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Chapter 6: "He Can Say Goodbye To His Balls Forever"

Lia’s POV :-

“And then she just left for her room” I mumble into the phone.

“Aww Lenny... It’s okay. Maybe she’s a bit uncomfortable facing you, after the way she treated you” Julian comforts me.

When I came into the house, my mom was sitting in the living room. She saw me and gave me a smile which looked forced and said “Welcome” in a strained voice.

So much for Mother’s love..

“Yeah. Whatever” I look at my feet which are currently propped up against the wall while I’m lying on bed.

“It’s just Friday, and school doesn’t start till Monday. I’m bored man.”

“And school work will keep you busy” Julian says deadpan.

We burst out laughing. I never bother to finish any homework or anything. I’ll worry about good grades when I’m a senior.

“I am really looking forward to seeing the male species in school. Uh, I just wish you were here too. We would have had so much fun checking out students” I really am feeling blue.

“Me too babe. But its gonna be fine”

We chatted a bit longer. Then I stand up and look around. All my stuff is still in boxes. I debate a little on whether I should unpack or use stuff directly from boxes.

I decide to unpack since I am not that lazy.

Just kidding, Julian called me after we hung up and chastised me for not unpacking and to not even think about using stuff directly from boxes. That imbecile knew me too well.


I see a real hot fellow walking past me, with his girlfriend. Damn, are all the good guys in this town taken?

Its Sunday and I’m going to the ice-cream parlor, where my brother and Alex work. Well, it’s more like a punishment for some mischief they did. I had nothing to do so my brother told me to come there, and after his shift he could show me around. Julian was not picking up my phone since Friday.

I wonder what’s up with him..

As I walk my mind drifts to Max’s friends. He got some really good looking friends. Dylan and Ian were funny, but the guy with glasses was really quiet. Even in the car he didn’t say anything. He just sat there, looking all brooding and sexy.

God bless all hot guys in glasses!

I enter the parlor and see my brother, handing a little girl her ice-cream with a smile.

“I knew it! Maxy, after all you are a big softie” I tease.

He huffs in annoyance, “Oh please, this is just an act. Chics dig for guys, who are good with children.”

I shake my head in amusement.

“LIA!!” someone screams behind me.

I turn around and see Alex. “ALEX!!”

He comes and scoops me in a hug.

“How are you? Are you liking it here?”

“Alex I just got here. But I’m sure, I’ll love it” I say beaming.

“Hold up.. You guys know each other?” Max questions.

“We are friends on Facebook, dear Maximus.”

Max stares hard at Alex. “It was you who told her about the panty-raid situation. Wasn’t it?” he growls. Alex gives him a guilty smile. I laugh.

“Shut up Max. It weren’t for him, I would have nothing to blackmail you with.”

Bells chime signalling someone entered. We turn around and find Dylan and Ian strutting in.

They both look at me and immediately smile.

“Hey baby doll” they say in unison.

“Do they practice this?” I ask Alex who has his arm around my shoulder. He just shrugs.

“Missed me?” Ian winks and walks towards me. Alex puts a hand on his chest, to prevent him from coming too close.

“Where is the guy with glasses?” I ask.

“Looking for me?” His voice gives me slight goosebumps. I look and see Luke standing next to Dylan with an amused expression.

“Hey” I smile in response.

He nods at me. I quickly check him out.

He’s absolutely delightful to look at. He’s wearing a grey t-shirt with black jeans and dark blue sneakers. The boy’s got a swimmer’s body. Tall and well built with muscles peaking out of his sleeves. He’s wearing a black sports watch along with some dark colored strings and bands, some of which have pointy spikes on them, giving him a badass look. He has soft brown hair falling on his forehead and I can see his hair is styled messily. My hands itch to run them through his hair. He has big-framed glasses behind which his bright green eyes sparkle.

I feel a little breathless, but thankfully everybody gets busy in ordering the ice creams to notice.

What’s happening to me?

I too start to choose which flavor I should try.

“Hey this is my first day, so I would get free samples today, right?”

The boys look at me and start laughing.

“Honey, you will get free stuff everyday. Do you think we would pay your, ass of a brother” Dylan chuckles.I look at Max and he nods proudly. Now this is some great news. Free ice-cream, I am starting to like this place.

“All the more reasons to like this town” someone says behind me.

No way in hell..

I know this voice. I turn around and just like I thought Julian was standing there in all his glory.

