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Luggage Bitch

Sam’s POV:-

I take my phone out, but it slips out of my hand and goes sliding across the floor, as I stumble down, because I have stupidly hit a wall.

Suddenly, the wall groans.

Hold on...

Walls don’t groan...

Shit, I hit a motherfucking person!

“Oh my God! I am so sorry,” I gush getting up. A flight attendant was already lifting the person. Words die in my mouth, as I register I didn’t hit a person. I hit a goddamn giant!

The person, who I can only assume to be male, with broad shoulders and cropped hair, has his back to me. He is wearing a black jacket. I was wearing a black hoodie. It would be totally inappropriate to knock down a person, and pinch him for being color twins at the same time.

“Are you hurt?” I go towards the person. Cold, gray laser eyes snap to me. I flinch under his glare. “You hit me with your family’s luggage! Of course I am hurt,” he growls, an angular jaw, that is clenched together as if holding back a sneer.

“Actually, it’s just my luggage,” I point out. I don’t know why I did that. He turns his head and looks at my fallen trolley in disbelief.

“Did you pack your family into the suitcases? I mean.. Really?” he raises an eyebrow, looking between me and my stuff. I feel my temper rising.

“Hey! What I pack, or how much I pack is none of your damn business, mister!” I flip at him.

“You sure have the nerve to shout at me, after damaging my shoulders,” he scowls, rolling his shoulder joint, bulky biceps outlining through the jacket.

“Well that’s what’ll happen, if you take so many steroids,” I mutter loudly. His head snaps to me, expression vicious. Handsome or not, huge men intimidate me. And right now, even though I am acting smart-alecky, I’m a raindrop away from putting my tail between my legs and running away.

“Steroids?!” he spat, as if he couldn’t believe I could say that. “This,” he barks pointing at his curled arm. “-is pure hard work, and dedication.”

“Which got injured by some light weight bags, but whatever,” I shrug, looking away.

“You’re a mean person, who hits people, insults them, and then doesn’t even apologize,” he scoffs in disapproval, picking up his bags.

“Hey! I apologized! I said sorry twice, you ass!” I fume.

“Twice? Oh my God, I am so lucky!” he says sarcastically, and brushes past me muttering, “Luggage bitch.”

I stare at his back in shock. What the hell! And not to say rude!


If you know who that is, you know. And if you don’t please go and read my next story ‘Luggage Bitch’!

PS: Please do check it out. I could honestly use some help *puppy eyes*

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