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Chapter 54: "Will It Help If I Twerk?"

[Apologies for the late update. I’ve had tests and viva all week. Forgive me. I love you. Go on read read *weird dancing to cheer you up*]

Lia’s POV:-

“Son of a bit-”

“Max!” Mel scolds. I shift uneasily on the couch. Max gives an apologetic look, and puts down the jar he couldn’t open. Then he comes sit beside Mel. An uncomfortable silence engulfs us.

I had to cancel my date with Luke, last minute cause Max wanted me to come to his house. Even though I dreaded going back, I was still curious.

“Ma..” Max urges softly. Mel sighs.

“The reason, I called you here today,” she spoke directly to me. “-is to apologize for my behavior. And cause Max forced me to,” she adds quietly. Max gives a warning look. “Alright, I too have been feeling guilty... It’s not your fault. I was too blind in anger and hatred towards your father, and I took it out on you. You don’t have to forgive me, but I just want to let you know, I really am sorry for throwing you out the house, and for all the mean things I’ve done.”

I did not know what to do with this apology. So, I nod my head.

“Also, we both would like if you move back with us,” she says. Max nods vigorously.

“I..” I trail off. “I accept your apology. But, I can’t move back in. I am happy living with Julian, and he also likes that he’s not alone. So..” I gulp. Max’s face falls.

“We understand,” Mel assures.

“I’ll get going then,” I say meekly, and rush out the door.


I stop outside the house, when I hear Max’s voice.

“Lia, she really meant it,” Max says giving me a comforting smile.

“It’ll be too hard for her if I move in,” I explain. “Don’t argue Max, I know it. Right now everything is good. Let it be like that.” Max gives a gloomy nods, and we part ways.


“Hi Luther,” I smile. He gives me a nod and what I think was the tiniest smile, opening the door wider. “Is Luke home?”

“He’s in his room,” he answers, going inside the house. “Hey honey,” Jane greets standing beside Luther. “Don’t mind us, go go,” she urges leaning against Luther. “Yeah, I’ll just..” I mumble and go upstairs before things got too awkward.

Luke looks up, when I barge into his room. I pause and analyze. He was sitting on his bed, a pen in hand and some books scattered around. Bloody nerd..

I shut the door, and climb into his bed. I don’t even bother hiding my sullen expression, and remove the book from his lap. I place my head on his thigh, face in his stomach, my hands around his waist. Luke waited for me to settle down, then placed his book on my hips, his hand resting on my shoulder. It felt like a warm hug of comfort, when he snuggled me closer to him.

Once everything’s quiet except for Luke’s whooshy scribbling, I allow my thoughts to flow freely. I realized I was just taken aback by Mel’s apology. I have considered this woman as my mother, all my life. And some part of me, still wants her to like me, and accept me. So finally see her, giving a shit about me had me flustered. But I know that’ll never be the case for her. I am the living proof that the love of her life, cheated on her. The thought that I still sought her approval, made me feel pathetic.

“What are you humming?” I ask, twisting my head to look at Luke.

“Asleep, by Smiths,” Luke mutters, writing something in his notepad. “Sing for me,” I request, turning my body. “No,” he laughs, setting his books on my stomach.

“Please,” I give him puppy eyes. “Not gonna work,” he pecks my mouth. “What happened at Max’s?”

“Mel apologized to me,” I sigh, looking at the ceiling. “She offered me the choice of moving back with them.”

“Considering it?” he asks, marking something in his book.

“No, living with Julian is easier,” I mumble, trying to decode the pattern on his t-shirt.

“Luke, I forgave her,” I say after a moment. Luke stops writing and looks at me. “Really?”

I nod, “I forgave her. And I really do. I don’t feel any anger towards her anymore. Maybe a little sympathy, cause she herself had a hard time, raising a son alone, and mending her broken heart. But otherwise I forgave her.”

“I’m proud of you,” Luke smiles, his thumb grazing my cheek. He closes his books and puts them away. “What do you feel like doing?”

“Lazy. Let’s be here,” I mumble. He picks his phone and puts some music on.

“Never pegged you for a Fall Out Boy fan,” I comment. He stands up and pulls me up. “Dance with me,” he grins and starts jamming his head like a pop star. I laugh but seeing him dance was contagious. Soon we both are fooling around, yelping and squeaking like bats.

The song changes to Heavenly by Cigarettes After Sex. We calm down to slow dancing. Now that’s the thing about songs. They catch you unguarded in your raw emotions, and hit you like a bag of pipes.

Wanting your love to come into me
Feeling it slow, over this dream
Touch me with a kiss, touch me with a kiss

Now you’re above feeling it still
Tell me it’s love, tell me it’s real

“Feeling overwhelmed?” he whispers, brushing hair off my face. I nod, blinking away tears.

