The Bad Girl's Nerd

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Chapter 52: "What? You Need To Get Your Blindfold, Collar And Clamps?"

Lia’s POV:-

“Bitch be humble, sit down, be humble..
Sit down, bitch be humble,” I murmur under my breath trying to calm down. I am standing outside Luke’s house.

Deep cleansing breaths. I close my eyes, inhale and then exhale and look at the moon. I felt it was laughing at me. “You are so fucked up,” it jeered.

“This is so stupid,” I mutter to myself, entering in. Water droplets sparkle on the lawn, like they’ve been freshly watered. “Of course he would. Wouldn’t wanna hurt his mama, whom he loves. And do you know who else he loves? Me! Stupid, foolish, boy,” I angrily grit under my breath, marching upto the door, and ringing the bell.

So, this was a stupid idea..

I had no idea what I’ll do, or say when he opens the door. My dumb ass was realizing this now, after ringing the bell. I am about to turn around, and run but the door opens. Luke has a remote in his hand, and I can hear match commentary. I eye his clothes, white sweatshirt and black shorts. He looks at me in faint surprise.

“Oh, so you are alive!” I smile trying to look casual. “Just wanted to check.. I’ll get going,” I mumble quickly, and turn around to leave.

“Woah..” a hand grabs my wrist pulling me back. “Lia what happened? Are you okay? What are you doing here alone?” he says looking behind me, to see if anyone was there. I nod and shrug at the same time. “Well.. I might as well..” I mutter going past him into the house.

Bitch not inside! Get outside! Run, you pea-brained hoe.. Run! I ignore my subconscious, and exhale slowly, trying to calm my pounding heart.

“Lia, wait..” Luke closes the door, and stands in front of me. “Why are you so jumpy? You look like, you saw a live murder.”

That would have been so much easier..

“I just watched, a horror movie with Julian. So I feel a little...” I bite my lip. He bites back a smile, and kisses my cheek. “Stay here, I’ll protect you,” he whispers into my ear, pulling me in a hug. I squeeze him back tightly, feeling multiple emotions running through me.

“You want anything to eat?” I shake my head, the soft material of his sweatshirt rubbing on my face. We sit on the couch, and watch the game. Since I hang out with boys a lot, I didn’t mind watching the game. In fact, I enjoyed it. But tonight, I couldn’t focus.

Aah, fuck it..

I climb into his lap, and settle down like a cat, ready for it’s nap. I had sung all the raps I know, and still the only thing echoing in my brain was,

He loves me! He loves me!

Luke is drumming his fingers on my back, watching the game. I remember how the boys were talking, that it was the Grand Finale, so I stay quiet, not wanting to disturb him. His phone rings, and I watch him pick it up. I hear Ian’s voice.

“Yeah, his stats looked pretty good,” Luke replies. I smile sleepily, at how the boys were bitching over players. I think they were in a conference, cause I heard Alex’s voice too. Luke’s heavy voice starts to get hazy, and I rest my head in his neck.

“Shh.. Go to sleep baby,” Luke was carefully laying me down on a bed. I was in his room, and the lights were dim. I must have slept through the match, and Luke carried me to bed. “I’m such a mess,” I murmur sitting up, and rubbing my face. Luke sits in front of me, “Go back to sleep. You look pretty shaken up.”

“I can’t sleep now, I’m wide awake,” I tell him.

“Hmm.. you are wide awake, and we are alone,” he muses. “I wonder what we can do?” I reluctantly smile at his serious face.

“You want to watch a movie?” He asks in a firm voice. He’s fighting a smile, I can tell.

“Sure, which one do you want to see? ” I ask, playing along.

“I was thinking maybe a sci-fi, or murde-”

“Ah! I can’t do this,” I snap, pushing him down. “Oh, are we not watching a movie? ” He asks innocently, making me growl. He’s wearing a winning smile. I hate that I don’t have, Luke’s levels of patience.

“We, my dear boy-” I say breaking our smooch. “-are going to follow, your mom’s orders,” I grin, sitting on him.

“It would really help, if you didn’t bring up m- Oh my..” he gulps, cause I grab him through his shorts. His pupils dilate, and his breaths become shorter. I give another squeeze, and he groans quietly. I was starting to enjoy his needy expressions, when he flipped us, my hand getting squished between our bodies. He hungrily attaches our mouths together, his body completely covering me.

