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Chapter 7: Can't Even Consider Your Puppy-eyes, When You Look Like 'That'

Lia’s POV:-

Warm sunshine filtered through the windows and slowly warmed up my body. Fresh flowery scent from the crisp sheets hit my senses. Slight cool breeze flew in through the windows sending slight chills all over my body. It would have made a perfect Victoria Secret Model wake-up, only if I hadn’t been in such a pissed off mode.

“Good Morning sunshine” a voice said cheerfully.

I knew this voice too well. I cracked open one eye and growled at Julian who was standing near the window smartly dressed up for school. This fucker must have opened the curtains to seriously blind me with sunshine. If I wasn’t so sleepy I would have had him in death-choke by now.

“Go away Julian” I say snuggling deeper into my pillows. I put two pillows over my head.

“Can’t do” he jumps on my bed and continues to lie over me.

Damn he’s quite heavy.

“You know this weight feels so good. It’s just like lying under a.....” I say poking my head out of the pillows.

Julian immediately jumps off me. “Shut up you slut!” he exclaims slapping my shoulder.

I smirk underneath my pillow fortress and close my eyes to bask in triumph by taking a well deserved nap.

And its gone! My pillows are gone!

No, actually they got snatched from me!

I slowly stand on my bed, probably looking like medusa with my hair standing in every direction giving Julian my best glare.

Bitch didn’t even flinch. Instead he rolled his eyes and threw the pillows at me “Get ready for school. We have to leave in 30 minutes.”

Hearing the word ‘school’ distracted me from my elaborate murder planning for Julian.

“I want to sleep. It’s too early to even think about school” I whine and sit down cross legged giving puppy eyes to Julian so that he would leave me alone.

“It’s really hard to even consider your puppy-eyes, when you look like that” saying ‘that’ as if I was some slimy bacteria.

I still keep the act on hoping to at least creep him out by my ‘morning look’.

“Lia, I am not going to be late on the first day. We need to get there early so that either of us can charm the office staff into putting us in same classes. C’mon get up” Julian prods.

I huff in annoyance and get up because he’s right. I don’t want to suffer any class without him, neither does he. We keep each other entertained.

“How did you get into my room anyways?”

“Simple. I rang the bell and your oh-so-sexy hot hot brother let me in. BTW he looks really adorable in mornings.”

“He’s disgusting. Last night I saw him dipping cookies in mayonnaise and eating them” I scrunch my face remembering the sight.

“Whatever. He’s hot and my day kick-started well with that view” Julian smirks.

I lightly smack his head and walk past as he drops onto my bed.

“Make sure dress up extra nicely since we’ll need lots of our charm today” he calls out as I make my way to bathroom.

Kill. Me. Now.


“Lenny please talk to me” Julian pleads standing next to me.

I shut my locker with a bang and turn to glare at him.

“I just can’t believe you could do that. Not only is this a total breach of my privacy but it’s straightaway creepy and stalkerish and it’s making my skin crawl by thinking what else you might have done” I rant out. I am trying hard to keep my temper in check.

If I tell you why, trust me even you would want to scream.

It has nothing to do with school. No, no. It all went great. We managed to get the office lady to put us together. All Julian had to do was, say some pick-up lines which shook me to my very core (not in a nice way), but they worked on office lady who by the end looked ready to drop to her knees and deep-throat him.

Actually, during class a thought struck me and I asked this bastard how he knew, where to find me when he first came here. He gave me a guilty smile and said he had installed a tracker in the chain that I was wearing.

Julian gifted me a chain for my last birthday. I fell in love it as soon as I saw it. It was a delicate platinum polished thin chain that had a glass crystal, about the size of a pea as pendant. It was not real but still looked expensive. I had decided to make a real one for me as soon as I have enough money. The best thing is it goes with every outfit. I have to admit the pendant looked pretty sexy resting in the hollow of my throat. (picture on the top ;))

Back to the topic at hand. When he told me I could not speak and as soon as the class ended, I stormed out trying to control myself from killing this jerk for the second time of today.

“How did you think I rescued you from all your sexcapades. Look I am not sorry for what I did. I was just really worried because you were difficult to keep an eye on and your partying ass was getting out of hand. I did not want you getting hurt. You have had enough history and trauma” he says in a low voice.