“Will it help if I twerk?” Luke asks. I look at him quizzically.

“How will that help?”

“Oh it will help.” His smile is mischievous, as he steps back, turns around and does a horrible twerk completely off key. He looks at me expectantly, but I’m fazed by what I witnessed.

“For a good dancer, you’re an awful twerker,” I finally say. “But you are right, it helped.”

“You don’t have to hide your laughter.”

“I didn’t wanna demoralize you,” I reply, my voice raspy. “Aren’t you the sweetest,” he says with a dirty smile.

“Shaddup, now c’mon I’ll teach you,” I say standing beside him. “Put your hands on your knees and bend like this.” Luke follows my posture, wobbling a little because we were still on bed.

“Now curl your back and twerk, twerk, twerk,” I pop my booty along with the beat. First Luke just stares at me, then he abandons his posture and stands behind me, feeling my twerks in his palms.

“Holy shit,” he murmurs fascinated. My rhythm breaks, cause I start laughing. He smiles at me, his eyes twinkling. With a happy sigh, I put my arms around his neck.

“Lia, will you tell me why you’re so sad?” he whispers, kissing my cheek. Instead of answering I hide my face in his chest.

“I’m sorry,” I say, my voice growing heavier and shaky.

“Why?” he tips up my chin.

“That you are stuck with me,” I tighten my arms around him. “That you are stuck with someone, who can’t even say the words. Someone who freaks out, by the mere thought of..” I gulp, taking a deep breath. “I do, you know..” I whisper, cupping his jaw. He kisses my palm, his arms soothingly rubbing my back. “You know, that I too... Right?”

“Yes baby, I know,” his lips brush against mine.

“Just give me time,” I assure him. “I’ll get past this whole weird emotional mess I’ve created in my mind. I know I will, just some time.”

“How about this? We’ll make this into a competition. If I learn to twerk first, I win.. Stop laughing,” he scolds. I bite my lips together. But the mental image of Luke, the calm, self-contained Luke, practicing twerking in front of the mirror, was too hilarious.

I should plant a hidden camera in his room..

“And if you say the words, and mean it,” he adds quickly, as he sees me opening my mouth. “Then you win. Loser has to be on top, for a whole month,” he whispers, making my stomach drop.

“Now c’mon,” I whine. “If I lose, I’ll have to ride you everytime?” Luke grins wide, and nods. “Luke, it’s tiring and to be honest, a lazy ass like me doesn’t enjoy it that much.”

“Well I do,” he replies, his face bright like a sunflower.

“Alright,” I say defeatedly. I have been procrastinating for days. Guess now, I’ll actually have to sit down, and sort my past and feelings. Great.


“Honey, I know I’m pretty. But focus here,” Luke calmly taps his pencil on my nose. The boys chuckle on seeing my moping expression. I made a mistake of asking a physics doubt to this boy. And he went into a full teacher mode.

“Luke, I give up,” I whine. “It’s too hard.”

“Is that what she says in bed?” Julian asks. I throw my pencil-box at him. He and Dylan were sitting right opposite to me.

“Move over, let me try,” Dylan says, pushing away his empty lunch tray. Luke complies, and they switch places.

“You know physics?” I ask surprised.

“Yes, he’s my wittle geni-ooosss...” Julian coos. We all simultaneously cringe, while Dylan gives him a flying kiss.

“I’m the next smartest in the group after Luke,” he smirks, taking my sheet to look at the question.

“Since when did you start doing homework?” Julian asks, stealing grapes from Luke.

“He-” I say pointing at Luke “-changed me.”

“Is that a code word for pregnant?” Alex asks. Luke and I momentarily freeze. We exchange a look, wordlessly assure each other and turn to Alex with identical glares.

“Jeez sorry for being excited,” he mutters looking down.

“Yeah you are right,” Dylan speaks up. “I don’t even understand the bloody question.”

“Thank you Dylan,” I sigh gratefully.

“I’ll say Sal Island, in Cape Verde,” Max says to Ian. We both turn our heads to them.

“Alex what about you? What’s the most relaxing destination for you?” Ian asks.

“The North York Moors,” Alex smiles.

“What in the Selena Gomez are you? A fucking dog? Moors are just a piece of land,” Ian scoffs, and turns to Luke. “Luke you’re the guy for relaxing and all that crap. What’s your favorite location?”

Luke’s eyes goes to my chest for the briefest of time, but everybody saw it.

“Dude! What the fuck,” Max groans.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry, I didn’t.. I swear I...” he tries but the damage was done. I was grinning in total amusement, while the rest of the boys were laughing and proudly thumping his back. Luke’s face was like burning red tomato. He was that embarrassed.

