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Chapter 53: "Nothing Says 'ily' Like A Sexy Red Thong"

Luke’s POV:-


The one name that does weird things to my heart. It seldom leaves my brain. She’s always on my mind. And I want her around me all the time, which itself is a new thing.

Like I stress often, I am the guy, who needs his space. With her, it’s just the opposite. My pulse shoots up, and I feel paralyzed when I see her. My fucking cock swells, at the sound of her voice. The feelings have grown too intense, that even I feel a little terrified sometimes. And these days, I am constantly surprised at myself. The way I lose control around her.

Like that time, she came over to apologize. That day, I felt my heart breaking, at the thought, of not having my sister around. To dull that ache, I had to drink. I downed two shots of Vodka, that was hidden in my room. Though I had cleaned up immediately, cause mom was in the house. I was careful enough to not overdo it, but I had a slight kick.

Lia kissing me, had lit up my fused out brain and I just went for it. Using enormous strength I had stopped her that day, because I knew the moment she touched me, I will be a goner.

I have known for a long time, that I love her. And weirdly, when I first acknowledged the fact, it felt normal. No surprise or shock. Maybe a little worry over, how she’ll react. Okay a lot of worry, over how she’ll react. In fact, the thought flipped me to such extents, that I had to rush to my friends for help. I remember that day exactly.

[*couple of days ago* (because author’s too lazy to calculate exact dates) ]

“Guys I need your help,” I say, rubbing my chin. They all were sitting in Ian’s kitchen.

When they first called me to hang out, I couldn’t go because, dad had taken me to some event from his office. Some girls there, tried to talk to me. Dad introduced me, to his business partners. And all I could think of, was Lia. What would she do? Should I tell her? Am I going too fast for her? Frustrated, that she might not feel the same way, I had left the party. My dad was not pleased, but he couldn’t say anything in front of his colleagues. But I didn’t care. I had taken a cab, and I was going to Lia’s place, but at the last moment, changed my mind, and ended up at Ian’s doorsteps.

“What happened? You were trying wedding suits, you found one you like, but you don’t like the color?” Max asks. Since it was a formal event, I had to wear a formal outfit.

“No,” I mutter, shrugging off the jacket, and hanging it on a chair. “No, that’s not it,” I clench my jaws, folding my sleeves, feeling stuffed.

“The pants are too tight, and you don’t wanna flash a boner in church?” Ian tries.

“What? No,” I mumble, slumping into a chair, rubbing my head. “Dude, seriously?” Alex scolds.

“Hey!” Ian defends. “We all know, he’ll get his ding dong, standing up and doing sing song, the moment he sees Lia in a wedding dress.”

“Ian, shut the fuck up... Luke, are you okay?” Dylan asks laughing.

“Do I look okay?” I snap angrily, folding my hands on the dining table. “Oi, calm down,” Max says, passing me a coke.

“Did you finally realize your love for Lia?” Alex asks, sliding into a chair next to me. I put down the drink, and watch him in disbelief.

“How do you guys know everything?” I ask baffled.

“Oh please,” Ian scoffs. “Have you seen the way, you look at each other? Even I feel shy!”

“Yeah, it was sort of a given,” Dylan shrugs.

“Wait, wait,” I interrupt. “You said each other?” I ask Ian. “You don’t mean that..”

“That Lia also loves you? Yes,” he says, like we are talking about weather.

“I-I..” I stammer, my heart doing cartwheels. But doubt crawls back, just as quick. “That’s not true. She never said that to you, did she?”

Max gives a mocking snort, “Did you ever tell us? We still figured it out right? So think, if we could understand you,” Max gestures at me. “The poker king, we could easily read that, cheeky rascal.”

“Yeah Luke. You just realized sooner, that’s all,” Alex comfortingly pats my shoulder.

“So, should I tell her?” I ask. The boys flinch in unison. “What? What did I do wrong?” I ask in alert.

“I don’t think, she’ll react positively,” Max cringes. “In fact, she might flip out, freak out, even break up with you.”

“Oh Lord..” I groan quietly.

