The Things That Changed

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SYNOPSIS Selene, a college student who's living her life simple, have few friends, dreaming of becoming a business woman someday and will have a coffee shop soon, and a boyfriend whom she loves since Senior High days. Relationship. As expected in a relationship, there will be a lover's quarrel, misunderstandings, jealousy and such but there are just one person she doesn't like that means so much for her boyfriend—her boyfriend's best friend. Everything's settled and fine when Theron—Selene's boyfriend made everything to get off the insecurities that's building up inside her, he also met her parents and grandparents and promised that will never do anything that can intentionally hurt Selene. Best friends. Two friends whom always been there for her, the other living her life to become a doctor and the other living her life to fullest as an Accounting student and both of her friends were her advisers. Especially, Alexa who always been there ever since. Life is unfair that it will never go in your way always. Promises? Are indeed meant to be broken. What will happen to Selene who trusted her boyfriend so much if Theron did make something that could break Selene's heart and trust? Would she be able to cope up from the pain this time? Especially, when one of her friends were facing death at the same time being fooled and cheated?

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Note: This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance-the names, places, events or incidents or plots are purely coincidental. I wrote this story based on my imagination.


This story is not yet edited po since kakastart ko lang. Bago ko pinupub chinecheck ko muna pero baka may nakaligtaan ako at hindi nakita. If ever may mali po sa construction or use of words/terms please kindly message me po and let me know. I would really appreciate if you'll help about that po. Thank you!


Hi! This is not my first time to wtite a story since I am fond of writing stories especially when I feel like I want to write. I only wrote short stories tho and it is my first time writing a story like this, and I want to try this kind of field (char) too. Please bear with me since I am not that good pa po. Thank you!

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