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Chapter 50: Whatever, You Have Her Cooties

Lia’s POV:-

I snatch the book out of his hands and slam it on the lunch table. ′A Short History of Nearly Everything’ the cover read.


Luke looks at me startled. All the boys freeze in caution at my pissed off face.

“What is 143?” I try not to snarl like a lion. Luke’s lip twitch for the briefest of second.

“Christ tell her Luke!” Julian groans. “She’s driving herself crazy, and she’s driving me crazy! Last night she woke me up at 3AM, mind it, three fucking AM, to ask what I thought about it.”

“It’s.. er..” Luke shrugs.

“God damn it just tell me!” I snap impatiently. At this point I didn’t even care that the boys were chuckling at me. “Is it the number of times you jerked off to the image of me?”

“I’m pretty sure that’s a 5-digit number,” Luke answers in all seriousness. I glare at him, which he avoids by picking up his book and reading again.

I slump in my seat, banging my head on the table.

“Oh I know!” Julian exclaims making me look at him. “It’s the price he wants you to pay for the book. I mean he must have paid half and he wants you to pay the rest, i.e. 143.”

I look at Luke in question. He has an irritated look.

“The book was not printed in gold, you dumbass,” Ian smacks Julian’s head.

“Maybe he forgot a dot. It’s 14.3 dollars. That’s Lenny’s share to pay,” Julian points out, looking pleased at himself. I again look at Luke, hoping that was it and I could sleep in peace.

“No!” Luke frowns. “It’s a gift.” I groan quietly and once again put my head on the table.

I hear Alex saying to Luke, “Still can’t believe you did it.”

“Still can’t believe I took your idea,” Luke mutters, the cringe in his voice too evident. He shifts his chair closer to me and pats my head. I look up to scowl at him.

“You’re so adorable,” he smiles kissing my cheek.

“Adorable?!” Max and Julian ask in unison.

“Did his glasses lose their power?” Max asks Ian who was sitting next to him. “You both are so yuck, that I’m just gonna turn this way and not look- Hey Clara! I haven’t seen your pretty face in a long time.”

“And he dares to scold me,” I say to Luke, scowling at Max shamelessly flirting with the girl.

“I think you guys are cute,” Alex says to us.

“Yeah, and Lia is as adorable as Marilyn Manson,” Julian adds. I flip him the bird and turn to Luke to ask whether 143 was a code to some cult that he wants me to join.

“Could you excuse me Clara?” Max says dropping the girl’s hand and turning back to the table. “Alexander William Smith, did you just wave to Riley?” he asks sweetly.

“Oh boy..” Luke mutters under his breath, while the boys quietly shift their chairs away from Max and Alex.

“No..” Alex laughs nervously. “Maybe.. A little,” he gulps under Max’s stare.

“Did you forget about my fight with that scrawny bastard?” Max asks. I was getting chills from Max’s oversweet voice.

“Maxie, we got detention together,” Alex sighs. “We got into talking and..”

“And what?” Max asks alert.

“We went for drinks,” Alex admits hanging his head. The boys gasp in unison, while Julian and I look at each other like ‘Are-they-for-real?’.

“Did you order Bira?” Max asks cautiously. Alex looks at him with a pained look. Max closes his eyes in betrayal. I shake my head at Max’s over-dramatic sigh.


“Don’t,” Max raises his hand. “Just don’t,” he sniffs. Rest of the lunch was spent with Alex begging for forgiveness and Max retelling old incidents where Alex had betrayed him.

Thankfully, lunch ended and we were all going to our classes. I was with Dylan and Alex coaxing them to tell me what they know. They both just giggled like schoolgirls.

“Hi Luke.”

We all stop in the middle of the hallways, basically because Ava and her friends were blocking our path. I am about to go forward but Dylan stops me muttering, “Wait, let’s see what happens.”

“I just wanted to, wish you Merry Christmas,” Ava says a little nervously.

“Oh.. umm.. thank you,” Luke replies. “Merry Christmas to you too.”

“Aww..” Max coos putting a hand to his heart.

“This is for you,” Ava shyly holds out a tiny box.

Wait I didn’t get to give a gift to my boyfriend. She definitely can’t do that!

“I can’t accept this,” Luke steps back.

“C’mon,” Ava whines playfully. “After all, you were my teacher once. A small gift won’t do any harm.”

“Hold on, let’s go back to the teacher part,” Ian announces standing in front of Luke. “You tutored her?” he asks in amusement. Luke nods making Ian laugh loudly, “You poor fellow,” he says lowly so Ava doesn’t hear.

“Ava, we are late for our classes. Could you..” Luke trails off.

“Of course,” she nods quickly moving out of the way. Then it happened at once. As Luke stepped forward, Ava catches his sleeve and pulls him down, puckering her lips. Luke turns his face probably to look at Ava, as to what the hell she was doing. And Ava ends up kissing Luke, square on his mouth. I clutch Dylan’s hand in horror. They both jump apart immediately, but the damage was done.

“You fucking bitch!” I lash out viciously but Alex and Dylan hold me back by my hands. I tried to shake them off, already brutally murdering Ava in ten different styles, within my brain.

“Oh my God!” Ava puts her hand over her mouth. “I swear I was going to kiss his cheek!”

“The hell you dare to touch him,” I snarl. Luke looks at me in I think concern and fear. I didn’t care, I was absolutely furious.

“Natalia I swear-” Ava begins.

“Shut the fuck up!” I snap. Luke comes to me standing in front of me blocking her from sight.

“Lia-” he says holding my shoulder.

“You better look for another school,” I scream at Ava over Luke’s shoulder. “I swear on Satan, if I ever see you near my man again, I’ll make you eat your entire stock of tissue supply, wrapped with your colons!” I yell, still trying to break free from Alex and Dylan’s grip.