“Yeah, Lia will freak out. Even Julian thinks so,” Dylan says. “Julian knows too?” I quiz.

“Everybody knows dumbass. Except for you two,” Ian rolls his eyes. “Look, we are thinking stupidly. Why will she react negatively? What if, she herself has realized and is just scared to admit it?”

“Yeah, that’s what’s happening,” Max says dryly.

“Guys, what do I do? This is so confusing. And for once in my life, I can’t hold it in,” I sigh. The boys don’t even hide their laughs.

“Look, if you do want to tell, do it in a secretive way,” Alex suggests.

“Yes! Like give her a red thong. Nothing says ‘I Love You’, like a sexy red thong,” Ian touches his nose, winking. “Dude, that’s my baby sister,” Max says in revulsion.

“Anything else, other than a thong?” I ask around.

“Oh!” Dylan jumps. “Give her a condom, with a hole in it.”

I can’t believe, I am listening to all of this..

“That would mean, that you are ready for unprotected sex,” Dylan continues. “And you only go bare, on someone you love.”

“Is that, what you say to Julian?” Alex asks unimpressed. Dylan gives an uncomfortable smile.

“Condom with a hole,” Ian scoffs. “It could also give the message, ’Lia, I am tired of latex. Why don’t you-”

“Please don’t finish that,” Max grimaces.

“Well thong, is the decent way to go,” Ian assures. I force a smile.

“I have the perfect idea. Say 143,” Alex smiles.

“Jesus, Al,” I groan. “We are not 5-year olds. I need a mature way.”

Well, like it’s well known. I had screwed maturity, and taken the long shot. I was so relieved, when Lia had no clue. Although, it has been fun, seeing her trying to figure out. But I was also preparing my speech that I’ll use, to convince her to stay, if she decides to end everything. Turns out, I didn’t have to.

That night, I couldn’t help the relief that flooded my system, but also the joy, that instead of running away, she came to me. I couldn’t wait to hear her say it, and I tried to get it out of her, but she was just too overwhelmed. And now, even after almost four days, she still has that fearful look in her eyes, like I would vanish in a snap, or she would vanish in a snap.

I’ve been walking on glass, around her. Giving her distance, and time, to sort it out. I am very careful, to not tread towards heavier topics. But emotions aside, our longing to fornicate like rabbits, never disappears. Since my parents, were not home everyone hung out at my place, and someone always stayed over. Lia keeps looking at me, with such impatience. Like she wanted to screw my brains out. And all I want to respond is, ‘Same here love.’

“Luke, are you paying attention?”

I give a brief nod, to my mother, but not before frowning at her, for whispering in the church. It was Sunday, and Rev. Kane, was repeating his point again and again. I wish he would stop doing that. Saying ‘Do not indulge in temptations’, once is enough.

“It was a peaceful service,” my mom hugs my arm, walking out the church. I raise an eyebrow, giving her a ‘Could’ve-been-quicker’ look. She slaps my hand, and waves to one of her friend. I mentally groan. That’s why, I prefer to go to churches alone, and let dad go with mom. Now, she’ll chit-chat, endlessly with everyone. I sit on the steps, and lean against the wall.


Ivy sits with me on the steps. Church was actually the first place, where she and I were introduced as kids. I nod at her, feeling uncomfortable. “So, how have you been?”

“Good,” I reply, although I wanted to say ‘Fucking great!’. “You?”

She shrugs, “Okay, I guess?”

“What happened?”

“Just a boy, I liked and now he’s off with som-”

“Ivy don’t,” I stop her. “Please, I’m sorry.”

“But Luke, we match! Don’t you see?” she tries, turning to look at me. I inconspicuously shift backwards, in case she tried to kiss me or anything. Not being arrogant, it’s just that, after Ava’s incident, I don’t trust girls. They are quick and unpredictable, and startle the hell out of me.

“Ivy, I’m happy with Lia-”

“Who? That girl with that fat ass?” she says scornfully. See, unpredictable! I look at her shocked, cause I’ve never seen this side of her. “That hippie girl, with unruly hair, and so much jewellery that I couldn’t count?”