I pull at his sweatshirt, wanting the clothes to just disappear. Maybe he sensed my frustration, cause he sits up and pulls it off his head. His body is tan, from all the afternoon practice. I should join them on the field..

My body was also tan, from the trip to the beach. Although it was fading, but it’s wasn’t fully gone. I sit up, my hands itching to tear his shorts into pieces.

Luke catches my wrists, and pins them behind me. “What’s the rush?” Luke teases, kissing my ear. Shock waves travel to my sweet spot, hearing his husky voice.

“Hold on, wait a sec,” he backs away, thinking something.

“What? You need to get your blindfold, collar and nip clamps?” I snap. I was getting really impatient.

“No, it’s our first time,” he frowns playfully. “I only get creative with a girl, after our fifth time,” he says unbuttoning my shirt. I smile at the word ‘creative’. Sex with Luke, will actually be fun.

“Should I also look out for, leather floggers?”

Luke shakes his head amused, “Not my thing sweetheart. Maybe gentle spanking, if you do insist,” he grins removing my shirt, his fingers grazing my shoulders. I press my legs together. He throws the shirt away, and gawks at my bra.

“Okay.. I may have not, thought this through,” I bite my cheek. I can see, Luke is struggling really hard, not to laugh. He frowns, and presses his lips together. Then clenches his jaw, gulping slowly.

“It’s okay, you can giggle,” I permit generously. He lets out a breath. “Thank you, it’s just that I...” he trails off, putting his face in his hands, and laughing quietly. I was wearing a Poké Ball bra, i.e. my tits were covered with the Poké Ball clipart.

“You are so weird,” Luke says, his mouth stretched wide. “Thank you,” I reply seriously. Reaching behind he unhooks my bra, and frees my breasts. I don’t even get the time to sigh in relief, as I am laid back onto the bed.

I raise an eyebrow, but Luke just stays up, staring. “Umm..” I say to fill the silence.

“Better than I imagined,” he says fascinated. “Okay, you are being creepy,” I pull his wrist, to bring him over me. My nipples press against his chest, making me bite back a moan. His cock rubs against me, and he is hard.

He trails kisses down my neck, to my shoulder, and is finally face-to-face with my boobs. I stifle a laugh, on seeing his astound expression, but all laughter vanishes as he takes one nipple in his warm mouth. I am holding his head, whimpering like a dog. He’s licking, biting and sucking my nipple, his fingers, pinching and playing with the other. I am a laughing and moaning mess, as I see him open a big mouth, trying to fit in as much as possible.

“Luke!” I scold, making him finally lift his head, and sit straight. My lips twitch, on seeing the happy satisfaction on his face.

“Had enough?” I tease.

“Not even a bit. But that’ll have to do, for now,” he answers smiling. I shake my head in disbelief. He nuzzles his face between them once more, quickly stealing one more taste, and then moves down. He hooks his fingers in my yoga pants, and pulls them away in one fluid motion.

Oh dear Lord..

He has a hungry expression on his face. He looks like a man on mission. Fully focused, his hands run up my inner thighs, and part them.

“Luke,” I pant in warning. He gives me a mischievous smile, and removes my final piece of clothing. He has no hint of laughter, as he bends down in utmost seriousness. Before I could roll my eyes at him, he cups my ankles and pulls me closer to his mouth. He guides my legs around his body as his tongue sweeps up in a slow movement, tasting me, testing me. My eyes close, and I force my brain to remember, what this feels like. He’s eating me like I was his, favorite Sunday desert.

His hair brush against my belly, his hands locking around my hips, keeping me in position. One hand spreads, my thighs further apart. My hands clutch his hair, as I moan into a neighboring pillow.

I feel his teeth grazing my clit. He’s lapping and drinking me. I am whimpering, almost trying to get out of his hold.

He sits up on his knees, his hands hooked around waist as lifts my lower body with him. His shoulder muscles are taut, and hard against my thighs. My eyes fly open, as he pushes his tongue inside me. His fingers play with my folds, as his tongue pumps into me. I let out embarrassingly loud moans, and his eyes flare. My back arches, and I am about to reach my climax, but he stops.

