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Chapter 8: Ambiance Got Ruined By Half-naked Brad Pitt

Natalia’s POV:-

I am strolling down the footpath looking into my phone paying very little attention to the world. Julian’s meeting me at the ice-cream parlour. I’m so distracted thinking about Zac Effron’s oh-so-drool-worthy-body in baywatch that I did not hear a car, fast approaching me until too late.

A hand wrapped around my wrist, which pulled me away from the roadside. Another arm wrapped around my waist crushing me into a rock-hard body.

I lift my eyes to see a rare sight, which is Luke looking panicked. This is perhaps the most expression I’ve seen on his face. His bright green orbs have a wild, almost fearful look. He curses “Fucker” under his breath, as he glares at the crazy car speeding down the road.

He then looks down at me (mind it, the dude is tall) with a concerned expression.

“Are you okay?” he asks, checking around me for injuries.

I am too numb to respond. No, scratch that. I am actually buzzing with electricity because right now I am pressed deliciously against him. His laundry soap and fresh after-shave scent is fogging up my senses. I was always a fan of cologne on men but damn, this is so much better. It takes gargantuan strength to stop myself from putting my face in his neck and taking a long deep breath.

When he is certain that I have no visible injuries he again locks eyes with me waiting for my response. I manage to give a small nod, since I am now enraptured by warm leafy green eyes. I guess he also realises our close proximity as his eyes widen slightly and he visibly swallows. I can feel his heart rate pick up.

Slowly he steps back and slides his arm from my waist, almost as if he’s reluctant to let go.

“Pay attention when you are on the road” he says quietly.

Again I nod. “Thanks” my voice comes a little breathless. He gives me a small smile.

Why the fuck am I being like this?

Ok, you are tough Lia. Such movie shit doesn’t bother you. Wake up, for fuck’s sake woman! I mentally prep myself.

“Where are you going?” he asks as he starts walking down the street.

“Ice-cream parlour” I reply joining him.

“Me too.”

Great, now I have to torture myself with his addictive smell the whole walk. I just hope by the time we reach, I won’t be clinging to him like a chimpanzee.

It was a quiet walk. It doesn’t take a genius to know that this guy doesn’t talk much. Also I didn’t know him at all, so I kept quiet trying not to make a bigger fool out of myself. Suprisingly, it was not awkward but it felt really nice.

We are about to enter the parlour when I catch hold of his wrist to stop him.

“Luke, look....” I sigh. “Thank you for saving me back there but I would appreciate it you don’t tell my brother about it. I know you are best friends and may want to tell him, but please don’t. If he knows about my almost death, he’ll probably never let me leave the house and will insist on walking me everywhere. It doesn’t mean I don’t like his company, it’s just that....”

Luke stops my word-vomit by putting a hand over my mouth.

“Quite a talker aren’t you?” he’s suppressing laughter. “Chill, I won’t say anything” he says, now smiling down at me.

I feel the smile everywhere. It does weird things to me.

“Let’s go” he removes his hand and walks inside, me hot at his heels.

“Well if isn’t our Dora the Explorer!” Julian exclaims over-dramatically. Max lets out a booming laughter.

I just give them both a cold look and flip them off.


“Pick the brown and purple one” Julian jumps enthusiastically besides me.

“Ya, that’s how you like them” I say squinting to see through the glass.

“Hey!” he hits my arm.

“Oh, I am sorry. Did I offend you? ‘Dora’ is sorry” I say sarcastically.

Julian narrows his eyes, “Don’t give me grief. You walked into that one.”

I stick my tongue at him. Everyone is busy today except for us. Max said Alex had some family meeting, Ian got held back at school by their coach and Dylan was out of town. Max was finishing some work in the store room in backside. His shift was almost over and after that he and Luke were going to gym. I also wanted to join them, because I am concerned for my body, not because I wanted to see Luke working out.

I promise, I am not that much of a pervert.

I don’t want to see him all muscley and sweaty.

Nope, not at all.

Oh, fuck it. Who am I kidding?

But I can’t since I promised Julian to help him shop stuff for his new rented apartment, which will soon turn into our base.

“I need to pee. Meanwhile, you choose me a meaningful ice-cream to show how much you value my friendship” Julian blows me a kiss and heads for the bathroom.

“Oh, that dickgadoon” I say looking at him walking away.

Luke coughs a little and looks at me with startled eyes. “What!” his voice quivering with humour.

I just shrug and continue searching, I wanted to try something different today. From corner of my eyes, I see Luke turning away and looking down at his drink with a smile.


“What didya get me” Julian asks hopefully.

“A black currant with ice rock, to show you are poisonous and cold” I say deadpan.

“Hawww...” he pouts like a 5-year old.

I roll my eyes and stick a raspberry with M&Ms cone to his face.

He looks at it for a second, then literally snatches it out of my hand and coos “aww baby” giving me puppy eyes. Then as if the drama was not enough, he grabs me and gives a very wet kiss on my cheek, emphasising it with a big “Ummwaaaaah”.

I push him away and rub my cheek on my sleeve giving him a disgusted look. Bitch didn’t even care, he already got busy with his ice-cream.

“You guys are so weird” Max says staring at us.


“Okay, so you’ll be sleeping over at Julian’s” Max says locking up the parlour.

“That is correct” I nod like a obedient child.

“Well stay safe” he says kissing my forehead.

Then Julian and I take the left while Luke and Max go opposite.

Julian is blabbering something which I am only half-listening. I don’t know why but I turn my head to look back. Almost as if in sync, Luke also turns his head at the same time. We make eye-contact.

He gives me a small, bashful smile and a little wave. I can’t help the cheshire cat like grin forming on my face, and wave back to him. I turn back to Julian who’s still saying something about feeding pickles to a lion, but I can’t even bring myself to say shut up.

Safe to say, I spent the entire evening smiling like a lunatic.


“Luke is an interesting guy” Julian says.

“I think you mean quiet guy” I put my legs up on coffee table and take a swig from the beer bottle.

We are sitting inside the well-furnished..... ok sorry, ‘what-the-hell-happened-here’ apartment of Julian. Even though the place looked wild it felt quite cozy thanks to my super skills. At first we looked through some catalogues checking house design’s, but after a while we were both like ‘aah-fuck-it-Let’s-go-crazy’. We decorated the place ourselves. The final results looked like a crossbreed of a hooker’s place and a zoo.

A very pretty flower vase, usually found in nurseries was kept on the table. But the whole ambiance was ruined by a very questionable poster of a half-naked Brad Pitt. Not a thing matched with another giving the whole apartment a deranged look. But at the end we both agreed that we were not exactly normal so yeah the place looks perfect.

“Lia cut it out. From the first day I noticed you were paying attention to Mr. Sex-in-Glasses. I was just waiting for you to tell me. Even today....”

“We bumped into each other” I interrupt. “Look yes, the guy is cute but that’s it. There’s nothing more. I notice him because I don’t really understand how he fits in that group. Now, I do see that they all are good friends. And I can never think about messing around with him because he’s my brother’s best friend.”

Now, if it isn’t a bucket of cold water splashed on you. I realised what I said is very true and I should be more careful. I can’t mess up friendships. I am not that much of a bitch.

Julian says an ‘ok if you say so’ and switches the TV.

We are watching a movie but all I can think about is not screwing everything up.


Hope you liked this chapter! <3

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