“She is perfect,” I reply. “She is flawless, the way she is. And never talk about her like that, in front of me. I won’t bother being polite next time,” I fume, getting up and going. Ivy tries to call me back.

“I’ll be in the car,” I say to my mother, who was animatedly saying something. I slump into the driver’s seat, feeling mentally exhausted.

“Did you and Ivy fight?” my mother asks the moment, she enters the car. “I saw you both talking together, and then you storming away.”

“It’s nothing,” I reply, starting the car.

“Luke, take the other route,” my mom commands.

“But then, I’ll have to go around the town,” I frown, but switch the roads like she asked.

“Exactly. I want you to tell me what happened?” she says, removing her shoes and tucking her feet on the seat. Why is this day, getting longer and longer?

“Mom, we are fine,” I answer.

“Ivy asked me to tell you, that she’s sorry,” she informs, looking out the window. It was a pretty view though. Green fields and trees, with cute houses. I should bring Lia this side.

“I’ll talk to her,” I sigh.

“That’s your call. But would you tell me what happened? I hardly see you, getting worked over something, someone else said,” she glances at me.

“She said things about Lia,” I tell her. “In a bad way.”

“And? Her saying, doesn’t make it true,” my mom points out.

“But still.. You would burn the person, who would breathe a word against dad,” I point out.

“I would say ‘True that’ if it was around twenty years ago. But that man bloody changed me, with his ‘Jane, it doesn’t matter what people say’,” she rolls her eyes. “But this is you, we are talking about.”

“I don’t understand, why can’t people see Lia, the way I see? She’s funny, pretty, brave, lovable, has an open heart. I could go on and on. But all everyone points out, is our differences,” I tighten my grip over the wheel.

“Exactly. And you both make it seem, like it’s not even there,” she laughs. “Why then, are you getting insecure? And cut people some slack, for being curious. Even, your father and I, had a hard time believing, you are dating someone so... contradictory?”

“Now you too,” I mutter irritated.

“No munchkin, we both like her,” she assures. “She’s humorous, headstrong, and witty. So unlike that one girl you dated, Bianca.”

“Mom,” I warn.

“I never understood what you saw in her! She was whiny, and glittery, and never had a sense of humor,” she grumbles.

“You asked her, why she’s wearing her dog’s belt?” I say blankly.

“Fine, maybe I might have, teased her a little too much,” she admits. “But still. I like Lia, way bet- Wait a sec, are you defending your ex? Now that’s something, I have to text to Lia,” she grins.

“You have her number?!”

“Of course,” she shrugs casually. “We send each other memes, all the time,” she says like it’s the most normal thing in the world.

“Wow, and no!” I take the phone out of her hand. “Ma, I’m not defending anyone. I just didn’t want you to, bring up my entire dating history.”

“Which I have to share with Lia, one of these days,” she muses.

“Please don’t. I’ll never forgive you.”

“I’m sure, I could live with that,” she laughs. “Oh look! Isn’t that Lia walking towards our house?”

“Yes,” I smile wide. She’s a Godsend. Just the person I want, after a tiring morning.

“Before we leave,” I lock the doors, stopping my mother from skipping out. “Please don’t tell Lia anything. And.. thank you, for talking to me.”

“I’m not promising anything, and I know, I am awesome,” she grins. “Hey Lia!” she greets getting out. I watch as Lia turns around, and gives my mom a bright smile. She wearing shorts, and a white tank with red stripes, cause it’s a sunny morning. I cross my hands over the steering wheel, rest my chin over it, and stare at her happily. Suddenly they both turn to me, and I sit up quickly. They both laugh, and I smack my head for getting caught. I park the car outside, and get out.

“Hey,” I say cautiously, going near the two women.

“Had a good look?” Lia teases. I couldn’t think of any excuse, so I do what I could. I blush.

I so hate myself..

“Christ, Luke, I have never seen Lia blush, but I can’t remember the last time, you didn’t,” my mother tuts, going into the house. Lia turns to me, beaming like the sun.

“I know, how to make you blush,” I pinch her waist, making her giggle.

“Where did you go, this early?”

