The Bad Girl's Nerd

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Chapter 9: There's A Reason Why We Say 'Wright Is Always Right'

Ripped Jeans Shorts. Check.

Studded Ankle Boots. Check.

Skull printed Tank. Check.

Smoky Eyes. Check.

Badass Accessories. Check.

Yep. Today I’m in my element. Normally I tone down this biker chic get-up in school, but today I was feeling like it and obviously, if I want to do something I usually end up doing it. Also, I woke up really early so I had a lot of time in my hands.

This morning when I was leaving, my mom came up to me and told me to come back as soon as school gets over. I was too shocked to respond since, it was the first time she actually acknowledged, much less say a word to me since I came. Usually she’s not home, but still. If she can make time for Max she could have made time for me. But like a wise person, I decided not to ponder much or get depressed over it.

I am standing with the boys near their lockers since Julian took a detour with a guy from maths class. All the boys passing by were looking at me, not even bothering to hide their approving looks. I also got a few jealous stares from girls, which I don’t is whether from my attire or the fact that I am joking around with the ‘Bad Boy Group’.

Luke had just nodded at me with his forever-blank face. Ian and Dylan, let out twin wolf-whistles on seeing me. Alex and Max slapped both of them on their head, and Alex came and stood protectively near me. He went as far as to offering me his jacket, which I refused. Max and Luke both frowned at my stubborn refusal to put more clothing on. These stupid morons need to learn that I am not some damsel in distress.

“Ms. Anderson, what you are wearing is very inappropriate for school campus” Mr. Winston briskly scolds me. Mr. Winston is a 45-year old teacher who is responsible for maintaining school decorum and shit like that. I never knew his job included checking what girls wear.

“Alright” I reply and turn back to Alex to finish my story which he rudely interrupted. Alex looked at me wide-eyed. Apparently, Mr. Winston was one of those teachers with whom nobody wants to mess with.

“Ms. Natalia Anderson, this is a school. There are certain rules here. You can be a brat at your home” he says coldly.

Well, now I am getting irritated. What the fuck is his problem? My shorts are not even that short, whereas there are blondes walking behind him covered in napkins! Why the hell, is he targeting me?

“Rules huh? You sure have the nerve to lecture me, when you yourself are such a ‘Naughty Boy’” I say putting air quotes. I smirk as I see him stiffen up.

“Ms. Anderson, mind your language” he narrows his eyes at me.

“Yeah right” I huff. “This ‘decorum’ of yours must not be valid in the school parking area, since you were shamelessly dry-humping Mrs. Mary behind her car.”

I hear someone, most probably Ian gasp out loud.

“How dare you! Are you falsely accusing me?” he goes all red. I can see a nerve pulsing on his forehead.

“Oh my dear, no no” I put a hand to my chest. “I have it all recorded in my camera. Hold on a sec, I must have my phone with me........” I start searching around my bag.

He grabs my arm and makes me look at him. “Stop it!”

I jerk my hand away and step closer to him, giving him my best glare. “Mr. Winston don’t fuck with people whom you can’t handle” I say threateningly. He gulps and takes a step back.

“I’ll let this slide this time, don’t repeat this again” he says not meeting my eye.

“Oh darling, no. You are going to let it slide every time if you don’t want the principal to watch Mrs. Mary call you naughty boy, as you feel her up”

Mr. Winston reddens further and says something under his breath and storms off.

I turn to see the guys giving me matching smirks.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, my baby sister” Max proudly says. I graciously bow my head.

“Where’s the recording? Show me, show me” Dylan says excitedly.

“Well, Julian and I did see them but I don’t have a recording. I was just bluffing” I say sheepishly.

Now it’s turn for the guys, to raise their eyebrows impressively.

“It pains my heart that you think so little of me” Julian appears in front of us, pouting at me. “While you were busy laughing at their porno lines, I had wisely recorded the whole stuff.”

“No, you did not!” I don’t know whether to laugh or be shocked.

Julian obediently produces his phone and plays the in demand video. Soon, we can see Mr. Winston fumbling around Mrs. Mary’s shirt desperately.

The boys gather around and watch with full concentration. When Mrs. Mary calls him naughty boy, they start cackling like hyenas. I don’t watch because, I won’t be able to stomach it second time.

“Man, that’s priceless”

“Julian, you are a genius”

“Now, I don’t have to put up with that guy’s bullying orders.”

Julian gives me a wink and a told-you-so look.

“Mr. Wright, can I have a moment” Ms. Yvone interrupts our jolly gathering.

Luke nods and steps forward. “Since you are my best student in physics, and I know you are ahead of the class, I want you to tutor Charlie over here” she says, producing Charlie from behind her. She pushes him forward and walks away.

Wow, bossy much?

Luke’s face gives away nothing, but I can see he’s not happy since his hands are in fists. He curses under his breath and walk off. Charlie just stands there looking at his form walking away.

“Dude, go! Why are you standing here? He won’t wait for you” Alex prods.

Charlie nods, and rushes off.

“That sucks. He needs to learn to say no to teachers.” Max tuts.

“Ya, but what amazes me is that, he tops every class without even studying his ass off. Remember one time we went to that party, and next day he gave the maths quiz with a terrible hangover and still managed to get full marks!” Dylan says in disbelief.

Alex chuckles “I am a bit worried about Charlie. If he irritates him too much he might just.....”

“Oh yeah, the dude’s got a killer round-house kick. There’s a reason why we don’t prank Luke” Ian says looking towards me and Julian. “Firstly, he’s really sharp. Secondly, if we do succeed, the revenge is....” Ian shudders.

