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A strange way to start but you have left me with no other choice.

Humor / Horror
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When people ask me, ‘what the hell am I reading?’ I have to let them know: I deal in reality. I’ve always been willing to help, and I always will be. Then I ask them, what’s really bothering you, Cora?

Kerouac died at fourty-seven. While I’m no Kerouac, I don’t have much time left if I’m going to get a three-hundred and seven page novella out into the world. I want to put together a collection of my stranger story fragments, dreams, and thoughts that I can’t put anywhere else. When I think about the fun things I’ve read most of them are short stories. I used to spend a lot of time thinking about that, and how tough it is to find things to read that are short and also stories. And also entertaining. So, you’ve found it. And someday when I’m old and I’ve forgotten about all of this, so have I.

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