balls stuck to your body” I say struggling and trying to shake them off.

“Stay still” Ian scolds. “And seriously, you expect us to stay quiet after hearing about Max’s mystery sister, about whom he never ever talked about” Ian states like its common sense.

“You can wait, and meet her when she comes to school” I reply.

“Now, where’s the fun in that” Dylan says smirking. “Plus, I want to rile Max up. He was being ridiculously protective about her.”

“Hey Dylan, your mom is super hot. Can I get her number?” I muse.

“Dude what the hell!” Dylan looked like he could kill. I raise a knowing eyebrow at him. He realizes what I did and mutters, “Touché.”

Max was borrowing Alex’s car to pick his sister from airport. Dylan had spare keys to Alex’s car, so the plan was to say that, they had to go to some other town. Since Max needs to go to airport, he will have to take them with him first. I am being forced into this, so that their lie looks genuine and if things got out of hand, I would prevent Max from ripping their throats off, which I highly doubt I would. I might in fact, help Max and hand him a chainsaw.

“He’s coming! Quick! Get inside.”

I am roughly pushed into the car, and Dylan gets in the shotgun. I should have been given at least the shotgun, since I’m the one who’s forced to travel. Ian runs to the driver seat to get in, but Max sees him,

“Hey dude wait up! What are you doing? I am borrowing the car, mine’s got a flat tyre.”

“Oh really! How weird. We were borrowing it, since we are going to Wist town. But we can give you a lift, since airport is on the way” Ian flashes him a smile.

“I never said anything about airport” Max narrows his eyes at him suspiciously.


I put a fist under my nose to hide my smile. Dylan visibly gulps. I can see sweat rolling down Ian’s neck. Damn, these boys sure know how to get in trouble.

“Well.. y-you see..” Ian stutters “I remember how you said about picking your cousin.. Or was it your aunt or sister.. I just assumed you were going for that.”

Max leans down and looks at me in the backseat.

“You too are going to Wist town?” he questions.

Dylan and Ian shot me pleading looks. I sigh, “Yeah.” I shoot a ‘you-owe-me-big-time’ look, back to the idiots. They gave me a nod, saying message-received.

Max visibly relaxes because I’m the most sensible in group. So I guess, he believed me. I feel a little guilty about lying to him.

“Fine. Ian sit in the back. After I drop my sister off, you can have the car.”

“Oh that’s alright. We can put up with a little extra drive” he replies with a straight face but I can see his eyes shining, literally shouting out ‘MOTHERFUCKING JACKPOT!’


“You look dumb.”

“You look dumber.”

“You look the dumbest.”

“Guys shut it!” Max snaps. We were waiting outside and, Dylan and Ian start bickering like little kids.

“Max, you guys call us dumb and dumber. So tell us who’s dumber” Dylan’s eyes flash with determination.

“Oh, so you admit you are dumb. Acceptance, that’s the first step” Ian sympathizes.

I am leaning against the car, ready to bash my head in a rock any second. Why did I agree to this?

“You both are qualified to be dumber. Trust me.” Max sighs, “Look, you both are good friends. You should not-”

“Am I interrupting something?” a feminine voice asks, her tone laced with amusement.

“Lia!” Max scoops the girl in one giant hug.

“C-cant br-reathe” she chokes out. Max lets go of her and she mutters something which sounded like ‘people need to stop doing that’.

Dylan and Ian are staring at her wide-eyed. Max moves out of my way to stand beside her. I finally get a clear view and oh boy, now I don’t mind at all, putting up with everything to come see her.

‘Smoking hot’ was an understatement. This girl had a figure that would make models burn. Not too skinny just the right amount with delicious looking curves. She had blue-black hair like Max and high cheekbones and biteable plump lips. But those eyes, were a whole different story. They were sparkling dark electric-blue. My eyes widened at the sight of her but I quickly masked my face to a blank one.

Ian seemed to be doing a poor job though. He was opening and closing his mouth, like a goldfish. Max gave him a weird look, whereas she looked like she was getting more amused by every passing second.

“Its alright, take your time” she teases.

“Where are my manners!” Dylan exclaims. “Hello M’Lady. I’m Dylan Smoren, the Lady-killer” he winks shaking her hand.

Ian seems to have recovered and he steps forward. “I’m Ian Cooper, the Panty-ripper” he says flashing a flirtatious smile followed by a kiss on her hand. Instead of getting offended or flustered, she just looked more and more amused.

Dylan and Ian turn to me expectantly. Guess I’ll have to introduce myself too. I straighten up and take a step forward. She’s watching me curiously.

I offer her a hand, “I’m Luke- ”

“-the orgasm-dealer?” she interrupts taking my hand. She kept a straight face, but her eyes are shining with suppressed laughter.

“I usually go by Luke Wright, but sure whatever you wish” I give a small smile.

Her face breaks out into a gorgeous smile.

“You have interesting friends” she states turning to Max. He just grunts.

“I’m Natalia Anderson. But you can call me Lia” she says turning back to us.

“Sure baby doll” Dylan and Ian say in unison.

“Careful there” Max growls. Natalia shot him an amused expression.


I am sitting in front with Max driving. Natalia is sitting between the other two, who kept saying pick lines to her. She only laughed at their attempts, sometimes commenting ‘Ooh that’s a good one!’ ‘Man, that was real cringe’.

Max looked like he wanted to throw them out of the car. I make eye-contact with her in the rear-view mirror and she nods at me. I look outside the window, leaning my head against it.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” Dylan asks.

“No, she never had a boyfriend” Max says proudly. “Lia, you should completely stay away from boys. Men are assholes. Except me.”

“Uh-huh” Natalia hums. Something about her tone seemed fishy.

Dylan and Ian on the other hand looked at her happily, probably making plans to charm her. I unconsciously clenched my jaw at the thought, not liking the idea. I immediately loosen up. Why am I feeling bothered?


We drop them off. Natalia waves sweetly at the boys, who support the look of a love-struck puppy.

Having nothing better to do, we decide to just go home.

“She’s unbelievably gorgeous” Ian gushes.

“I know! That’s why Max was being so protective” Dylan chuckles.

I silently listen to them, driving the car.

“She was so into me” Ian comments proudly.

“Yeah right..” Dylan scoffs. “Stop kidding yourself, she was into ME!”

“Oh please” Ian rolls his eyes.

“Luke what did you think. Who was she into?” Both of them look at me eagerly.

Why do I, have to be dragged into this?

“She was obviously fooling around with you two” I say with a blank face.



I sigh, “She was laughing at BOTH of your pick-up lines, not blushing or flirting back”.

Both of them go into deep thought. I hope their brains don’t explode from thinking too much. After a few minutes Dylan speaks,

“Ian, I think we just got played man.”


Hope you liked this chapter! ;)

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