“By round-house kick I remember, guys did you see the match last night...” Dylan asks.

“Like I would miss it....” Max scoffs, and they all start discussing a boxing match.

What! Nooooo.....

Talk more about the guy!

Uh... Damn you Dylan, for changing the topic!

“Let’s go eat. Me hungry” Julian points to his stomach.

“Me hungry too. Let’s eat” I reply.


Julian and I are stumbling down the hallways towards cafeteria, laughing like idiots. I mean we were talking about fountain pens which somehow lead to talk about intentional nip-slips by famous singers and now we are just goofing around making weird scenarios.

“Aren’t you supposed to go and change your outfit” a blondie sneered at me.

“What?” I say catching my breath.

“Didn’t Mr. Winston talk to you?”

I think, I have seen her earlier near my brother’s group. How did she know about Mr. Winston?

Oh wait, I get it.

“So you are the one who bitched about me like a little bitch” I raise an eyebrow.

She flipped her hair and stepped closer.

“Listen to me. You stay away from that group. Don’t make me repeat myself” and she walks away, her high heels clicking echoing.

“That was something” Julian says beside me.

“Yeah, what’s up with her?”

“I think her name is Ava . She’s the clichéd Queen Bee of school. So obviously she wants to hang around your brother’s group. I am guessing she doesn’t know you are Max’s sister.”

“Her pea-sized brain won’t be figuring that out soon.”

“Fuck it. We’ll manage her next time. So like I was saying, if you had boobs.....”

“I DO have breasts” I seethe at him.

“Yeah but they are not double D’s”

Thank God for that. I don’t want back aches just yet.

“So?! That is stupid and doesn’t make sense” I point out. Julian rolls his eyes.

“Fine, IF you had double D’s and you were twerking wearing that Nicki Minaj dress from.........”


I was concentrating to not gulp down the entire food like a Viking, and eat like a human even though I feel very hungry.

I swear I did not have a huge breakfast this morning.

Just a bowl of cereal.

And pancakes.

And scrambled eggs with bacon.

And milk.

And some fruits.

It’s not much right?

“Wait up! I disagree with your solution. I have a problem.”

I look up to see Luke walking towards us with an irritated look. His hands are stuffed in his pocket and his hair is all messy, like he had run his hands through it many times.

Damn you, you adorable nerd!

I see Charlie running up to him. “Hey! Wait! Look I don’t like your solution. Solve it with some other formula.”

Luke clenches his jaw and faces him.

“If you got a problem” he says in low menacing voice. “Then shove it up your ........” he stops himself just in time, pinching the bridge of his nose and looking at the ceiling as if trying to calm down.

“Dude, just learn what he is saying” Alex says with his mouth full of sandwich. Luke takes a seat scowling slightly and checking his phone, not bothering to look at anyone.

“Yes, there’s a reason why we have the saying ‘Wright is always right’” Ian states.

Charlie opens his mouth to protest. Wow, this guy sure has a death wish.

Max cuts him off, “GO if you know what’s good for you.”

This time Charlie seems to understand his bones are in danger of breakage, and scurries off.

Dylan turns to Luke “Luke, I now totally understand you buddy.” He turns his attention from phone to Dylan.

“That Ava chic is total babe but she is way too loud. I talked to her today for like 2 minutes and felt my balls shrink because of noise pollution.”

Luke gives an all-knowing smirk, while the guys chuckle at Dylan’s tortured face. Even I can’t help myself.

“Did I not make myself clear earlier, Natalia.”

Speak of the devil. The blondie is standing with a forced smile in front of our table. Clearly she’s unhappy that I disobey her royal-ass-order.

Luke and Dylan say “Oh crap” together and sink further into their chairs as if not wanting to get noticed.

I just shrug because I feel too lazy to speak.

“Maximus! Why are you sitting with this new-freak? Why is anyone of you sitting with this emo kid?”

This time I speak. “Hey! Emo? Seriously!”

“Umm if you don’t know, I am Max Anderson and she is Natalia Anderson. She is my sister” Max explains.

“Why the fuck is he answering her? And who the fuck asked for her opinion?” Alex mutters under his breath, but we all hear him.

Max nudges him, to keep him quiet. I can understand his dilemma. These boys already get in a lot of trouble; they don’t need more unnecessary drama. Max is trying to let it slide peacefully, although I can see his patience is wearing thin.

Ava’s eyes widen a bit in realisation but then again she starts, “Yes, but she...........”

“Sorry to interrupt.....”

Blondie’s neck angrily snaps towards Julian who is now raising his hand wearing the most innocent expression. Damn, I know this face. Shit.

“.....actually.... there is tissue paper coming out from your bra...” Julian’s signalling towards his chest then points at her.

She immediately looks down and grabs her boobs with a look of panic.

Uh-huh bad mistake. She is wearing a pink halter top.

She realises her mistake soon and tries to cover it by straightening her top and fixing her hair. Too bad, the entire cafeteria saw what happened.

The first howl of laughter was released by Dylan. Soon the entire lunch was hooting and laughing. Looks like, nobody likes her. Can’t blame them.

Ava turns all red and storms outside the cafeteria. It must be hard for her, since she has never been at the receiving end. Poor girl.

That bitch better stay away from me.

I high-five Julian, while the boys slap his back, praising him for doing the impossible.

After everyone calmed down, Ian says, “I am so offering her Kleenex, next time I meet her.”


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