“No,” I wail in anger, seeing him lay me down. “Patience sweetheart,” he whispers, pressing a kiss to my mouth. I am openly glaring at him. He climbs off bed, and opens his drawer, taking out a silver foil. That’s when I notice the tent in his shorts. I also sit up, my hair falling around my shoulders, and I place my feet on the floor. Since I was sitting, I was face to face with his soldier. Luke is watching me with hooded eyes.

Unlike him, I have zero patience. So I pull down his shorts and boxers, in one go.

“If I die during this, I’ll die a happy woman” I say staring at his full length. Luke chuckles quietly, but I silence him as I trail a finger along him. He gulps, waiting in anticipation. I lower my head, and kiss and suck his balls, running a hand down him. Luke groans low, gripping my hair. His deep sexy moans, were turning me fuck on. I could feel myself getting wetter.

I am about to bring out my A game, and take my sweet revenge, but I am plunged into darkness. My indignation is on whole other levels, when I find out Luke did it.

“You are not fair,” I cry, as he lifts my feet and places them on bed. I can almost see his smile in the darkness, as moonlight highlighted his shoulders. I am about to demand him to switch on the lights, but he lays down on me, making me gasp. In the dark my senses got heightened, and I feel alive with him.

“Luke,” my voice comes out strangled.

“I know,” he says sounding breathless. I feel him kissing my lips, as my hands travel along his body feeling every curve, every muscles, and he lets me. He stays where he is, as I take my time, to get familiar with his body. My own dying needs are forgotten, and I grip his hardening length. I leisurely stroke him and cup him, as he kisses me with desperation.

Only when I hear him say “Lia,” in broken pants, I realize he’s too close. Luke guides my hands around his neck, and I feel his soft lips on my eyes.

“Baby, tell me if you want me to stop, or if it’s too painful” he says lovingly stroking my waist. I nod breathing heavily.

He rubs himself against my slippery entrance, waiting for me to say something. Not trusting myself, I squeeze his shoulders, and push myself harder against him.

He slowly enters me, until he’s completely buried in. My teeth slam together in pain, as my walls adjust to his thickness and length.

“Are you okay?”

“Just a moment, let me..” I pant. He nods in understanding, kissing my cheeks. I was getting emotional now, thinking how this boy right here, loves me.

I am glad, it’s dark..

I move a little, letting him know I was okay. He catches on and, pulls himself out, then thrusts into me again. My mouth lets out an involuntary cry. But Luke doesn’t stop. He repeats it again, his movement slick, with the perfect amount of force. He picks up a little speed, and I groan.

My toes curl into the bedsheet. My hands are probably leaving scratch marks on Luke’s back. He felt so good, so full. Weirdly I remember Julian’s remark, about eye-contact during humping. I look at Luke. His eyebrows were pinched, his breathing heavy. He meets my eye and winks at me. I grab his face, missing his lips. Our bodies were too close, rubbing against each other. Chest. Stomach. Hips.

I make a mental note, to send a thank you card to his ex girlfriends, on whom he practiced and got so good.

“I’ve..” Luke pants. “I’ve never..” he tries again.

“You’ve never done this before?” I ask panting. “Christ, are you a virgin?”

His speed falters, as he starts laughing. “No, no. Let it be,” he grins picking up his speed again. I hooks my legs behind him, and start matching each of his thrust.

“Fuck Lia..” he groans. A fine mist of sweat, covers our bodies. I smell his skin, which now had a faint touch of my own bodywash. I want to dip my underwear in this scent. It’s so sensual. I mutter a string of profanities in my head, trying to not howl like rabid dog, because I catch a glimpse of Luke’s muscles flexing. It’s the hottest thing ever.

My moans have become impossibly louder. The firm set of his jaw, told me Luke was also struggling to hold it. We both were concentrating, on not letting go.

“C’mon Lia,” he pleads, placing a hand on the headboard for support. I stubbornly shake my head, not wanting to give in. Luke huffs and brings his hand down, to pinch my clit.

“You Cheater!” I scream, feeling the orgasm spread, till the tips of my finger. My screaming sets him off too. He shudders in relief above me. He slowly gets out, and slumps into the bed beside me. We both lie their panting, trying to catch our breaths.