“Why do you look so familiar?” Max narrows his eyes at him.

I can’t speak cause I am gaping at him. I don’t understand.

“Oh my God!”

“Lia I have told you, calling me God is a bit too much” he laughs uncomfortably.

Julian is being uncomfortable? That’s a first. The guy is too outgoing for his own good. Now that I look closely, I see bags under his eyes that looked really dull.

“Dear Lord, Julian what happened? Are you okay? How are you here? What happened?” I rush to him and engulf him in a warm hug.

Julian lightly wraps him hands around me. Okay, very suspicious. Julian loves to hug, and at every possible opportunity, squeezes the hell out of me.

“Later” he whispers in my ear. I pull back and look at his face. Julian is dressed nicely, anyone seeing him would think he’s okay, but I’ve know him long enough to know he’s not feeling good.

I nod, fixing a smile on my face, I turn around.

“Guys, meet Julian D’Costa. He’s from where I came from.”

“Oh, so he’s from heaven?” Ian winks at me.

I roll my eyes in response.

“Wait, I remember. This is your gay bff, huh..” Max muses.

Julian chuckles next to me while I flip him the bird.

“Julian meet my dumb brother Max, his friends Alex, Dylan, Ian, Luke” I point at each of them. My eyes linger a moment on Luke, who was sipping his drink through a straw.

“Hey bro” Alex waves.

“Sup man” Dylan and Ian say in unison, then look at each other accusingly.

“Stop copying me” Dylan punches Ian.

“You stop it” Ian punches back. Soon they start fighting amongst themselves, while Max and Luke nod at Julian.

Julian looks at me mouthing, “Interesting group”. I give him a ‘tell-me-about-it’ look.

Soon the boys are huddled together joking around. I took Julian with me to one of the tables to talk. I think I saw Luke frowning at us.

“Okay, first things first. Tell me, are you injured? Did you get in any fist fight or something?”

He shakes his head looking down at his ice cream.

“Okay.. Then did you fight with your parents again?”

Julian had homophobic parents. So, usually they just avoid him like plague. They are filthy rich so they give him money. Otherwise they don’t even bother to check on him. At beginning it was hard for him, but slowly he accepted the fact that its gonna be like that. So, now these things rarely bother him.

He again shakes his head.

“Is it George?”

I see Julian visibly stiffen at his name.

“Oh no, he did not” I growl out. “What did that son of a bitch do? You know what, don’t tell me. I was anyways looking for a reason to beat the crap out of him” I start to get up.

Julian holds my hand and makes me sit.

“Lia let it be.”

“Julian I swear I will...” I stop my threat in middle, as I see Julian’s eyes filling up.

“Julian what happened? Tell me” I ask concerned now.

“I told him that I love him, and he said he was not looking for something serious, and that I’m going too fast” he sniffs. “Also I caught him cheating on me. Apparently he’s the one who stole condom from my bag.”

I can’t even say anything right now, cuz I’m so angry.

“If I see that sleazeball ever again, he can say goodbye to his balls forever. I’ll make sure no brothel ever hires him” my voice comes out quite scary.

Julian’s lip twitches. “I could not stay there. Everywhere I went, it kept reminding me of him” he says slowly.

“I’m sorry, but now your breakup doesn’t sound that bad to me” I tease him.

Julian gives me a full smile, “Bitch please, I knew you could never survive without some Julian-love”.

I chuckle, “God forbid that ever happen.”

Julian goes back to being silent.

“Julian stop being so sad. It’s not that bad. It’s a good thing, you are out of a bad relationship. Honestly, I don’t understand why you even bother. Now you can openly check-out guys with me at school” I smirk.

“Yeah, but I still miss him. Why would he do that? Where did everything change?” Julian says in a low voice and hangs his head low. And then I had to loose it.


Julian backs away in his chair, raising his eyebrows as his eyes dart towards the boys.

My eyes widen as I realize what I did. I slowly look at the boys who are now laughing at me. Even Luke is chuckling.

He looked so..

No! Don’t you go there. I mentally scold myself.

“That was awesome.”

“Fucking priceless.”

“Can you say it again please?”

Even Julian is laughing now. Oh well, even though I made quite an impression, I made my best friend laugh. At the end, that’s what matters.


There! Now we can finally focus more on our love story. Till now, I was giving you a good background picture for the whole set up. Hope you like it ;)

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