“I can’t believe, you would associate the word relax with her, well in this case any part of her,” Julian laughs at Luke. “She’s as relaxing as my bleeding rectum.”

Lunch was sadly over, and we had to stop teasing Luke. I was also a little relieved cause, I knew the boys were running out of jokes for Luke, and I’ll be their next target.

“Don’t start,” Luke mumbles, as he walks me to my class. “I told you, not to get too obsessed with my ladies,” I smirk.

“They look really snug in that shirt,” he says defensively. “I can’t stop thinking about them, since this morning. Not to mention, you are wearing a skirt. It’s like I am in some torture,” he grumbles. I laugh smoothening out my tennis skirt.

“Want some relief?” I tease. His steps falter, and I see him struggling with himself.

“That’s it,” he snaps, grabbing my wrist and leading me towards the emptier sections of our school. “I’m not a good student, and I don’t want to be a good student,” he growls. My lips stretch wider.

We enter a dark classroom, lock the door and go to the last seat. Luke sets me on the desk, the surface cold against my thighs. He’s kissing me and opening my shirt buttons. I undo his belt, and slip my hands in to squeeze his ass.

“Wow, do that again,” I breathe. Luke has his face inside my half-open shirt.

“I like this shirt. So easy for Lukey,” he murmurs licking my cleavage. His hands relish my thighs, disappearing into the skirt. “I go crazy, when I see you in skirt,” he whispers, kissing the corner of my mouth.

“Oh you cannibal,” I chuckle, when he bites the soft skin of my chest. In response he bites my lips, then my cheeks then my chin.

“Okay, you made your point honey,” I laugh as he bites my jaw. He pauses suddenly, “Fuck, we don’t hav-”

“Condom? It’s in my bag,” I say a little breathless, cause his thumb was pressed to my core. “I wore this skirt with a purpose, you dumbass.”

“You fascinate the hell out me,” he says seriously, and grabs me with a new-found vigor.


I wake up at the commotion of voices and laughter. Still sleepy, I don’t mull over it, and look for my phone to check the time. It was on a chair in front of me. I crawl on knees to fetch it.

“This is a fantastic view to wake up to,” a voice says behind me, and before I could get my phone, a pair of hands grab my waist, pulling me backwards.

“Luke! Let go,” I laugh, as he nuzzles his face against my butt cheek. I am flipped over and set on Luke’s lap. He leans against the wall behind my bed. Since we had no school this morning, Luke stayed the night at my place.

“Morning gorgeous,” he rumbles, his voice heavy with sleep.

“Mhmm..” I hum in appreciation, as he bends his head to kiss my breasts. “Morning to you two,” he says in a baby voice and puts his head inside my t-shirt. I am giggling and squirming when the door opens.

“The hell, I locked it!” I exclaim.

“I have the master key,” Julian rolls his eyes. “And oh,” he smiles teasingly as Luke takes out his head.

“Morning Julian” he greets casually, making me look at him in disbelief.

And I used to think he is shy..

“You guys are so...” Julian smiles pressing his hands together. “Anyways breakfast is ready and others are here. So c’mon... You know Ian was about to send Max. Good thing, I jumped up,” he laughs, shutting the door.

“I feel like, people around us have one purpose,” Luke mutters.

“And what’s that?” I ask combing back his hair.

“To not let us enjoy a moment in peace,” he mumbles, enjoying his grooming session.

“By us you mean, you and these two?” I quiz, looking down at my boobs.

“Yep,” he grins. “You are just not as obsessed with me, as I’m obsessed with you,” he shrugs.

“Luke I know that the third brick, on the left of the pipe outside your window, grinds loudly when I step on it,” I state blankly. “Do I need to go on?” I ask, watching Luke lay flat on the bed laughing. I get up and go into the bathroom to freshen up. While I put on some sweatpants and brush my hair, Luke takes the turn to do his business.

Maybe my stalker skills impressed him, or maybe my ass really made up his day, because when we came out of the room, Luke was smiling wide, one hand on my back.

“Jesus alright!” Max groans. “I know that you two have slept together! But do you really have to rub it in?” he asks Luke, who was now frowning in confusion. “I mean what the fuck, do you do to him, that he is smiling so openly!” Max says to me, then cringes immediately.

“Don’t answer that... But at least keep him, the way we used to know. I feel thunderstruck, on seeing him smile like he saw Nicki Minaj in a wedding dress.”

“Lia decoded 143,” Luke explains. “We were just laughing over that.”

“Oh..” Max says, then grins teasingly. “Ooh...”

I flip him off, and start making more coffee for everybody. Dylan was away, so Julian was glued to his phone. Judging from his blooming face, I could tell their topics of discussion are very R-rated.