I slightly flinch as I see what he was talking about. My past should be left buried deep inside.

Now, I can’t exactly stay mad at this bitch after he told me this so I am about to say that I’ll let it go when I am rudely interrupted.

“Hey Nat. We haven’t met yet. I am Jared” this guy, well a jock stands in front of us giving me a smirk.

I cringe inwardly. I hate when people call me Nat. I dunno why but I just did.

“Umm yeah... Actually its Natalia and nice to meet you” I give him a smile which probably looked constipated. “Oh, this is Julian” I say pointing a thumb at him. Julian’s standing there watching expectantly.

Yeah sorry July, nothing’s gonna happen. Not in a mood today. Thanks to you.

Jared coolly gives Julian a once-over and asks “Boyfriend?”

Julian’s lips twitch and I too want to laugh at him. Boy, for someone who just met, he clearly doesn’t hide his jealousy.

I deny keeping a straight face.

His eyes instantly lights up in hope.

“Do you have any boyfriends? Not that I mind” he says suggestively.

“She does have a big brother who will generously spend some alone time with you” Max says in a threatening voice, appearing out of nowhere.

Jared pales at the site of Max and backs off, giving us a peace sign.

“Come on you two. You are sitting with us for lunch” Max grunts and starts walking.

We both immediately follow him.


“I had warned you.”

I raise a brow at Max. I am currently sitting at their table where everyone else is already placed. Julian was still getting lunch. Alex and Dylan smile at me and Ian gives me small nod before turning back to a redhead who was saying something non-stop. Luke had his head inside some book and didn’t bother to look up.

Look up, you sexy bookworm.

“Lia I told you men are assholes. They will just use you and dump you. They won’t even care about your feelings” Max says in a serious tone.

“Well it’s not like she cares about their feelings either. She would just screw the guy and never bat an eyelash at him again” Julian states dropping down in the chair between me and Max.

I choke on my orange juice and Max had his eyes bulging out. Everybody at the table was now looking at Julian. For fuck’s sake, even Luke was paying attention now.

Julian settles down and finally registers the fact that everybody is staring and his best friend is choking next to him.

“Oh c’mon, don’t you remember, one time that guy......” Julian continues cluelessly. I stomp down hard on his foot.

“Oww.... What is the...” Julian looks at me angrily only to find me looking at him with wide-eyes trying to pass on the message ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU MORON’.

“Oh no, no. Don’t tell me” he says turning to Max. “You don’t actually think, that your sister is a virgin” Julian says the word ‘virgin’ in a hushed whisper, as if afraid to even use the word in a sentence that has me in it.

I put my face in my hand and groan. This guy can be so fucking clueless at times. Max still looks in kind of a shock. Rest of the boys are smirking except for Luke who keeps a blank face.

“I knew it! She’s way too hot to remain single” Ian exclaims. The redhead gives him a dirty look and storms off. He didn’t even notice.

“No, wait. She’s always been single. This woman just cannot date. She jumps from one guy to another” Julian wisely corrects.

Ok, so for the third time today I get this urge to kill him. Seriously, why doesn’t he shut up.

“Natalia is this true?” Max finally speaks.

I control my urge to roll my eyes and just settle for a nod in his direction.

“But why? I mean how? It’s just..... How can you do that?” Max is getting irritated. “You sleep around” he points out.

“Pot calling kettle black huh?” I give a sassy look.

“But I’m a boy”

“Your point?”

“Girls should not, no scratch that, you should not do this”

“Jeez Max, relax. It’s not that bad.”

Julian gives an exaggerated fake-cough. I’ll poke his eyes out with the straw if he doesn’t stop.

“Look I am young. So, I like to....” I pause trying to find a decent way to put it. “...explore, before settling down for anything” I say carefully. Julian again coughs although this time it suspiciously sounded like a laugh.

“You are fucking stubborn. It’s not like, me saying anything would matter to you” Max says dejectedly.

I grin at him.

“Although I still don’t like the idea of you sleeping around” he continues to grumble.

I just continue to eat my lunch. I am kinda happy that this thing got out of the way. I guess one less thing to hide about myself.


If you guys are wondering, Natalia and Julian are juniors. Whereas Luke and the boys are seniors.

Hope you enjoyed this chapter. Next chapter will mainly be around Lia and Luke.

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