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"A story of a broken teen" Zoey Grace is not the typical Teen demeanor with her sarcasm and the walls that she surrounds herself just to facade her pain as she goes through her Highschool years. The only thing that ever makes most of her life is her friend who has one of the most vivacious personalities. So what happens when a Highschool party gets her into an unexpected encounter that threatens the life of her best friend. Her dull life seems to be turned upside down because of that encounter with the school's misunderstood trouble maker being the mere reason for her finding herself in a strayed city she knows nothing about.

Humor / Adventure
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The other name of Hell

Beep! Beep! Beep!

I groaned and turned over to the other side when my annoying ringtone starts blurring crazily but I can still somehow hear it.

My eyes lazily trail to my small clock on my bed side and I frown when the red digits display 5:01 AM

Oh My God! There's like three hours more till school even starts

I answered the call and scratched the back of my head extremely annoyed, "Hello?"

"Good Morning Sunshine" I hear Alex's voice echo cheerfully through the line.

"What do you want Alex"

Who the heck is cheerful at 5 AM?!!

"Can't I call my favourite girl when I miss her"

"Cut the crap and get to the latter" I mutter loudly rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

I'm not a morning person

I can feel her glare at me even though I can't even see her."You're a buzz killer zoe." she pouts making me smile a little.

"I need you to pick me up on your way to school."

"I thought cody picked you up lately?."

"Yeah but he went on a camping trip with his family on the weekend and didn't come back yet."

"Camping? Shouldn't we be worried?"

"Nah, he told me they were settled on a place where there are no bears so there's a very low possibility of the last incident happening again."

"Fine, Just meet me at your driveway in half an hour"

She let's out a loud unneccessery squeal making me almost drop the phone.

"K, bye" She hangs up not even waiting for my reply.

I sigh and jump out of my bed giving up on the idea of sleeping again because of the pain in my poor eardrums.

People who are actually willing to talk to me always ask why are you two friends? You two are like polar opposites! But you see I am a very difficult teenager to bear with and Alex seems to be the only one who's willing to still go down that road.

I scurry my lavender coloured Curtains letting the sunlight pass through the thin fabric delicately in my room and head downstairs to the bathroom for my usual boring morning routine.

I get in the shower after I strip and let the water fall on me lightly after I get it on the temperature of my liking.

I walk out of the bathroom after a few minutes with a towel draped around me and open my drawer to pull out my under garments before I randomly pull on black leggings and a Maroon hoodie after I dry my short curly jet black hair cringing at the knots before I pull it in a tight bun.

I don't care what other people think, Curly hairs suck!

Sure they look pretty but I swear they hit a different type of nerve when they piss you off

It's like expecting me to have an argument with it every morning to not look like the spawn of a sasquatch

I glanced on it for the last time and went down the stairs to the kitchen just to cringe at the mess of it.

I should probably work on cleaning this up when I get back.

I could hire a maid but I don't see the point when I barely make a mess around here.

Well except for the times Alex shows up to hang out

I glance on the small clock on my microwave and just settle for an apple cause I'm obviously running late.

I grab my bag with my one hand while the other hold my keys with my apple in between my teeth as I head to the driveway after I lock the door behind me.

I spot the only old green Jeep parked in the empty large garage and trace my finger over it.

A couple months ago this garage was filled of different cars with varying colours, designs and even companies and I cared for each and one of them like my babies.

Well not really

For one because they're just too many to do that.

And well the second cause I've managed to get into a lot of 'incidents' with them that most of which I took on rides ended up looking unrecognisable than crisps.

I'm really not that unlucky, I'm just that horrible at driving.

So since I've been banned temporarily for using any other car, I'm stuck with this as my last resort.

I really don't care anyways so its would be pointless if I complain.

I walk over to the Gates and hesitantly tried the passcode I installed just yesterday.

I didn't want to risk anyone else knowing the passcode so I had to cope alone and function it myself.

I smiled when the Gates instantly opened automatically and headed back to my car to reverse out but not before checking the sensors I made worked so that the Gates could close on their own after I head out.

I reach Alex's driveway after 39mins and I confirm of Alex's presence when I see her creepy black cat on the side walk giving me the look as I park my car.

I swear this cat is possesed

"You're late!"Alex exclaims out of nowhere making me jump in my seat.

"Then may be you should take the bus I heard its early." I exclaim with a smirk and pullover from the driveway starting to leave.

"Waitt!" She screams and practically jumps infront of me and gets on the passenger seat after I come in an abrupt stop.

She closes the door beside her and buckles her seatbelt before glaring daggers at me.

"What?" I give her an innocent smile as I honk my car loudly making the black devil jump with a shriek.

Now don't get me wrong, Its not like I have a problem with cats or any other species. It all started when that thing gave me a crimpled off hair cut when I was nine.

I was half away done reversing from her driveway when I hear someone starting to pant beside me.

I'm taken aback when I see Alex clutching on the seatbelt really hard and I give her a questioning look while trying to keep my eyes on the road.

"Your even a much worse driver than Spongebob if that's possible. I'm surprised you even managed to get your license" she mumbles inaudibly more to herself.

Well it wasn't easy, I never watched Spongebob but I'm pretty sure I failed more miserably than him.

But ofcourse I never quit trying so the town's agency were honestly sick of me and just gave me a licence.

Yay for never giving up!

"Well it's not like you were invited."

"I know but I really didn't want to miss school today." She says still clutching on the seatbelt.

"Since when did you care about your attendance in school?"

"Desperate times call to Desperate measures, They're serving Milkshakes in the cafeteria today." She states like it's the most obvious thing in the world.

We reach the school's parking lot after a few minutes and I park the car not so graciously knocking a side mirror of another car in the process.

I'll just put up a note.

Alex struggles with her seat belt as she opens the door and she almost trips while rushing outside to kneel on the ground trying to hug it.

"I really missed you" she exclaims and I notice that she's looking like she's on the verge of crying.

"I'm so sorry that I ever left you"she cooes keeping her stare on the ground with a straight face.

"Get up Alex, you look like you spent the night on a dang rollercoaster." I say conscious of the weird looks people are giving us.

"I feel like it."

I just shake my head, heading towards the school and she quickly stands up and sprints to catch up with me.

And As I was halfway of reaching the gate, I see jocks throwing base balls and Girls wearing short skirts that could fit 6 year olds staring at them in awe while sitting on the sidewalk.

And the bell rings then indicating that we should go to this Hell they call school.

A/N Hey Inkitt readers, Thank you so much for giving this book a chance. This will be My first book so please go easy on

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