“Alex I’m scared,” Dylan whimpers. Ava gives a scared nod and quickly walks away. I breathe heavily trying to calm myself down.

“Christ Lenny, you look savage,” Julian giggles.

“Lia, I am so sorry,” Luke says hugging me, freeing my arms from Dylan’s grip, who kept squeezing it because he was still scared. I bury my face in his chest, breathing his scent to calm me down.

“Luke has the courage of a bloodhound, to be near her right now,” Dylan comments. I turn around to look at him. He was holding Julian’s hands, and gives me a scared wave. I roll my eyes, leaning against Luke who has caged me in his arms.

“And you call her adorable,” Max shakes his head at Luke. He tightens his hands around me possessively.

“You are not kissing me for like a month,” I say looking up at him.

“Hey!” Luke says indignant. “It was not my fault.”

“Whatever, you have her cooties,” I say disgusted, getting out of his hold. Luke makes an unhappy sound, while I ignore everybody and go to my class.

This day is only getting worse..


“I swear it’s like, Luke is one of those girls, who has an over-protective boyfriend,” Alex laughs.

“That’s exactly what’s happening,” Max points out.

“Lia, not a single girl dared to talk to him today,” Ian informs me, making me smirk. “Hell no girl looked at him.”

I sigh happily and press a kiss to Luke’s hair. “It was good. My day was peaceful,” Luke grins at me. I think Alex said something like ‘Made for each other’, but I was busy running my fingers through his hair.

We were in the parking lot, waiting for Dylan and Julian. They were in the principal’s office because one teacher saw Dylan smacking Julian’s ass. They were now getting a detailed lecture on ‘Proper Behavior’ and ‘School Decorum’.

I still felt my skin crawling from today’s events, but I was holding myself back. Well I was doing the best I could given, I did snap at Julian many times. That slimy sandworm, kept on ticking me off since he knew I was in a bad mood.

And people say we are best friends..

“Seriously, in front of me?” I ask irritated on seeing Luke give a notebook to Max.

“What?” Max quiz. I clench my jaw at his pretense.

“I fucking know, you make my boyfriend do your homework,” I spat out scornfully. Max’s eyes widen.

“Okay this is not that,” he says, holding up the notebook. “And when-where-how did you know?”

“Does it matter Max?” I scowl jumping off the bonnet of the car. “What matters is your unacceptable actions!”


“How could you do that?” I ask ignoring Luke. Max sports a guilty look, tempting me to dial the drama up a notch. “You used me? Your own damn sister? And your friend? What’s wrong with you?” I ask repugnant.

“Lia, it alright,” Luke grabs my arm. “We’re just kidding around.”

“Luke don’t!” I snap. “You won’t understand how disturbing this feels cause you don’t have any siblings.”

As soon as I finish my sentence, I know I have said the wrong thing. Luke drops my arm, his face eerily void of emotions. The boys around me have wide eyes.

“Dude she doesn’t kno-” Ian tries coming forward, but Luke stops him with an eye contact. He turns to go away.

“Luke..” I call confused, trying to stop him by holding his sleeve.

“Could you please fuck off?” he says calmly. His words felt like a cold slap to my face. Luke shrugs my hand off and walks away.

“Luke wait-”

A hand on the shoulder stops me. It was Alex.

“Let him be, you need to give him time,” he smiles sadly.

“Lia, you need to get mouth filters,” Max groans, stomping away.

“What? Could somebody please explain, what the fuck did I possibly say wrong?” I snap.

“Lia, Luke had a sister. She passed away,” Ian explains.

“Holy shit,” I whisper in shock. My mind brings up the image of Luke at the graveyard, the red roses. His sad face that night at the beach.

“He never said anything,” I say in dismay.

“It’s a very sensitive topic, and it’s hard for him to talk about it. Given he rarely talks, this stuff he never brings up. And not just Luke, Jane and Luther too... A death can shake up the entire household,” Alex sighs.

“But he talks to me,” I argue. “He talks when it’s just us.”

“Then he didn’t know how to tell you,” Ian shrugs.

“Is he going to hate me now?” I clutch my hair from its roots, feeling my head ache. The boys laugh, and then quieten down on seeing my glare.

“Sorry,” Ian says soberly. “But no Lia. I don’t think that’s possible besides, it’s not your fault.. Okay, maybe a little your fault, but you didn’t know. He’s just hurt, and once he licks his wounds in private and feels normal, I bet you anything he’ll come back and apologize first.”

“Well I’m not going to wait around for an apology,” I say angrily, slinging on my bag. “I need to see him.”

“Lia, it’s a bad idea. Trust us, we know that boy. He needs to be alone.”

“I don’t care,” I call back at them, already running outside the school.

“Why didn’t he tell me? Bloody why?” I angrily mutter to myself walking down the street. “Because he didn’t have the time? Because we hung out e-v-e-r-y motherfucking d-a-y! He made me talk about my shit. Hell I voluntarily told him about my shit, and he couldn’t tell me this one major tragedy of his life? Why? Because I am insensitive? Or not mature enough? Or.. Or? What the fucking fuck?”

I pause my rambling seeing that the lake was also empty. I had gone to all the places, I thought he could go.

“Why would he hang around here, when he already has a huge beautiful room to himself?” I slap my forehead. Before I could start banging my head on the trees I start my way to Luke’s house.


I am currently reading ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’ and it’s interesting. So I did the obvious thing and made Luke read it. Hehe..

Anyways, I cut this chapter short, although I have written the coming scenes, because if I didn’t do it then the chapter would be too long, and I am not a nice person to let you remain in peace. So keep wondering, while I go polish the next chapter to... somewhat bearable?

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