Luke turns his head and smiles at me. His eyes are bright, chest glistening and he looks happy and relaxed. I instead, feel a tear roll away from my face. Luke’s expression immediately turns into horrified.

“Crap Lia! Did I hurt you?” he asks panicked. I shake my head, as more tears start falling.

I’m such a crybaby..

“Oh God,” Luke says looking scared. But I just slide my arms around his chest, burying my face in his neck, crying silently. Luke cradles me in his arms, petting my hair.

“I am so sorry, Lia. I am so, sorry” he says in remorse.

“Stop apologizing. I am not hurt,” my voice comes out, all shaky.

“Then what happened baby?” he asks softly. In response, I just shake my head.

If you haven’t figured out, I have realized that I too, am in love with Luke. Like super crazily, deeper than shit, kind of love. And this damn realization, is freaking the crap out of me.

“Lia please talk to me,” Luke whispers, his fingers feeling cold on my naked back.

Great, I have scared him..

I pull away, and put some distance between us. He catches on pretty quickly, and allows me some space folding his hands, lying sideways.

Suddenly, I feel very aware of our naked bodies. As if sensing my discomfort, he pulls a thin sheet over our bodies. I wipe my eyes dry, and take a deep breath. Luke patiently, waits for me.

“Firstly, I want to say that the sex was, a million times better than I dreamed off, and that’s not the reason I am crying.”

Luke’s lips twitch in the dark but he doesn’t say anything.

“Luke, the climax was very intense,” I whisper. “So my emotions, got the best of me. I’m just feeling very overwhelmed.” I mentally groan, as I realize I just contradicted my earlier statement, but Luke didn’t say anything, so I don’t explain further. His shoulders just sagged in response.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. You were nothing, but the sweetest,” I trace his cheekbone. He gives me a soft smile, his hair falling in his eyes.

“You sure, you aren’t hurt?” he double-checks. I nod, giving him a reassuring smile.

“You’re tired,” he notes, seeing me hold back a yawn.

“A little. I should get going,” I mumble, stretching my legs beneath the sheet.


My eyes meet his in the dark, and I find myself nodding.

“Umm.. I need my shirt though,” I say sitting up, holding the sheet to my breasts.

“Wait, I’ll get you,” he says getting up, offering me a glorious view of his ass. If I wasn’t in such an emotional mess, I would have grabbed him back down, for another round. He wears a new set of boxers and gets me one of his tees and shorts. He keeps it beside me, ruffles my hair and goes into the bathroom.

I quickly wear the shirt and boxer, and feel a lot less vulnerable. My pounding heart calms down, and I lay back down. If sex with Luke, is always going to be this emotionally intense, I don’t know what to do.

Luke comes out of the bathroom, and gets under the covers with me. He lays next to me, and unrolls the shirt sleeve that was stuck.

I turn to him, and move closer to him. I position my head against his chest and tangle my legs with his. Luke scoops me in his arms, settling down to sleep.

I stay still thinking, what would happen if I stay with him like this, as his girlfriend. I feel my heart fluttering away happily, a weird warmth coursing through me. I feel genuinely ecstatic.

Maybe that’s why, I was crying. Because I kept thinking about leaving him, and not letting myself stay in love. Not allow another vulnerability. And the very thought of abandoning him, made me so sad, I started crying... Well, this is one of the theories.

God, I am such a mess..

“What are you thinking?” Luke’s sleepy voice, rumbles through his chest.

“How did you know, I’m not asleep?” I trace patterns on his chest.

Luke loosens his arms and looks at me. “Your eyelashes keep fluttering against my chest,” he says dryly.

I give him a guilty smile, and kiss beneath his chin. He shifts back and lifts my face up, intently looking at me. I gulp, feeling like he was reading my soul. I break the stare, and look at his throat.

“I see, what the problem is..” he says in amusement. My head lifts up again. “Is it really so bad?”

I don’t answer. His face suddenly splits in a big grin, and he pulls me upward to kiss my face. “Say it Natalia,” he whispers smiling. My eyes fill up, lips trembling.

“Big. Cowardly. Chicken,” he teases, kissing my eyes. Tears escape, I sniff quietly. He chuckles softly, kissing my head as I sob into his chest. Luke gently rubs my back, rocking us. The motion softly lulls me to sleep.

