President is a paranoia

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This story is about ye gong, a paranoia , and how a girl changes his world

Humor / Action
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Where is the book!?

Xionan shi, a young cartoonist, was having the time of her life after getting her paycheck. She never suspected that this was the beginning of the end of her peaceful life.

She was in the sauna of a famous hotel,just to relax and get the nagging words of the editor- xia. Just when she started ro relax ,there was a loud bang everyone was scared out of their minds. The doors of the sauna opened. There she saw more ten men dressed in black standing at the sides leaving a passage in between. Then there came a young and handsome man, someone in the sauna squealed his name- ye gong.

He ordered every one to go out, as xionan was going out he stopped her and asked "where is the book?". Xionan was confused. She remained silent. He asked again "where is the book Xionan?". She was scared.

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