“Guys, excuse me. I don’t feel well and I’ll be in my room,” Julian announces suddenly, coughing badly.

“He’s going to go play with himself,” I scoff, sitting beside Alex. Julian glares at me, “Only cause it’s proven to be medically helpful. Mind giving me a hand?” he asks sweetly.

“Sure,” I say getting up. “By the way, do you remember the time, you walked into your parents room and saw something you didn’t wanna see.” Julian freezes, then pales, then shivers.

“Next time a simple ‘no’ will do,” he grumbles, sitting next to a chortling Ian.

“Next time, don’t ask,” I retort, sipping my coffee. We make plans, to play soccer in the park. Because of Julian, I too had started playing soccer. I was not as good as everybody, but I could tell Max was proud of my quick progress.

“I have to go to my house first,” Luke says, to the rest of the boys leaving. “You guys go, we’ll meet you there.” Julian is the last to leave closing the door after him. We both turn to each other with identical smiles.

“Thinking the same thing?”

“Since I woke up,” he answers, pulling me into the bedroom.


“I have some news.”

“The Kamasutra we ordered, was delivered today?” I ask, making Luke chuckle. It was evening, and we had spent the whole day outside.

“I got into the college, in Berkeley,” he says standing in front of me. My jaw drops in shock. “Cheese and nutcrackers!” I squeal, and jump on him. “Congra-fucking-lations!” I yell happily, hugging him tightly.

“Thank you,” he grins, looking pleased at my outburst.

“When do you have to go?” I ask, my smile never dimming.

“In two weeks,” he answers. “My exams will be over by next Wednesday, so I’ll have enough time to pack, and go down there to find a place.”

“Oh,” I squeeze his shoulders excited. Then a thought enters my brain, and I deflate like a balloon. “Oh,” I say sadly. “I guess, you are here to break up with me then? ”

“Say what?” Luke freezes.

“Well you are going, so I assumed we are over,” I force down the lump in my throat.

“Yeah.. We had a good time,” he shrugs. I nod looking away.

“Oh my god! You actually believe, that we are breaking up,” Luke frowns.

“Ye- Why?” I say startled.

“Natalia I fucking love you. And I have no intention, of letting you go,” he snaps, crashing our bodies together. He holds my face firmly, “I. Love. You. Get that inside your head, and stop freaking out. It’s a wonderful thing.” I nod. My knees feel weak, on hearing him say that.

“Baby, I specifically got the college in Berkeley, because that is the place where you have your dream architecture college. So after your school, we can be together,” he smiles.

“Luke as lovely as it sounds, that college is really tough to get into. I’ll just do it from a cheap one.” Even I could hear, the disappointment in my voice.

“Lia, I have seen your work. It’s impressive. I’ll help you with your application. Don’t worry, we’ll get there,” he assures, kissing my forehead.

“Thank you,” I whisper, hugging him. “I still don’t believe you, but it’s the thought that counts.”

“What did your parents say?” I ask, as we walk back to our houses.

“They congratulated me. Mom asked if I was sure. I could still give business another go. Dad was quiet and I felt he was a little benumbed,” he sighs. “But I know, I did the right thing,” he shakes his head. “I should not feel guilty.. I feel a lot better after your over-zealed applause. I needed that,” he admits.

“Are you kidding? I remember how you worked the hardest, on this Berkeley application,” I gush. “Though now I’m not sure about your intentions. But either way, your hard work paid off.”

Luke looks at me for a second, then smiles and entwines our hands.

“Luke.. I love you,” I say, the words easily coming out, cause I’ve been wanting to say it, ever since I heard Luke say it. Because it didn’t feel scary or wrong. It felt right. It felt good. It felt blissful.

We were standing in front of my place. I watch in mild concern, as he freezes. “Damn it!” he snaps suddenly. “Have I been practicing twerking for nothing?”

“Just the reaction I wanted,” I shrug, forcing a smile. He laughs and comes forward.

“Say it again,” he smiles. “Please?” he requests.

“I love you,” I confess meekly. His smiles widens.


“I love you,” I say more loudly.

“One more,” he pokes my cheek.

“I love you,” I sing. Luke smothers his mouth over me, picking me in the air. “God, I love you,” he breathes, putting me down. “Let’s go seal our love baby,” he whispers in my ear.

“I guess, we both know who’ll be on top.”


So that’s that. The end. *dramatic drum rolls*

For people, who are brave enough to make it this far, and still like my story don’t worry. I’m not finished finished. You can read more about Luke and Lia’s goofy college romance in the second book, ‘Bad Girl Off To College’.

Oh, and I have a surprise for you in the next chapter. Do check!

Other than that, thank you for reading, liking and commenting. It’s an honor, if I made you laugh.

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