I wake up in the middle of the night, Luke softly snoring beside me. I was on my stomach, my one hand on Luke’s chest. He was holding that hand, his face facing the other side. I slide my hands out and sit up rubbing my face. I lean over to pick Luke’s phone to check the time.

“What the fuck?” I mutter. His lock screen was a picture of me, walking backwards on the road. I remember exactly, what was going on. I was scolding him, to not take pictures of me, because I had just rolled out of bed, and hadn’t even washed my face properly.

Stupid boy..

I see the time as 2.43 AM, and put back his phone, thinking whether I should sneak back or not. I didn’t have my keys, and there are high chances that Julian won’t wake up to open the door. So I lay back down, and stare at the ceiling, thinking about all the things that are going on.

I think about the first guy, I did it with. How he had just, left wordlessly afterwards. Only after he went, I breathed easy, because it was weird and awkward. I had just wanted, to get rid of my virginity. Those days, being intimately near any male species would freak me, because of the horny janitor, and dorm-keeper. This fact kept bugging me, and I didn’t like being weak. I have always been the one to, face my fears. So I lured a boy into my room, and got it done with.

When I told Julian, he had squealed, hyping me how it only got better. Over time, I mastered the art of flirting and hooking up with strangers. I always dumped off guys who, wanted to take things further, because I was paranoid.

When I was younger, my father used to say he’ll visit me in holidays. Everytime without fail, he would let me down. I guess it was that pain of being rejected over and over again, by someone you love, that drove me away from relationships. Also I thought, if I had no weak points I’ll be stronger than ever. I realized this was not true, because being with Luke felt good, not weak and endangered.

My eyes water as I remember crying in my dorm room, missing my dad, Max, and mom. Tears leak, at the mental picture, of child-me holding back tears and going to bed, when nobody picked the phone. We were allowed to call home once everyday, and I used to muster strength, before dialing every number I knew. I mean, I always knew no one would pick up, but still I got crushed.

“Shoot,” I mutter, wiping my face. I felt so stupid, lying beside Luke and crying. I think about my current situation. I am good. Luke is good. We both are good. I just need to shut my brain, and calm down.


My eyes open with one thought in my head.

I need to pee.

I get up. Luke’s side was empty. I rush to the bathroom, opening the door.

“Holy mother of Thashana..” I breathe out. Luke was standing there, fresh from the shower, just a towel around his waist, spraying shaving foam on his jaw.

“Morning sweetheart,” he mumbles glancing at me. “You okay?”

“I need to pee,” I blurt out.

“Hold on, I’ll get ou-”

“No, just tell me your parents room. I’ll go,” I hop around, startling him.

“Oh.. umm.. it’s down the hall, last door,” he answers quickly. “But you can use-”

I leave him mid-sentence, wobbling to the said room. I find a beautiful, cream colored bedroom, bright with sunlight. I don’t pause to admire, and rush to the bathroom.

“Peeing in your boyfriend’s parents room. Classy,” I smirk, getting out. I make my way back to Luke’s bathroom, not wanting to miss the morning show. He had spread the lather and was now shaving. I go and stand beside him, placing my elbows on the counter and cupping my face.

“Stop looking at me like that,” he mutters halfway done with his face.

“Like what?” I say innocently, leaning down further, to pop out my ass.

“Natalia,” he warns. I continue staring, smiling when he cuts his face. As much, as I enjoy sex with a happy, playful Luke, I wonder how it’ll be, if he’s mad at me. Angry sex, hard and rough. I’ll have to pick a fight with him one of these days, and test him. Luke washes his face, and wipes it on the towel.

“Now, what was I saying,” he says, picking me up and placing me on the counter.

“I can’t remember, for the life of me,” I undo his towel, and grip him. He bites his lips, breathing heavily. I slowly move my hand, enjoying his struggling expression. “Fuck,” he groans quietly, as I touch his balls. He hooks his hands into my shorts, and removes them. His hands open a cupboard above my head, and he takes out a foil.

He quickly tears it with his mouth, making me withdraw my hand.

“Shit fuck!” I dig my nails into his neck, as Luke thrusts himself in, in one quick motion. He bites my neck, his hips rolling against me. My calves rest against his bare ass. He bends his head, and sucks my nipple through the shirt.