“It’s Sunday. It’s the Lord’s day,” I answer, smiling at her.

“I didn’t know you were religious.”

“Well.. I believe in God,” I shrug.

“What did you pray for?” she asks, mischievously. “Now, that’s between me and Him. But I did say a big thank you, for sending you in my life,” I whisper in her ears, putting my arms around her. “Corny,” she mumbles, her lips stretched wide.

“Who goes to church, looking so sexy?” she raises a brow. “If you’ll be like that..” I mutter, letting go of her.

“C’mon, you look tempting in your khaki pants, and dark green, checkered shirt,” she mocks.

“Stop kidding,” I narrow my eyes at her. “It’s too hot. I’ll change to shorts, then we can go out,” I peck her mouth.

“Okay, I’ll wait here,” she gives me a thumbs up. I just grab her hand, and lead her to my room.

“Lukey, you want me to oversee you? Check if you are not, putting your shorts inside out?” she teases, following me.

“Give me two minutes,” I say to her, closing the door. She puts her hand around my waist, stopping me. “You thought I was kidding?” she murmurs, locking the door with one hand. I nod, licking my lips. Something changes in her eyes, and I feel hot under her stare.

She walks forward, making me walk backward. “See, I may not be a religious person. But I am, a grateful person,” she says, leading us further into the room. “And I always like to return, the acts of generosity.” I look at her confused.

“Baby, are you- oh,” I never realized we crossed the room, cause I hit the wall. She laughs softly, her hands undoing my pants button. My cock perks up in attention, as if knowing that Lia’s hands were near him. I tip up her chin, and catch her lips. “Lia,” I whisper ruptured, as her hands curl around me, giving a delicious squeeze.

“Yes Luke?” she asks, her voice breathy. I gulp, as she moves her hands, slowly and deliberately. In Rev. Kane’s sermon, he had said something about enticement, but I can’t seem to remember, what. I feel my IQ dropping, and brain cells ceasing to exist. My head bends back, her strokes going achingly slow. I feel soft lips, then teeth grazing my neck. I look down, and suck in her mouth.

“Fuck,” I groan quietly, as her hands go faster. She’s about to say something, but I smother my mouth over her. My lips move desperately, one hand angling her face, the other using a table nearby for support. Her hand is flying up and down my cock, and I am moaning from the pleasure shooting down my spine.

She steps closer her chest brushing against mine. “Lia,” I pant, tangling my hands in her hair. She’s watching me intently, as if not wanting to miss anything. And right now, with her hands curled around my shaft, I couldn’t find myself to care. Although, I understood her eagerness at some levels, cause during our first night together, I took my sweet time, watching her squirm in desire.

“Hush..” she quietens me with a kiss, her hands never stopping. My head rests against her temple, her hands going harder and faster.

“Ah!” I groan, coming in her hands. I knock down something from the table, it breaks on the floor. I don’t even look at it, my eyes closed, savoring the unexpected release. I take a moment to catch my breath, before I am picking her up, and walking towards the couch.

“Luke, that-” she starts, turning her head to look at the ground, but I smash my lips with hers. I sit down, and set her in my lap. I remove her tank and bra. I undo her shorts and panties until she’s all naked in front of me. I am the most blessed asshole ever..

My mouth attaches itself, to her breast. She moans gently, as I suck her nipples raw. I swear, I can’t get enough of them. They are the tastiest thing of the planet, next to her pu-

“Luke!” she pushes me away, when I press my face between them. “Please,” I am literally whining. She bites back a smile. I feel addicted, and out of control around her. I lick my way from her nipples to her sexy throat, biting on the soft skin. Her scent of wild flowers, fogs my brain.

She removes my shirt, her hands clawing my shoulder, while I kiss and lick my way from her neck, back to her cleavage. I first weigh them in my hands, then fondle the hardened nipples, unable to stop myself from pinching them. Just like I wanted, Lia gives a deep moan. She’s glaring at me, but I can’t stop my smile. Her hair is kept together in a long braid, and it’s resting casually beside her breasts. It’s the sexiest thing, I’ve ever witnessed. She looks like the sexiest thing. No wait, she looks angry.

