Destination Unknown

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Alex Harper is a no nonsense type girl who is in a desperate need of a vacation after all the hard work she's done in college . Nick Martin is a carefree live in the moment type of bad boy who is looking for yet another escape from his parents. Both great enemies. But what happens when fate takes these enemies to a Destination Unknown.

Humor / Thriller
Ivory silver
Age Rating:

Dreams or Reality

Alex's (P.O.V)

I woke up, sweating through the roots of my hair, my heart rate abnormally high. This is the third time this week. Slowly getting off the bed I peep into Paige's room only to find her sleeping soundly.

Being my roommate for four years gave her the title of my best friend, well my only friend. Snapping out of my train of thoughts, I look for my phone and find it on the side table. I check the time and see it's still five am.

I groan cursing my weird sleep cycle and try to sleep again, failing miserably. After a few minutes, I decide to go for a run.

I get up from my bed and tie my hair in a messy bun, brush my teeth and finish my business. I look at my reflection in the mirror and find myself staring at an unfamiliar girl, hardly recognizable. Her once beautiful tan turned into a ghostly white colour, eyes that once filled with enthusiasm, look dead and empty.

I snapped out of whatever trance I was in and tye my messy hair in a proper neat braid. Opening my wardrobe, I wear a tank top and some yoga pants with my running shoes and head out of my apartment. I run for a while and check the time, it's six-thirty. I decide it's better to go back to my apartment. I open the door and find Paige still sleeping, typical.

Taking out my computer book I read the notes I wrote during class. Computer has never been my strong suit but I am determined to change that. After two hours I am well prepared for my final test. Today is the last day of college and then is my summer break, tough week! I am glad it's almost over! I get up from my table and saw it was nine-thirty. Oh, I don't have my test until ten.

I immediately remember Paige's class starts from nine-thirty. I check her room and find her sleeping as usual. I try to wake her up but instead, she kicks me, Ouch that hurt.

"Paige! Paige! PAIGE!"

"GO away mom I wanna sleep, don't wanna go to school."
Ignoring her childishness I shake her but she still doesn't budge. Okay, she asked for it, I say to my self and bring a jar of hot water (lukewarm, I am not crazy, ok maybe I am but I am not ruthless) near her face. I am a merciful creature so I give her a last chance.


Still no reply. Okay god forgive me, I take the jar and place it just above her face, three ...two!!!!

"WHAT, WHY, WHERE !! ALEXANDRA!" she screams

"Hey! calm down you can take your revenge later but for now, get your butt out off the bed you are late for class," I say

"Why what time is it ?"

"Nine forty-five."

"What AHHHHHHHHH!"I immediately cover my ears as she lets out an ear-piercing scream

"Should've given me a warning," I say feeling a little light-headed

"Now go !" I say coming out of the room. I immediately take a seat at our cheap sofa brought from IKEA, closing my eyes suddenly I hear crashing sound. What did the girl do now?

"Everything alright?" I ask

"Never better," she says and comes out of the room.

"By the way what test do we have today?" she asks


"What!!! Great joke. no seriously what test do we have today ?"

"I am not joking ."

"Oh, God!!! Noooo!!"

"Don't worry computer was always your favourite. Now go and break a leg. "

"Why would I break ....oh thanks bye I'll miss you ."

"I will miss you too ."

"See you later alligator. "

"After a while crocodile. "

With that, she leaves. God, I will miss that girl. I start getting ready for class and take a shower since I probably stink. I come out and wear some tight-fitting denim and my favourite top.

I enter my class and give my test since the paper was easy I can expect good marks. Coming out of the class I head straight to my apartment, pack my bag and witness a teary-eyed Paige.

"Hey! you're not making this any easier on me," I say.

"Sorry, it's just that your annoying presence has grown on me." She replies sniffling.

"Yeah, I will be taking that as a compliment." Was my reply.
Without wasting another second I pull her in a bone-crushing hug.

"I will miss you." She tells me.

"Likewise P."

Pulling out of my embrace she walks me out of our small two-bedroom apartment.
Ah! I will miss London, I am not looking forward to visiting the States because of too many painful memories.

I am not one to avoid difficult situations but had to. Well, I cannot avoid it forever, I have to face it someday. Snapping out of my thoughts I book myself an Uber and waited for its arrival.

Once it did I got in and think about how am I going to deal going back to the place which I dreaded for the past four years, cause of my nightmares that haunt me till date.

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