“Luke,” I moan, placing my hands on the counter, leaning my head back. He grabs my butt to hold me in a better angle, working like a machine. I stare at the white ceiling, exploding like a bomb around him.

We just stay in position, neither of us moving, breathing heavily. I stop my stare at the ceiling, cause the lights were making me dizzy. Luke was leaning forward, his head down, hands placed on the counter. I wipe the sweat of his forehead, combing back his hair. He gently pulls himself out, and removes the condom throwing in the dustbin. He wraps his towel around him. Then he gets a wet cloth, and wipes between my legs.

“C’mon gorgeous,” he helps me down the counter. Feeling sated, I lie on the bed again. Luke was putting fresh clothes on in the background. I feel a kiss on my forehead, and look up to see him lying above my head.

I grin, and sit up to go near him. “Hungry?” he asks tracing my waist. I smile mischievously and nod, biting my lips. “Stop, you are making me hard again,” he groans, with a hand over his face.

“Allow me this time,” I whisper in his ear, sitting on him. He smirks, as if challenging me. Oh he’s about to experience something really special...

“Where’s the rubber?” I ask looking around.

“Bottom drawer,” he answers. I quickly get it, and am about to open it; when a annoying series of door-bell startles me. It felt like someone was dying, as if the person was punching the door-bell, like it’s their last wish.

“God, I will kill those bastards,” Luke growls annoyed.

“Is that...”

“Dylan and the boys,” he sighs getting up. “They have the worst moments,” he rubs his face. I pat his shoulder sympathetically. Luke goes downstairs, while I quickly get dressed.

“Sup page-licker.” I hear Max’s greeting. He stops on seeing me, come down the stairs.

Well this is not at all awkward..

“I’m gonna pretend, that you weren’t already here,” Max fake-smiles. “And that you came after us,” he grimaces and goes into the kitchen.

“What were you two doing?” Ian smiles creepily, looking between me and Luke.

“Well if you hadn’t interrupted, I might have given you an answer, that would’ve turned your ears red,” I reply sweetly. “Ohhoo..” Ian pinches my arm, giggling.

“Now don’t tempt me, to kick these boys out,” Luke frowns at me, closing the door. I laugh, dragging him to the kitchen, where everybody was raiding the cupboards.

“Luke! Can I fry these bacon?” Alex asks eagerly, taking out raw bacon from the fridge.

“Let’s order pizza,” Luke suggests. “That way we can protect the house from fires, and no one has to die from food poisoning.”

“You know I’ll be offended, but what you said is true, so I’ll just..” he puts the bacon back.

I call over Julian too, and we all just chilled around watching football, and then some sitcoms. It was dark by the time we decided, we have laughed too much, and now we should go back home.

“You can kiss him at school, Lia. Come on,” Julian calls, noisily honking the horn. I break the kiss, but Luke doesn’t remove his hands.

“Luke,” I scold gently. “Let go now,” I coax him. He tries to hold back his pout.

“I’ll see you tomorrow baby,” I kiss his eyes, unwrapping his hands.

“Bye,” he mumbles, putting his hands in his pockets. I smile and give him one last peck, and get inside the car.

“You could have stayed over,” Dylan suggests, from the front seat.

“I had to go. I need to get to my room, for a shower and my stuff,” I mutter looking out.

“Are you staying over?” Julian asks Dylan.

“Can’t do babe. Dad and I, are watching UFC finals. You wanna come over?”

Julian glances at me, in the rearview mirror. I guess my sullen expression, makes him say no.

“Spill,” Julian commands, sitting on the couch and forcing me down too, as soon as I take my shower. So I tell him everything, starting from 143, to the eventful night, to my freaked out crying.

“Oh Lenny, it’s not that hard. Why don’t you talk to him?”

“I can’t,” I gulp. “Look.. before I start freaking out again, change the topic. Tell me about you and Dylan.”


So, I have a feeling this was a very awaited chapter huh? Hope you enjoyed it!

I wanna say, stay horny instead of stay healthy, but I think, you guys would beat me to death. So stay however you want :p

(I wrote this chapter after listening to ‘Zipper’ by Jason Derulo lol. And that’s Kendrick Lamar’s song ‘Humble’ in the beginning, if anyone wondered.)

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