“Luke, you are getting too obsessed with the girls,” she chastises, pointing at them.

“I know,” I say helplessly. “I guess I’m a tits man after all. Not an ass man,” I glance at her hips.. And now I can’t stop looking. Guess, I am an ass m-

“Seriously!” she slaps my shoulder. With supreme effort, I focus on her face. “God, you are wicked,” I groan, as I see her smiling. A growl escapes my throat, and I grab her butt. We go back to kissing roughly, and I am hard like a rod. My cock is dying for attention, swelling up, when Lia’s nipples press against me.

Our fervor kisses, have turned filthy, but neither of us seem to care. It’s like I am getting the elixir of life, and I am drinking as much as I can, in one go. I am plundering her mouth mercilessly, until we both are burning with need. My hand slips down and she’s so wet. Its tempting to slip a finger inside her, but I got bigger problems to address first. I push my pants, down my butt.

I rub my cock, against her and push myself in. Her moan echoes in my ear, and my cock hardens inside her. Lia holds my shoulder for support, and moves up, then slamming down in one quick movement.

“Fucking hell..” I groan, tilting my head back. She smirks, and starts riding me like a champ. I hold her hips, and jackhammer her from beneath. “Fuck fuck! Luke...” she cries, her breasts bouncing.

Please let me do this my entire life.. I send up a silent prayer.

Her nails dig into my skin, as her moans get more desperate. She was close. Her walls were tightening around me. She grabs her breasts, her eyes closed, revelling the pleasure building up.

God she’s sexy..

Watching Lia come apart in my arms, is the favorite part. I come moments later. I sag into the couch, relaxed out of my brains. She meets my eye and gives me that smile, the one that makes me want to kiss her, and do it all again. She bends forward, and softly catches my lips. Suddenly I freeze. She sits up, looking at me in question.

“We forgot protection,” I whisper. I see her go pale, but then she relaxes. “My periods just got over. I think we are good,” she says, her voice still breathless.

“Still baby, you should take a pill. That way, we’ll be more at ease,” I say rubbing her shoulders. She nods and gets up, wincing when I pull out of her.

“Sorry,” I apologize.

“It’s okay,” she kisses my cheek, and goes into the bathroom. I pull up my pants, and mentally admonish myself, for being so careless. Neither of us, are in a position to become a parent, we have to be more careful.


“Luke, I can get this, on my own,” Lia scolds me.

“Hey, I’m in this too,” I scold back, and park in front of a pharmacy. I drove her to the next town, because I didn’t want any rumors, floating around my girl. She already has so much on her plate, and the last thing I want is, for that nosy lady at our local drug store, to spy around her.

“I’ll go get you one,” I say, getting out the car. Funnily, Lia lets me. Maybe she was alarmed, and didn’t show it. The guy at the counter, sleepily handed me the packet. His eyes opened, only for the money. I also get a bottle of apple juice, from the store nearby.

“Thank you,” she mumbles weakly, and swallows the pill. I sink in my seat, feeling tired. No matter how fun this morning is, it’s been mentally draining. Lia is also quiet.

“You okay?” I ask, turning to face her. She nods, smiling feebly.

“Hey, it’s fine,” I lean forward, to kiss her forehead. She smelled like me. “I’ll be more careful, from now on.”

“Well it was my fault, to catch you off guard,” she sighs. “But, I also blame you. It’s your fault, you looked so damn sexy, in your Church outfit.” I grin lazily, turning down the air conditioner. Her skin was freezing.

“Thank you Luke,” she says shyly. “Not gonna lie, I would’ve been uneasy, doing it alone.”

“Darling, you’ll be never alone,” I chide. “Because I lo-” I cough violently, when her eyes snap to me. “-lust you. Because I lust you,” I say seriously. She laughs softly, but gives me a grateful look. Today, I’m not in my element.

“Let’s go to a nice place,” I suggest, swinging her braid. “Let’s go have a, nice date.” She visibly relaxes, and nods.


So, I have like serious doubts over this chapter. And I sort of, want to delete it. Should I try again? With a different scenario??

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